Saturday, October 13, 2012

Update + 3rd Party Content

Update for Urd

I had a few reports of issues with Urd, I took some time last night to test her and fix a few issues. I have updated
  • added missing images for Cum Bath, Handjob, Footjob, Onsen job, Giga BE, Singing School, Read a Book
  • some more dickgirl images for raped and pregnant
  • a few tweaked images
  • fixed introduction for free lancers, and a typo

Copy this file into the Slaves folder of your game installation.

Note I will release a version 3.3.02 update in a few days and this will be included.

3rd Party Updates

Drekas99 released some more minor slaves and a furry event

Furry Brothel

Plus a fix by M.I.A

EDIT: important! there is bug here were Drekas99 is using Events9.txt and overwriting a fix I did recetly for Lady Grey. DO NOT overwrite that file, instead rename it to Events8.txt
Dreskas99 please rename and re-release.

Minor Slaves
5 New Minor Slaves

hear is,
Healry from Batman
Fatina from Tower of Druaga
Supergirl from Superman/Marvel
Zoey from Left 4 Dead
Wonder Woman from Justice league/Marvel

M.I.A Updates
And here is a new Minor Slaves release, with 6 new minor slaves.
Download Link:

New Minor Slave List:
The two Titania.
One from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, called ‘Titania Tiamat’ in game. Like for Mia Wayu, it’s a combo of her JP and ENG names.
The other from Shin Megami Tensei, the persona Titania, called ‘Faerie Titania’ in game.
The persona Lilim, from Shin Megami Tensei. A succubus in the Slave Maker universe.
The persona Parvati, from Shin Megami Tensei. A human who pretend to be a goddess (or it she one really?) in the Slave Maker universe.
Tanith and Sigrun, from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn. They are both Pegasus Knights.
The release for new assistants images.

It add some new images for...
Angel Daisy – Discuss 13-20
Angel Lily – Discuss 13-20
Angel Salvia – Discuss 13-22
Cure Echo – Love Confession
Cure Muse – Discuss 51-54
Fuuka – Discuss 26-40, Love Confession
Plus another fix for Angewomon age node (to remove the NaN).
Download Link (2.87 MB):


  1. so..., what happen with events9.txt in furry brothel?..., the original file is naginata challenge...

    1. That is a bug, Drekas99 should not be using it.

      Drekas99, please do not use Events9.txt, it is reserved for the core game now. Use a different number for your events

    2. ok sorry i think i missed that lady gray patch

      hear is new link i have changed my event 9 to 8

      and can u give me link of fix that u did for Lady Grey.

    3. found the link
      i downloaded the fix but 4got 2 patch.

    4. And i have also Updated MIA's text correction in this XML

    5. is there any ways you could post the event file that you could over write because I overwrote it before on the earlier stages of the patch :D sorry to be a bother.

    6. I overwritten events9.txt (with the earlier link before knowing about the events9.txt supposed to be the lady grey fix) and now i do not know what to do.

    7. If you overwrote, then use the revised version Drekas99 just posted and then download the Lady Grey patch a posted a few posts back

    8. how should i change the events9.txt file or should i download a new one?

    9. The Lady Grey fix was here

      download again it is very small

    10. Thanks, I was worried I'd have to install 3.3 all over again XD

  2. The Urd update still will not initiate "Urds Potions."

    1. Yes it does, I checked that and no problems at all.

      To start the job she must learn how to make 3 potions, But 3 doses of 3 potions and have her drink them.

      Then on a following morning (66% chance per day) she will ask to open a shop. Other events can delay this appearance if others happen, but it does for me, usually the next day or withing a few days.

    2. If you do not get the event after a few days, especially a few with NO other morning events, then please post your save game and I'll check. BUT I am sure there is no issue.

    3. Ok same problem two weeks after allowing urd to open the shop it does not show up as an option to work there. I know it is supposed to be a job option(at least it was in the last version).
      forgive me I am a computer idiot, I know the save games are LSO's but I have no idea how to post it.

    4. I was not specific enough initially, getting the job (shop) was the problem not getting to the point of allowing the job.

    5. Sorry I am unclear from the last two posts (not even sure if they are from the same person too)

      So is the issue the job appear and then valishes at some point, or that it never appears in the first place. It definitely appears for me. I have never seen it disappear.

      For save games see the file
      Save Games FAQ.txt
      included in the game. It tells the location.

      Find the save game and then just upload to a file sharing service like RapidShare/MediaFire/Exoshare etc

    6. Also open this page

      make sure localhost is set to unlimited storage


      has allow 3rd party to store.....

    7. yes same person. The store never appears, if that is a help.

    8. It is not a big problem , just means I can't get the alchemist ending, If no one else is reporting this don't worry. Maybe I just got a bad download. Every thing else works as it should, I think.

    9. A save game would be useful, so I can try to see what is wrong for your current game.

      For instance can you tell me some details of your slave maker, any special events (eg Inhuman Ancestry, Cock of Demonic Origin) etc

      NOTE: for all I have made it so Tentacle Hybrid is now available for dickgirl slave makers.

    10. Here goes: Minor noble, sex addict, convincing, exhibitionist, weapon master, secret old faith, masochist, expert trader 1, alchemy 1, refined 1, nobility 1, slut trainer 1, catslave trainer 1, pony trainer 1, lesbian trainer 1, slave trainer 3, leadership 4, all weapons skills at 100, Mardukane born, freelancer, male Shampoo or kasume as asst. Urd transforming to fairy and cumslut.

    11. Forgot, Urd knows energy drink, soothing draft and aphrodisiac and she is pregnant (I think.)

  3. Drehas99 minor slaves do not appear in the slave market. I put image files individually into images/minor slaves and slavesdrekas into languages/english.

    1. The file configuration1.xml needs a revised version too. He had posted this with his last set of minor slaves

      Otherwise just edit it and add a new line like you see for the other minor slaves files for the slavesdrekas file

    2. if my minor slaves are not appearing that means you didn't download minor slaves that i released earlier.
      look for the old posts you can download them from them.

    3. Ah that is the problem, this is the first set from Drekas thx

  4. Can someone upload the flashmirror link files somewhere else? It's currently down.

    1. M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina)October 14, 2012 at 5:11 AM

      Both Assistant Images/New Minor Slaves releases reup there:


  5. So I got Catgirl Trainer level 3, and now I can't do the cumslut training. Also, I did click Yes on allowing cumslut training for catgirls. How can I fix this?

    1. Do you have slut trainer 2? and catgirl taining only goes up to 2 if I recall :P

  6. sorry, the nerd in me insists that i point out that superman/girl are DC not Marvel. feel free to ignore me now :P

  7. some of Drekas' minor slaves are lost if this patch is automatically overwritted...

    1. if you are talking about haruna,fuyuka and touko
      bcz of issue of age i removed touko from minor slave list
      and haruna-fuyuka was released in separated version

    2. ok..., that seems like censorship...

      perhaps the game could have an option for (pseudo) loli/non loli content in the menu..., old rule for haters in forums, etc: "don't like, don't read/watch/buy,etc"

      whatever..., even if I don't use them I'll keep all three..., I just don't like mutilated packs...

    3. It's closer to 'editorialization' than 'censorship'.

      It's cmacleod42's blog, and he doesn't want to link to underage content for the game. Which means, it makes no difference unless you want cmacleod42 to help publicize what you created for SM3.

      cmacleod42 isn't a state, nation, government agency, or even much of a media outlet, so calling his editorial policy 'censorship' is a silly hyperbole.

    4. sorry if my lack of english vobabulary could make it sound like that...

      if it's here's policy, it's ok...

      I'm just gonna search the patches in the forum and manually patch the data...

    5. Yes it is my policy. I will not distribute or include loli content in the game. This includes sharing links. I may mention it in posts and suggest people check a forum post or comment

  8. Hey!, long time fan, 1st time comment :)

    I've been reading back a few posts & sorry if someone's pointed this out already but i couldn't find it...

    There's a lil unimportant glitch i find when i load a saved game the slave maker(your character) info is right, but the image change's to default appearance-1 images, every time i load saved game. like i said nothing of import but i just find it mildly irritating lol...

    Anyways keep up the awesome work! ^^

    1. Thanks, this is a bug I have fixed, please wait for 3.3.02 release

  9. I have a bug report to give:

    By using a female slave maker, I managed to knock up Arak. The message is the usual (unusually strong orgasm, etc.), and the result is... curious at the least. I tried it out with Hild, and the result is the same, I mean, I knocked her up too. As a female...

    Might be relevant that my background is Demonic Consort.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It is not a bug, it is a feature. One strongly requested by one of the most active members of the futanaripalace forums...

    3. M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina)October 16, 2012 at 12:14 PM

      Wait... Did I understand right? The female Slave Trainers can make the minor slaves, the assistants and the main slaves pregnants? That’s pretty weird, but it’s still a nice feature.

    4. Yes, it was a small bug in the xml, but Love Robin requested that I do not fix it until I provide a mechanism to allow female slave makers to impregnate their slaves.

      So for now assume a magical strap-on or feeldo (as Love Robin suggested)

  10. Bug report about Minako:

    In the last version, i had Minako dring the unihibitory drug and grow demon tail.
    To meet the demon girl, i made her go naked. No problem until i obtain the "naked clothing" after a couple of naked days.
    After that, she won't go naked anymore
    -->Minako smiles:i want to do this properly, and completely dress the part of a cat ...(cat dress/parts dialogue)

    I didnt buy the cat dress yet nor the cat ears/tail when this happened.
    Then i bought cat dress, and also the other dresses to test.
    She will wear all the dresses except the naked dress and cat dress (normal, i didnt try to boost catgirl process)
    She will do anal plug ok, and also use either cat ears or cat tail (but not both together)

    In older versions, i never had issues going naked and getting demonwings wings

  11. BUG REPORT: I recently returned to the Slave Market to expand my harem just for kicks, but... well, the prices for ALL of the slaves are suddenly 13-digit sums. I get prices like 1080199999018GP which was obviously not their original cost.

    1. This is most likely a corruption of your save game, or a faulty xml file. Most probably the save game.

      Do you have flash set to be able to store an unlimited amount of data

      see above
      "Also open this page

      make sure localhost is set to unlimited storage


      has allow 3rd party to store....."

      Also are you playing with the swf version? If so I have seen a few odd issues with people using Chrome browser. Try running the exe or using a different browser.

  12. i m now working on slave
    Lala Satalin Deviluke and Yui Kotegawa from To-Love-ru.
    i need some more information about succubus training
    is there any XML that i can refer???

    1. Succubus training is not implemented in the game

    2. i c.
      i read some Succubus tags in base.txt so i was wondering.

  13. Sorry to say that but
    ( Supergirl from Superman/Marvel and )
    ( Wonder Woman from Justice league/Marvel )
    is from DC not from Marvel that's a big difference !

  14. M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina)October 17, 2012 at 7:02 AM

    A mini update for the Minor Slaves.

    It adds the following images:
    Nadia Fortune. Chore - Discuss 16-18, Love Confession images and Sex Act – Fuck 4.
    Parasoul. Chore – Discuss 21-24 and Love Confession images.
    Tana. Chore – Discuss 21-24.
    Tanith and Sigrun. Chore – Discuss 9-12.
    I had also made some typos fix in Ruto’s Slave Market text and removed the blank line in the introduction text for Allura.

    DL Exoshare (1.88MB):
    DL Sendspace (1.88MB):

  15. Not sure if the red lily is part of Cmacs work but I found some bugs in it and the gambling could do with nerfing :P (some of it might not be finished so I'm sorry if I'm telling you stuff you already know) I chose to work at there and I can't go into the employee lounge. After 2 weeks of visiting them nothing happened. I didn't have to do any work for them. When you have conversation to 100 you can exploit the heck out of gambling, I suggest making it so that you can only do each option in the red lily once a day (the reason for this is because I could just constantly press 1 to get all the way to the bribe option and there was no limit to how many times I could do that option. I got 22k+ every time I did the option.) not sure if this is a bug but when I try to talk to someone in the bar I always recive cold stares. Also my slave never gets the work at red lily option.

    I was also wondering what the sex stat for the slave maker does from going to the stalls. Thanks :D

    1. These events are part of the 3rd party SMEncounter event developed by Rowadon. He has a blog
      would be best for you to re-post there or in the thread at the futanari palace

    2. Thanks I'll go and do that now :D

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Furry Brothel link is dead


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