Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SDK Update and Viruses

SDK Update
A partial update of the SDK for developers who wish to make slaves, assistants, minor slaves, events

If you only want to play the game do not bother to download this, it is useless to you
also in Love Robin's filehost

This has all the documents in html format, but only part of this has been rewritten and updated to the latest release, see index.html for status of documents

The classes are updated to version 3.3.04 in the folder
Common Scripts/Classes
note quite a few have major changes since the last official SDK release, but should be backward compatible.

Example assistants are included and are up to date, but you will have to edit classpaths to point to common classes.

Full sourcecode for Akane is included and is up to date, similarly classpaths will need editing to point to common classes.
The included "Base Girl" is not up to date.

Virus Reports
 I am regularly getting reports of viruses in the game, generally in jpeg image files or in swf files, like

As far as I know all reports of issues in jpeg files are buffer overflow type issues. These are cases where the file is broken or badly or maliciously encoded so an image viewer program will crash if the image is opened. These cannot infect or otherwise harm your system. Almost all programs that view these images, including Adobe Flash are no longer susceptible to these crashes, mainly it is older programs affected.

If you get these jpeg reports let me know the filename and I will re-encode the image to prevent this in future. You can do this yourself to remove the issue if it matters to you.

I see no reason why an swf file would be reported, aside from that they contain jpeg images so thus may get the above report. These files are not otherwise infectible and cannot harm your system.

There is only one file SlaveMaker.exe (or remotely that is infectible with a virus that could harm your system. I have never had anyone report issues in these files.

I run an antivurus program that I keep up to date so the chance of any release I make being infected is very low.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


a few things on the most recent 3.3.04c update.

There are still a number of bugs in the release, mostly not too bad but vary a little
  • some events when walking can be blank
  • some trainings for slaves can also have no text, for instance the custom trainings for Sakuya
both of these issues are fixed. If it matters I have posted a fix in a thread at the futanari palace, I will release an actual update once more issues fixed.
  • still some issues with the display of skills getting messed up. I have not quite found where that happens. If someone can get it reliably, as in load a save game, so action x and get the issue, please post me the save game and note what is needed to be done
  • fixed a few issues reported by developers
 I have not been working a lot actually on bug fixes recently, for this game I have mostly been working on the Ranma changes. Bug fixes can get a bit frustrating to work on and boring too, so taking a break.

I am trying to customise most of the standard text for Ranma, just working on the dating events for instance. In many cases the customisation is small text tweaks to make the interactions sound more Ramna-like and less generic.

Today I played the newest update for Overwhored (see link to right), a RPGMaker game loosely insired by the Overlord games, but with sex and mind control plus a good dose of humour. The developer is also a fan of "The Slayers" and Lina Inverse, so obviously a person of good taste. They like my game too!

a bug was reported where Kasumi fails to get her "Winner" ending. This is a bug in the core game and can prevent some other endings possibly.

Until I release a new version here is a fix for Kasumi. copy this file into the Slaves folder for your game installation

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Slave Maker 3.3.04c Bug Fix Release

This is a bug fix for the 3.3.04 release. It corrects almost all reported bugs, some minor issues are left but all significant issues are corrected

Update Installation
This contains all fixes for the game and several slaves, notably the pregnancy bug fix and issues for Princess Peach and many, many other bugs.

Update for versions 3.3.03 or later

Direct Downloads
Love Robin has provided direct downloads for the game files, if you are asked for a username and password, enter Guest and Slavemaker3 (case-important) Files/
for this torrent particularly Files/Update3304c.torrent


Full Installation

This is a full and complete installation of the game, including all released content and the latest upgrades and 3rd party releases. This is quite large at 3.91Gb.

At this time only a torrent is provided for the full installation. Filhost versions will be provided for the Packs version (see below)

To help me seeding the torrent and speed your download, depending on your client you can use this torrent to upgrade your existing game installation. To do this you can

a) rearrange the image folders as described above for the upgrade, moving selected folder from Images to Image/Slaves
b) copy or rename your existing game installation to
SlaveMaker 3.3
Note: remember the previous folder name
c) start the torrent and make sure it downloads into the same folder as your current game. If you do not know how to do this you can instead

  • start the torrent, wait for it to allocate all files
  • stop the torrent and exit you client (do not delete the torrent, just pause it)
  • find the folder your torrent client downloads into and the SlaveMaker 3.3 folder it is using
  • copy your current game into that folder, replacing all files when asked.
  • re-run your torrent client and resume the torrent. It will now continue, and a large percentage of the new version will be complete already
NOTE: If you installed version 3.3.04 then there is no strict need to re-download the full game. All fixes for the game are in the update pack above.
Except: there have been many edits
  • for minor slaves and assistants images
  • slaves to fix some image naming errors
  • a missing image or two
  • merged two minor slaves and assistants
 If these matter to you, either download the torrent and use it to update your game, or just download the Assistant and Minor Slaves packs and update.


Direct Download for Torrent
Love Robin has provided direct downloads for the game file, if you are asked for a username and password, enter Guest and Slavemaker3 (case-important) Files/SlaveMaker3.3.04c.torrent

Theses are the game divided into parts, each allowing selected portions of the game to be dowloaded. This allows you to save download time and bandwidth as you need.

The packs are

  • Basic Pack - this is the core game. It is a basic playable version of the game with a few slaves and assistants
  • Assistants Pack - an add-on that adds many more assistants for the game
  • Minor Slaves Pack - an add-on that adds many more minor slaves to the game
  • Events Pack - an add-on that adds additional content to the game, developed by 3rd party developers
  • Slave Packs 1 to 8 - These are collections of 10 slaves for the game (pack 8 only has 2 at the moment)

Each of these will have a filehost link(s) and a torrent provided.

In all cases instalations is the same
  • filehost - download the file and extract into a folder of your choice
  • torrent - download and open in your bittorrent client

After downloading you may have to merge the packs together. If you just used the filehosts and extracted all into the same folder nothing more should be needed.
For the torrents for most client nothing additional is needed. You may need to move and combine folders to merge them together for some clients and operating systems.

Torrents for individual packs (no need for these if you download the full torrent)

Direct Downloads for torrent files
Love Robin has provided direct downloads for the game file, if you are asked for a username and password, enter Guest and Slavemaker3 (case-important) Files/
note: not all files are here, but will be uploaded. So far up to Slave Pack 1

Basic Pack

Assistants Pack

Minor Slaves Pack

Events Pack

Slave Pack 1

Slave Pack 2

Slave Pack 3

Slave Pack 4

Slave Pack 5

Slave Pack 6

Slave Pack 7

Slave Pack 8

I will not provide magnet links for torrents, please do not ask. If someone else provides me such a link I will repost.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Still Bug Fixing

the bug fix is fairly close, at this stage I am aiming for a release in a couple of days or the weekend.

A few slave specific issues have been reported for Miku, Rei for instance so the bug fix will be a bit larger than planned, around 200Mb

I have done some small speedups for loading, not hugely but noticable.

Also I improved the debugging menu for xml developers, you can now type arbitrary xml statements and have them executed. Useful for tweaking values or event simple testing.

My apologies this is taking so long, basically a combination of hard to find bugs and some personal issues.