Monday, November 19, 2012

Almost ready for new release

a number of bugs were reported in a recent beta I posted at the Futanari Palace to check out the low-level changes I had done. I have now fixed them so I am going to add some more. I mean I am altering pregnancy a little.

Currently a female slave maker can impregnate a female slave, a bug but I was requested to not fix it until an event was added to provide a mechanism. I am now adding the event, an item provided by Ambassador Tachiba and High Priestess Daruna at a special party. Just doing some writing of the events (mainly xml stuff). Sorting also out a couple of images for flavour (more images for Tachiba and her slaves, some for Daruna, party scenes, a carriage etc). All low level game changes done.

As an aside

Last weekend I finished the RPG Maker game 'Village of Nightmare', really nice scenes of corruption but gameplay was not very interesting. Mostly running around looking for the next person to speak to.

Health a little poor today, so took the day off work and played Harem,

I just finished the current content for Harem (0.6a3) and rather enjoyed it. I played the Light Path and rather liked Samatha's story and Terra's to date. I liked most the the girls actually, Donna the housewife, Sarah the warrior and so on. The last incomplete quest was a little annoying though.
Sometime I may try the Dark path, but from the little I tried it is rather severe and cruel for my interest. I eagerly await a new version for the game.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weird Things

I was working today on some changes to the house system. A preliminary for "Give Orders" and a general improvement on the low level.

As I was developing I started getting some really strange bugs, parts of code that were stable and working perfectly were failing. This was the function to do the xml node searching the game uses. I was getting null results that I had never seen before.

After a frustrating time I have concluded the way I was creating polymorphic functions must of been a little dodgy, and I guess a recent update for Flash may of changed things. Either that or the code was just barely working and some tiny change I did had destabilised things.

I have rewritten the process using a different and better form of polymorphism, but it relies on non-strict type casting (no way really to avoid that) and it works ok now. Interesting the game is a bit faster too. The function was very low-level and used everywhere and I think it was doing some implicit String conversions where I did not mean to and slowing it a little.

I also did some recent optimisations as well recently that have slightly sped up a few parts of the game, notably the assistant browse screen.

Otherwise, my health is maybe a little better, felt fine yesterday and attended the fun Melbourne Cup function at work. Today not so well though.

Finances are still borderline but I am basically coping.