Thursday, November 28, 2013

Futanari Palace outage again

Just a quick note, I see the Futanari Palace has been down since yesterday. No idea why or when it will be back up.

anyone know what the problem with the Futanari Palace is? It is still down, please post a comment if you know what is wrong..
it appears to have been a major server hardware failure (ie the computer has crashed and cannot be repaired). I guess it is taking some time to source a replacement system and then restore the forum data.

Almost have got Puppygirl training working, but the game is still rather broken from my internal changes. Health still a bit rough....

Looking forward to my Christmas holidays, I will be visiting my family in my home city, I cannot afford to visit often.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wiki change and Updates

The link for the Slave Maker Wiki that I had linked no longer worked. The correct link is
The link at the top of this blog is updated

Other Updates
 There have been some thrid party updates and releases

New Slave Quistis
axmili has released a new slave, Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII. This is a non-vanilla release with custom content.!YZ8gAADZ!Vg1WbEQh7htRspB4OrgCcDZ3o61GIeyiV6mENmZAfDc

Update for Princess Peach
There were a few bugs in the last release of Princess Peach where an ending failed to work. This fixes this and adds a few additional images for her. There is still a custom ending "Vine Princess" that has no text displayed but this appears to have been the case since her first release!Ek4zDIIa!aaff7z0fzNDYTJoZksdBCR5dOH4qniGbrjYR1InsA4w

Update for Kairi
axmili released an update for Kairi
Few change but :
Correction of Agrabah's bug (it changed betwen my last post)
3-4 new pics (i haven't compte)
The text correction by M.I.A. !!!!ZRNAWIrY!Luo7OE9GB7m-L8p6n0xBRFZuKu0b1xYz72e038nii_U

M.I.A Assistants and Minor Slaves
M.I.A has released some updates for their assistants and minor slaves in the forum, as attachments to forum posts. I will re-upload and reshare here later, but the forum thread is

NarutoXD has released a new version of their tool to help create xml based slaves, assistants and mnor slaves. This tool is intended to aid a non-programmers to develop an xml based slave!Z8ZXDRKA!KPFioztan8Z1Yt2tEISONABLePBm-0eYGsB0AEWZ2nk

development and support thread

ElPresidente's Items
ElPresidente has been modding the assistant Deedlit and also an unoffocial version of Ami (Sailor Mercury). See the forum for these releases.

He has also released an add-on for the game of additional weapons and armour to the Armoury

IMPORTANT: The game as of version 3.3.04 has a limitation of 32 weapons and 32 armours and this add-on exceeds that for weapons so some will not show. Version 3.3.05 will completely remove this linit.

Please excuse some erratic responses both here and in the forums, especially my apologies to SimounRules (I appreciate everything you have sent and will email later)

My home lige has been complex and frustrating with issues of health, debt and family, so I have been having bursts of activity and then getting side tracked or unwell.

I hope things are starting to sort themselves out, and I am working throught some early alpha releases of version 3.3.05 with some kind testers. Still quite a few features incomplete but it it getting there.