Monday, November 11, 2013

Wiki change and Updates

The link for the Slave Maker Wiki that I had linked no longer worked. The correct link is
The link at the top of this blog is updated

Other Updates
 There have been some thrid party updates and releases

New Slave Quistis
axmili has released a new slave, Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII. This is a non-vanilla release with custom content.!YZ8gAADZ!Vg1WbEQh7htRspB4OrgCcDZ3o61GIeyiV6mENmZAfDc

Update for Princess Peach
There were a few bugs in the last release of Princess Peach where an ending failed to work. This fixes this and adds a few additional images for her. There is still a custom ending "Vine Princess" that has no text displayed but this appears to have been the case since her first release!Ek4zDIIa!aaff7z0fzNDYTJoZksdBCR5dOH4qniGbrjYR1InsA4w

Update for Kairi
axmili released an update for Kairi
Few change but :
Correction of Agrabah's bug (it changed betwen my last post)
3-4 new pics (i haven't compte)
The text correction by M.I.A. !!!!ZRNAWIrY!Luo7OE9GB7m-L8p6n0xBRFZuKu0b1xYz72e038nii_U

M.I.A Assistants and Minor Slaves
M.I.A has released some updates for their assistants and minor slaves in the forum, as attachments to forum posts. I will re-upload and reshare here later, but the forum thread is

NarutoXD has released a new version of their tool to help create xml based slaves, assistants and mnor slaves. This tool is intended to aid a non-programmers to develop an xml based slave!Z8ZXDRKA!KPFioztan8Z1Yt2tEISONABLePBm-0eYGsB0AEWZ2nk

development and support thread

ElPresidente's Items
ElPresidente has been modding the assistant Deedlit and also an unoffocial version of Ami (Sailor Mercury). See the forum for these releases.

He has also released an add-on for the game of additional weapons and armour to the Armoury

IMPORTANT: The game as of version 3.3.04 has a limitation of 32 weapons and 32 armours and this add-on exceeds that for weapons so some will not show. Version 3.3.05 will completely remove this linit.

Please excuse some erratic responses both here and in the forums, especially my apologies to SimounRules (I appreciate everything you have sent and will email later)

My home lige has been complex and frustrating with issues of health, debt and family, so I have been having bursts of activity and then getting side tracked or unwell.

I hope things are starting to sort themselves out, and I am working throught some early alpha releases of version 3.3.05 with some kind testers. Still quite a few features incomplete but it it getting there.


  1. I'm sure all those problems will somehow get solved, keep your head and great work up :)

  2. what the change in the wiki url ?
    it's more than 2 years, i have this url.

    1. I think it is more they had removed a redirect from an older url that I was linking here in this blog and also at the FutanariPalace, so the old links no longer worked.

  3. Sounds ugly, I hope things turn out for the better, Cmac. We don't live in an easy moment, but I guess sooner or later they'll improve.

  4. I seem to be having a problem with mega. trying to download i can't get anything above 20%. I don't think it is anything that can be done from this end short of putting them up on a different location. I will have to wait for the next full update to get them then. I hope things get better for everyone that has worked and is working on the game. I love all that yall have put into it.

    1. What are you using to download it with, I know there have been problems with it since they went form beta to full?

      I use Internet Explorer and Inport it, it stops downloading 1 of 5 times, but since you can just right click, cancel, and restart the download I find Mega is the best downloader out there.

    2. I use FireFox and have no problems downloading from MEGA

    3. Since MEGA is no longer in beta, it does not work with my PC and IE9, so I got to dl Google Chrome or FireFox to use it.

    4. I'm using Firefox but will see if Chrome works.

  5. there is an mega addon for firefox. Just keep it updated and it will work just fine.

  6. Please for gods sake never upload on Mega, it just sucks. Most downloader won't ever be able to finish the downloads there because it is so bad.

    1. Mega has got to be my favourite by far. Great speeds, easy to use, no capcha, and files are rarely taken down, unlike some other sites which I shall not name...

    2. Hmm. I feel that there should be a backup on rapidshare or something, just in case Mega doesn't agree with some people. Personally, I don't mind capcha, and Mega isn't working for me.

  7. would do well to put the full version with the latest fix

  8. Hey, is it possible for a minor slave to become slaves?

    1. Theoretically yes, but it requires the minor slave to be able to. As far as I know, none of them currently have that option.

  9. Is there going to be a "collected" download soon including updates for slaves and such?

  10. There is a link for all my new releases posted on the Futanari Palace.

    New Content:
    *More hentai images for the assistant Wedding Peach, thanks to mahoshin. A better alternative for her Wet event. 2 new discuss images and the Love Confession/Accepted/Refused. Her Russian version is also updated for her effects.
    * New discuss & intimacy images for the assistant Lethe. Several images are moved around for the Lesbian Intimacy and some alternatives are used for the male-on-female Intimacy.
    *The proofreading by thepatriot1776 for all my assistants.
    * Some small assistant-type images add-ons for the minor slaves Linde, Marcia, Tharja and Tiki. They do nothing in-game, but they can be used later, for minor-slave-to-assistant events.

  11. Best wishes cmac! you rule!

  12. CMac,

    Keep your chin up, Mate! Your health rules over all else. Grab a pint and put your feet up on the maid for a spell once in a while. :-)


    I'm still toying with the idea of an interim version of Holo that will include some, but not all, of the
    custom content for v2.0. It will be v1.75 if there is enough interest.


    Melora Ilsen,
    Lay Sister of the Order of the Sacred Chalice,
    Saint Olfin of Bedwier Abbey,

  13. CMac,

    Hope you feel better soon, and things look up for you! Take care of yourself before anything else.

    The game is awesome, something to be very proud of!


  14. How do i install ElPresidente's weapons and armors? Itried to copy the xml files to the main directory and the pics to the images/items/armour and ""/weapons folders but none of them appear in the armoury.

  15. configuration3.xml in : (but better to rename in configuration5, 6, 7 or 9, because you lose the normal 3)
    ElP_Items.xml in :
    weapons in :
    armours in :

    but if you have 26 weapons, you can see only 5 more (to 31)

    1. which normal 3? I don't have it but I thought I had it complete.

  16. any idea when dark magician girl is going to be finished i would love to be able to use the spells

  17. Can't download any of the files, does anybody know what to do? Mega just gives me a blank screen with a large 'M'.

  18. Cant wait to see a newers Version ! :-) And to be honest... ist about time!!! :-) I hope the mainstoryevent about demons or angles will continue! the moment Seakis house is without further events... :( Oh... is it possible atm to visit / find Princess Fiona? (the daughter of Lord Shiru and Lady Farun?) Beause both of the speak about her all the time... but i never find her - and i allready trained something like 15 Girls in my longest game.

  19. Okay. Playing around with the SDK; might have a release in a bit.

    A few comments/observations:

    1) At the moment, none of the slave creation tools included with the SDK actually work (except maybe SlaveBuilder, which is both absurdly out of date and requires Flash development software/experience, which I don't have). Notably:

    a) EasyXMLSlave relies on an Excel macro that uses With Application.FileSearch , which hasn't been supported since 2007, at a critical juncture.

    b) XMLSlaveCreator doesn't *quite* work, although the version included in the SDK is less buggy and has more (working) features than the more current releases.

    2) The SDK gives me NO reliable/practical method to generate working coordinates for the assorted accessories (leash, ears, and so on). Several have positioning tools; none of them accurately translate to positioning in-game, etc.

    3) No matter how many images I provide, I still wind up seeing the generic images on occasion.

    4) How does the XML handle accessory positioning on the slave's naked image(s)? I couldn't find the information in the SDK documentation.

    5) I'm getting very odd results from attempting to add things like renown requirements for slave training. I'll have to experiment around a bit, but you should know.

    1. As I mentioned, I have what is effectively an alpha release -- vanilla for now, until I can get some help fixing things (and Caveats 2, 3, and 4 above apply). There's a lot of stuff I want to add, just can't figure out how (and get odd results when I try).

      I see the slave simply not show up in the market when I try to add a renown requirement, for instance.

      Anyway: .

  20. everyone who was involved in the creation of this epic game is truly awesome and a wonderful person!

  21. hi all

    I've started to play this game recently
    and yesterday i've just discovered that the "latest release" isnt the latest verision =[
    I spent 2days trying to update using the links provided in this blog and i found that some update packs cannot be download
    And the 3.3.04d torrent just dont even start to download =/

    Will there be a full game of the latest version being released soon ?
    Its already half year since your last full game release =[

    btw its a really good game i get addicted to it LOL
    thanks for the game

    1. I would also appreciate the disclosure of this information, was about to download 3.3.04d when I saw this. Thanks in advance! :3

  22. What new features are planned for the next update?

  23. I seem to be having a problem with Quistis. She does not show up unless I start from scratch. I think it might be the because she is a minor slave already.

  24. not if someone else you last but some assistants MIA not show their pictures when you give intimate instead appear the slave ongoing me past milky rose and lethe and some more which I can not remember I have already downloaded the game 2 times but goes well

  25. After installing the update, Ariel and several other slaves are not shown. No kortinok with their participation. How to solve this problemmu?

  26. I was looking at the wiki and wondering where many of the slaves like Sakura Kasugano, Rei, Alexis, Raven and Minako? I can't seem to find them. Where would I find them?


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