Tuesday, February 24, 2015


There has been a recent email from Blogsopt noting they they do not want any explicit sexual content in these blogs any more.

In it unclear if this blog is affected, I do not post a lot of images and few are explicit, but the game itself is. They note they will allow 'artistic nudity' but it is unclear to me if this icludes the sort of image in the game or if they just refer to posed model type images.

At the worst case I will have to migrate to a different host, say to tumblr but hopefully it will be ok. If this happens I will post in the Futanari Palace and Fenoxo forums any new blog I am using.

To reduce the chance this blog is removed I will be updating some previous posts to remove some explicit images.

It appears Google have reconsidered and will allow sexually explicit ontent, as long as you do not try to make money from it.

Korvas has released a new slave Pinkie Pie from MLP

I have posted a beta for version 3.4.03 in the futanari palace but it is not so much a beta as a bug fix for a marriage ending issue with other changes in place. There are reported bugs in it I am working
It also
- changes the game to use a widescreen (16x9) display, only partly complete
- makes the centaur girl captuable if she is female (a bit broken at the moment)