Friday, January 27, 2012

More Updates

New Slave Rikku
XainC has released a new vanilla slave, Rikku from Final Fantasy
EDIT: updated link with some image fixes.

Extract to a new folder
rename SlaveGirlXX.txt to SlaveGirl64.txt
copy SlaveGirl64.txt, Slave - Riku.png and Slave-Rikku.xml to folder Slaves
copy folder Rikku to Images folder in the game

New Slave Morrigan

I seem to have forgitten to post this release for Morrigan of Darkstalkers. Released by Lothlorien, please note there are some bugs with her (naked image does not appear for instance), but the developer is on holidays and cannot post a fix yet.

Update for Gardevoir

Thf772 has released an image update for Gardevoir, Five mirrors by him
DropBox 7z
DropBox RAR
DropBox ZIP
If you update, please delete the old 'Gardevoir' folder in the 'Images' folder.

Update for Yoruichi
Jaren released an update for Yoruichi

Not a huge list of changes, but here goes:

-The issue with the debt growing without reason should be fixed.
-BE Images should now be integrated
-... and a new event that I threw together =) It should make some people pretty happy.
I have tested this new content, but not too carefully. It should be working though.

More Assistants Part 2
M.I.A released some more assistants
Like the big name of the file suggest, inside you'll find:
Jade, from Mortal Kombat. Like Jem and Kitana, there is no tentacles pic.
Mai Tokiha, from My-HiME.
And Wedding Peach, from... well, Wedding Peach.
There is also a 'typo fix' for Assistants Elizabeth and Kitana. Nothing major (A comma removed for Elizabeth and a ‘’she’s’’ changed to ‘’she’’ for Kitana) but the XML files are here anyway.

To enable the new assistants, edit the Assistants8.txt file and add, at the end of the text/list
Anyway, enjoy everyone^^. 
Updated Minors Slaves by Campeon Kid
Recently I posted a set of minor Slaves by Campeon Kid. I have done a few edits for the images, particularly those shown when browsing for the slaves. I cleaned up the images, tweaked brightness levels and minimised edging artifacts.

For Carerra I replaced her image with the above as the previous one showed an anachronism (an electric vibrator). I also altered the Julietto image to remove the nurse, ie to make it her only.

Otherwise I pruned unused images and fixed a few naming issues. I added a pregnant image for Carerra. I also detexted a few images here and there, but many remain to be done.

Significantly I have removed two of the slaves, they were children and I do not post or release such content. My apologies they were released by accident, I did not review the release in enough detail and Campeon Kid was unaware of this restriction. A couple of others were edited to increase their ages, they were more believably young adults.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Torrent + Assistants

A torrent for the game has been posted by Emerald_Dragon_Lore

I originally posted these last night in "Megaupload and Megavideo Shutdown by FBI", this morning the thread was moved. So I'm reposting back in this sub-forum, eMule links and a torrent.

ed2k://|file|SlaveMaker3206.part1.rar|524288000|4F9275B6F 6ABAB2AE8EC54291F97F0A9|h=HMKTN7XBXK5MHXAZ4QVESI3L W6JXDKBD|/
ed2k://|file|SlaveMaker3206.part2.rar|524288000|E51A010B6 E2485F53E525A1D88090820|h=BQJXZTMVCC345U6VOVWTWZCM P35L2WII|/
ed2k://|file|SlaveMaker3206.part3.rar|524288000|0BD59BBFB 5ACB1156193F04B5C2C7E8F|h=RG3AQ7LZLRN2HGAVIP5CD567 H6F6AWCV|/
ed2k://|file|SlaveMaker3206.part4.rar|524288000|69DDCD47C C1C35A26D20AD87740A0010|h=XCW3D55IDK57RDMDLLM4EF3J UT53ED45|/
ed2k://|file|SlaveMaker3206.part5.rar|102333320|559519747 9ABCC17BBAB18EFED564D48|h=DWUG75563RTK3OYA5ZYKAFJL U7AGFJB5|/

I'm leave them active for a month at least, before I unshare them (depending on the number of seeders)

A an alternative download sorce for SM3.2.06 (full release), my system is on 24/7 except during a weekly reboot (for activation of windows updates).

The torrent file

Other Download Mirrors

Mirror from WindsongBard for 3.2.06

Panty & Stocky (link from M.I.A)



Snow White

More Assistants

M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina) posted some new assistants
Now, the great new is, my 'Assistants Pack' has just finished uploading. (Not all the links are ready, but some are.) They all got some flavored description (some better than others) and effects in trainings. No special events, tough. (I don't know how to program them).

Here is the link:

So, in here, you got:
Alice, from American McGee Alice. (I better give a warning, for those who doesn’t like blood, many of her pictures got some.)
AndrAIa, from ReBoot. (There is no Nudity pictures of her. The 'Intimacy' show her in bed but no Hentai.)
Aya Brea, from Parasite Eve. (Nothing to comment here.)
Colette, from Tales of Symphonia. (Same here!)
Elizabeth, from Persona 3. (...)
Jem, from Jem and the Holograms. (She got a LOT of Discuss pictures, but no tentacles. Sorry for the tentacles fans. The rape event will still happen tough.)
Kaitou Jeanne, from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. (Nothing of note.)
Kitana, from Mortal Kombat. (Like Jem, no tentacles.)
Lyndis, from Fire Emblem. (Nothing to comment here.)
Mia, from Golden Sun. (Same as above.)
Miku Hinasaki, from Fatal Frame. (Most of her pic are from the officials wallpapers for the game, so like-in-game. (CGI?))
Mio and Mayu, from Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (Same as Miku. Oh, and 2 of the 3 Intimacy pictures are incestuous in nature. I think it’s important to mention it.)

Anyways, enjoy and any suggestions (or requested changes, like if a picture have to be removed) are welcome^^!

More Assistants Part 2
M.I.A released some more assistants

Like the big name of the file suggest, inside you'll find:
Jade, from Mortal Kombat. Like Jem and Kitana, there is no tentacles pic.
Mai Tokiha, from My-HiME.
And Wedding Peach, from... well, Wedding Peach.
There is also a 'typo fix' for Assistants Elizabeth and Kitana. Nothing major (A comma removed for Elizabeth and a ‘’she’s’’ changed to ‘’she’’ for Kitana) but the XML files are here anyway.

To enable the new assistants, edit the Assistants8.txt file and add, at the end of the text/list

Anyway, enjoy everyone^^. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

More New Releases

General Notes
 I have been having some development issues with using the swf version of the game is a browser. It seems some security changes in browsers/operating systems is preventing some essential features of the game working. I so far have not worked out a solution for this, aside from asking the player to change a Flash global setting.

Otherwise you will se I used uploadmirrors this time. MultiUpload was refusing to upload and still uses MegaUpload. This implies the site may be ceasing to function. So far the old links still work, I'll monitor the situation.

New Releases
Some more assistants and slaves have been released for the game

Haruka (Pokemon)

NarutoXD has released her as a fairly vanilla slave.

Misty (Pokemon)
NarutoXd has also released Misty from Pokemon

More Assistants

Campeon Kid has released several additional assistants
Cecile Croomy
Kurenai Yuhi
Note this includes his previous release of Samui

Mirror for Heather 2.0 update
The last update for Heather used the now offline MegaUpload. Here are some mirrors

Just extract the archives into your game folder.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Minor releases

There have been some releases for the game

Campeon Kid has released two sets

Minor Slaves
A large pack of minor slaves for the game. Please note there are small issues with the use of these minor slaves, the pages are a bit slow to load.

To use extract this file into your game installation.

Note: it replaces the file
If you edited this file to change pregnancy or sexuality settings then please reapply your edit.

Link removed due to inappropriate content (and new one posted in a later post)

New Assistant Samui
From the series/manga Naruto

To use just extract into your game installation.

SM Wiki Backup
Dudesok has shared a backup they made of the SM Wiki

Lastly a note on the recent shutdown for MegaUpload. Please note the releases I make use MultiUpload, this service has MegaUpload as a mirror but the other mirrors will all work still fine.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Slave Releases

While I was on holidays several new slaves were released, or updated.


TheNightWalker has released version 2.0 of his slave Heather from 'Silent Hill'

From his post

- Heather is trainable
only by Guilders!
If you are Freelancer, after the intro you'll be taken back immediately to the Slave Market.


Well, I've tried to infuse some suspense and tension in this scenario. I don't know if I succeeded...
Maybe not. Maybe this is the worst piece of junk you've ever played.
But I know one thing for sure : without time limit, the level of "suckitude" can only increase.
It's impossible to create some suspense if you are able to postpone every task indefinitely.

So, Guilders only. That's it.

- I suggest to not choose some specific people as Assistant. I mean : Hild, Arcueid, Aeka and every pure .xml girl.

They override a code function and occupy the square box when unnecessary.

The first page of the scenario is good for monitoring : if you see a mysterious woman with a question mark, the Assistant chosen is 'right'; if not, the Assistant is 'wrong'.

Regigigas has release this currently vanilla slave.

He released 2 versions, one using the English version of her name, Elesa
and one with the Japanese name Kamitsure


Also released by Regigigas, and also from Pokemon, and also a vanilla slave

Bladestriker has released Zelda from the various games. Not vanilla there are some events for this slave, but mostly vanilla.

Snow White

Released by Regigigas, Time Wizard and Poketeers. Please note some of the images need revision for this slave and I have requested changes. She is otherwise a vanilla slave.

The installation of these vary a fair bit. In general
a) extract the file to a new folder.

b) copy the files like
to the folder Slaves in your game installation

c) there will be a file
some are numbered, like SlaveGirl59.txt
In all cases EXCEPT Heather, check your folder Slaves and locate the last file SlaveGirlxx.txt, say SlaveGirl58.txt
Rename the file in the archive to the next sequential file, eg SlaveGirl59.txt in this example.
For Heather copy the file into the folder Slaves

d) There will be a folder, copy it to the folder
in your game installation

e) For Heather, copy the subfolder to the folder
in your game installtion. See the enclosed readme for details.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

Hi, a happy new year to you all.

I am back from my holidays, but sorry I have not been
able to review posts here or in the forums. I have had a minor illness since returning from holidays and been unable to do very much.

I have also been struggling a little, I got a new(ish) PC running Windows 7 and it's been a little but of a pain to get things working and get used to the UI changes.

I have had a darned weird issues in the game since upgrading OS/PC
  • loading external modules (the swf files in the Engine folder) were failing. It seems related to a recent issue I partially addressed where Flash can only load a certain number of files simultaneously. I think the default numbers changed with the new browers (Firefox 9 and IE 9). I have fixed that issue.
  • I completely restructured the code for walk events while on holidays, to fix the issues with events like the Tentacle Raid. It was a major overhaul but now better supports future AS3 conversions and is better structured with less duplicate code. BUT I got weird compile errors on my new PC that just made little sense. As if some files were not copied to the new system and not others. I checked and they all were fine. I edited some (a trivial comment type change) and then they compiled just fine! I have no idea at this time what happened here, so I be more careful in future.
Otherwise I did not have a lot of free time over the holidays, so I did not get much done, and during the last few days none at all due to a minor illness.

Still, I'll review the large number of comments in the last post and post a new post here when reviewed. Similarly I'll answer the posts in the forums.

PS: I know I had some good Ranma and Belldandy images for New Year (and some of the other girls in the game) but I could not find them. So I posted this cute girl found on Gelbooru