Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

Hi, a happy new year to you all.

I am back from my holidays, but sorry I have not been
able to review posts here or in the forums. I have had a minor illness since returning from holidays and been unable to do very much.

I have also been struggling a little, I got a new(ish) PC running Windows 7 and it's been a little but of a pain to get things working and get used to the UI changes.

I have had a darned weird issues in the game since upgrading OS/PC
  • loading external modules (the swf files in the Engine folder) were failing. It seems related to a recent issue I partially addressed where Flash can only load a certain number of files simultaneously. I think the default numbers changed with the new browers (Firefox 9 and IE 9). I have fixed that issue.
  • I completely restructured the code for walk events while on holidays, to fix the issues with events like the Tentacle Raid. It was a major overhaul but now better supports future AS3 conversions and is better structured with less duplicate code. BUT I got weird compile errors on my new PC that just made little sense. As if some files were not copied to the new system and not others. I checked and they all were fine. I edited some (a trivial comment type change) and then they compiled just fine! I have no idea at this time what happened here, so I be more careful in future.
Otherwise I did not have a lot of free time over the holidays, so I did not get much done, and during the last few days none at all due to a minor illness.

Still, I'll review the large number of comments in the last post and post a new post here when reviewed. Similarly I'll answer the posts in the forums.

PS: I know I had some good Ranma and Belldandy images for New Year (and some of the other girls in the game) but I could not find them. So I posted this cute girl found on Gelbooru


  1. Welcome back!

    I've begun work on a custom event that uses the (old) walkfunction. Will you be releasing an updated SDK in the near future?

  2. The changes I did are all low level, they do not affect the sdk interfaces. There was a little rweaking of xml nodes, but the actionscript interface is unchanged.

  3. Nice to hear from you. :)
    Hope you've gotten well.

    BTW, I haven't tested properly, is it possible to have different settings on different saves? Otherwise I'd like to suggest that, if plausible.

  4. we could use a guide to the game the awsome guide we used to use is gone plz make an new one for us!

  5. Mooing Fish was a good place...

  6. I just downloaded the game and it looks great, but I am unable to get past the pupil part in the introduction. The only thing in the pupil select part is the more and less buttons. I am really looking forward to trying this game out, thanks.




  8. But it looks like there will be a new site! And Glad to hear you are better cmacleod42!

  9. Julay
    Krystal was accidentally released, she is not complete, and those issues with clothing and so on for her are incomplete. Unfortunately I did not have time to work on her over the holidays, I hope to have a working version out soon (no estimate when)

  10. I'm having a problem with cora the nurse, I talk to her alot to check on the kept slaves, but when I end the training of my current one ans start a new slave, cora will stop telling me how the various slaves are, instead it'll give the normal conversation message for any house slave as if i discussed twice.
    Is there a limit to how many you can have before she stops working?

  11. Orin
    there is no intended limit.

    If you save the game and then reload does she resume giving the health reports?

  12. No, I tried reloading immediately and exiting out and reloading, neither worked.
    Maybe is there a max #slave limit? I tried reading the script a while ago, and it mentioned that a lot in the area.

  13. After your meeting with Fae you're turned into a herm no matter what, I know this was already mentioned in previous comments but I thought I'd just report it again to increase the chances of it getting fixed, since I'm pretty sure it's not intended.

  14. Castro, do you mean when training Aeris? Or is it part of the tentacle raid events?

  15. yes guide was a awsome guide but it's gone now so we really need a new one.

  16. I can't get past the set up. When I go to the Slave Market there's nothing there.

  17. @cmacleod42 It's part of the tentacle raid events.

  18. @Castro, as I understand it, the TR event still has a lot of bugs in it, the developers where waiting for some core game changes to be implemented before they could continue developing the event.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong

  19. heya people, quick question. how do you activate the count's second potion event? i got it once with aeris, but then could never get it again with the others. is the event just for her?

  20. @z4cko: It's not just for aeris. Lend her to the count a few nights after the first event, if memory serves.

  21. WILL be back, an update was posted there just today further explaining the situation. No data was lost, so its just a matter of being patient.

  22. Cmac, do you have any other ideas to try? I fnot I'll just see if the nest update fixes it.

  23. hmm, just tried lending for 10+ days and nights now, then tried to visit him and relax at the sleazy bar where i first triggered the whole event. nothing. so i decided to test it out abit.

    i started a new game, pick up aeris, went through the whole event again and hey, it works again. just needed to visit him a few days later, like he told me to. Tried another new game with sakura this time, and that worked too.

    after sakura i picked up aeris again, and this time it doesnt work anymore. does anyone else have this issue?

  24. Orin
    It is likely a bug, but it is not clear to me why it still fails after loading a game. I'll investigate.

    The breast expansion with the Count only happens ONCE for all slaves for any given Slave Maker.

  25. ah, okay, thanks for the clarification. i just presumed it's redoable since he kept telling me to come back after a few days.

  26. z4cko
    For the slave that gets the event yoo do return and get a follow up event, but not for any other slave

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I'm discovering that game for the first time and he's the best i've ever tested in that kind, congrats mcleaod.

    I'm a professionnal video game designer and I'd love to speak with you about your game, if you can find couple of minutes for a little tchat

    Whatever, well done and keep up the good job !

  29. can someone tell me how to start the tentacle raid thing?

  30. is the sakura slave complete?? because whenever i have her work public relief or ninja theres just a blank screen with nothing on it whats wrong??

  31. Lloyd
    I prefer to not chat by email or other online chat type systems ( well with friends but not otherwise). Feel free to register in one of the forums and we can discuss by PM if you want

    If you did the fix to Events.txt noted in the last release it will never happen at all.

    No she is not those parts are incomplete.

  32. I'm new to this (and grateful for your work!). I have the latest version, but my game hangs up during the Keawe episode, specifically when fighting tentacles after receiving the bracelet. Any fighting move gets an error message (script problem) and a complete game crash.

    Also, as others have mentioned, my character's sex gets scrambled after the "fuel gathering" episode with Fae, whichever preference I choose (male, female, or futa).

    Any solutions? Thanks again for all your work.

  33. Oolalume69
    there are some bugs in the core game to do with the Tentacle Raid events (those involving Kaewe). The only fix at this time is to disable the events, see me last post about events.txt

  34. First I'd like to say how much I love this game. But I've been having a big problem.

    I can finish with my first girl, no problem, I sell her I get a new girl to train. The daytime options are no problem, but at night, unless I chose rest all night I get an empty room, with no "NEXT" Button. I'm stuck.
    I did right click on the image, click on settings and the little window pops up and it's flashing though all the options so fact I can't read it.

    I've tried this game on 2 computers, one a windows Vista, the other Windows 7 (which was the less buggy, I was able to get though several girls before I ran into the problem.)

    I'm not sure if it's something with my computer or a bug. But any help would be appreciated, so I can get back to the game! Thanks.

  35. Flying Duchman
    most likely this is an issue with flash storage limits. Check the help button in the load/save screen (as of the last release)
    - right click on the running game
    - seleect settings
    - select local storate
    - set to 10Mb at least, preferably unlimited.

    If this does not help it might be a faulty installation, and my only suggestion would be to re-download and reinstall into a new folder.

    I did recently find some bugs when using my new Windows 7 pc with loading some files. So there may be some issues in the last release for Windows 7. These will be finex in the next release.

  36. Headache.

    I have Kasumi on Fairy and pony

    Now I am trying to add Cat to that mix, only triggering Miss N's party doesn't work.
    oh and when I lend Kasumi to Miss N, all my money dissapears.

    version is 3.2.06a last two minor patches installed. Kasumi is v2, Trainer is dark Magician girl

  37. Hey, i have a problem,i already typed a post but it haven`t been posted. Anyway,i`ll type again: I have the latest files of the game instaled(2gb size) and i still have a problem.When i go to the slave selection screen ,i see there a few of the slaves` pictures are shadowed,and when i hover the mouse over their picture,insead the slave`s description,appears the message:,,This slave is not trainable yet,, . That slaves are also some from the slave-list posted before,for the 3.2.03 file(i`ve tried to download that file too but they were deleted..),e.g: Rei,that is also in the Slaves folder of the game,it have picture,but in the slave selection screen she is shadowed and unaviable for train.I want to know if this problem is because i need to download more aditional files from previous posts(along the full game of 2gb posted the last) or,if this is because i need just to unlock them in the game by training more alviable slaves,until i get the unaviable working too.
    I`m waiting for an answer,here because i couldn`t found a fix or answer somwhere else.(btw,sory for my bad english,it is not my native language and i`m still learning it)

  38. miginokitsune
    What do you mean triggering Miss N/s party doesn't work? Do you mean the part does not happen, or the cat girl encounter does not happen?
    What is the level of your slaves cattraining?

    there is no prolem, that is how the game is designed. Some slaves are not available to you to train until your slave makers reputation reaches a certain level, so you should train other slaves first and they will become un-greyed out.

    Or go to Options and set 'Sandbox' mode, this disables all such tests and also allows re-training the same slave.

  39. Thanks for help,btw,this is a really great game,you did awesome work,and i`m sure you will do the same.
    One last question,when i reach to the Sandbox option,it says it can`t be reversed,so that mean if i enable this,i can`t disable it after that?

  40. @Sylar555
    you have to start a new slavemaker after deactivation in order play without sandbox mode again

  41. @cmacleod42

    catcrafting was two.
    but I had to kill flash (downloaded the new debug) and I
    A) got finally the invitation to see Kasumi Naked
    B) after lending Kasumi to Miss N my money stopped disappearing.

    now I'm trying to make a cow and a succubus


  42. hey, cmacleod42, i have a request, can you (or somebody else) make a walkthrough for the game, the one on otakubell was good but it was missing some things that left us guessing, for example it only showed how to get ending event not in-training events. most of these events you could just get easily however there were some hard or rare to get ones like the wish demon event for the town center and the wish at the lake. also such a walkthrough would let people know what is suppose to happen so you dont have to answer so many questions like z4cko's with the count. speaking of the count event, the after event for it, in the forest (the one with the fruit and lake), is there any correct sequence to it or not? like eat 1 fruit drink the water and eat 2 more fruit or what?

  43. How does one get the tentacles to come into your home?

  44. hi there,

    first: It's a great game, i have a lot of fun with it.

    But i got a little question: How can I get invited to Miss N's Partys? I haven't seen this yet. Just read it here, that there are partys.

  45. @Otaku
    there's after events for that? damn, now i gotta go find it lol. anyway no offense, but i honestly rather cmacleod42 focus on bringing new content and fixing bugs instead of writing up a walkthrough. i'd love for there to be a complete one, sure, but i think that's just asking too much of him when he's doing this for free.

    I'm not sure if there's any special requirements for it (maybe a certain level of nymphomania or lust or both), but for me i just visit her enough that she asks me to bring my slave to her (visit her) while said slave is naked. that should trigger it.

  46. a little ending guide somewhere (I am rather new to the game) would be nice.

    while going for cow I accidently made a fairy, found out how to make ponys and managed to get a few hints on some demon girl or smth. I think I am still missing an item or 3

    all I have right now is that Count once you got enough ref and the girl getting kidnapped but not lactating afterwards.

  47. Hey there, great game!

    I'm not quite sure what I did, or if something changed, but a lot of the slaves that were previously available (at least I believe they were) are not available for me anymore. While some still work just fine (In the slave select screen, they're there, but I can't click/continue with them)
    I tried to re-download the files but that didn't help. I have their files for the Slave folder, but there isn't anything for them in my Images Folder. I'm not sure if that's what causing the problem or not.
    Any suggestions?

  48. Hey, could anyone send me the link of the full version?

  49. How do you find Slavedebugger? After playing the game through a couple times, it would be nice to just have a boat load of money, so I don't have to worry about anything


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