Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Slave Releases

While I was on holidays several new slaves were released, or updated.


TheNightWalker has released version 2.0 of his slave Heather from 'Silent Hill'

From his post

- Heather is trainable
only by Guilders!
If you are Freelancer, after the intro you'll be taken back immediately to the Slave Market.


Well, I've tried to infuse some suspense and tension in this scenario. I don't know if I succeeded...
Maybe not. Maybe this is the worst piece of junk you've ever played.
But I know one thing for sure : without time limit, the level of "suckitude" can only increase.
It's impossible to create some suspense if you are able to postpone every task indefinitely.

So, Guilders only. That's it.

- I suggest to not choose some specific people as Assistant. I mean : Hild, Arcueid, Aeka and every pure .xml girl.

They override a code function and occupy the square box when unnecessary.

The first page of the scenario is good for monitoring : if you see a mysterious woman with a question mark, the Assistant chosen is 'right'; if not, the Assistant is 'wrong'.

Regigigas has release this currently vanilla slave.

He released 2 versions, one using the English version of her name, Elesa
and one with the Japanese name Kamitsure


Also released by Regigigas, and also from Pokemon, and also a vanilla slave

Bladestriker has released Zelda from the various games. Not vanilla there are some events for this slave, but mostly vanilla.

Snow White

Released by Regigigas, Time Wizard and Poketeers. Please note some of the images need revision for this slave and I have requested changes. She is otherwise a vanilla slave.

The installation of these vary a fair bit. In general
a) extract the file to a new folder.

b) copy the files like
to the folder Slaves in your game installation

c) there will be a file
some are numbered, like SlaveGirl59.txt
In all cases EXCEPT Heather, check your folder Slaves and locate the last file SlaveGirlxx.txt, say SlaveGirl58.txt
Rename the file in the archive to the next sequential file, eg SlaveGirl59.txt in this example.
For Heather copy the file into the folder Slaves

d) There will be a folder, copy it to the folder
in your game installation

e) For Heather, copy the subfolder to the folder
in your game installtion. See the enclosed readme for details.


  1. Any chance you will be updating the downloads page? The version there is still v3.2.01

  2. I noticed a flaw while training Shampoo. If I lend her to Miss N but there is no party that night, her money goes to zero, but mine isn't touched.

    A general flaw about slaves with special jobs defined... please list the amount of money made from that event, many don't say a thing. Sakura's special ninja skill was particularly bad about no information.

  3. Just a gripe about being true to story...
    I understand that guild trainers are doing the work for someone else, so the story should not say that you found a girl in the market and bought her. If it does then there should never be a person that shows up to review her training and give money since you were stated to have bought her for your own purposes.

    It shouldn't be that hard to remove the barrier between guild and non-guild so that we can do both. If you pay money for the girl she is yours and there is no mission, so you can sell her if you wish. If there is a mission, she is given into your care with a basic goal stated and you are paid for your performance.

    As things stand now I think all girls with special stories should be guild only to get the full enjoyment of achieving their mission, or the story should be bypassed for non-guild trainers. In all cases the ending should reflect whether you met your stated goal.

  4. -Lothran

    Flavor text (girl intro, backstory, whatever) is made by the individual developer of said slave, not as a generic game engine item.

    In other words...

    Gripe about being true to story to people who write said story. >:D
    (though I understand how that's a little off-putting; it's the little things that count)

  5. When I have finished training a girl I want to be able to make one of my slave market slaves my trainee and do special work on his or her skills. I understand that slave market purchases are very generic, but I long to make them better. When I have finished, I should be able to keep them or sell them.

    I also should be able to sell any slave, even if I have to wait until the end of the current training to shift my staff around. It could be as above that I shift them to my current project, declare them done, and find a buyer.

    For story purposes, each slave kept should show each child and who/what the father is. Most of my slaves were rescued from the tentacles and their first birth is a monster baby, then their second is usually mine.

  6. I understand that different people write slave stories and I hope they get a chance to see my opinion, but much of what I posted would need changes to the game engine and the designer needs to decide if it is worth his time.

  7. Hmm...

    Let's see if I understood what you said. ('cuz my interpretation skills are squat and then some.)
    1. You want to train the "minor" slaves as "major" slaves.
    2. You want to be able to sell any slave.
    3. You want a family tree (kinda) for said slaves.

    My take on these points.
    1. Probably hard as hell to do, requiring a fundamental rewrite at worst. To have it work the way I think you want it to work would need the freelancer gameplay style to be retooled, at the very least (since as it is now you get no choice in when you want to pick a new slave; always after the current one is finished training).

    2. Pretty easy; add a sell button, whatever.

    3. -Fairly- easy. Just need a new variable on who the -father- is and we're good to go. Of course, as it is now it would either be -player- or -tentacles-. So this isn't -difficult-, more like... -hard to see a change until more flavor is added in-.

    On a personal note, I wonder how hard it would be to generate totally random minor slaves? Like, say, Special event: "So-and-so wants you to take care of slave (random name here) for fourteen days" and it randomly makes a slave for 14 days, and you get to, I dunno, return him/her...after...doing something.

  8. Since I can't find any other way to contact anyone that has anything to do with the game in general, I'll try posting here.

    I have v3.2.06a, and most or all of the newer slaves crash the game during the first sex training action. No dialog and only the default Home picture, but no Next button and it locks all the other side tabs including the Load button, making me close the game and losing all progress.

  9. Unknown
    I have had some reports of this but mainly in the earlier beta versions of 3.2.06.
    Did you download the full install for the game or just the upgrade?
    Which slave did you last get this issue for?

  10. It's hard to say, I first installed the game some months ago, and just recently discovered i can update from this site maybe a month ago. I've tried several slaves from the update on November 8th and later and I get the same issue. I know the most basic slaves work, but the newer ones don't.

    Should I reinstall the entire game? Is there a way to keep my savefile if I do?

  11. Unknown
    I have no idea what is causing this issue for you.
    Does it happen if you start a new game with a new slave maker? If not it may be your save games have become corrupted. If so you will have to abandon those saves. Please check the amount of storage Flash is allowed to use for local file (see the Help button on the load/save screen)

    If it fails in all cases, if you can handle the full download (2.2Gb) then please
    a) delete the entire game folder
    b) re-create the folder
    c) extract the archives into the folder
    This will preserve the save game.

  12. I set the Flash storage to unlimited just in case, but still no change. So i followed your instructions to reinstall. I saw that the new slaves folder was missing the ones I can installed myself, so I also merged the slave-relevant folders from the old folder with the new ones so I could keep all those I had installed. it says I have v3.2.01 now. I tested the main issue of the game crashing and that appears to be fixed and my save game is still there, except in the Your Stats 2 tab all my Talents & Advantages went away, and House is 'undefined', Home Town and Skills are still the same, and all my other stats are fine too.

  13. Unknown
    The link
    is an older version I have not updated for a while.
    Please see me posts in this blog for the last release 3.2.06 and the update 3.2.06a

  14. I downloaded the files but I didn't see the swf files in them

  15. draka
    only Heather has a swf file, the rest do not.

  16. I got to the Part of the tentacle raid where they raid your house and when i click on the map all i get is TentacleRaidLose! then it goes to next day, no story pictures or anything. it just ends

  17. Is It only me that has a problem in Red Lilly, I talk to a girl and she tells me to go to the closet in the same room, but I can't click on anything (only the normal button) so i can't fined her :(

  18. OutbreakSE
    The event is incomplete, so this may be the extent of what is completed. I am not the developer of the event and am unsure

    The same applies, the event is also incomplete, with more being developed.

  19. I Was Afraid of That hehe, Just love the Red Lilly event. It's fun that "you" as a trainer have events too :D

  20. Ok.. what are the stats and everything needed for the tentacle raid on your house? And there is a tentacle even involving Aeris that seems to be only to her. How do you get it? Read the scripting to see it.

    1. the standard tentacle abduction (not part of the tentacle raid) reqires the Rule 'Go Walking' to be enabled.

    2. I'm looking to do the tentacle raid. I cant figure it how to get it started. It's not where you wake up and discover her to be gone, its different, as like it happens in the house.

  21. Replies
    1. as z4cko says, the saves are Local Shared Obhects. A simple google search will show the locations

  22. @Retardcod4p

    look at the Save Games FAQ.txt in your SlaveMaker folder. it'll answer your question.

  23. -fatmanspencer
    Tentacle raid isn't a finished job, so there are lot of dead-ends and stuff in terms of storyline. That Aeris event won't be happening for a while, I think.

  24. My Stats 2 tab is fixed, but now i've brought up more issues, the slave often doesn't appear in most of the pictures even though i can find them all in the game folder (first with Elesa then tested again with someone else), and it's still freezing during the sex training actions. This is really frustrating -.-

    1. I still am not sure what is causing your issue, Can you answer the following questions
      0) what version of the game are you plating. How did you get that version (full download, update older version etc)
      1) what operating system do you use
      2) do you play via the browser or running the .exe
      3) how did you fix the stats2 tab issue
      4) if you know how, please post a save game for me to investigate. Upload to a service like RapidShare/MediaFire etc

  25. I have a request plz make the game available to be downloaded from torrents also

  26. ok, i just downloaded this games a couple days ago, and i like it a lot, so can anyone help another slave maker out here?

    i downloaded the files for zelda, and i got the XML file, the png file, her txt file, and her images. I put the XML and PNG into the slaves file, and fixed the text file #. i put the images in the correct folder( the images folder) and yet, when i go to do a new slave(say new game) when ever i click on her, it just freezes the game and her image vanishes. I waited for a good 30 minutes for something to happen(playes different game while doing so) but nothing. I have tried the same thing with skyla and elesa, but the same thing happens. Can anyone tell me where i am going wrong?

    1. That sort of error indicates that Zelda is not installed quite correctly. Double check the xml file is present in the Slaves folder, and also check, as is the png and SlaveGirlxx.txt file.
      Also do you see the file

      Can you also try a new game for say Mihoshi. Does she work? She is programmed the same say as Zelda so if she works it indicates the game is basically working.

      Lastly, for SlaveGirlXX.txt you did only rename the file, you did not alter it's contents?

    2. ok, I did put the XML file in as well as the PNG file. I put the TXT file in as well and didn't mess with the file. I just changed the name of the TXT file. But, I did not see the Slaves/Slave-GenericSlave.swf file. also, i don't see mihoshi under the new slaves options. maybe it is because i only have 3.2.01Update? i am not sure dude.

    3. also, to answer your question about the new game, i started a new game with shampoo, and the games still works, so i am not sure.

    4. If you are missing Slave-GenericSlave.swf, then that is your issue, no xml slave will work.

      And yes your issue is you are using 3.2.01, you must upgrade to at least 3.2.03, and preferably 3.2.06. Many recent xml slaves like Zelda require 3.2.06

    5. thank you my friend. Now, i just have to find both the upgrade and the file. Can you recomand a link?

    6. i found the links. will tell you later if it works.

    7. thank you. I got it now. Everything is working, only a few bugs and missing pic's for the assistants I will gladly live with verses what i had. Thanks dude. BTW, zelda's, nice.

  27. (Sorry, reply button is not working)

    0)I am using version 3.2.06, I first got the full downloaded the 3.2.01 from but then after your reply, I did the All Slaves Update patch from December 12th...looking back on the post now I realize that it says Upgrade from 3.2.03 or later, could that be the problem?
    1)Windows 7
    2)I run a shortcut to the .exe
    3)I assume that fixed when i reinstalled the game
    4)I found the .sol files, and my most recent game is saved to slot two, so i think that means my save game is sm2.sol? here's a link to download anyway:

    1. Unknown
      The is definitely your issue. Check back in my posts and locate the 3.2.06 full release and download it and install.

      For saves you should post all sm2*.sol files. That is too limited a save to be useful, and anyway the issue is undoubtably as noted

  28. dont know why i keep losin all saves after close the game ..

    1. hmmmm i know why now but still dont know how to fix it, fffffffff

    2. Chech your browser (all your browsers) and make sure they are not set to delete all cookies on exit. Flash uses that setting and if set deletes all saves.

  29. Something happened to the SMWiki. is there a similar site up for that? Just wondering.

    1. none as far as i know. i too have many questions i'd like answers to )=

    2. If you're lucky, and know what page you're looking for, you might be able to find a google cache of it, but some pages no longer seem to be there and they seem to be disappearing at an increasing rate.

      According to the main page the dev does have everything backed up, just no time to do a server move, which is good, if unfortunate.

      On that note, can anybody remember what the stat requirments for the Demon Slave Maker or Succubus Slave Maker ends are?

    3. Anonymous
      It is down indefinitely. It is possible it will be back in the future. The old pages are being copied from Google cache by a kind person in the futanari palace so sometime I hope to at leat post an extract

      Some Dude
      Max Corruption for Demon, Mac Corruption, min domination for succubus

  30. First: Thank you for your great game. It's really a big fun to play it.

    I just want to report two little bugs I recently noted:

    1. I collected more than 30000 bugs. Suddenly my money disappeared. How could that have happened?

    2. I desperately try to get a pony slave. But I don't get the pony tail. I have read that you get it when your slave is ready to do bondage and you visit the harbor. I try and I try but it doesn't happen.
    (I got the tail with a former slave - without using it unfortunately. :-( )

    1. Pretty sure ponytail can be found again from the private tutor in either the Palace or possibly the Town Centre. You must accompany your slave to the docks and get the ponygirl encounter, and then visit Mistress Epona until you get to level 1 trainer. To visit the stables the first time you must have first done the ponygirl night action, after you may visit any time.

      Don't forget you also need the harness, which you can get from the trader or the ruins encounter.

    2. Ok, thanks. I'll try it.

  31. Demon Slave Maker :
    * Choose Inhuman Ancestry as your Background
    * Corruption > 80

    Succubus Slave Maker :
    * Choose Cock of Demonic Origin as your Background
    * Corruption > 90
    * Dominance < 10

    Defeated Demoness :
    * Choose Cock of Demonic Origin as your Background
    * Corruption < 10
    * Dominance > 90

    Tentacle Impregnated :
    * As a female or dickgirl Slave Maker choose to search for your slave after a Tentacle Abduction.
    * Fight and lose against the tentacles with Bad Ends turned off.
    * When asked to submit or resist, submit.

    1. Thanks anon, that confirms it for me.

  32. What unique events are for the "Ex-Milk Slave" trait? I'm aware of the Cow girl ending, but this doesnt seem to be related.

    If there are none heres what ive seen posted else where as suggestions:
    Day time: Sell Milk to Resteraunt Day/Night: Sell your Body to a Cow girl farm (Sex and getting milked basically) Night: Breast Feeding your Trainee while she fingers you. Knowledge of the Cowgirl farm and ability of slaves to be trained and work there.

    Perks that you can select when making Your Slave trainer:
    "Soothing Milk": Decrease Rest, Nympho, Lust ,and increase Joy. "Addictive Milk": Increase Lust, Nympho, Love "Downside" she'll become addicted to it and will want it every night. May force you to get it if you don't let them.

    Expanded Cowgirl ending so that essentially it is no longer a "bad" ending and can be purposefully used and girls can be trained for that ending.

    1. At this time there are no events for the background. They are pending development.
      Thanks for the suggestions I will consider them.

  33. Great release! Very good work on all the slaves, and congratulations on success to their authors! And thank you Mr. Cmacleod42 for your hard work.

  34. Hello everybody !
    I have some questions about the game.
    1) For the catslave/catgirl. Actually i train Samus to be a catgirl. She is at 30/100 but this stat does not increase. i'm Lvl 2/2 for the catgirl training and i make the night event with Natsu. How i can't increase the stat ?
    2) The end "marriage" can be possible with the slave maker ?
    3) When the slave maker is a girl, have you a tip that the slave be less reluctant more easily ?

    Finally, thank for this good game. continue on this path.
    (sorry if my english is not really good ^^" )

    1. 1) go for a walk at the Farm, you will meet a Tiger catgirl, accept her tutoring
      2) not at this time
      3) you need to get her sexuality down. Kiss her is probably best

  35. A lot of slaves like Motoko and Reimu have no image as assistants after they've been trained, is this a bug or is it just something that their developers overlooked ?

    Also, are there any plans to update the assistants already in game ? Many of them don't even have their own discuss/intimacy images.

    1. The discuss/intimacy events post dated many assistants and some are not quite compatible. They should show something generally for intimacy though. I'll check.

  36. Okay, here comes my suggestion:

    I think there should be more male slaves to train! (At the moment there's just one, right?)

    1. Mariya Shidou from Maria-sama ga Miteru (Maria is watching you) is under development.
      Naruko + Naruto is in development
      Ranma is getting an option to become male

    2. Okay, very cool! I'm looking forward to it!

  37. I cant Pass the nursing contest for heather. i have Nursing at 100 and char, sensibility, int,faith cooking cleaning at 80 and i only get 3rd place lol. What does she need to get first?

    1. Wonder nurse contest is calculated by: Constitution + Nursing + 10
      1st >=310, 2nd >=288, 3rd >=243
      you need constitution at 200 minimum

    2. thanks but first place is only 218 for me, lol i can get 210. that explains it =) thanks

    3. I maxed out Nursing, I had 200 Constitution, I had the nurse uniform, and I STILL CAN'T GET 1ST PLACE.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Hm, the same bug I mentioned above happened again: suddenly I lost all my money. More than 2000 bugs. This really sucks.

    1. Any idea what you were doing or what event happened when you lost your money

  40. I've got a different kind of bug, when I get to the tentacle raid event after collecting all the items needed with keawe, I enter the first hallway where you fight off the tentacle monster and when I activate the bracelet the game stops responding, and it says there is a script that is running continuously and then the game suddenly crashes.

    1. Yeah that event is bugged and still under construction. Download the Events.txt file in the Xmas blogpost and follow the instructions. It'll disable the event for now.

  41. If Gardevoir gets promoted at the resturant there seems to be no accept or decline option.

  42. About the savegame loss: as far as i can tell it has to do with the global settings of your flash player. In the storage tab if you set it to "block all sites from storing information on this computer" you will loose all savegames regardless of any other settings. So open the game make a rightclick on it, choose global settings and change that.
    I hope that helps a few pepole

  43. Mega upload is gone now. maybe you should do another full game upload on another site.

  44. The Nora (nurse minor slave) discussion option with slave health seems to have broken after the cowgirl events. She doesn't seem to notice any change in health after the first couple events but when the slave realizes what happened to her and you go out to confront them, after that in the last game I played she ceased giving health information when I went to talk to her.

    Have to say, I really like the addition of more features like that for the minor slaves. As it is, they mostly seem to just sit in the background and don't have much visible effect most of the time. Having a reason to go talk to them, and adding some depth to them like that is a nice touch in adding more variety to what you do with your schedule.

  45. The Nora discussion thing has happened to me a few times but it's always cleared up after a day or two, or maybe closing and reopening the game.

  46. Megaupload is forever gone... Can you reupload to a new website? ;_;

  47. So yeah megauploads gone and I had heathers update but had to restore to a few days ago and its gone now.

  48. You won't listen to this, but don't say I didn't warn you.

    Do NOT use Disney characters. You will be sorry. It's not worth the risk, trust me on this.

  49. Any chance to add those on rapidshare? I didn't get to dl them yet.

  50. when i click skyla or any other one of the new girls the text shows up the images don't i am using vista and the latest version of the game.

  51. It's been quite some time since I last played SM3 and I'm currently obtaining the update, and look forward to playing it. However I thought i'd also inform you that the new slave links are pretty much a bust. I only managed to get one slave and that was Zelda. All the other links on the multi-upload page don't work for the rest...=(

  52. It's because the file hoster delete everything since the Megaupload case.
    Can I ask for a new link.

  53. The links for skyla all say there are unavailable. Is there any other way to get the files?

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. A message for Keahi19 and abisal, the slave who becomes kyon kyonko, the picture does not appear and even the name of kyonko when she is definitely a woman. This includes talk to the slave, and the picture still appears kyon, the kyonko ficafazendo of a looping atraz Photo kyon nude whith dildo.Can you solve this? please?

  56. A message for Keahi19 and abisal, the slave who becomes kyon kyonko, the picture does not appear and even the name of kyonko when she is definitely a woman. This includes talk to the slave, and the picture still appears kyon, of the kyonko is doing a looping atraz Photo kyon.

  57. The Heather link is not working. Nor are the multiupload .com links [they're keep sending me to]

    Thank you.


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