Sunday, September 30, 2012

Updated Slave

C.M. Tyssen has released a new update for Sakuya.

Sakuya 2.4 is ready for download.

New XML file
New Image folders (complete download should overwrite previous files)

Release Notes:
* The new XML file should fix the bugs that have been reported, plus correct for some spelling or grammatical errors I found in the text. (Thanks for the bug reports!)
* The new image files now include size optimized PNG files.
* Defeating Mistress Scarlet and giving the Mansion to the Lord will now allow the SM to be promoted to a new job as Sheriff for the small district around the Red Devil Mansion. Note: this job does not carry on after the Sakuya module ends.
* Problems with permanently adding Meiling, Kasen and Koakuma as owned slaves to the SM's household seem to be fixed. The latest XML file includes needed sex and discussion images for Kasen and Koakuma. FYI, I plan to eventually buildout Meiling and Kasen as full training assistants with special properties and events.
* 3 Beach events have been debugged. Note that two of these events are precursors to an eventual anal slut training process that requires collecting anal training equipment. Custom items still do not work for game 3.3, so full development of this aspect to Anal Slut training remains on hold. Currently, Sakuya can be declared 'anal slut' simply because she performs anal sex 30 times or more.

Note to imstall this update
a) extracr the xml file into your game into the Slaves subfolder
b) extract the images folder into

Also note Morrigan was updated the link on my last post was updated

Friday, September 28, 2012

3rd Party Releases and Updates

New Slave: Mariya

Chaos-X has released Mariya from Maria-Holic. Mariya is a male, but is a trap (dresses like a female)

Beta 0.6 Release

Why beta you ask? Here are the reasons:

  • Solid amount of image editing remains
  • Matsurika should be able to become an assistant if conditions are met. XML Development Problem.
  • Matsurika and Mariya should be able to become an assistant if conditions are met. XML Development Problem.
  • Footjobs and Handjobs are bugged. Naming problem, either images don't appear or you get refused.
  • Once fucked enough times with succubi, that will guarantee the demonic ending for Mariya, several stats should be maxed, but it currently breaks the game. Update Slave Problem.
  • Mariya as an assistant bonuses are not done. XML Development Problem.
  • After a successful training, Charlas Mansion should become available as an VIP resting area for the SM, to relax, talk to Charla and her assistants, to pay them to watch them have sex. Planned Feature.

The reason for lack of any other Maria Holic characters besides Matsurika is simply because of picture issues. I don't guarantee if I will make them present as characters rather than random people present in sex scenes and other images.
Report whatever bugs, issues, spelling errors, whatever you find to me here.

On a more final note at the moment, I hope you will like it because My God What Have I Done.

Future planned slaves:

Yuuki Kei - Moyashimon: Shampooesque slave, practically all images have been collected and sorted, needs editing, story thought up.

Watarase Jun - Happiness!: Main feature magic, gender change between male and female only once training finishes depending on magic, practically all images have been collected and sorted, needs editing, story thought up.

Poison - Final Fight: Main feature undecided likely street fighting/combat and/or banditry , gender change between male and female, many images collected, are in need of sorting and editing, story idea exists.

Raidy - Lightning Warrior Raidy: Main feature combat, many images collected, are in need of sorting and editing, story idea exists.

Kinoshita Hideyoshi - Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: No features planned yet, practically no images, no story yet.

If work on Bridget freezes, I could help with it. My work on these slaves largely depends on how fast the images are edited. I will not be posting any pictures yet as I wish to release a finished version of Mariya first. Should anyone wish to take up any of these slaves, I can provide them with the images I posses on the condition that I take part in the development process. 

Updated Slave: Morrigan

Lothlorien has resumed work on Morrigan. Previously there were some bugs and she was difficult to train
Many thanks for all the help guys - I'm ready to release a version for testing. Updated the links on the first post.

Morrigan now has a ton of quests to unlock her stats. Here they all are. I've tested some, but not all. Anyone who could send me some feedback would be much appreciated!

Most of the old issues and bugs are fixed. Probably the time you get her as a slave ought to be lengthened, but I haven't done that yet.

Unlock quests:

  • Charisma 1: Win the beauty contest
  • Charisma 2: Singing class with max singing while wearing the kimono
  • Charisma 3: Visit lady farun after raising minimum lust to 100.
  • Constitution 1: Go swimming (don’t take a class) with maxed swimming
  • Constitution 2: Win the dance contest
  • Constitution 3: With 100 Fitness, take a walk on the beach during the day.
  • Intelligence 1: Wear the power suit to science class
  • Intelligence 2: Win the general knowledge contest
  • Intelligence 3: Go to snow’s club naked and wearing the anal plug
  • Sensibility 1: Win the housework contest
  • Sensibility 2: Win the advanced housework contest
  • Sensibility 3: While wearing the Succubus Collar, visit Tena
  • Refinement 1: Win the Lady of the Court contest
  • Refinement 2: Complete courtesan training
  • Refinement 3: Visit the Lord while wearing the wedding dress, anal plug, demon bra, vibrating panties and nipple chain
  • Nymphomania 1: Win the XXX contest
  • Nymphomania 2: Visit Sora after raising masturbate, blowjob, touch, lick, 69, striptease, fuck, anal, dildo, spank, kiss and threesome to 5, while wearing the Dominant dress.
  • Nymphomania 3: Get bondage, orgy, gang-bang, cum-bath, tits-fuck, plug and lesbian to 5. Keep Morrigan at 100 lust and don’t let her cum (no fucking, ass-fucking, orgy, gang-bang) for 7 days. Then visit Tena

M.I.A Update
A new Assistant release with some repackaged stuffs.

Download link - Exoshare:
Mirror - Flashmirrors:

In there, 3 new assistants. The ‘Love Angels’ Angel Lily, Angel Daisy and Angel Salvia, all from Wedding Peach.

Angel Lily and Daisy require 30+ Renown to hire. Angel Salvia increase Charisma and Temperament, but decrease Obedience each day. There were not a lot of artwork for them, especially for the Hentai, but I did manage to make them as assistants.

An tiny edit is made to Wedding Peach’s description to add the fact that she’s the leader of the Love Angels.

The Assistants Catherine + typos fix, Mami Tomoe + image changes requested by Cmac, Lethe + images/night event/love node updates, the new credit in Lilymon and Angewomon code fix are also included.

Other Updates
Dresas99 has released some new minor slaves, but they still contain underage content. I will not repost here. If you want see the comments in my last post

Drekas99 did release another non-loli minor slave, Grimro from Yu-gu-oh

Full Game Filehost Mirror
Windsongbard has been kind enough to provide a full mirror for the game but from before the Sakuya update

Fix for Some Lady Grey Issues

For anyone having issues where the lady grey events do not work correctly (no duels for instance) please extract this file into your game installation, into the Events subfolder

Sunday, September 23, 2012

More 3rd Party Content

Updated Slave: Sakuya v2.2
C.M.Tyssen has released a major upgrade for Sakuya. The text below covers his 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 releases

1) Street encounters with bandits attempting revenge on Sakuya
2) Custom School 1 - Mayuri's Lab (Dog obedience training) - only activated by NPC encounter in Slave Market
3) Custom School 2 - Fetish Maid Academy - only activated by NPC encounters in Palace District
4) Customized Acolyte Job Events - only activated through conversations with Assistant (Meiling)
5) Custom Sex 1 - Submission Training
6) Create Red Devil Mansion exploration
7) Final battle with Mistress Scarlet
8) Custom Job 1 - Dojo knife fighting.

Still to be done:

9) Create random Mistress Scarlet night-time visits. Requires release of 3.3 and a bit of help from a revised SDK.

A couple of notes for anyone interested in background to the module's design. I was very sad to lose brunette Iroha as a friend and sparing partner for Sakuya. She had great fighting and sex images that lent themselves to imagining a fun fiesty NPC for the module. However Iroha images are already being used as a dickgirl servant you can purchase at the slave auction. It just seemed unfair to take away a futa character and give Cmacleod more work. Replacing Iroha was tough. I considered using red-haired Airi, another fighting maid, but that would require me to remove her images from the Fetish Maid Academy. Bad enough, but the real problem is that, Airi despite being shown so often with a scythe, has extremely few fighting images. Luckily I discovered the existence of another Touhou character, a blonde fighting maid named Yumeka. She has no sex pictures, but I think I faked things well enough to make some of her dojo encounters sexy. Perhapse it is for the best. There are very few Yumeka images, but the fact that she is a Touhou character counts for a lot.

Follow-up 2.1 release. These are the nice to have things that don't need to delay release of a playable version of Sakuya.

10) Custom School 1 - Mayuri's Lab Revamp. I am extremely disatisfied with this custom school and want to redo the concept.
11) Custom School 2 - Fetish Maid Academy Revamp. I have come across some truly great images that I want to include in the Fetish Maid Academy. This will require slightly changing the curriculum, swapping out some images and rewriting some text.
12) Street encounters with bandits attempting revenge on Sakuya - Revamp. This will only require adding more pictures with Touhou characters and adding some additional text that better ties integrates plot developments at Red Devil Mansion.
13) Custom Ending 2 - Sakuya sold to Lady Takako
14) Custom Job 2 - White Crane Manor. (Experience life as a fetish maid: assist wedding preperations at a noble house. Deal with a 'bridezilla'. Navigate rivalries with free servants. Tea party game of Church Mouse.)
15) Custom Job 3 - Brothel Maid. (Non-sex training opportunities and NPC encounters.
Is version 2.2 a 100% complete module? No. But it does play without any obvious glitches.

2.2 Release Notes:
* Random events that I customized for the Beach and Forest are not working all. I suspect the problem is with Game 3.3 and will report this as a bug to Cmacleod.
* I tried to set things up so that Kasen and Meiling can be allowed to permanently join the player's household. I still haven't gotten this to work. Maybe Cryosaur and Lilith Dark-Elven will continue to advise me on this...
* Custom items are not appearing in equipment inventories. If you buy the Lunar Watch you will not see it confirmed in the equipment window. I am reporting this as a game 3.3 bug.

Future Plans:
* New Jobs!
- White Crane Manor. A chance to work in an aristocratic mansion as a fetish maid. Church Mouse Parties! Wedding Fetish! Vicious rivalries with free servants!
- Lady Luck Casino. This might end up as a modification to the Sleazy Bar job. Sakuya will get a chance to work as a card dealer. VIP lounges! Cheating at cards! A chance to use combat skills!
* Complete overhaul of Fetish Maid Academy. It will function more like the Red Devil Mansion. Less linear and more opportunities for the player to custom design Sakuya's course work.
* Update to the Dog Obedience School. More emphasis on NPC interaction with insane Dr. Mayuri.
* Anal Slut Specialty expanded to require obtaining exotic anal toys and training items.
 There are a few known bugs in the release, but several are actually in the core game itself. For instance these is a known and fixed bug where handjob/footjob images do not show.

This link is a combined  installation as there have been a couple of small patches since the 2.2 release

To install just extract into your game installation

M.I.A repost

And here is small repost of one old release.

Download link:
In this release, you got:
• Custom Text for Amu, Bob and Yosuke Love Confession Event. Love Accepted, Unsure and Refused is also included.
• Love Confession images for Carrie, Cure Beauty, Cure Muse, Cure Pine and Ninian.
• More H images for Cure Beauty.
 if needed, the images for Amu

CampeonKid's Assistants

Hi, I have updated my old assistants (Samui, Kurenai and Cecil Croomy) with additional pictures and added 3 new ones (Cammy, Jura and Taki). I hope you all enjoy them, some of them are a bit expensive, and others like Taki will work for food and shelter, here is the link: 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New 3rd Party Content

New Slave - Sailor Jupiter/Makoto

regigigas released Sailor Jupiter

New Event - Dark Magic

Fluitj has released a new event
Im creating a new event for this game, based on the story and characters of the Bible Black franchise. The event includes:

  • Bodymodification
  • Breastexpansion (just a little bit of it, to prevent BE overkill in the game)
  • Futanari (when enabled)
  • Mind control (emphasis on this)
  • Magic (obviously)
  • Bad End(s)

 This is a complete version of 0.3. To install just extract into your game folder.

New Minor Slaves
Drekas99 has released some new minor slaves
Lara Croft
April from teenage mutant ninja turtles
And Inazuma Eleven Family slave pack
they are bit young but quite good
Natsumi Raimon
Haruna Otonashi
Fuyuka "Fuyuppe" Kudou
Touko Zaizen
Aki Kino

To install extract the first link into your game folder and then the second (the second is an update)

M.I.A Update
Here is a small update that adds some new images for Leanne, Mia Wayu, Ruto, Vika, Cure Peach, Eirika, Lillymon and Lyndis. Most of them are for the Discuss action but there is a few pic for Intimacy and Cure Peach plus Leanne got Love Confession images as well.
Link (2.82 MB): 

Updated Catgirl Module
Lilith Dark Elven released a fix for the catgirl module

Made a small tweak - thanks to Cryosaur's Hack add-on (included) becoming Benten's devotee now enables the Catgirls are Common option (Catgirl event frequency goes up from 40% to 60%).BTW You may think you've already enabled it in options but unfortunately the option isn't staying set when closing the game - this gets round that by re-enabling it each morning.

Lady Grey Fix
In the 3.3.01 update an incorrect version of the Lady Grey events was released. Here is a fix

copy the file into the folder
for your game

Friday, September 7, 2012

3rd Party Add-Ons

There have been a few new add-ons released by other developers

Catgirl Module
Lilith-Dark-Elven has released a set of tweaks for catgirl training. This requires version 3.3.01
Extract to your Slavemaker 3 folder, the images folder should go in Images and the other files in Events. If Events4.txt already exists then add &Event-Catgirl.xml to the end of its contents.
Slavemaker v3.3.1 is required.

This is a collection of small tweaks to the game for those of us who like to train catgirls.

The first day of running the module you will get a prompt asking you if you think catgirls can become cumsluts.If you say no then any catgirls who go for cumslut declaration will be told that this is perfectly natural as they are cat slaves, & cats love 'cream' and they will be not become cumsluts. This is a one time event - answer yes if you want Cumslut declarations to be unaffected.

If you have Level 2 Cattraining skill Benten will appear in the night and offer for you to become her devotee. This will increase your SM's conversation unless it is at 100 or you have blunt, and the first time you Pray at Church each day your slave gets a small boost to singing or dancing or conversation selected at random, and give you discounts on Singing lessons and Catitems (which you will receive automatically for each new slave). If you agree and you are not a follower of the New Gods your religion will change.

Other effects of the module are to add text to acts that provide "cream", and allow the minor slave Sana to assist cattraining, wearing a cattail without having Anal Plug skill mastered tires the slave and catgirl assistants add Meow! to their speech (this last is a bit erratic, I'd like to know if any inappropriate Meows turn up

Chaoswings 3rd Party Add-Ons
a couple of Month ago, before i was too much absorbed with Mass effect 3 multiplayer, the Random Number God Store, and the extensive gold farming in firebase white/geth/gold to try to upgrade the Ultra rare weapons of my manifest, i created some small 3rd party update.
or 3rd Party.rar
These ones.

In there you will find 3 full male appearences that are up to date with the last character creation system

Featuring :
- Aizen sosuke (Bleach)
- Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)
- Jellal Fernandes (fairy tail)

Each of them has appearences for dresses, swimsuit, some has bdsm...

You will also find weapons and armor.

2 armors from Mass effect
- The standard N7 Armor
- The Blood Dragon Armor

Both armors have Male and Female versions

8 weapons, all of them are Nodachi, they are part of a set i call the nodachi of chaos, i just implemented them in the store in preparation as a teaser for a long quest that will make you chase them.
In their description you will note that they are suposed to have elemental powers, unfortunately the game currently do not support elemental bonus, if Cmac is willing to implement that into combat fighting, i will gladly update them with the elemental value they deserve.

- Autumn Hills Earth
- Jade Storm Wind
- Arctic Blizzard Ice
- Fire Flower Fire
- Lilly Koi Water
- Ivy Blossom Poison
- Etching Tears Acid
- Black Orchid Void

Both weapons and armor are Very, VERY OverPowered, but the price is also very, VERY expensive.

Expect to pay 6000 gold, base value for a nodachi, and 15000 gold for an Armor (i know that anyone with a little knowledge of xml modification can easily modify the price, i just hope you won't do it, as the only effect would be to render the game even more easy than it already is).

I hope you will enjoy this 3rd party.

New Slaves, Imari and Leona

demercel, the developer of Misako has released two new slaves

Imari from Bible black
and Leona from Discipline - Records of the crusade
There are still no numbers given, so I used the first available on my installation, but if you have more slaves, change the number in file name.
There is also still no intro text.

Note: I have allocated SlaveGirl74.txt for Imari and SlaveGirl75.txt for Leona

To install
a) extract the archives to a folder
b) rename SlaveGirl58.txt to SlaveGirl74.txt
c) rename SlaveGirl57.txt to SlaveGirl75.txt

d) copy the folders (Slaves, Images) into your game folder.

NOTE: Imari is currently a Minor Slave in the game, she will be removed as a Minor Slave

Small Update for Ami
regigigas has posted an update for Ami

It is a pretty small update. It will have:

  • New intro
  • 'Play Chess' custom Chore
    • This custom act is mostly a Joy boost
  • New Dress 5 (Sexy Knight)

Small Update for Videl
 regigigas also posted an update for Videl, not sure what has changes

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Slave Maker 3.3.01 Bug Fix

This is an update of the 3.3 release correcting a number of bugs in the release.
  1. No images for Count Gossem BE meeting
  2. an incorrect image for Mai
  3. speed/fix for talk to minor slaves
  4. small changes for city places
  5. talk to slaves - intimacy - did not respect contraceptives
  6. cumslut text when doing titsfuck and not in said training
  7. Witch could not preach their faith
  8. some incorrect it's, should have been its
  9. slave maker dominance did not show – icon
  10. Blunt/Refined conflict in slavemaker creation
  11. dance contest not increasing dance skill on a win
  12. images when meeting nuns
  13. missing hint text for some npc's
  14. fixed some background issues when slave image is shown during an event
  15. fixed multiple issues with blank events or events with partial text
  16. saved planning bypassing restriction on days when your slave is ill
  17. Kasumi's special stat was named 'Kasumi'
  18. slave makers count not rest for a 1ht training
  19. was creating many undefined slaves is SlavesArray
  20. Gardevoir could not be saved
  21. Some images for Gardevoir would show and never get hidden
  22. Slave Maker measurements hint was misplaced
  23. events resetting between slaves (Red Lily, Lady Grey)
  24. xml skill changes failed
  25. reset slave/slavemaker tiredness when starting new slaves
  26. seer/diary did not show training end once a FreeLancer sells their slave
  27. Arena button did not appear for Menace 
Updated Full Game
I have updated all the torrents for the fixes, only the basic pack and assistant pack have significant changes the others just small changes to a file or two. The Assistants pack contains the recent updates by M.I.A.

Note: Slave Pack 2 and 5 are unaffected


Raw files

To download and install
download the torrents for at least the basic pack and download into your game folder and it will update your game with the modified files.
you may download all the other packs most will only update a single file or two.

Update Only
Otherwise if you prefer there is an update available that just includes the changes from version 3.3. It does not include the changes from M.I.A's release


filehost link

To download and install
dowload from the file host
move/copy the archive into your game installation
extract into the folder. Do not extract into a subfolder, overwrite any files when asked.

Important Note!
You do not have to download the full game to get this update. I have provided the update version to allow you to only download the files that changed for this fix.

I have provided torrents for the full game to allow people to download and install the full version if they did not get the original 3.3 release.

But also if you download a torrent and when you start it in your torrent client have it download into a folder containing the original installation of the game it will check the existing files and ONLY download the files that have changed. Thus you can download all torrents into your current installation and it will update your game with the changed files.

Please do not ask me to provide magnet links, I will provide torrent files only. If someone chooses to make magnet links I will repost.