Sunday, October 31, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10a

Hi, this is a bug fix release for the previously released 3.1.10. It corrects all reported bugs and adds a few new bits. Please note this has more fixes and features than the beta I released a few days ago.

- catgirl and other events did not reset between slaves
- Natsu's hunt did not reset
- Harness/Superior harness description and purchasing was broken
- cat burglar options were reversed
- uninhibitory potion could do unlimited expansion
- item placement for Akane/Ranma/Shampoo
- various typos
- more fixes, should have all reported bugs fixed

- Miss.N's party is easier to attend. Shampoo can attend even as your first slave
- Carburglar hunt will happen for all slaves
- More encounters in the catburglar hunt, one appropriate for today. Only 4 per slave so it can take a few slaves to see all
- Catgirl image for Lady Farun
- start of events for Tentacle Hybrid. Just a start, not complete by far

This is  an upgrade, but contains all the update for version 3.1.10 also, so can upgrade 3.1.09 installations as well


Monday, October 25, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10

a new release for the game. Primarily this
a) fixes bugs
b) adds catgirl training and fairy transformations

Release Notes 3.1.10

Translation Changes
A lot more of the game is now translatable, over 10 times the previous version. There is a guide in the Language folder for translating. Currently
American English
are complete for this release.
Note some text has been rephrased to simplify translations.

Other Fixes
- Item placement on screen fixed for certain cases
- Full/New moon did not match between the diary and the shown icon
- breast/clit/cock size would not change correctly
- Trader skill did not give a bonus to end payment for your slave
- Lady in Waiting and Court Manipulator did not give access to nobles
- some events did not reset properly after end of game
- Small other fixes

- Catgirl training
Initially this is available for all slaves, but only Akane, Ranma, Shampoo get cat ear graphics on the dress images
This training is similar to Minako.
Note: a catgirl cannot be a ponygirl
Note DO NOT train Minako yet, she is not compatible with the new system. an update will follow for her.
- Fairy Transformation events
Initially this event will only happen for Akane, Ranma, Shampoo. The rest of the girls will be updated in a later release.
- Devil girl partial transformation
- New bad ending
- Permanent breast and cock/clit expansion events
Initially these will only be permanent for Akane, Ranma, Shampoo. The rest of the girls will be updated in a later release.
- Slave Trainer 5 skill is removed, maximum stat is 200. Some special events can allow stats to reach 300. If you had Slave Trainer 5 skill you will be refunded the skill points.
- Higher levels of Slave Trainer skill will reduce decreases of good stats
- some text and graphics changes to clarify and explain some events
- a basic harness and bit gag can be bought from the stables. The harness from the item salesman is better and more effective.
- I am sure I added more, but I forget for now

- A new SDK will follow
- Please move the call to SetGirlsVitals from Initialise() to StartGame() to enable permanent breast/clit/cock size changes
- New macros are added for translation support and additional functions
- To support the Fairy transformation you need to position the fairy wings on the dress image and add a line to StartGame()
- multiple events and functions for catgirl support. Everything defaults, so you do not need to do anything, but
a) position catears on the dress images and naked images
b) a start/end traning image and an end game image 


These are upgrades for an existing 3.1.09 installation. A full version will follow (a weekish)


Posts in the forums give hints for the new events and trainings 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another preview

 This is the final preview of the new version, Akane the dickgirl catgirl fairy.

In the new version all girls can be catgirls but only Akane initially will get the cat ears on the screen seen above. Other slaves need about 30 mins work to update, so a fully adapted version will follow soon after. The fairy part needs to be explicitly enabled so only Akane can do it for now.

Some graphic changes for Akane, see her new dress above, also some new dickgirl images and some others. A little new story too.

One new bad ending for all girls. Several breast/cock/clit expansion events. Some text changes, partially for translation simplification and some rephrasings and expansions.

 This is now tested and working but first I'll send it out to a few people for a quick beta test.

 For those interest in translating here is the latest version of the base English.xml, also a guide for translating.

Updated again for more typos.
Most events and sex acts have not been translated but almost everything else has.

I have has discussions in the Masterbloddfer forum on the translation system and I  can now see how to handle the rest properly. I have to develop a more complex parser but nothing excessively so.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New version soon - preview

I have a new version on the way very soon, days at most. Mainly bug fixes and catgirl training, but a new special event.

90%+ of the release how to raise catgirls, a variation on the training for Minako, but more events and the training process to learn the skill, as the other special trainings.The end/start of training is fairly different from Minako.

There are breast and cock expansion events now in the game (moderate, not gigantic)

A lot more translated stuff (10x the previous version) but still a lot, lot more to do. Some text has been rephrased to simplify translation and some expanded.