Monday, October 18, 2010

Another preview

 This is the final preview of the new version, Akane the dickgirl catgirl fairy.

In the new version all girls can be catgirls but only Akane initially will get the cat ears on the screen seen above. Other slaves need about 30 mins work to update, so a fully adapted version will follow soon after. The fairy part needs to be explicitly enabled so only Akane can do it for now.

Some graphic changes for Akane, see her new dress above, also some new dickgirl images and some others. A little new story too.

One new bad ending for all girls. Several breast/cock/clit expansion events. Some text changes, partially for translation simplification and some rephrasings and expansions.

 This is now tested and working but first I'll send it out to a few people for a quick beta test.

 For those interest in translating here is the latest version of the base English.xml, also a guide for translating.

Updated again for more typos.
Most events and sex acts have not been translated but almost everything else has.

I have has discussions in the Masterbloddfer forum on the translation system and I  can now see how to handle the rest properly. I have to develop a more complex parser but nothing excessively so.


  1. Sweet. Looks like its gonna be a great update. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  2. does this mean things like the fairy ring will finally allow us to give slaves wings?

  3. Can't wait for the finished copy of this version. I love the game. Waiting for a new version that has few if any bugs is well worth the wait.

  4. dificult to wait but the enjoiement after it was biguer loll

  5. Awesome, I like the fairy part (don't know why xD). Hope to see more elves, and cat ears in the future.

  6. rawr i want it now i do not want to wait

    ps on a side note
    keep up the good work i love this game so much

  7. excuse me but could someone teach me how to change my slave into fairy? i already got the ring but don't know what to do to get the transformation event....

  8. @Abominus you can't yet and in the update only Akane will be able to. Be sure to check out if you have any questions about the game, nearly EVERYTHING is listed there.

  9. Again someone insulting my precious Notepad. And even in a guide! WinNT-based Notepad supports UTF-8, little-endian UTF-16 and big-endian UTF-16 since version 4.0.

  10. So what flaming death hoop do we have to jump through to get our name on the list of possible beta-testers? If one hoop isn't enough, I might be willing to go as high as three flaming death hoops over a pit of sharks.

  11. oh that's why i can't find any article about fairy transformation in otakubell, it's not been added yet... thanks for the info, dududunnn...

  12. Do you by chance need some help translating this to spanish?

  13. Hi,
    the translations are updated. Raphe in the Masterbloodfer forum did some proof-reading and fixes.
    Also did an American translation.

    Join one of the forums and PM me, but it will be a short beta test

    You are welcome to look at updating the existing Spanish translation if you want. Thanks.

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  15. Updated translations for more fixes of grammar, spelling and spacing

  16. I am a litle uninformed so is there a house costumization sistem if not will there be any
    sorry for buging you

  17. Ah, to be one of the few lucky testers...

  18. @krasniitavarish there isn't YET for as far as I know, but there will be in the future I think

  19. House customization is in the future plans document that comes with each new version.

  20. krasniitavarish
    house customisation is long planned, I just have not found the time to do it yet.

  21. just post it you'll get notification of all the bugs in no time

    PS: dam this is addictive game

    i just wish it wasn't so negative sometimes

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  23. "i just wish it wasn't so negative sometimes "
    in what ways?

  24. Sorry last post was addresed to Mooning.

    Also there are some issues for selected girls for catgirl training that I am fixing. Particularly for Ranma (with her cat dress). Now fixed.

    Minako is still a significant bit of work for compatibility though

    The initial release will have Ranma and Akane now working fully

  25. i wondered, if it is possible to implement the option to sleep and "do stuff" with your bought slaves, which r ur assistants, like u have to train sana, so she helps in training, cause as note, there is written, she is reluctant to help...
    maybe as evening activity or while ur slave is doing a job or out for a walk, as option "fuck 'name of assistant'"

  26. This game is a bit on the negative side. Most of the sexual acts are quite demeaning to some of the characters involved (not to mention that most of the sexual acts are destructive to a person's psyche), and there are few "positive" sexual acts to counter-balance them (it would be nice to have characters grow to like or dislike certain acts - to have a personality of their own). Most of the endings are Mazo-transformations ("Yay, you've made me a masochist!"). It is pretty negative when you think about it... Just as all eroge tend to be.

  27. Uhm... the game is called SLAVE maker, not happy happy relationship time. There are plenty of translated H-games out there you can play to have your character develop a caring and positive relationship if that's what you want. You can even do that in this game (not necessarily the point here but if that's your thing more power to you) just don't perform the "negative" training options. If you don't like the game I don't think anyone will blame you, just don't play it and pursue other options.

  28. Thanks for agreeing, cayote13. "It is pretty negative when you think about it... Just as all eroge tend to be."

    I still think most of the characters would resist these trainings a bit more than is represented (gradual rather than binary). Convincing the character to go through with it would add a bit more depth to each character. Such as undergoing catgirl, ponygirl, fairygirl, dickgirl? training with the people you meet at your local Slavers Guild. As would three sexuality preference bars (male, female, futa).

    I'm really "sneaking" in ideas on ways to add stuff I'd like to see, much as everyone else here does... :D

  29. And by the way, I was responding in regard to Mooning's evaporated post, which I didn't get a chance to read, unfortunately.

  30. the negative is how its short too short

    i wish a brothel option or more hero's i mean its a short game thats the real negative aside from the hole "slave" bit

    however this game is awesome
    and i was looking for a donate button have yet to find one id recommend one built into the game

  31. @ Mooning putting a donation link in the game itself seems like a bad idea to me. If it's put in an obvious spot it would come off as fishing for money, and if it's hidden it kind of defeats the purpose. Though I don't see and problem with having the donation link here for example.

  32. For donations to explain again,

    I cannot legally or morally charge for this game. I do not have legal rights over most of the images in this game. I release it essentially as a fan or doujin work. If an artist requests their works removed I will remove them. So far no one has.

    Also, I do not want to charge for it, I make it for fun, not profit.

  33. That's really good to hear, and i hear it far too rarely of late.

    i asked in the last update discussion about where the artwork for the collars and bits are located. is there any way i can help improve them? some of them really are horrible...

  34. @cmacleod42

    glad you wont charge us all though i would probably pay a reasonable amount for the game when it was finished

    but great work i cant wait for the next update

  35. thats the beauty of an open source project. it will never truly be finished as long as there are those who enjoy it.

  36. Can you create more bad endings for character's much like Belldandy because there are demons/devils there and their could be more but that's just my opinion i know your limited to your archive of art but I was just hoping I would say what I'd like to see but i love how much fun it is to play and the replay value is so much fun :D

  37. Woot, congrats cmac. You've invested a lot of your spare time into this. I'm happy to see a piture of the new version and that fairy transformations are going to be implemented.
    You just keep getting better and improving on your own work (which was a vast improvement over the original...)
    Once again, keep on slavin' but don't make yourself sick in the process =P

  38. yea its not a big thing i was just looking for it cause i spend 10$ on mine craft a few days ago and its liek i play this more than that but what ever
    i mean it was just a tip char i was looking 4

    have you thought of opening a image board to gather images if needed ?

  39. god
    There are more bit-gag images in the game, it is just many of the older girls use a basic image, Check the new release, both Akane and Ranma have been updated.

    For the leash (I assume that is what you mean by the collars)I got the images from artwork by the artist/circle Hellabunna from the Inu/FireWire series. You are welcome to make any image you like and submit it to me. Make sure the image has a transparent background and looks fine on a dark background.

  40. jim_thready
    There is a new bad ending in the new version, but personally I prefer good endings. I do understand people like bad endings and I add them. It is a matter of ideas for the bad endings in question.

  41. oh... i just remember that there were a few bits that were literally nothing more than a black bar in front of the girls face. i just wanted to know if there was a way i could photoshop them or something and submit a better picture.

    if you've already fixed them though then its not a problem. this is a completely open source project right?

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  43. Hi,

    I`m South Korea User

    This game is very joyful and I like this. :-)

    So I want that many Korea people enjoy this game, and I want to translate this game into Korean.

    Could I take your permission?

  44. I love bad ends. MOAR!

  45. I'm looking forward to the update when it's out of the testing stage. Can you tell us how to get this new bad end, just out of curiosity?

  46. I wonder how this game will look in a few months
    I mean with a few updates and such
    too bad that the kolor of the screen depends on gender (blue-male,pink-female and so on)
    it be nice to be able to change
    bit its a time kiler cuz it will probably be hard to make and impliment (I dont know if it really is hard or not)
    any way the game is the best and it is hard to beleave its fan made
    keep up the good work

  47. god
    "if you've already fixed them though then its not a problem. this is a completely open source project right?"

    Yes they are fixed. No it is not completely open source. I have released a SDK and the code for Akane and some assistants. The remaining girls and the code engine has not been released.
    Daisy released sourcecode for Menace and Mugi

    You are completely welcome to translate the game as it is so far. I am unsure how well Korean will work and will be interest to see how it goes.

    Leon Kinotolian
    All I will say is the uninhibitory potion is obviously weird and hellish...

    colour is trivial to change, but noone else had asked. I might just add the base colours into an xml file, like a settings file.

  48. The ol' uninhibitory potion, eh... Sounds promising.

  49. Note, after a bit of a delay I finally got the beta version out to a few testers.

    Also Mistress Taka in the Masterbloodfer forum has given me a French translation of the latest translation files. I have to do a few small game changes again for word length etc

  50. hey,sorry for not being around, how is the Portuguese translation coming? Need help? or have you find someone else?

  51. RFAG
    No I have not had any offers to expand the Portuguese translation.
    So far I have people offering to do
    - French (done)
    - American English (done)
    - Russian
    - Spanish
    - Korean
    So thanks, I would appreciate anything you would like to do. Possibly wait a day or so for the new release. I have done some tweaks for she/she/his/her issues and some general small fixes for the english version

  52. ok i will wait, for the next release, and start working on it, i wont be able to provide you the translation soon, i am working night shifts and i spend the days resting and wit my girl...

  53. You mentioned that you don't make the game for profit. However, you could use donated funds to commission artists to modify/create images that are needed for the game when they can't be found (or found easily). If the money could be used to make your life easier and increase the rate of releases it would be the benefit to the community and allow people to contribute without getting into programming using the sdk etc...

  54. I know its stupid but there is pony slave and cat slave (soon) but not dog slave its unusual and it
    makes perfekt sence to have it wen you have the pony and cat (I mean it is posible to make(well I do not knowif it is hard) and there is a suficient nuber of pics to backit up)

  55. I forgot to ask where and how will we be able to learn cat treaning

  56. exoss2000
    the game isnt finshed im sure something along that line will pop up just give it time

  57. @exoss2000

    Cmac has repeatedly said he doesn't want to have anything to do with donations, so I'd stop asking or suggesting he should.

    However, that doesn't mean you cant take donations and commission art to donate to the project. Just head over to the forums and start the thread your self instead of waiting/asking someone else to. I intend to commission the art for a naga slave from Karbo eventually, when I can afford it, if he'll do it.

  58. btw, is the new version going to be available for windows 64bit users? having problems with a lot of flash based games

  59. Just to clarify again, no donations. ever.
    I could take commissioned art or purchased CG set via DL Site etc. At this time nothing is needed CG wise. Individual developers may need things but at this time I am fine. Sure it would be nice to cut back on illegal art with commissions but there is just so much. Otherwise as new events arise I will try to look at such artwork

    The game is a flash game, it will be as compatibile as any flash game is on a 64bit system. There are no 64 bit specific versions of the flash player yet to my understanding so I cannot do much to help. Try playing the swf in your browser instead of running the exe.

    If you do have issues please let me know what they are so I can investigate. So far I have not had anyone reporting issues with running on a 64 bit system.

    Lots of issues with unzipping/unarchiving incorrectly, or moving/renaming folders etc

  60. Neat I just saw Adobe has released a 64bit player
    This will play the swf better I assume

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  62. cmac
    do you mind if I ask you to give us some hints and triks for the game on a text file with the next update
    thanks an keep up the good work

  63. Note: beta testing finished. A couple of tweaks and fixed from the test, so a release today or tomorrow.

    The wiki would be the best please to looks for help. There are some tips listed in the readme file currently.

  64. Лисэ Шайя
    Ты куда пропал то? третий день жду файлов, хотелось закончить до релиза.

  65. Excellent, won't be much longer. I can't wait~


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