Saturday, October 9, 2010

New version soon - preview

I have a new version on the way very soon, days at most. Mainly bug fixes and catgirl training, but a new special event.

90%+ of the release how to raise catgirls, a variation on the training for Minako, but more events and the training process to learn the skill, as the other special trainings.The end/start of training is fairly different from Minako.

There are breast and cock expansion events now in the game (moderate, not gigantic)

A lot more translated stuff (10x the previous version) but still a lot, lot more to do. Some text has been rephrased to simplify translation and some expanded.


  1. Will be looking forward to this. Thanks for your hard work. Can't wait for the expansion events :D

  2. cmacleod42, if the translation is ready, send it to me, I will begin to transfer files, people are tired of waiting for a job

  3. Possibly a stupid question, but how would the brest and cock expansion work? Would there be extra pics of the slaves for those events?

  4. Unrelated, but how the hell do you unlock slaves?

  5. eLdi
    A little bit more testing and I will post the latest language files

    For one there is a custom (animated) image, for the other nothing yet.Initially just numbers on the stat pages. I will update the slaves to add images when the events happens

    How do you mean? When playing in campaign mode it does explain that you have insufficent renown for the unavailable slaves. Check your slave maker stats. This is earned each time you train a slave and is related to how well (ie your score)

  6. oooooh new version coming soon.
    i can't wait
    oh and if you need korean translator, just let me know
    you can contact me at

  7. @ unfoundedfear

    you unlock slaves by finishing training the ones available to you at the start

  8. hi, I was wondering if the ending may have a bigger effect on the game cause getting only one pic for all the trouble feels kinda empty

  9. @mario

    bigger ending would be good but maybe instead of
    a ending if you do special training *cat or horse or something along that line then it would be a bigger ending this way it wont be as much work and will make the extra effort worth while

  10. @Cmac

    I know you were saying that you were going to have Rei have a catgirl path with her, and since the training is apparently almost here, does that mean we'll have a vanilla/beta of Rei coming in the near future as well?

  11. man, why not to upload translations apartly from teh game? (sorry, for bad english)

  12. Thanks for your wonderful work and even my english its not the best,you have a volonteer for a possible Portuguese version if you want make one in the futur.
    Sory for my poor english

  13. Looking forward to the new version. Thanks for your work.

    BTW, unrelated question: is there any way to locate the file where the game saves are located (or, in a future version) make it so that the game places its saves in a separate file in a known folder), because I recently lost all my saves (and I did not move the game folder, run CCleaner or somesuch) and I would like to avoid it happening again.

  14. Stefano
    The save games are Local Shared Objects for Flash.
    To find them
    a) visit one of the forums, there are threads in both explaining where to find then
    b) do a google search for Local Shared Object
    c) donwload and install ,minerva

    Cantinho da liberdade
    Thanks, there is already a Portuguese translation for the limited part so far. I would wecome you or anyone to extend and translate the new version

    Sometime, not depends on the new release, if it is not too buggy etc

    How do you mean? The translation system is far, far from complete and I need to do coding changes so the translation updates are tied to new releases at the moment

  15. cmacleod42
    Can you say when will you complete new vers (in how many days?). We need it to translate some more things in Russian.

    P.S. Is it okay if we change some texts for Russians? Some of us just can't understand some phrases (e.g. ponygirl).

  16. cmacleod42
    Many thanks for your prompt response, I have finally located the folder and made backups (just in case).

  17. For all who are looking for the save games.
    Take a look here

    I'am a real fan of you and your game.
    can't wait to try the new features!

  18. hi you know there is Bestiality for only one slave is it posible to make it for all slaves (sorry for bad english)
    p.s. I wold love to see some tomboy(girls with a boyish face and figure)
    p.p.s.I love this game and good work

  19. cmacleod42
    okay, i beg you pardon; it was just my opinion, rather stupid, i guess

  20. krasniitavarish
    Sorry, no. I dislike it and it is illegal content in many places. I leave such content for other developers, but I will not add it generally

    No worries


  21. ah well its no big deal but is it posible to add more bondage actions I can help with pics by the way
    if you need pics the bigest galeries are and
    p.s. is there a bulgarian or rusian transaltion (if there is it finished)

  22. krasniitavarish
    The translation system is limited at this time, but there is a Russian version there now. Go to options, select Appearance tab, and type Russian in the language box.

    I am quite familiar with those site and many others (Gelbooru, Furaffinity, rule34 to name some)

    What other bondage actions do you suggest? The current action is generic, assuming a range of actions, really limited by images for the girls, but there is no selection of the type as such.

  23. well you could add a option to tie your slave at a specifick location or humiliate her(the slave)
    ore somthing (I know its sick)
    that is all I can think of right now if I get any
    ideas I will share but I think there is a event like that on the dok you see thee tied up girl (not sure bout it thou)
    p.s. perhaps a woden horse option (there are alot of pics for suh an option)

  24. He's got a decent idea I suppose..
    Ooo if somehow there was a place to leave her for public use that would be an awesome punishment.. Hell, it could be called the "stocks", maybe only for prisoners or something. Ok getting ahead of myself. The game is looking awesome Cmac, glad to see you still working on the game

  25. do you have a date for the new version yet?

  26. Grate game been very interesting so far can't wait to see the new one,

    On a side note is it possible to add an option at the end of the game to choose the ending you like of cause u would ahve to have the points for that ending.

    I ask this cause some times i will aim for a ending like maid ending Mugi will tell me that i have got all the necessary points for it then at the end of the game i will end up getting something like rich ending or so on.

  27. few days at most :( nearly a week already
    now you've got me anticipating it even more

  28. well he did say days at most... not a few days.

    i do feel like I'm being taunted though.

  29. teased... 'taunted' means something else... saying "that's not what your mom said last night." is a taunt ... "I'll give you something you want soon, but I'm not sure when." is a tease lol

    and its working ;)

  30. maybe he just wants to see how much of a reaction he can get out of the GIGANTIC fan base.

    everyone throw up your hands and cheer!

  31. Sorry, it is taking a bit longer than planned. Everything is written, I am just in testing now

  32. cmacleod42
    profile on my name in the forum belongs to me, I left you a message

  33. @ cmacleod42 no worrys i would rather wait and play the game with out bugs than to have it full of bugs and play it early take your time and keep up the good work

  34. Yea it really doesn't matter. I can't forget about this game! I will go for a month with out playing and then suddenly I remember it exists again lol. Omg excited.

  35. Cmacleod42

    Can you say (if it's not a secret) what new will you in new version? (Yeah, I know that it's too early to ask it)

  36. ;Corey Anime; has a very nice idea I bet a lot of people want one ending but get a nother soo it will be god if you could ;purchase; your ending each ending wold have a price (points(exp)) end you get the picture

  37. poisble bug found on combining gold if you get in debt you are unabled to pay it off

    currently i have 98 debt and 3k gold

  38. Is it YOUR gold that you're in debt with, or the money for raising the slave? If YOU (the slave owner) do a slave owner job, does your debt go down?

    If you've tried this already, I'm sorry. Just basic Tech Support steps.

  39. This really is an amazing game! Thank you so much for your hard work. I would be more than willing to pay for a final, well polished version of this game (although you are quite a ways from that). Can't wait for the new version! :D

  40. needs more heroes
    i wish it was more like wiki and we could all add pages to it :p

  41. @daivd
    steps i tried
    was work for guild
    have my slave work for were ever
    and eatch time my debt stays the same and my gold rises even when i start a new slave

  42. wow i love this game so mush the one thing i think you could do is add more slaves ^^ i mean i can play the game all day but i would love to see more girls (like hinata from naruto or usagi from sailor moon )these are just suggestions ^^ i think u would have an even larger fan base especially if you get a girl that no one knows a lot about ^^ and have events based off of them :3 (like how hinata like naruto and neji is her cousin and kiba likes her and so one u can have events related to only her involving those characters ^^)its just a thought

  43. Latiara95 has a great idea I am all for it

  44. Ok, I think this is enough.
    Cmacleod is writing this game in his own free time. Suggestions are one thing, but asking for "more more please more, is it out yet is it out yet? Plzzzzzz" is not only impolite, it's just plain disrespectful.

    That said, if you people actually bothered to read the forums a bit you would KNOW that there's more slaves in development already, some by cmac, some not.

    So, before going hyper and posting uninformed suggestions, please document yourself a bit.
    And also, one of the forums is certainly a better place for bug reports and suggestions too.....

  45. i think people in general would like to know what kind of artwork you are looking for in general, or even specific things if you have them.

    I'm sure that if help was requested for artwork changes/additions (or photoshop work) that you would get some pretty good responses. i don't have any real talent for it but i think that the artwork for the collars and bits for each character could use a lot of work.

  46. As a member of the futanari palace, I have to say that Cmac is a well respected member of the forums and I have been along for the ride since the beginning of this project. It actually amazes me that it's lasted this long. So much has been added and there's still so much not yet done. After all this time, I have to give much respect to Cmac for going the distance, though it may be a game he wouldn't show to his mother, staying with something this long that brings in nothing save for the self-satisfaction and the praises of those of similar interests. Cmac, keep up the good work and props to you pal for this fine accomplishment. I say proudly that I have contributed to this as I am the one who commissioned the assistant Kimberly. She is was the first dickgirl assistant. I supplied the pics and another did the programming. I speak for all the loyal palace followers when I say we are eager for the next installment and take your time. It's been here this long, what's a few more days?

  47. Cmac don't call any release dates at all :) Just Soon™ is well enough.

  48. well I dont realy mind if he is late its actualy beter cus the game wil be bug free

  49. Yea Cmac I've said this to other people I would rather wait and get a good finished project than have it rushed and have problems. I love this game so keep up the good work.

  50. god

    but i think that the artwork for the collars and bits for each character could use a lot of work.

    Do you mean on all images? Or adding a slave collar (a regularly suggested idea by the way)

  51. oh... i guess that would be a neat idea....

    but i meant that the artwork for the collars and bits could use a ton of work. some of them don't even look like they are on the character, just on top of them.

    i don't have any real talent for it myself but i guess i could try to do something in photoshop if i could find the artwork that needs to be changed.


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