Monday, October 25, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10

a new release for the game. Primarily this
a) fixes bugs
b) adds catgirl training and fairy transformations

Release Notes 3.1.10

Translation Changes
A lot more of the game is now translatable, over 10 times the previous version. There is a guide in the Language folder for translating. Currently
American English
are complete for this release.
Note some text has been rephrased to simplify translations.

Other Fixes
- Item placement on screen fixed for certain cases
- Full/New moon did not match between the diary and the shown icon
- breast/clit/cock size would not change correctly
- Trader skill did not give a bonus to end payment for your slave
- Lady in Waiting and Court Manipulator did not give access to nobles
- some events did not reset properly after end of game
- Small other fixes

- Catgirl training
Initially this is available for all slaves, but only Akane, Ranma, Shampoo get cat ear graphics on the dress images
This training is similar to Minako.
Note: a catgirl cannot be a ponygirl
Note DO NOT train Minako yet, she is not compatible with the new system. an update will follow for her.
- Fairy Transformation events
Initially this event will only happen for Akane, Ranma, Shampoo. The rest of the girls will be updated in a later release.
- Devil girl partial transformation
- New bad ending
- Permanent breast and cock/clit expansion events
Initially these will only be permanent for Akane, Ranma, Shampoo. The rest of the girls will be updated in a later release.
- Slave Trainer 5 skill is removed, maximum stat is 200. Some special events can allow stats to reach 300. If you had Slave Trainer 5 skill you will be refunded the skill points.
- Higher levels of Slave Trainer skill will reduce decreases of good stats
- some text and graphics changes to clarify and explain some events
- a basic harness and bit gag can be bought from the stables. The harness from the item salesman is better and more effective.
- I am sure I added more, but I forget for now

- A new SDK will follow
- Please move the call to SetGirlsVitals from Initialise() to StartGame() to enable permanent breast/clit/cock size changes
- New macros are added for translation support and additional functions
- To support the Fairy transformation you need to position the fairy wings on the dress image and add a line to StartGame()
- multiple events and functions for catgirl support. Everything defaults, so you do not need to do anything, but
a) position catears on the dress images and naked images
b) a start/end traning image and an end game image 


These are upgrades for an existing 3.1.09 installation. A full version will follow (a weekish)


Posts in the forums give hints for the new events and trainings 


  1. Wow! Awesome! I wish that I had time to try it out before work!

  2. Having today off, just got a whole lot better :) Sorry Zartog :(

  3. Thank you for the release!

    The question might be obvious but...

    Do the files linked above work alone, or must they be copied/overwritten over the v.3.1.09 files?

  4. post updated, upgrade only at this time

  5. Small bug found with translations, the Talk rule shows the wrong text when the rule is off. Fixed, but will laeve it for the full upgrade.

  6. Note the full update will take a while, each girl takes about 1hr to do. Some more so, for instance Minako has taken quite a while so far
    a) to merge her catgirl training
    b) she had very basic dresses, I have transparent background dresses make by Munukh in the futanari palace, but I have made breast enlarged and dickgirl versions, Similarly for naked images.

    Also I forgot to note,
    Ranma, Akane and Shampoo have had dress changes replacing some lesser dress images and adding BE and dickgirl variants.
    Akane has some additional story elements, but only a little
    Ranma has some expanded text
    All three have some new images and some better image selections

  7. A couple more text issues found, an @slavehisher visiting the Count. Also some text truncations on the skill point screen.

    Also your unarmed combat skill does not save/load so resets

    All fixed

  8. I'm currently waiting for the upgrade to download for me, but I remembered a problem I have with the last version. For some reason, whenever I (the slave maker) opt to fight or are otherwise forced to, I automatically lose and reap the results of if I'd actually lost. I don't know if you caught this problem and fixed it, if any other players even had it, but I'm hoping it was just a glitch in my download. Once I've got mine updated with this new version and test it out, I'll get back to you on it.

  9. Leon Kinotolian
    I have not seen this issue. Remember there is a setting in options for combat difficulty. One setting is 'You Lose' and it has the exact effect you note.

  10. Greetings!

    I've been a fan of this game for a very long time now and finally decided to try and help out in any small way I can. I have eagerly been anticipating this latest update and am positively thrilled to have it come out!

    One of the things I noticed as well that might need a quick little fix: In the rules option at morning / evening, the rule of whether or not she may touch herself is named 'TouchTwims'.

    Other than that I haven't found any other issues, aside from the talking rule you already mentioned will be fixed in the full release.

    Thanks again for your time and effort putting out an amazing game for us to enjoy! Let me know if there's ever any sort of testing or anything I can do to make your job a little easier ^_^

    - Valentine

  11. How do i get the Catgirl Training? Do i need a skill for that? where can i get it?
    There seems to be a problem with the trader appearing from time to time - one of the items seems to link me to the stable shop
    Also i didn't get the slave trainer skill set to 4. had to do it manually editing the savegame

  12. Crokoking
    Yes, you have to train in the skill. I did note there are hints posted in the forum, but a hint
    ,do singing lessons

    Which item?

    Yes there is an issue with the Slave Trader 5 refund process that will also corrupt your skill points as well. I can write a simple program to fix and have offered in the forums. I'll see tomorrow if anyone asked for it.

  13. Thanks a lot for great update!
    Please, could you describe "Devil girl partial transformation"?

  14. i am gonna start working in the translation

  15. I just started uploading the upgrade to my 4shared site. You can find the upgrade here:
    I will patch the game and try to put up my own full install later tonight.

    The Windsong Bard

  16. I just downloaded the game and updated from V 3.1.09 to 3.1.10. I started a new game and for some reason it won't let me turn tentacle events on. Is there anything I can do to enable them?

  17. David you are probably in easy mode try in normal

  18. That did the trick. Thanks a lot!

  19. was wondering how you get - Permanent breast and cock/clit expansion events

  20. You sir just turned a shitty day into an awesome day =D

  21. I
    a possible effect of the uninhibitory potion variant

    1) an event at the beach in catgirl training
    2) a possible effect of the uninhibitory potion variant

  22. Found a small error on Shampoo.
    The traits for the blue dress for shampoo reads +10 for refinement and +5 undefined, in the shop. Thought I would mention it here for a bit fix if it was not noticed already.

  23. Hot to put cat ears an tail on Ranma? She outright refuse to wear it.

  24. yayyy! ive been looking forward to this so much :D

  25. I ma having that problem with the points not refunding : (

  26. Good job, Cmac! And I really like this phrase in release notes - "I am sure I added more, but I forget for now" :)

  27. All the new stuff works fine, and it's awesome.

    Only problem is I still have the automatic-lose-combat issue. I verified in my options that it's not set to You Lose; it's on Normal currently, yet I still auto-lose.

  28. I just uploaded a full install more or less to my 4shared site. I had to break it up in to two files. One is 500 meg and the other is 20 megs. The 500 meg file contains assistants A-H and the 20 meg file contains the rest of them. Just extract it in to your slavemaker3 directory and your set.

    The Windsong Bard

  29. Maybe I do something wrong but for some reason catgirl training stuck after reach 30 points...

  30. i found a glitch where when asking Shampoo to be naked for the day while wearing the pony tail and bit gag, the tail appears in front of here mouth.

    a purely graphical error and i don't know if it is replicable on another computer.

  31. Hey, I still had a problem in the last version where if you did the one gold pool, even though it shows you still have like 2k of money left after the training, when you go and pick your helper, you still only have 500 gold, so you can never get anyone who cost more then 500. Was that problem fixed in this version?

  32. Climhazard
    try going for a walk at the farm

    For Ranma you need Cat Trainer level 2

    In general
    Is anyone else getting automatic losses in combat like Leon Kinotolian reports? It does not happen for me
    Leon Kinotolian can you rename your install folder,this will reset all save games. You can get them back by un-renaming.
    Create a new game and play until a combat happens. Do you auto lose?

    Otherwise all, thanks for the bug reports, I'll fix them now

  33. Vampirio
    The money issue is fixed in this release

  34. Tranlation problem for that nice font. That font don't support all letters, so Polish translation is bugged.
    New Polish translation very soon (today or tomorrow).

  35. Keitaro
    do you know a similarish font will Polish support

  36. Okay... Now I'm stuck on 50 catgirl-points :). I need to trigger another event?

    PS. Already visited most of game places and peoples... And still nothing.

  37. Climhazard
    Miss N's party, serve as maid, outside

  38. how to even start catgirl training or fairy transformation?

  39. Libor
    1) do singing lessons
    2) rescue faeries

  40. A lot of bad endings are nice, but I think a better focus on improving the current capabilities of the game, for example, Training succubi or Orgasm Denial Trainer, generally the new devise. A choice of jobs for themselves during the game, updating the existing (mostly review requirements, which change too slowly).

    Also, I noticed a small bug in lend her options if the front of this go to the planning - wrote today a shortage of action, or something like that. Also, if after obtaining the status held a fairy, to revisit the forest instead of the inscription appears again by 100.

  41. I couldn't find exact font, so I'm sending 2 fonts little similar.
    Btw. what font did you use? Maybe with name I'll find match.

  42. The problem appears to be fixed after I did what you recommended. Thinking about it, it might've been related to the fact my last couple plays have been with a 0 Domination slaver, heh... Either way.

    Speaking of domination though, I remember in a past update comment, or a forum post, that someone suggested involving domination more, stuff like if it's too low, you could end up being enslaved or something. What are your thoughts on that, Cmac?

  43. Mi translation is almost finish i have only a couple of questions for you

    nº1 we have a feminine and a male expression for they witch one should i use??

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. You could add an extra option of dickgirls and tentacle encounters between rare and uncommon. Now the gap is quite large.

    Also when training Akane and going to Miss N you can receive the same message twice in one screen

  46. i've trying to get a cat slave, but wont go on at 50/100 ... any idea? singing actions are done, meeting cat-slaves wont add any points anymore...could need help ;)

  47. matthias.voellger
    attend the party with Miss.N, serve as a maid and go outside.

    the font I use is Oakwood

  48. RFAG
    "nº1 we have a feminine and a male expression for they witch one should i use??"

    I am not clear what you are asing. Can you give me an example of a tag/sentence you are having this issue with

  49. There is no Latin-2 version of Oakwood font. I'll search tommorow for substitute.
    Polish translation is on 80% done

  50. ok

    "they are going to the park!"

    they can be for female or male!!

    in Portuguese for male
    "eles vão ao parque"

    for female
    "elas vão ao parque"

  51. Founded a few small errors - when training catslave error when putting and removing the collection as a whole, and only the ear adds training points ...

    Also could not find where to train cats above level 50 (Bug?), Tried to coach Akayn, Shampoo and Ranma ...

    When removing the cat's tail, the tail itself is really dressed, but disappears from the picture ...

  52. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    Has your slave agreed she is a catgirl yet? This happens when she visits Miss N's party and her training is advanced enough and she does a particular choice

  53. RFAG
    That adds a whole lot of problems, particularly for twins. I will need to consider this for a bit.
    For now translate mostly that when the game refers to they it means
    a) a couple of women
    b) mixed male and female
    as seems resonable in the context.

  54. Keitaro
    We are also having font problems with Russian also with the Oakwood font. I could of sworn it was working ok. I'll research a bit more, and either get it working or swap to another font

  55. could not find where to train cats above level 60
    I need to trigger another event?

  56. God-sec
    Cat Trainer skill level 2

  57. No description of cat ears and tail

  58. I changed oakwood font, and add latin-2 chars (polish), but russian, cyrilic is much mooooreeee work.
    Here is a 90% Polish translation, there are some bugs (i have to play and see some places) and there is no translation for tutorial and some slaver background. I'll make them in free moment (busy with work ==' right now).
    I think there is no place to translate "Take A Walk" action (I add it in XML manually)

  59. argh... link link link...

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. hey, nice new version

    i will see if i can get a good german translation done.(i think i read something about an upcoming one though)

  62. Having a problem with the point not refunding when i continue my game. Is there something Im not doing or is it a known bug?

  63. one more thing (be assured no offence is meant). why is it you often use "of" when i would have expected a "have" to be there. like in one of your posts here ("I could of sworn it was working ok.") and also in the game?
    it's something i stumbled across very often now. but only when you are the author. i consider my english as quite good, but i never heard or read this phrasing before.
    if it's a fault (or even if not) i could also do some corrections on the english version

  64. @Diciple7M

    i'd call it a known bug. if you had read this thread completely you would have read the following:
    Cmcleod42: "...Yes there is an issue with the Slave Trader 5 refund process that will also corrupt your skill points as well. I can write a simple program to fix and have offered in the forums. I'll see tomorrow if anyone asked for it. "

  65. Hi cmacleod, good evening to everybody.
    I'm russian, so sorry for terrible english.
    I like your game very much and each update adds
    something new in the game process. I think we all (fans of the game, i mean) REALLY appreciate this.:))
    I'm personally just want to see more tentacle events in the game and ways to resolve this "meetings" (include announced "tentacle whore slave and maker" endings and such), but i uderstand that unlikely this will be added in nearest time.
    But i also think, that it is no harm in simple advises: Some events shows differently, reacting on slave maker statistics, such as "dominance". There are different ways to up this stat (work for the guild, spanking n.a.), but only several (two, i guess) backgrounds allow to lower this stat. I offer to make one, or several night actions (or day actions) lowering this statistic.
    Thank you very much and keep up the good work.)

  66. I think it would be good to add analog preachers to play for the old faith, like the one that is at Orihime. But this later ...

  67. another thing it's impossible to read the assistants choice screen on a netbook which is 1024x600 maybe some fewer assistant per page would improve it a bit?

    And just something that made me curious. Have you ever considered to write it in Python or Java? It might reduce the size a lot.

  68. hi sory by my poor english and congratulations for the nice job you are done in this version Cmac
    Y want to pose some questions the first one is how do y can triguer the events to growing clit cock and breasts and also for the new bad ending you have mencionated.
    the other question its about when the house exploration and dungeon came.
    quip with your magnific worck.

  69. @Hakker

    as far as i know cmacleod42 is not the original creator of the game. he just picked up an obviously abbandoned project and further improved it. i think the fact that it's made in flash now is that the original was flash already. and it probably was much smaller back then. cmacleod42 usually did/does c++ and basically learned flash for further developing this game.
    @cmacleod42: please correct me if i said something wrong ;)

  70. @cantinho da liberdade
    it was already mentioned more than once in this thread, how to trigger the growthevents. some of them can be achieved by making her drink the uninhibitory drug at least 3 times (other effects can also occur. all of these effects are new in this version. maybe these other effects have something to do with the new bad ending but that's just a guess).
    you can get another growthevent during catgirltraining when you visit the beach.
    house exploration is still to come in later versions.

  71. ok many thanks for the fast reply and for the informations.

  72. hessi_james
    of/have usage - it is how I speak. I am not aware of it being wrong so I guess it is a regional issue. Remember I use Australian english, I am not sure if it is even in common usage here or not.

    To convert to Java/Python means completely rewriting the game. You would get NO size decrease in the game in the end, 95-99% of the files size if purely the couple of thousand images. I have these compressed to a reasonable degree so there are minimal compression artifacts.

  73. "hessi_james
    of/have usage - it is how I speak. I am not aware of it being wrong so I guess it is a regional issue. Remember I use Australian english, I am not sure if it is even in common usage here or not."

    Lol have to say some times you Australian English is a bit off some times in the game text i will notice's words that just shouldn't have been used in a particular sentence

  74. Corey Anime
    My english writing is not ideal so some issues are just mistakes. I am happy to take corrections and will change as is reasonable. But I will use Australian spelling, so honour, defence etc.
    For those who prefer there is now an American translation

  75. lol i ain't complaining about your translation since its better then most i have seen -.- lol i have an anime from Malaysia an the English sub look like they where translated by a 9 year old... that an some o the time there just ain't no sub for when some characters are talking -,-.

    Any way your translations are pretty good.

  76. Corey Anime
    I am not translating, I am writing from the start.

    But, I have seem subs like you mention. The first time I saw 'The Big O' they incorrectly subtitled stuff spoken in english! You could not work out the heroes name was Roger Smith (both in japanese and english as such) from the subtitles.

  77. ROFL yeah people like that need to take subtitling class's or something.

    any way as i said before i ain't complaining or anything i was just speaking my mind sorry if it seemed rude or mean i am just like that :s lol.

    well i am gonna stop commenting now since i really don't have much to say about the game at this time so keep up the good work ^^

  78. great update. thanks for your dedication to this game even though it's free.

    would like to see domination factor into the training. like if the sm gets beaten up/raped/tentacle raped, domination should go down and slaves should be less obedient, more likely to run away, or even try to reverse the situation and make you their slave. this would add more fun to the game because in the campaign the later slaves get too easy as your slave maker skills increase and you know how to avoid bad endings because you memorized how to get them (your slave wants to eat a pill at the farm, eat it? no.).

    also when creating a new sm, i find it annoying that after typing in a name and going to the options menu, i come back finding that the name didn't save. it's not a big deal for most people but hope you'll fix it as it seems like a minor fix that won't take much time.

    keep it up. love your work.

  79. Corey Anime
    No worries, I was not complaining or anything.

    Fixed the bug

  80. I think the need to slightly modify the principle of obtaining assistants of the slaves - to add a breakdown of bonuses in three parts:
    1 - always inherent in this particular slave
    2 - depends on the primary ending
    3 - depends on the secondary endings

    Similar to how it is implemented with Kasumi (plain and cumslut endings)

  81. Hi,
    here is a sort of beta for a bug fix release
    It addresses all reported bugs, a few are
    - Slave Trainer 5 refund issues
    - not resetting some events between slaves
    and more
    Small new bits
    - more breast expansion events, basically extending some gift/reward events
    - revised system for large breast images on main screen
    I'll leave this up for a day or so and see if no other bugs then I'll do a proper release

  82. and the link is

  83. i discovered a problem translating #slavehisher into german. in english you just use his for every case if the person is male and her if female.
    in german there are at least 4 forms for each one depending on what article the referred object (or whatever) has and whether it's just one or more.

    for example: "someone stole her toy" would be
    "jemand stahl ihr spielzeug"
    but "someone stole her toys" would be
    "jemand stahl ihre spielzeuge"
    and "...from the rigours of her training" would be
    "...von der Strenge ihrer Ausbildung"

    i'm thinking about removing the macro and replacing it with the fitting form for the sentence including male and female form (like: someone stole his/her toy). i'd prefer this rather than having a grammatically wrong sentence but if someone comes up with a better idea i'd be happy to hear it ;)

  84. Hello again!

    I'm not precisely sure if you want us to come to you with any typos or such we find or if you only want us to come back with actual bugs, but I have found a couple more recently:

    During the text for when Shampoo reached 5/5 ranks in masturbating as a hermaphrodite, there were a few typos:
    - In the first paragraph there is "... has carefully watched your yourtechnique"
    - At the end of the fourth paragraph there is "... below with a tinny" instead of 'tiny'

    Again, not sure if you want us to come forward with typos or not, just thought I'd throw those out there ><

    Thanks again for your time!

    - Valentine

  85. thanks for fixing the bug so quickly, cmac.

    another minor bug is the overlapping hotkey "g" for general knowledge and xxx contests. actually "g" doesn't work for xxx, but the button has the letter "g" on it. also, for the "lend her" button, the letter "a" is on it, but actually "a" is mapped to anal plug. lastly, for the slave maker, the nothing button says "n" on it, but apparently "n" is not mapped to nothing action.

  86. hessi_james
    Do whatever you need, there is no problem with removing the macros.

    Should I instead create 3 versions of the tags, a male version, female version and a twins version? Like you see in the Act tags?

  87. great job i am loven this upgrade keep up the good work i look forward to the next 1

  88. Salon needs 3 corrections/fixes.

    1. Upper left corner states "debug beauty salon". My guess is debug shouldn't be there.

    2. Click on Expert Make Up. re-done should be spelled redone.

    3. Expert Make Up NEVER expires. I get the comment "that it doesn't really need to be redone" now all the time. The other two do expire.

  89. how do you get the Devil girl partial transformations?

  90. Eric
    "Debug Beauty Salon" is intentional, it is a reference to Ah My Goddess and how one of Skuld's duties was debugging heaven (using a mallet)

    it is a random option of drinking the variant uninhibitory potion

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. buy the uninhibitory potions like 3 times in a row (not sure if you need to do it all on the same day). on the third one, rinno will ask if you want to buy a variant one.

  93. hmph, it seems i can;t use any of menace's spell
    i still somehow got through the masked hero, but can't go any further when battling anistaria
    is there trick to it? or just disabled at the moment?

  94. Hey, I don't know if someone has mention this but I have the Trader background, which should allow me to see the dealer and drug seller anytime after I run into them the first time, but some reason when I go to the slave maker training it shows the icons for them under shopping but no text, just the yellow bar with a checkmark/x on them and I can't select them, is that on purpose?

  95. Vampirio
    Do you get this with the bug fix I posted yesterday? I was sure I fixed all the issues with those buttons

    Sang Yoon
    Please visit the wiki for details, see here for details
    I did not develop Menace so I cannot give many specific details

  96. @sang yoon
    first thing that came to my mind was "did he unequip the mute breacelet?". well, you probably did. i was able to use menace's spells after unequipping it, so there seems to be a problem

  97. @cmacleod42
    cmacleod42:"Should I instead create 3 versions of the tags, a male version, female version and a twins version? Like you see in the Act tags?"

    maybe i didn't proceed far enough in translating to discover what this would be good for. in case of my last mentioned problem it wouldn't help, i think.
    i stumbled over it while translating all kinds of texts which reference to your slave somewhere and somehow. i think the only way to solve this properly to provide four versions of slavehisher for each gender, like: #slavehisher1, #slavehisher2,...(in case of german the twin version would be identical to the female one. at least mostly)

  98. I cant seem to go to miss m,s party with beldandy is it that I am doing somthing rong or is it imposible to begin with

  99. just how big of a clit can I make one of the girls have? a 0.2 cm increase from the beach catgirl doesn't seem like all that much... sure its another 4/3 of the regular 0.6 cm... but that's not even half an inch LOL. am I just missing another event?

  100. I found a permanent glitch seen in the spring, but still not fixed - I have enabled the transformation of all the girls in dickgirl, but bolshistvo ignore this option or completely or partially ...

  101. krasniitavarish
    The difficulty to lend a girl is quite high and if you have 'Slave Trainer 1' you generally cannot do it. In the bugfix I posted above it decreases the dfficulty for Miss.N's party.

    There are seeral events, but all give a small increase as you note. The game dies not create huge clit-cocks (yet?)

    "but bolshistvo ignore this"
    Sorry who? There are particular girls with story elements that modify this
    a) Yurika - she will NEVER become a permanent dickgirl. This is my design for her
    b) Ranma, Akane, Shampoo & Ayane have stories to modify the process but it can happen
    These are not glitches or bugs but deliberate design.

    I keep getting people reporting Yurika, I must either explain it better in game, or allow it.

  102. this option in older versions worked for all slaves

  103. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    Sorry, no it did not, well bugs may have interfered in some releases, but it is never supposed to override story considerations.
    The intention is always to have story take precedence over options.

  104. Then why is this option again, it does not work ever? After all, it was intended. then in order to be able to turn in any dickgirl slaves, and not just those who can be on the story ...

  105. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    If you do not enable the option only a few slaves can permanently transform, just those a specific story was developed for. About half will not permanently transform. If you enable it all girls except Yurika can permanently transform.

    As noted Ranma, Akane, Shampoo & Ayane have special ways to permanently transform, not just drink the potion 3 times.

  106. cmacleod42
    No I didn't get it, but i'm getting it now and thank you. I'll let you know if it still keeps doing it, but one thing I'm cofused about, is after I get the cattraining up to 30 with singing and meet the catslave at the palace and the tiger at the farm, i'm not sure how to keep raising, I tried to go back to each of those places (the singing, the tiger or the one at the palace/town center) and I don't see the tiger again but the other ones don't raise it up anymore then 35 of 100.

  107. Vampiro
    Mina has limited time and will only raise you to 30. The tiger cat girl is a single encounter. Natsu is x events.

    There are other catgirls to meet. Otherwise try
    - walking, swimming, private areas at beach
    - lake
    - forest
    - xxx school
    - sleazy bar
    - bar
    - acolyte
    - brothel
    and more. All have about 25-33% chance of an encounter the first time you do them in a given day

  108. Vampiro
    for raising cattraining from 30 to 50 patroling with natsu in the town center at 10pm always works, as far as i am informed. you must have met her before though, which you can do at the palace, i think

  109. Vampiro
    not with the bugfix. Once you catch the catburglar then there is no more patrolling, but yes it works fine if you have not caught the burglar yet.

  110. Alright, thank you.

  111. hello again, thx for info so far, still have problems become ponygirl or catslave trainer. i tried things on wiki side shown above. its totally random meet people needed or get skill ?

  112. Hello all I just wanted to know how do you actually upgrade from 3.1.09 to 3.1.10? I mean do I just rewrite it on the folder itself and overwrite my current slavemaker? or do I have to make a another folder for this the 3.1.10? Thanks


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