Sunday, October 31, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10a

Hi, this is a bug fix release for the previously released 3.1.10. It corrects all reported bugs and adds a few new bits. Please note this has more fixes and features than the beta I released a few days ago.

- catgirl and other events did not reset between slaves
- Natsu's hunt did not reset
- Harness/Superior harness description and purchasing was broken
- cat burglar options were reversed
- uninhibitory potion could do unlimited expansion
- item placement for Akane/Ranma/Shampoo
- various typos
- more fixes, should have all reported bugs fixed

- Miss.N's party is easier to attend. Shampoo can attend even as your first slave
- Carburglar hunt will happen for all slaves
- More encounters in the catburglar hunt, one appropriate for today. Only 4 per slave so it can take a few slaves to see all
- Catgirl image for Lady Farun
- start of events for Tentacle Hybrid. Just a start, not complete by far

This is  an upgrade, but contains all the update for version 3.1.10 also, so can upgrade 3.1.09 installations as well



  1. oh but i liked having a 5 foot girl with a 400cm chest :D

  2. I hope this is an edited version, and not is not the alpha version, not the unfinished beta ...

    cmacleod42 said...
    here is a sort of beta for a bug fix release
    It addresses all reported bugs, a few are
    - Slave Trainer 5 refund issues
    - not resetting some events between slaves
    and more
    Small new bits
    - more breast expansion events, basically extending some gift/reward events
    - revised system for large breast images on main screen
    I'll leave this up for a day or so and see if no other bugs then I'll do a proper release
    October 28, 2010 10:26 PM

    cmacleod42 said...
    and the link is
    October 28, 2010 10:28 PM

  3. This is the final version of 3.1.10a as I stated in my post, I did not post it as a beta or anything other than the actual release.

    And as noted
    "Please note this has more fixes and features than the beta I released a few days ago."
    That was the idea of posting a beta to find any additional bugs in it before an actual release.

  4. Are the unhibitory potion changes permanant?

    I read that size changes eventually revert to the default size. Is this true? Why? If so how can I stop it? It said something about using a SDK to change this true? Is there another way to change it other than SDK?

  5. kevin
    The changes are permanent only for Akane, Ranma and Shampoo at this time. All the other slaves need small coding changes to make the effect permanent. So wait for the next release for the other girls.


  7. i dont know if its just me or maybe its some strange unluck on my part, but after i patched up i lost all tentacle events, like as in no more for weeks, checked by the seer

  8. @cantinho da liberdade
    if you paste the new release above the beta and replace everything just like you do with every update you should be fine. didn't try though. still downloading^^

    did you check if the tentaclevent-option is still checked? remember you mainly get sure encounters on new moon. i'm not sure if there are other nights you always meet them at one specific place. it doesn't need to be foretold by the seer. you can meet tentales every night.
    if you want to be sure to encounter tentacles, you can save before the evening planning and take a walk in the forest/at the docks/ at the beach/in the slums/at the ruins. if you don't encounter tentacles, reload and try again. usually won't take you very long till you meet them ;)

  9. Cantinho da liberdade
    Just copy the 3.1.10a bugfix over your existing installation, you do not require to have installed 3.1.10 previously, this patch has all the same fixes

    I am not aware of an issue. A few things, remember if you are set to Easy difficulty then tentacles are always disabled.
    If your slave maker has tentacle expert skill this can limit or prevent tentacle events

  10. hey sorry for the long time i am taking!!
    I am a fireman and this as been a troublesome weekend(bad weather) i will update the translation ass soon as i have some free time to finish it! Mi deepest apologizes:


  11. ummmm stupd question but how do i update the game after i download the patches?

  12. @kenderekatkins

    extract the contents of the patch into your slave maker directory. overwrite any data necessary (click on "yes to all" when prompted).


    i haven't downloaded this newest patch yet, but have you fixed the bug where you can see ponygirls at the farm and get the harness, gag, and vibrator panties from the ruins even when the ponygirl option is off? i mention it because it has been a bug in this game for as long as i've played it (i've been playing since slave maker v2).

  13. continued from my last comment..

    i think the same also happens when you choose the farm house as your home. it somehow enables ponygirl items/events even when ponygirl training option should be off.

  14. M
    I am not aware on any of those ponygirl issues. The farm probably enable ponygirls and thus you get the events. Same if you play either Pony Master or Amazon.

    Otherwise I am not aware of problems.

    If you get the issue in a game can you please upload a save game (rapidshare, multiupload etc)

    No worries, real life is more important than hentai

  15. I just saw a small bug with some assistants (Mugi for one) where you get an undefined in their greeting message.

    There has also been found and fixed a bug in Menace where training can never end.

  16. I have yet to be able to download this. Every time I try, it gets partway through and then suddenly stops, saying there's an error in the source file and transfer has been halted. Considering the slow download speeds for "non-premium" users of the various sites, this is rather frustrating...especially the time when it did this to me at 95% completion. Anyone else having this issue? Four tries now, different download links each time, and no luck...

  17. nice one the bugfix was fast there are chenges and add ups as well even beter keep it up and if your stuck ask us we are not specialists but ideas and picks we can handle THANKS

  18. @Jackie
    i can only think of one reason for your problem. your connection to the internet isn't stable and you get disconnected all the time. if that is not the case i have absolutely no idea.
    my download worked (rapidshare)

  19. jackie,s problem can be his lokation I also have problems in varna (that is in bulgaria)but have no probs i shumen (also in bulgaria) I use the same provider soo
    corect me if I am rong thou

  20. cmacleod42 are the changes in size going to eventually be portrayed in the artwork of your character and not just slave stats?

  21. @jackie
    a solution for you is to use a download manager like jdownloader. that will let you resume your download from were it left if it disconects halfway.

  22. I noticed sometimes after dickgirl transformation when doing 5 make her masturbate the game freezes

  23. i was wondering if maybe you will think about a dom slave maker? what i mean is a slave maker that trains slaves to be the dom and not just the pry. i can see how it might be herd to see a normel master go for one but think about the ones who are always in conteral they are the type to ask fore such a thing. id like to train a dom kasumi and see her fck the hizzel out of her master and maybe she could do something like if shes dom enf she could force you to buy her back. among other things hehe. by the way great work. i was just throwing an idea. dam id love to see'em in black latex--so hot crack that whip.

  24. jim_thready
    Breast size changes are shown. For most girls if they take the drug via the farm their main dress images have larger breast versions. For Akane, Ranma & Shampoo these larger ones are also shown when their breast size increases by 10% or more. This will be extended to the other girls.

    Alternate Earth
    Can you reliably get this? I have never seen it happen.

    Some developers have discussed this, for instance the person developing Morrigan, and also the one developing Ino in a different way

  25. And when will a full set of games?

  26. Shampoo's Dress 6 comes with Cat Ears and Cat Tail, correct? So should I be seeing the Cat Slave ending for training her if I have her wear dress 6 and accept the training? ATM I get the "Wedding" ending with a special training of Catgirl.

  27. I was working on Akane to become a dickgirl courtesan when this happened and it wasn't the first time it has happened

  28. Kenki
    This is just a guess, but given the new mechanics, I'm willing to bet you can't get a cat slave ending without the correct skill level and training score. Also, nice Rance avatar.

  29. hello all, finally im on menace to train with. problem...i cant find way to fit her with weapon. i lost final fight against masked one cause less points. is theres way to give her weapon ? 2nd question, i found several cat slaves in town and so on but how i can manage to start my slaves are interested in cat training ? thx

  30. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    I am still working on some bug fixes and upgrading the girls. I'll probably do a 3.1.10b release first to get rid of the last few bugs, then say in a week the full version

    You need the skill Cat Training level 1 to start catgirl training. To get the ending your slave must agree she is a catgirl too.

    Alternate Earth
    I am a bit at a loss why your issue happens, so far no other reports of the same issue. Are you running on a 64bit system? Flash can have odd issues at times on such systems. Fortunately there is a 64bit player in beta release

    Menaces catgirl training works differently than the new system I just added to the game. You will be appropached by a maid offering to start Menace on training as a catgirl. Nor of this needs the new training skill or events.

    For any other questions please see the Wiki for a guide

  31. @Cmacleod42
    I visited Mina 10 times to get Catslave 1, and I got the training up to 60 of 100 (Accepted), Shampoo went outside for cat training during Miss N's Party and accepted the CatSlave training, while wearing Dress 6.

    However, as I said, I still get the "Wedding Ending, with a "Special Training: Catgirl". I was under the assumption that I should get some Cat Slave movie ending instead. Am I wrong?

  32. kenki
    Ahh right, Shampoo has a special set of endings as she is being rtained to be your assistant. Are you using version 3.1.10a? There was a bug for catgirl ending for Shampoo that I fixed? I'll check the code, maybe the bug was not quite fixed

  33. kenki
    Found the issue, only happens when wearing the Cat Dress, will fix in the next release

  34. I think I found a, well not a bug, but at least an oversight. When you are training akane and her breasts do her random growth to the larger size, it does not reflect on the stat screen. Not really a huge thing, but seems like it should.

    Also I was trying to play through as ranma, on the previous update, not this current one, and I could not get her to wear anything with cats in it. I did try searching the forums, but since this update is new I was not sure if the process was changed from the old ways. However no matter what she would refuse. I was just wondering about the conditions to get her to wear the cat outfit.

    For reference I was playing sandbox mode, and had just finished Akane with a cat trainer level of one.

  35. A question if I may.

    I remember reading on the forums that you planned to have the tentacle abduction event available even for people with the tentacle expert skill.

    As a fan of tentacle, I would very much like that. Do you plan to make that change relatively soon? Thanks in advance for the answer

  36. to shyster:
    Ranma requires cat trainer lvl 2 for her to not refuse cat gears.

  37. Giannino
    I am working on new stuff for the Tentacle Hybird background and when done it will be possible.
    So particular estimate as to when it will be done

  38. hello again, thx for info so far, side is very informativ, but still have problems become ponygirl or catslave trainer. i tried things on wiki side shown above. its totally random meet people needed or get skill ?
    i tried lot of singing to get cattrainer skill and had all requirements for pony, cant find start for fairy mutation as well.

  39. I have found some very coviniant "bugs" like when you purchess a harness from the traveling merchant you get ported to the stables it is good becouse there are some stuff I need but I dont want to make a pony slave and cant get them (if not for the bug)

  40. @foxfire
    you need to personally supervise your slave at the docks in order to get the chance to visit mistress epona for ponygirl training. also she needs to wear the bitgag when visiting. the chance get the event is quite big.
    to learn catslave training, make sure she wears a cat outfit. you can always get it by visiting lady farun (smwiki describes how you can visit her. just search for her name). after a few more visits at the singing school (at least if you personally supervise) you should be offered to learn to train catgirls.
    for fairy transformation you need to take a walk at the farm until you meet a captured fairy. free her. repeat this 2 more times and you will be offered to be transformed, when you take one more walk there. you also need the fairy ring which you can get by taking a walk at the forest and meeting a fairy dancer (sensibility 35+ is needed in order to meet her). after that her transformation starts and will accelerate when meeting fairies or just havong a walk at the forest

  41. @krasniitavarish
    what items do you need? you can get a lot of them without going to the stables. vibrator panties, ponytail and bitgag just by having a walk. you already mentioned how to get the harness and you can get the leash there, too (I'm not even sure you can get the leash at the stables). the nipple chain can be replaced by the nipple rings at the salon (there only is a difference when doing ponyraces).
    you can also get harness, vibrator panties and bitgag by doing the evil mine quest at the ruins

  42. krasniitavarish
    Those bugs were all fixed in the 3.1.10a bug fix update

  43. There is a glitch where you get Lady Farun to fix the contest but when Urd participates she is in last place. The contest is suppose to be fixed, so why doesn't Urd win?

  44. Oh, the contest I had Urd participate in was housework.

  45. She's always in the standings lost, possibly with an assistant that monitors the magical powers everything will be different, but somehow I have not tried ...

  46. 1) XXX School Teacher makes her assist and she agrees too easily. She didn't do anything for me yet!

    2) same with some other encounters: she participates in actions too advanced for her current level, suddenly.

    3) you changed Restaurant's job switching value, from 50 to 75. This way it became useless for my training strategy. Working as chef just comes too late: she is already fit for winning Housework contest.


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