Saturday, August 31, 2013

3rd Party Releases

A few vanilla slaves have been released recently.

Bofore I list them please note I am not working on or developing these. So please do not comment how you would prefer me to work on bugs, new features etc than releasing vanilla slaves. I am (mostly) just reposting other peoples work here!

I did spend some time checking for errors and some image editing. I did a bit of work for some as the developer had left them not really ready for a public release. These sort of things I do for all releases of slaves, this is not a special thing or something that stops work otherwise on the game.

Slave Kim Possible

crazyness has released Kim Possible from the series of the same name as a vanilla slave. I did some work on refining the release and there has been some discussion about improving the release (better image selections and a story). So I would expect a non vanilla release will follow. Note she does have a custom chore, but that does not qualify her as non-vanilla

Links (35Mb)!ZhJXyIjJ!VWT5-xoRT8X0ORj2I220b1UrXDQAg7tyu38PWxN6dgs

To install just extract into your game installation 

Slave Turonga Leela
crazyness also released Leela from the series Futurama. abisal who developed such slaves as Kyon and Bulma has expressed interest in continuing work on developing Leela


just extract the archive into your game installation 

Slave Chie Satonaka

EggEgg released a rough version of Chie from Persona 4, and stated they were not going to do anything more for her. I edited and fleshed her out a little and she is now ready as a vanilla slave


just extract the archive into your game installation

Slave Temari

Zeig87 who released Naoto slave has released Temari as a slave. There are some small issues for the release but nothing too significant.

Temari is NOT a vanilla slave.


Extract the file and move the files as needed to Slaves or Images folders

Please note: currently Temari is a monor slave in the game, released by CampeonKid. To remove her as a mionor slave either

1) edit the file Languages/English/SlavesCK1.xml to remove the section for Temari

2)  download and extract this file into the folder

In the next release of the game she will be deleted as a minor slave.


Lois Griffin
crazyness also released Lois Griffin from the series Family Guy, but she needs extensive work before a release I would consider acceptable for the game, her image need work and there is too much bestiality. Until these are resolved I will not be posting her as an official release.
If you really want her current version, please visit the Futanari Palace development thread. I wll not repost her here.

Melisandra Update
SamK released an update for Melisandra, mainly more images!cJxFEKZJ!MN-0_xbqbqfFiz-9eGyZChB1tVoL5oXGg6fzximgFpk

Monday, August 26, 2013


Recently I was sent 3 slaves from a developer crazyness, Kim Possible, Turanga Leela and Lois Griffin.

There were not in a release state, xml problems, image issues (way too many duplicates and a lot of questionable choices) crazyness asked me to put them into shape to release.

I have released today both Kim Possible and Leela, and once I get some feedback I will repost here.

Lois Griffin will take a bit longer as I am not very interested in her so I may just do a basic tweak and post for another to look at more

Monday, August 5, 2013

More Updates

New Slave - Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos

A while ago Malaus posted to me an alpha version of Charlotte. They have not been active since March, and have not responded to posts, so I have completed the slave as a vanilla release.

 I have added images for a number of missing acts and events so now there is an image for all acts and major events. It also includes the 2, count them 2, dickgirl images that exist for Charlotte.

The images have some detexting and delogo edits and some background removals. A dress was changed as well as it would of been a pain to edit, but I added one of a similar nature. A few images were rearranged and some altered with better choices in my opinion. There is no other content added, this is a vanilla slave with no custom content.

Still this is an unoffical release, as this is Malaus's slave.



extract into your game installation

Update - Slave Kairi

 aximili released an update for Kairi with custom content now,
-add a morning event
-add one more custom ending (with a bad end path)
-add one more event and school
EDIT: updated to version 1.2

Saturday, August 3, 2013

More 3rd Party Updates

Rouge The Bat Update

xmikehx has released an update of Rouge
New in version 1.4
- Added 2 Footjob and 2 Titfuck scenes, moved her throatfuck scene to blowjob
- Add 2 more encounters during her robberies (at 25 and 35 roberries)
- Her stealth mechanic now works properly
- Robbery money based on her stealth stat (1/2 unless its an encounter)
- Changed Reconnaissance name to Recon so it fits in the button
- Changed supervisor picture to a picture of Rouge's expression during encounters
- Added custom pictures for her 3 encounters.

Planned for Version 1.5 and beyond
- I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do next. I think I'm done with her sex scenes.
- I will most likely only bug fix and add another one or two encounters
- 1.5 will probably hit sometime next week
- I'm currently in the process of developing Lola Bunny, so I'm putting more time towards that

Install: extract into your game installation

New Slave Kairi (from Kingdom Hearts)

axmili has just release a new slave, Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.

This is a non-vanilla slave, with custom events, skills, jobs and endings, but note this is an early release, having just been announced so I have done only a limited review and test of her.

Install: extract the archine into a temporary folder somwhere. This will create a folder Kairi and inside that folder will be folders Images and Slaves. Move or copy these folders into your game installation

New Slave Lola Bunny (Loony Toons)

xmikehk just released a version 1.0 of Lola Bunny. A completely vanilla release, with a couple of trivial issues but should be completely functional. A non vanilla release will follow in the near future.

Note: xmikehk is asking for images
- tits fuck
- dickgirl
If you have any suggestion please post in the thread at the futanari palace or even just post a link in a reply here.

Install: just extract into your game installation