Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I am just doing one more quick pass for the closed beta and will then start an open beta. Things are looking close....

Overwhored (another game I like)
I have been watching this game for a while and a new version 0.4 was just publically released, see the link on the right to the developers blog.

The game got a neat gui/graphic update, new maps and a fair bit more content. As you see from the version it is not complete yet, but all funding is complete.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I have been through a closed alpha test for the new version 3.4, quite a few bugs were reported and have been fixed.

I will probably start a open beta in a few days, and once that is complete release the new version.

New Slave Mei
ManjoBanjo has released Mei from Pokemon Black and White. Currently a vanilla release. This is version 0.7 after a couple of fine tuning releases


Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Small Updates

Some additional updates for slaves in the game

Flannery Version 1.1
As the developer striker2521 has not been active for many months, here is an update for Flannery. This implements many missing acts and events for her. and some additional image variants. Also detext/delogo edits and background removal edits, for instance some by the forum user Moat Moat

Flannery is still a vanilla slave otherwise, but now a basically complete one.


To install just extract this file into your game installation

EDIT: there was a smaller error in the release for Flannery, fixed and reuploaded

Unofficial Update for Midna

This is a small update for Midna to correct

an xml error in the Folder node
edit the Slave Market image to have a transparent background (image is the one above)
a couple of incorrectly named images (Kiss Female, Orgy Lesbian, Lend) and extensions for Dress 1-6 were wrong
optimised all pngs images to slightly re-compress (losslessly)



note: this may be removed if the developer requests when they are next active

Kim Possible  
There is a small error in the last release of Kim Possible, there is a mis-count for Job - Bar where sometimes you do not see an image. To fix this save the above image and copy into your game installation into the folder
Images/Slaves/Kim Possible

Monday, February 10, 2014

Small Updates

Mai Shiranui version 1.1
This is an update of Mai, to add additional images and rearrange images a bit. There are no additional events or custom trainings for Mai at ths stage, that will wait for version 2.0. Small changes were done to make Mai a hybrid slave and she now has a small swf file, this was more as an exercise to demonstrate how to do it.

Extensive image changes were done to this release, thanks to a kind person who posted alternate picks via this blog. I only used a subset of their images due to either my disagreeing with their choices, anachronisms or excessive censorship for some images.


Preferably delete the existing folder
(This is not required)

Then extract the archive downloaded into the game installation folder.

Update for Tayuya 0.9.3

Still a vanilla release but more images added and some detexted


New Slave Saphire

Jukkali released a new slave based on the 3d CG artworks of Saphire Nishi
This purely uses 3D CG and as such can clash a little with the 2D art in the game otherwise. Also some image selections are a little anachronistic or not 100% appropriate. So please consider this an early release.

Version 1.1 (after an initial release and some fixes)

M.I.A Updates
 M.I.A posted an update for some of their assistants

Thanks to Stallord, who found out a long time ago that the assistants Lillymon and Colette cannot get pregnant from the slaver due to their custom intimacy texts, here is a small fix for both assistants, in English and French. At first, I wanted to release them only with the new SM game version, but it's better to put them out now. I had tested Lillymon with Maran, Colette with Cora and both is working a-ok.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Just a general update of me, the game etc

In General
It is horrible weather here, days near 40C for the last week, and we had a similar heat wave maybe 3 weeks ago.
My health has been a bit rough, from broken sleep as that causes issues for me. Money (or lack thereof) is problematic but manageable.

So I am in the proverbial interesting times recently

The Game
You will have seen a few release recently of edits for slaves, in some cases to do bug fixes/delayed updates. A couple more are pending, notably
  • Nami - the previous version was not publically released due to bestiality issues, but that has been fixed thanks to CampeonKid. The releases images still need work, to improve images like dresses etc. So a release will follow when time permits
  • Mai Shiraniu - a kind person had posted a while ago an update for her. I did not 100% agree with their image choices but they were largely good. I am working to combine and improve. I may also make her a 'gateway' slave to introduce/add a new "Topless" training, an intermediate between "Expose" and "Naked for the day"
  • Ranma - the long mentioned update is still pending, but at this time the new game release takes precendence
  • Arcueid - the assistant Arceuid will be upgraded to a full slave, where she becomes enslaved after being your assistant for a time
Version 3.3.04 only supports 100 slaves (3.4 will allow many more) so some of the slave updates rearranged the number allocated to slaves. This means some of the SlaveGirlxx.txt files were renamed.

New Game Release
 The next release wil probably be version 3.4, I will release it in the foreseeable future, hopefully this month, depends on testing and real life issues.

It will include (amongst other things)
  • Puppy Girl Training
  • Slave Maker Avatar images can become a sort of template, and affect initial stats or items of the Slave Maker
  • More minor events, including multiple during training like Jobs, Schools, Chores
  • lots of bug fixes (and probably lots of new bugs)
  • Revised equipment screen in a tab type structure, now allowing many more slave items
  • a personality profile for slaves
  • when walking to locations the game now allows you to remember certain key locations you can visit at any time
  • a bit faster to play, load games etc
For developers
  • much more support for xml slaves/events
  • much better support for changing a slave from assistant to slave, slave to minor slave etc
  •  extensive class restructuring for actionscript slaves/events
  • generic shop class