Saturday, April 4, 2015


Hi all,
please excuse some slow progress recently for the game. The version 3.4.03 is taking a lot longer than planned, from
- a little of it is motivation, as some of the recent work for the game is rather complex and difficult to debug and get working
- some a mixture of health and free time
- a little time lost working on other projects, like a revamping of the game "A Spell for All" at the Hypnopics forum (a work in progress)

Give me a couple of weeks to try to sort out the GUI changes and assorted bugs and new features.

User Interface Changes
I have seen quite a few comments where some people do not like the revised display, and it mainly seems to be the colour schemes. Please note the examples are for a male slave maker, female and dickgirls use a different scheme.

All the colours are editable by players, and also the images for the icons. A background image can be provided by the player to add texture to the general background if desired. Currently all these changes will by by editing an xml file configurationlayout.xml, not via the Options screen as I generall consider these things fairly static. Also it is simple to provide an add-on 'skin' for the game to rearrange colours and/or icons.

There will NOT be a 4x3 version of the interface provided, A couple of people have had issues with because of
- using still a 4x3 montor
- an issue with scaling and font sizing that I do not see, certainly not in my development version