Monday, March 9, 2015

Revised User Interface

In the next game release the game will change to use a widescreen layout, 1067x600, instead of the current 800x600

Also the general look and feel will alter to a more modern, flat style. While not my preference, as in I am not a fan of the Metro style for Windows 8, I am still going with it from discussions at the Futanari Palace.

To give an idea here is a mockup. The game will not be exactly this, but quite similar. The icon bar may differ than this mockup. As will some of the icons for the tabs.

Also some older slaves will not use the full screen area for images. XML based slaves will center and display fine and most background images in the game are updated.

While most people generally like the new layout some people have said they do not like the new layout, in some cases saying it is cold or too much like a phone app, or anachronistic for a fantasy game.

The game will support altering all the colours you see in the screen and will support altering the icons for the tabs etc you see (maybe not in the initial release)

You are completely welcome to suggest alternate layouts if you feel something would look better BUT I am only going to use a single final layout, I will not be coding the game to support alternate layouts! Still suggest away, either by posting a link to an alternate version here in a comment or in the thread at the Futanari Palace.