Sunday, September 12, 2010


Just an update for people

1) Assorted bugs have been fixed in the game, notably one with the Ruins access

2) a new Fairy transformation event is working but needs significant changes for each slave to display fairy wings.

3) I am working a fair bit on the slave girl 'Rei Ayanami'. I have a vanllia version mostly working. She has Asuka as the mandatory assistant (Sora the Barmaid in the game), and actually Asuka can be easily extended to become a slave too eventually. Note the fairy transformation event works for Rei

4) There is a fairly advanced slave in development by MailMailX3, Peach (ie Princess Peach). There are threads in the forums. Here is a direct link to the latest revision
Note she is not finished but quite advanced

5) I am extending the translation system, I should have all non-event text done in a week or two


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  2. I love your work on this game. Funny enough, I've been trying to build a scenario that uses Rei Anayami. Although, I am not using a mandatory assistant. (My own game concept is on developing a special maid ending.) You mentioned having a vanilla version working for a Rei Ayamani scenario. Do you still need uncensored images? I've collected a good number and I am happy to share if that would save you any time or aggravation. Is there a website you use that I can upload to? Just let me know if you are interested.

  3. how are things with Crystal Fox?

  4. i can't enter this website May
    cmacleod42 please post another website? thanks

  5. C.M.Tyssen
    I have a very large number of images for Rei collected by a person (Munkuh) that I am working with. You are welcome to upoad any images, just upload to a service like Rapidshre, MediaFire, MultiUpload etc and post the link.

    I am looking at a Rei Maid ending too, due to the many maid images around.

    Krystal is in the queue, I really want to do her, but it is a matter of priorities sort of. I want to get at least a beta for Rei released first

    I am not really the person to ask, I am not the developer of Peach. In future, visit one of the forums and post in one of the Peach development

  6. Krystal Fox and now Peach? I'd prefer the game stay true to its anime roots and exclusively feature human anime girls. You could make the case Peach is anime, since she originated from Japan, but that's a real stretch.

    I guess I can't complain, as long as I don't have to play through their stories to unlock tier 2 (or eventually tier 3) girls.

  7. Not sure where the best place to put this but I wanted to submit a bug that I've been encountering.

    It seems that there is a problem with saved games. I've lost my saved games twice now for no reason and have had to start completely over. I'm not sure what is causing this, but if you could look into it, much would be appreciated.

  8. Did you rename the folder (or move the files to a different folder)? Pretty sure that changing the game folder (or any of the parent directories) will result in the game losing track of your saves and having to start all over (though if you change the names back, I think you might be able to recover your lost saves.)

  9. Gotta Luv
    Also programs like CCleaner that delete cookies can kill saved games. Check if they can cleanup flash files, particularly Local Shared Objects (ie the save games)

    Otherwise as Wunder explained, any change to the folder structure or naming losses saves. If you rename back the saves are restored

    Remember Tifa, Ayane and Kasumi are not from Anime but games too. Peach is being developed by a 3rd party (MailMailX3).

    Personally I think Krystal is anime enough too, also she was much requested by the furry fans

  10. cmacleod42

    can i use already trained slave as trigger for an event?

    if yes do a need the "slavegirls10" or the name of the slave?

    just one thing peach is a problem and kasumi not?
    (until now all charas are orignated from japan or?)

  11. Yea, I just found out about that. Problem is I think it's one of my auto start programs that automatically cleans it up. I'll have to disable it for now.

    I'd suggest to have a different saving method to save directly into a file which wouldn't be deleted like that if possible.

  12. Remedy
    Last I checked Krystal was also "created" in Japan.

  13. Sorry for double commenting.
    If the game has to be "Originated in Japan only" then Companion Cube seeing as how Valve made it.And Valve is a corporation founded and located in Washington >_>.

  14. It could be something with your virus scan clearing out your flash. I wonder if it's possible to add an option to manually or maybe even automatically back up your saves? With a way to enable/disable it in the options of course. hmmm... I think I will just go ahead and suggest it on the forums. I am not sure it's possible mind you but it might be worth bringing up anyway.

    The Windsong Bard

  15. just wanted to say i played peaches unfinished char great work so far cant wait for it to finaly be finshed thanx for the hard work on a great game

  16. I just look forward to exploring my castle.

  17. Just curious if anyone else has has a problem getting ponygirl to work... I used to get it all the time on Slave Maker 2..

  18. James
    You have to learn the skill 'Pony Trainer'. Visit Mistress Epona and you will be taught it. The pony mistress at the docks gives you an introduction to her

  19. when can we expect a new update or slave or anything ?

  20. ahhhh... thank you. I had checked with your read me file and that was not listed. You may wish to add that onto there.

    Keep up the good work, this game is really turning into something awesome!

  21. cmacleod42
    can i send you a PM or something like that?
    i need to ask something...

  22. NarutoXD
    sure, register in one of the forums (futanaripalace is easiest) and PM me. There ar details on the credits page in the game on my id's

    Visit the Wiki for detailed help. The readme is not intended to be a guide for gameplay.

    Sorry, I generally do not answer such questions

  23. and what is about my post from September 23, 2010 11:09 PM

  24. Not sure if this if the place to suggest it, will the girls from Dirty Pair be in this game in the future? They would be right at home in this game.

  25. James
    I have plenty of images for them (original Dirty Pair that is), it is just a matter of priorities and time

    can i use already trained slave as trigger for an event?

    You can check if a girl has already been trained using

    var girl:Slave = _root.GetSlaveDetailsFromFilename("Slaves/Slave-Akane-swf");
    if (girl == null) {
    // girl has not been trained
    } else {
    // can check any member of the slave class
    if (girl.LastEnding = 17) {
    // prostitute ending
    if (girl.CanAssist) {
    // she was bought back

  26. i know the asuka project from awhile back is on an unspecified hiatus(never going to be finnished). but did it ever progress far enough that there would be some content worth extracting for a future asuka slave?

  27. the hooded blogger
    Please check my status update here

    "She has Asuka as the mandatory assistant (Sora the Barmaid in the game), and actually Asuka can be easily extended to become a slave too eventually."

    I used images posted by the developer and collected by Munkh who assembled and selected the images for Rei

  28. Hey there cmacleod42 just wanted to say thanks for this amazing game and I really appreciate the effort you took to create this ( been hooked for months ), keep it up!

  29. Heyo Cmac, just wondering how things are going. Haven't heard from you in some time, and it seems Bloodfer is going downhill pretty fast. On a more cheery note, keep up the awesome work, but don't do yourself any bad turns!

  30. Squark
    I am just finishing catgirl training. I plan to do a release in a matter of days to release it. Just 2 major and several minor events to write.

    PS What about Bloodfer, I notice there is a lot less posting there of general hentai stuff, is that what you mean

  31. ooh catgirl training... that will be interesting.

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  33. The Asuka slave is highly relevant to my interests.

  34. And how can i make her into a slave?

  35. Anatolj
    I have not released her yet. Once I finish Rei Ayanami them I will look at a simple expansion of Asuka

  36. wouldnt mind some slaves with the smaller body frame

    over sized boobs are over rated

  37. What I was saying about Bloodfer is that it has slowed down immensely, in that sometimes it just won't connect on my end, and when it does, the response time is abysmal.

    Good to hear from again with update news ^^v

    I would shamelessly plug my own project here, but I'm not that shameful =P

  38. Squark
    I had not noticed much of a slowdown, probably time of day or something.

    Feel free to plug away!

  39. I was wondering about that too, there is futanari, rape even tentacles but no loli? or even something that slightly looks like one?

  40. @mario
    do mean something like the girls of lucky star?

  41. mario
    I will not put actual loli, that is underage characters in the game.

    If others want to do flat chested characters of a reasonable age I do not object. I just have little interest, I generally prefer large breasts.

  42. i hope somebody does decide to...

    i would if i could, i very much have interest lol, i just dont know the coding stuff.

    i could do the writing and pic gathering if someone would be willing to do the code though!!

  43. @cmac

    I generally prefer big breasts too, but after having played with EVERY character in the game something different would be nice


    Yes, but the lucky star characters definitely aren't my favs (if I even have any favs) a sadistic loli would be awesome though


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