Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas and a small fix

Hi all, on the weekend I am going away on holidays for 2 weeks and will have limited internet access during that time. So in advance Merry Christmas to you all.

Until I return, here is a small fix for the game

To install just extract into your game installation folder, replacing any files.
If fixes small issues, so is just version 3.2.06a
  • addresses some problems with pregnancy of minor/bought back slaves. Where editing configuration.xml did not retroactively apply
  • small text issues for Ranma and Urd
  • a sexuality bar issue for male slaves
  • text being lost after visiting options
  • some homosexual images shown for some default images, for non-gay acts
  • A small change to the way contests calculate scores as per a developer request

Some people have had issues with events being blank in some areas, or getting the same event repeated over and over. In some cases these might be an interaction with the Tentacle Raid event and an un yet resolved bug in the game. If you have seen these issues,

a) copy
to a backup folder
b) replace it with this file


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  3. posts removed were just a goof om my part regarding "fix" url.

    In other news i play a futa succubus as a trainer.
    Ran into a very hot futa succubus in the town sq., where we had some wild sex and i was left with the remark "they're going to love you"

    Since then i've been watched everywhere i go.
    Is there a new event related to this that i'm unaware of?

    Only bug (minor)i've seen so far is a repeat of my tiredness bar at bottom of page with maxed out tiredness which, when moused over, gives the same info as the regular tiredness bar.

    This is with deleting old game and full install of entire new game and making sure all saves are loaded/saved before training new girl.

  4. Well I am sorry, maybe I did somethin wrong,but I have installed the whole game (version 3.02.06) and I can not see any new slaves in the slavemarket.

    Do you remember that I gave you some photos with the girls?None of them are in the Auction,except the old ones :

    Lian and Dian





    Maid Tara

    Faerie Butterfly

  5. This "fix" has made it so I can't load any of my save games now. It sees them, but won't load them. When I try to, all i see is the girl with the whip saying "Wait!"

  6. A humorous minor issue. For Akane: The owner came by and gave 195.428571428571 gold for training in something

  7. Never mind, I accidentally overwrote all the important stuff. I reinstalled 3.2.06 and put the fix files in the correct spots, and everything works now. Thanks.

  8. "addresses some problems with pregnancy of minor/bought back slaves. Where editing configuration.xml did not retroactively apply"

    What does this mean?

    And also:
    After applying this patch:
    Slaves bought prior to a change in configurations (default fertility) will keep that configuration regardless of any changes in the documents.

    Set DefaultFertility to 100. Intimate with slaves bought prior to change did not yield 100% pregnancy success rate.

    Bought a slave with DefaultFertility still at 100.

    Set DefaultFertility to 0 (no chance). Intimate with slaves bought prior to change yielded pregnancy.

    In plainspeak, something's up.

  9. cat
    those events are part of the Tentacle Raid event, a 3rd party event developed by Kaiser Ryu and mouseGURU

    sorry I have not had the time to add you new ones, I will in the next release.

    The change for pregnancy only alters the case where you change defaulyfertility from 0 to something else. Basically to allow people to change from the default of 0 to something else.
    It does nothing if you change it otherwise, ibcluding changing it to 0, except for new slaves. The value of DefaultFertility is the initial value the slave gets when first trained/purchased/hired

  10. For those interested in downloading 2 gig files I finally got it up. Since this game is actually a little over what I can upload to 4shared, which is a max of 2 gigs, I had to put the slaves Sheena-Yurika in a separate file which I am uploading now. The game has not been patched but you can find both Slave Maker files here:

    For the smaller file I zipped it in a Slaves folder already so just extract it in to your main Slave Maker directory. The slaves in the smaller file are:


    Sorry I couldn't get it in to 1 file like usual but that goes to show you how much this game has grown from it's early incarnations.

    The Windsong Bard

  11. in the update for the hild images (previous update) turns out, the folder only had 3 images instead of all of them (like i thought) x.x which thing should I download to get the hild images again?

  12. Ah.

    I thought the DefaultFertility was called every time "Intimate" was used. Wups.

  13. Still getting gay images, for 69 option with Shampoo.

  14. I've encountered an issue with the Tentacle Raid event, however it didn't seem the be mentioned above. When I am searching through the rooms of my house and encounter the 1st tentacle to fight, after beating it Flash starts crashing. I replaced the events.txt file like you said to, which seems to erase that event altogether. Is this a future fix?

  15. Two little things
    1. A particular event (I think the one that occurs after taking 3 uninhibitor potions) causes minor slaves to have outrageous purchase costs. It's fixed after restarting flash. I don't know what actually caused this, but I think it's that event.

    2. Pregnancy of the main slave being trained isn't explicitly mentioned (not sure if this was an oversight or intentional. Leaning towards the latter). Pregnancy of a female slavemaker during night action with the only male slave we have is also not explicitly mentioned.
    When I say explicitly mentioned, I mean "no flavor text that denotes something out of ordinary happened."

  16. In the update below this one I said that it was impossible for me to find my save because the file path cmac gave me does not exist on my computer.

    I know that I don't have a right to ask, but can you create a folder for saves with the next release?

    I'm asking because I can't carry progress over between versions when I update the game.

    There might be other people with my problem that don't have that file path either.

    At the very least, having a save folder released with the game would end the questions about where to find saves from everyone.

    I remember older versions with a save folder, but it was recently removed, if it's impossible then I'm sorry for asking.

  17. Anonymous, Too bad it's so hard to help someone without seeing their computer or at least talking to them outside of a few posts but I will try.

    I assume you looked at my post on it as well in the last update and that didn't help you. What I would probably do is just run a search on c: or whatever drive your OS, (windows, linux, etc...), is on for your Slave Maker 3 game folder, whatever you called it.

    The directory is always the same name as the one you put your game in. So if your directory is called SlaveMaker3 it would create another directory on your OS drive called SlaveMaker3 where it would store the saves. Hopefully something here helps you.

    In case you want to refer back to what I said in the last update here it is:

    For XP the saves are in:

    X:\Documents and Settings\[your profile]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects

    X is where your OS is installed which for most people is C. The profile name is whatever profile you are logged in with. Then you go in to a weird letter and number directory that's generated randomly. Then go in to localhost and then you should look for the folder with the same name as where you installed it and just follow those folders from there. You should hit your saves.

    In Windows 7 it is:

    X:\Users\[your profile]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\

    Again X is the OS drive. Then you go to local host and from there you should see the folder names where you installed it. Follow those folders and they will lead you to it.

    If all else fails just do a search for the install directory on the OS drive. That will bring it up if all else fails.

  18. Since no-one else seems to be wanting to make BitTorrent downloads for these, I downloaded the thing normally and made one myself.

    Made it non-private so DHT works and it includes two non-indexing public trackers.

    This is uncompressed, so it's 40 MB or so larger.

  19. WinsondBard
    thanks for the mirrot again (and the help for Anonymous)

    you coukd just donwload the full game for the Hild files or

    the Tentacle Raid events are an iteraction of bugs, I'll be reviewing issues in the core game. Otherwise the developers of the event will work on bug on their side.

    non of that pregnancy events have any text, after all in reality you do not really know impregnation has happened, but mainly because the default way the game works is it should never happen.
    What do you suggest

    "I know that I don't have a right to ask, but can you create a folder for saves with the next release?"

    Sorry no it is not possible without extensive re-writing of the game. I use a version of Flash/actionscript that prohibits saving files. It is possible to re-write, but a lot of effort is involved.

    I am unsure where you thought there was a save folder, there never has been. The games are saved in a subfolder in the locations Windsongbard described.

  20. @Windsongbard Thanks for taking time to address me

    Like I said earlier, the only thing inside my macromedia folder is something called "airappinstaller"

    The only explanation I can think of is that I have some weird flash player no one else has, or my computers just set up weird.

    I tried following your directions after making it so I could view hidden folders, it just doesn't seem to exist.

    I just tried something

    I moved the game folder to another area.

    When I opened the game none of my saves were there, when I moved it back to where it was, the saves were back.

    Is that how your game behaves?


    Ah I didn't know.

    Like I said up there I tried everything Windsongbard described and nada.

    Would it possible to create a cheat thing? Like a third option for when I create a new character, I can set his attributes right down to gold, skills, skill levels and renown?

    Sorry if I'm bugging you.

    Ps the game is still awesome :P

  21. As far as pregnancy currently goes, there's a flavor text for minor slaves that indicates something -different- had happened. Having the same thing for the major slaves would be good enough.

    For the lolz I suggest having a kids counter in the -Your Gear- option.

    As far as pregnancy as a whole...A little early to judge that. Until the rest of the game is fleshed out what it has is good.

    Love the work as always. :D

  22. I noticed that only when I hire MUGI it is told to me exactly when I have an event where I have to go(Lady Okyanu/Miss N parties).

    Only Mugi announces me right before the event where I have to go,other assistants won`t tell me nothing about the event and sometimes it happens to forget when Lady Okyanu/Miss N told me to lend the slave.

    Is this a bug or only a special ability that Mugi has?

  23. I'm having a problem with minor slave cora, I've got a file training urd current;y, whenever I try to go to a new slave, cora will no longer show a list of slaves and their condition when talked to, she'll just give the normal discussion message.

  24. does anyone here know what stuff i should mess with inorder for me to activate the pregnancy sequece or no?

  25. actually anoynmous it is possible to carry over previously saved games from the previous to the new one but you have to make sure that the name of the new version of both the new application and Shockwave file matches the previous version.

  26. -Julay
    If memory serves Mugi announces during nightfall (right before the party starts) while everyone else does it in the morning.

    The DefaultFertility in the configuration.xml file allows pregnancy, pretty sure it's not complete enough to be called a sequence, but hey.
    Note: It will only affect slaves bought after changing the value in the file.

  27. Merry Christmas, all! Hurry back, CMac, and I love the Santa Dandy pic. :-D

  28. Everytime i tried to have any sex/normal act with Dark Magician Girl (kiss etc) the screen freeze if she did not refuse the act. Anyone has the same problem?

  29. @3109cf30-f7d2-11e0-abfe-000bcdcb2996
    Damn straight
    If you don't then something is wrong with you

  30. For the save game problems.
    ¿Would a soft link suffice? I believe It would be easier to do.
    Just offering an idea.

  31. Cmac, everyone else who works on the slaves, I wish to ask for one simple patch this year...

    A patch to add outfits like Santa 'dandy to the purchasable costumes.

  32. Anonymous, I am glad to hear that you got your saves back. My saves have never gotten misplaced before. Deleted by CCleaner yes, but not misplaced. Yeah, changing the game location is not going to do anything to help you find your saves. Since as I said when you make your first save it makes directories to match the game location.

    Yeah, Assuming no major upgrades to the game it's usually possible to carry over your saves. There have been times in the past where saves could not be carried over but that involved major upgrades to the game structure itself that made old saves incompatible.

    Voro, A soft link might work. When I posted the save links here I tried to make them a bit generic but you could have a similar format like at the bottom of the text file or something. What I thought about suggesting was have a generic link in the text file with the recommendation that you paste your link below.

    So when you need your saves you just copy & paste from the text file and it puts you right there, or at least up to your shared objects folder. Only problem I thought of with that is that unless you rename it you may lose it in the next game update. At any rate figuring out how best to show people the save game locations is a bit tricky but I am sure we will figure it out.

  33. sory to say but three things i want to see in this game firts more relation with lady farum and yuor own slaves yuo purchase in the market second how the overall point works because alway i get the pros ens an third some can make this chathers morrigand aseland and Shizuka of quenn blade

  34. I am having two problems during the Tentacle raid event.

    First: After meeting with the Fae, she turns my male character into an hermaphrodite, but when I choose the option for her to turn me back into a man, she says she will do it, but for some reason my character doesn't change back.

    Second: When I am searching through the rooms in my house, I defeat the tentacle but then my flash player crashes.

    What do I do?

  35. maybe you should try and play the game with out the Tentacle raid event

  36. I think there is a problem with this version. I started with a fresh install and patched with the fix from the current post and started the game. There are many meetings that have been there, but now there are gone. I never had the meeting for getting the bitgag, at the docks, there is always a nun, no lesbian, no sex encounters, only nuns. Similar with the palace - no pony tail. On the beach also there was much more events. is something changed in the game or is it a bug?

  37. how do you start the tentacle raid event?

  38. Orin, It starts when a woman calls you at an alley. If you choose to follow her, you will discover that she is a demon, she has sex with you and then she says "They will love you." Then you just take walks with your slave until you start noticing the presence of someone following you. Then you meet the bounty hunter at the port (Slave pens) and she will instruct you futher. Tho, this tentacle raid event is bugging =p

  39. oh, I met with the bounty hunter already, after that nothing, they stopped following me, and visiting her doesn't mention it.

  40. when i extracted the files for the full download (from previous post) it said "CRC failed in 'slaves\slaves-heather.swf' .file is broken"

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  42. Stuck on tentacle raid, visited Irina (bounty hunter), got map location for K... (forgot name, the monster hunter) and K shows in "visit" But...

    There is no way to visit her alone.

    Whether you personally supervise, have assistant
    supervise or "lend" for day or night, any visits
    or click on maps are always with 2 people.

    Any Lend, game follows the lend only, You are not off alone during it...

    Maybe tick off "Can go out unsupervised" under rules?

  43. I too am having issues with the Tentacle Raid Event.

    I was out training Sakura (as a cock of Demonc Origin Dickgirl Slave Trainer) and after the event, I somehow gave birth to a Tentacle beast -- without ever having lost to them. And after that it was a continual stream of tentacle beasts flying out of my Trainer like she was some sort of Tentacle Factory. I counted 8 or 9 in as many days before I just started hoping it would correct itself.
    My hat goes off to Kaiser Ryu and mouseGURU for creating something so involved, and just hope you can pass this error along to them ^^

  44. Heh, Bulma, whom i had as a love confession, buy back option some time ago and is living with me, has given birth twice now to litters of tentacle offspring from getting pregnant *30* days ago (while i was training another girl).

    I assume the 4 former trainee girls living with me come and go as they please but i never heard of any of them running into tentacle monsters while i was

  45. So how exactly can I rise the Nursing Statistic (it it a special Statistic only for Heather.) ?

    I own the Nurse Uniform and I met some kind of little seer girl who said that will come to visit in some morning.But she never did.

    So I keep walkin everywhere and search for somethin to help me find Cathy (the girl from Heather`s dreams) who I assume will help my slave to become a better nurse.

    Any help ?

  46. One more problem

    When I finish the training of the slave I get that 1 Skill Point and I decide where I want to put it ( Slave Trainer/LeaderShip/Alchemy/Refined ) BUT when I click on some of these categories that skill point won`t add to the initial value .
    The skill point disappeared and the level of the skill remained the same.

    I mean,this happens every time . Why ?

  47. Julay, just in case, did you notice that some skills cost more skill points? Like, while "lesbian trainer 1" costs one point, "level 2" costs two points? If i'm right, then your spent point isn't lost, but you need to spend one more (or more than one, depending on the skill's cost) to get your next skill level.

    On another note... does anyone know where i can make character requests? I have a couple ideas, some probably already thought of, and some most likely not yet, but i don't want to put them in "comments" if it can be avoided.

  48. Got a suggestion. I just misclicked who to lend my slave to. There is no way to correct it. Clearing the planning just means you can't add anything afterwards.

    Since my desktop is currently effed up I had to start anew and I have yet to pick a slave with special abilities. Have you fixed the bug where no special abilities could be used? Rather hard to use Rogue if her abilities don't work.

    And Mihoshi. If you haven't finished the ruins quest the ruins will be impossible to reach after having had Mishoshi. But Kiyone's home stays on the map for all time.

  49. Oh, forgot to mention. To add to what Julay wrote earlier; Rhia doesn't mention Miss N or Lady Okyanu's events. I have to check the training log to know when they are.

    Oh, and when you ask Shampoo to go naked after giving her the catsuit she'll not automatically wear the cat ears and cat tail.

  50. @ Vld

    No,I did not think about that .It could be what you said ,not a bug/error,but I remember that for the Slave Trainer/LeaderShip Skill I used (in the past versions ) only 1 skill point to increase it .

    I guess that only cmacleod42 can tell me for sure,and he may also help you ,Vld , with your problem .


    Wouldn't be great if all the assistants could tell you right before the event that you have to go there ? That would be quite helpful .

  51. @Julay:

    An easy way to remember is this:
    Raising any skill to the next level costs the next level amount of skill points.
    Okay, that's a little confusing.
    What I meant to say is this:
    Level 1 -> 2 = 1SP
    Level 2 -> 3 = 2SP
    Level 3 -> 4 = 3SP
    Level 4 -> 5 (Slave Trainer only, IIRC) = 4SP

    Weapon Skills will only ever cost 1SP to increase.

  52. i just found a bug. It seem if your slave gives birth to the tentacle spawns on the day of the end of training. the game doesnt end the training for that slave... you just keep going 2 days after...

  53. Kirino seems very buggy in the newer version.
    Her pics keep disappearing and all of her dress give the same marginal all round stat boost (some of them don't have names either).

  54. Having a bit of a problem with Ryo. Whenever I try to do Kiss, Make him Masturbate, Dildo, or a few other things, the game freezes up. Is that because my Master is a guy, or is it a glitch?

  55. Just tried it with a female character, and got the same results.

  56. I'd love to see more red lily stuff implemented in the next release, just found out about that the other day and love it, + its nice that playing with a submissive slave maker allows you to choose different options in dialogues.

    Btw when training Peach and I put my hands on the Lafeme Amulet, the game doesnt allow me to fight the attackers ("mario" etc), when they are triggered to attack I click on next and the fight screen doesnt appear, just starts the next day like nothing happened...

    Any fix about that? :S

  57. Nevermind, fixed it myself. Was a problem with my Slave Maker. Downloaded the complete game from a little while ago and the bug fix and everything works fine now.

  58. Yet again I'm stuck on the Ruins quest. I've spoken to Farun and gotten the mission to get a steady supply of Nymph's Tears. I even brought the slave's Nymphomania down to 30 and the Private Tutor still won't trigger the event. At best she'll say "Did you enjoy the lesson?" (Palace) or be described as "sensual and a little stimulated" (Lake).

    I just can't seem to stop meeting Lia and Sola though.

    Clean install to 3.2.06, with fixes and event-file.

  59. New Slave available: Elesa

  60. Say is there any guides out there that explains how you can make your own slave?

  61. @Regigigas, what are the requirements for Lesbian, Naked, Brothel, Sleazy Bar? 150? Got tired of it quickly when I tested her in sandbox.

    And to supplement what I wrote December 24, 2011 1:29 PM. New slavemaker, ended up with the same predicament until I visited the Forest for no apparent reason, temporary insanity?, and met the dickgirl maid. Next visit to the Lake landed me the Nymph's Tear. Hidden requirement?

  62. Hey there, it was partially mentioned allready, but before the tentacle raid at ones house, you get tourned into a hermaphrodite.
    After one chooses to stay one or become either male or female... I had a male slave maker and wanted to stay one, but you stay a hermaphrodite even after chosing to become one again.

    Even though the event started more than just wonderful to read through, but now I stand at a point which makes it rather unattractiv to continue.

    As it was allready answered partially, I just hope for a fix as a wish to continue this well made, but not yet finished, event.

  63. When training Musashi it is told to you that:

    "Musashi can find various monster tracks in the Forest (The Pheromones increase the chance.)

    To catch it, she needs the Call that would lure that monster,

    Narcotic Bait to tranquilize it, and on returning to the Forest in another turn,

    a Monster Ball to hold it. The amount of bait may depend on Monster Hunting statistic. "

    So What exactly are the NARCOTIC BAIT ,the Monster Ball ,The Pheromonesand and the Call and where could I find them ?

  64. @Elfa posting an update with a changed stroy and stats on New Years.

    + a few others.

    Lesbian and Brothel are 200, almost all others are below 100. (But you need max lesbian trainer skill and max ponygirl trainer skill to start those)

  65. ......Can SOMEONE write some Male slaves, Please? PLEASE! I mean, Ryo is okay.....but....I want one where you don't have to go through the whole "Reveal" process.....

  66. @Regigigas Yeah, actually read through the file. Gonna have to wait a bit before my usually female SMs can manage that slave. =P


    I hope that can help you, it's a partie (70% of the xml file) of the translation in french ^^"

  68. Naru's charisma is still decreasing by two every day. I have to do the make-up thing for her to keep up with the decrease

  69. Not quite related to the new release, but just thought I'd let you know, the wiki's site has been suspended! Just a heads up, that's all.

  70. @johndoe123 Either the provider haven't gotten their money, or they suddenly thought the content was objectional to their policies. Ugh.

  71. Just ran with Peach. Started as male, used the milking event to turn female and then ate two evil mushrooms. Got Inhuman ancestry event in the mornings. Interesting to have a cock as a fully female SM. <.<'

  72. @Elfa.

    I am Elesa's developer for the game.

    Elesa's story has changed and me and 2 others are working as a group, developing Skyla, and her story connects to Elesa's. Lesbian training is disabled though, but she will do the act though. But this is only so it connects to Skyla, who will be released next month.

    Here's the update link:

  73. First time writing, so sorry if wrong place or unfit language. First, game is wonderful, thx for it.
    1. Forest event after second breast expansion: anyone knows correct choice sequence for breast expansion and is there any other meaningful sequences?
    2. Slave makers sex skill (increases by visiting stall at the palace after, for me after unlocking red lily) - any purpose for it?
    1. Extreme body changes influence training, like during actions or at least ending(trained Aeris, after some time noticed that breast are 186cm, cock 194cm. But only sign is minor changes in text during tit-fuck, nothing else, not even wight or picture).
    2. Same with slave maker, cock size changes only little part of text during same tit-fuck action.
    3. I think Cow girl and Cum Slut endings have too high priority selecting ending. They are way too easily achievable to overcome other, especially special, endings. Or are they supposed to be bad endings?

  74. @regigas,
    I cannot get Elesa to work,
    I download the zip and extract the files
    the three alone files to slaves folder
    the Elesa folder to images, but she doesn't appear, even in sandbox, did I goof up?

  75. @Slaver666 That is weird. I have trained her at least 3 times getting her ready. Don't know what is wrong. She works right on mine.

  76. Ok, a few things. How do you get your slaves you buy to get pregnant, and how do you get the breast expansion? I'm not sure how to even activate it and I wish to.

  77. also! How do you get tentacles in your house?

  78. While I know that it isn't a saved game as we know it, but if you track down the slavemaker.exe folder in the Macromedia folders, save it to another drive. I save Mine onto a thumb drive after shutting down the game for the night. So now, every time cc cleaner, clearing IE caches, or whatnot eats my saved game, all I have to do is start a new game and use the saved folder to overwrite the new slavemaker.exe folder. No muss, no fuss, and impossible for your puter to kill off your game. :-)
    Fatmanspencer, pardon My language, but you get your harem slave pregnant the old-fashioned way: Fuck her silly (Talk to slaves; Intimacy, and keep at it). Maran just delivered her baby for My slaver. And breast expansion is oftentimes connected to specific events, such as having your slave drink Count Gossem's milk potion.

    I hope that this missive was useful.

    Regards from the House of Ilsen,
    Tabrit and Birgit
    5th District Mardukane, Miyoya

  79. Thanks! now... are thre any other special events? Cause now i feel like an idiot after achieving Count's potion.

  80. Alright, so can anyone tell me, how do the tentacles get in your house? What is the steps to do it that way?

  81. (Slave maker wiki) says that the account is suspended. Somebody knows what's going on?

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. @fatmanspencer If you have the most recent update, then configuration.xml in notepad or some word editor and change default fertility whatever number you change it to will be the % chance of pregnancy each time.

  84. @Ztztzt39

    Elfa said...

    @johndoe123 Either the provider haven't gotten their money, or they suddenly thought the content was objectional to their policies. Ugh.
    December 30, 2011 12:57 AM

    Please read the last few posts? =P

  85. Elesa update:

    Also first new slave of 2012 will be...Snow White.

  86. is there a fix for the tenteccal raid event? One that does not erase the event from the game, but lets you complete it? That story line seems really interesting, and I hate not being able to finish it.

  87. @Seriously, as I understood it, it's a work in progress. Having looked at the code I found several areas where there were comments along the lines of "Implement this or that" "Check if it's possible to..." "Ask cmacleod42 to implement this or that to let us do this part of the function".

    If memory serves, one of the characters you need to talk to have not been written into the code yet, so finishing the event seems hard.

  88. Apparently the account for the Slavemaker Wiki has been suspended. Any chance on getting another one up?

  89. It was up for a few hours yesterday. We'll have to wait and see a bit.

    Anyone have all the information? I only have the items, endings and SM skills saved to disk, I think.

  90. How do you get the tentacles to be in your home?

  91. Thank you so much for such a fun game! :-)
    Mine is Shampoo and her conversation keeps falling - incessantly. I bought her many teddies but it is discouraging to see it nearing 0. And her joy also rountinely falls... Is it because of my house? I chose the first option though I forgot what its name was.. Is there any way to solve this problem?

  92. -Baroque

    First option is Keep, if memory serves. That thing is like a sponge for joy. Go to the rules for the slave and start turning things on to stop everything else from dropping, most of the time.

  93. Hi! If you look for SM wiki backup, You should look here:*/ ;)

  94. News update on the Wiki. It's down for now and until the owner can manage a whole lot of work. Reason, I'm guessing, was "blatantly offensive material". Found that tidbit in the former host's AUP/TOS.

    I saved down the rules from the Wiki:

    Talk; On - No effect
    Off - Sens +1, Conv -1

    Pray; On - If Morailty is over 50; Morality +1, Lust -3, Nymph -3. Otherwise Lust -1
    Off - No effect

    Go out; On - Allows tentacle events, if rule Fuck is enabled and Nymph over 50 the slave will randomly fuck people, increasing Fuck and Blowjob, decreasing Lust
    Off - Joy -3, Sens -1, Cons -1, Rep -1

    Touch self; On - If Lust over 60 then Lust -1, Temper -1
    Off - +0.5 Lust

    Fuck anyone; On - More likely to date someone
    Off - No effect

    Have Pocket Money; On - Sens -1, Joy +1, Gold -2 (if possible)
    Off - No effect

    Write to family and Friends; On - Sens +1, Joy -1
    Off - No effect

    Hope this helps.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. Damn i cant play this without that guide!

  97. I can't seem to activate the Tentacle Raid event anymore. I got it to work once without knowing what I did, and when I tried to start it over, it never activated again. Any help?

  98. I really like the game, but could you please add more content to the Red Lily? I download every update and hope that it has been updated but each time I am disappointed.

  99. I am the developer of Elesa, Ami/Sailor Mercury, and Dark Magician Girl. I have also joined a group to make slaves for the game. The group is Hellfire. We are currently doing A LOT of new girls for the game. Including the remaining Sailor Senshi/Scouts. Usagi and Makoto will both be released in March.

  100. Originally downloaded 3.5 thinking it was a complete version... not. It was enough to learn to play the game: 8 slaves, generic assistant, one player pic, only go to palace and town center without a crash, no contests. So I got pretty good at the core game.

    Looking through this site I look the advice of another poster and loaded all files and updates in order from 3.2.01 and now the game is working pretty good. Is 3.6 supposed to be a complete copy of all the game? I didn't try to find out and, btw, it has a few corrupted files in it.

    Problems I am seeing with Shampoo (one of the downloads that had a file error) as my first trainee is that when a new pic goes up the old one isn't removed so they layer, and for some reason Farun's pics seem to have top of stack priority to be shown and several other pics will come in under those as events occur.

    Also every time we enter the sleazy bar the gold goes to zero and when we leave we only have the wages and tips for that visit left. I am pretty sure something else caused this too, but I didn't figure out what it was, just noticed that I was broke again.

    I have set my configuration.xml file so pregnancy is 5%, I find it an amusing twist and babies pop out after 30 days iirc. At one point I was taking personal time with my other house slave, Ryo, every day and heshe got the special text for pregnancy twice in about three days, then 30 days later the slave I was training had two babies. Maybe installing the full game has fixed that, I don't have a clue. Someone said there is no text clue, but I found one in the languages folder buried in all the text messages. It basically says " had an especially strong orgasm and smiles at you fondly" (not bothering to look that up for precision).

  101. I'm not sure how big the files would be, but you said you have a 2 gig file limit at some site? If you could make one file all the images folder and another file everything else, I suspect both would be less than 2 gig each and you could then have a full and complete version of the game for basing future changes from.

  102. Today I resolved nearly every problem I listed by downloading 3.2.6 again from the mirror. I didn't have to go back to any earlier versions and I got rid of the file corruption issues completely. Still not sure about the house slave pregnancy issue, but I'll eventually get to that point. This game is intriguing with the added complexity issues.

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. One problem I have had is that when going through the tentacle quests and meeting the fae I can select "Male" but after that point still get treated as a herm. x.x

  105. I'm having the same problem as above, my female character, after the event with the Fae, stays hermaphrodite even if i choose to stay a woman. I've saved before that happens because i refuse to continue like that. should we just wait for a fix? :<

  106. I'm another one with the fae bug. No matter what option you choose, you're stuck as a herm.

  107. True Catgirl Tribe doesn't unlock Experienced Trader for purchasing.

  108. I'm new to this game, so sorry if the solution is obvious.
    Using this patch, I literally cannot see any text. Version 3.2, which I downloaded from the official site works perfectly, but when I apply this patch, the text disappears.

  109. Do you have to install the original version first? I installed this version but the images aren't showing.

    1. Also when I extracted Part 1 an error came up saying that Part 2 was needed on a disk. Is that something I need to do or am I just installing it wrong?

  110. hotfix for the tentacle raid hermoprodite change problem:

    replace the Event-TentacleRaid.xml with this file:

    i do not know if there are some strange sideefects, but it is working.

    No, I do not know how to fix the Chrash after attacking the tentacles at your home.

  111. How I can to download this fix?

    this file was deleted in all mirrors ((

  112. descupe be the bearer of bad news, but the new update of the number 16 minor-slaves were invisible and their names were left with an 's.

    1. Sorry to be bearer of bad news, but the new update of the number 16 minor-slaves were invisible and their names were left with an 's. sorry the later message i forget one

  113. i find a new error, this version 16 not complete the training, and finish.

  114. in this version 17 you fixed some problems, but have one yet. When we choice, vampire character for slave maker or fury or other, the game back to human image, the blonde for exact. you can fixed this problem? Thanks for antecipation.

  115. i sorry for say, the error of shampoo not still fixed: i go give you example about i say. When i play whith shampoo, when i complete 53 or 63 the game close, and go to end, same if i not do she love. can fixed please?

  116. please reupload the fixes, depositfiles deleted them :(


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