Monday, December 12, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.06 Release

Finally 3.2.06 is ready for release. This version has many fixes and changes over the last 3.2.04 release and the unstable 3.2.05 release.
  • There are many fixes for male slaves to improve text, sexuality, images and similar. Male specific sex acts are now present and multiple events have been customised for male cases.
  • multiple fixes and additions for xml based slaves
  • improvements for the images shown in the 'Talk To Slaves' screen
  • a help button has been added to the load/save screen to help limit lost save games support questions
Other than the above 3.2.06 is essentially a bug fix release.

There are several versions of this release provided.
Since 3.2.03 multiple slaves have been upgrades and several new slaves have been released.

Upgrade for 3.2.03 or later (Non Slaves)
This will upgrade an existing 3.2.03 or later version of SlaveMaker to 3.2.06. It will only upgrade the core game. No slaves are changed by this release.

Just extract this archive into the folder of your game installation

if you try to train Ayanami Rei with this update it will not work correctly as Assistant Asuka was renamed to Sora. If you get this issue, copy this file into your Slaves folder
This is not needed for any of the other upgrades/installs below.

Upgrade for 3.2.03 or later (All Slave Changes)
This will upgrade an existing 3.2.03 or later version of SlaveMaker to 3.2.06 and all slave and assistant upgrades will be done. Please note this upgrade renames the assistant Asuka to Sora.
Note this is very large

Just extract part 1 of this archive into the folder of your game installation

Full Version
This is the full installation for the game.

Mirror from WidsongBard
Just extract part 1 of this archive into a new folder of your choice. If you wish to preserve existing save games, delete your previous installation and then extract into the same folder as your previous installation.


  1. He-he, lucky!
    I test this now...

  2. Hmm.. I think I need to re-download the full version to fix that issue with Shampoo I've been having...

  3. paula2z
    remond me what you issue is?

    updated post with next set of links

  4. Your multiupload links are no longer valid for 3.2.01

  5. I've been reading through the coding of maran, trying to figure out how to properly change the xml files to enable pregnancy for all slaves and I noticed that maran is supposed to have varios pictures related to how far into the pregnancy she is, when I checked the listed location they didn't exist though.
    Are they being left for later? or did I lose them?

  6. Kalekemo
    I take down older links, but 3.2.03 full install is still be availble.

    You must have an incomplete installation. The only fix is really to wait for tinight and get the full installer for 3.2.06

    For pregnancy the best solution is
    a) edit configuration.xml and change the default fertility
    b) start a new game
    But the edit in a) should apply to existing slaves.
    Remember prenanacy takes 9 months, so it requires a lot of time in-game. The nurse Cora will report 'they are gaining weight' and this signifies they are pregnant. Other than that little will happen for 9 months, except for the images for Maran.

  7. My download time for 500 MB says 6 hours

    Must be a lot of people out there downloading

  8. Is there anyway to get it to work without losing my progress?

  9. Just installed and was creating a new game when it struck me that your packages could be used as customization starting points.

    I mean, like this it would be possible to create some combinations that would be impossible otherwise. Like the l...ian trainer, as being one and passionate about it is different from being only a trainer (which even males can be).

    In such cases the number of available points to spare would need to be adjusted and also some options fixed in place.

  10. i agree with Orin bout more girls being able to get pregnant, but i guess the bigger question is if there is anything special that happens with the baby. i haven't gotten that far yet. i know the given orders to the slaves/assistants is still in work but i think that would be a good area to give them an order to be able to get pregnant. i would offer to help write the coding, but i don't know how to.

  11. would the update work with 3.2.03 beta?

  12. Is anyone else having trouble with the masturbate options for the more recent slaves?

  13. @Orin, you can pick up after you left off as long as you don't change installation folder.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. wheres the file that contains our saved games? i couldn't find the post that u told us which one to remove before a update so we don't lose them

  16. Orin
    as I said edit the configuration.xml file and it should apply to the current game. Any time you do Intimacy with them they will have that percent chance of becoming pregnant

    no nothing happens, you will get a birth event but that is it. Maran has some additional graphics during pregnancy.

    What issues are you having with masturbate?

  17. Lending to miss N when it isn't the party event reduces my money to zero.

    Also, brain slug rape/fight stops the 8 day contest from happening

  18. Oh, also When I explore the rocks at the beach, I very frequently get an image and no text. Using slave Eri

  19. What about quest for Nobility lvl 3?

  20. I've encountered issue with the count. If I meet him in the sleazy bar and visit him the next day (or several days later) all I get is

    Only tested on Tohsaka so far.

    Also, found an odd bug. Walked to the slums and met the drug seller. After that I had the onsen planned. I got the event for "helping" a customer, but no yes or no button.

  21. That bug has been there a while about the onsen lol...sometimes you get a special event at the bar/sleazy bar and it asks you if you want to be a customer or a client...but then the answers you have are either yes or no.

  22. Hi again

    Did you added the other slaves at the slavemarket? Just asking because I can not see any of them and I think here could be a problem with my game :(

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Erm... So apparently my character is being stalked by tentacles and I'm supposed to help/get help from a girl named Keawe. She wants me to get a shipment for her, but I can't remember from where, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to find it on my own. And when I looked up the character she doesn't exist. Am I the only one who's magically gotten this storyline?

    1. Just to answer this question b/c I skipped it by accident the first time as well and couldn't figure it out. When you visit Keawe the first time she will tell you that she needs some crystals from a cave at the lake OR she mentions the nuns sometimes know where to find them and may have what you need.

    2. as far as i know the quest goes like this:
      1) find the cristal = go to the temple, do personal assistant in acolyte work.(maybe also you could look for the crystal in the lake)go back to keawe
      2)find the lost shipment= keawe says that a noble is involve so you have to "atend court", two or three times, one per day, you will meet a fox-girl, and she will give back the shipment.go back to keawe
      3)find the fuel= do " relax in a sleazy bar", not work just relax, and a faerie will have sex with you(advise: the faerie will change your sex to hermafrodite and b/c a bug you can go back to male no matter what you choose you will be hermafridite from that moment. go back to keawe(not fight the tentacles, go to emporium)
      4) at night: keawe will go to your house to hunt the tentacles i dont play more b/c the game stuck and the adobe flash stuck my advise avoid this quest until the bug is fixed.

  25. I just wanted to let you know that I should have the 4shared site updated today, I hope, so there will be an alternative soon.

    Silvermist66, For XP the saves are in:

    X:\Documents and Settings\[your profile]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects

    X is where your OS is installed which for most people is C. The profile name is whatever profile you are logged in with. Then you go in to a weird letter and number directory that's generated randomly. Then go in to localhost and then you should look for the folder with the same name as where you installed it and just follow those folders from there. You should hit your saves.

    In Windows 7 it is:

    X:\Users\[your profile]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\

    Again X is the OS drive. Then you go to local host and from there you should see the folder names where you installed it. Follow those folders and they will lead you to it.

    If all else fails just do a search for the install directory on the OS drive. That will bring it up if all else fails.

    Hope that helps,

    The Windsong Bard

  26. @cmac
    Shampoo's name never appeared aside from her main image after you chose her and your assistant. Everywhere else, her name was gone.
    Shampoo's Statistics
    instead says
    's Statistics

  27. @cmacleod42 Whenever I use Unohana or Dark Magician girl and click the make masturbate option it just gives me a picture of a room and the game freezes

  28. @Sai I've gotten that storyline too and did most of it until I got unfinished events. Go Attend Court and you'll meet Ryan. Do that once or twice more to get the materials.

    As for the game, I can't get Pony Training to start. Obedience at 111 and Personally Supervising the walks to the Port Area, but I only keep getting encounters with Nuns instead of the Ponygirl Trainer.

  29. Elfa
    which install did you use and what version of the game did you upgrade?

    issues like this sound like you installed one of the first two patches (ie not the full game) and installed it into a new folder or into a subfolder of your game.
    The upgrades are purely meant to be installed overtop of an existing installation, into the same folder, and raplacing any files when asked.

    that is a newish event called the 'Tentacle Raid' it is developed by Kaiser Ryu and mouseGURU mainly. It still has some bugs and is incomplete but is in development

    thanks as always for the mirrors

    do you still get the issue now since the upgrade?

    which install did you use and what version of the game did you upgrade?

    Does your slave maker have Ponytrainer Skill at all? Which slave, some require higher skill levels and some refuse always (Yoruichi for one)
    Is the Pony Mistess available to visit?

  30. CMacleod
    My Slave Maker does not have the Ponytrainer Skill. I've checked the Visit menu and I can't visit Pony Mistress. The problem is that the invitation event at the Port isn't happening (quick loaded many, many times to retry).

    I'm training Shampoo and she's my first slave. Used Slave Trainer 2 Advantage and Genma Assistant to get Obedience to 111.

  31. Fisher
    have you enabled ponygirls in options?
    Otherwise you should meet the mistress or s ponygirl when the random event happens

  32. CMacleod
    Yep, I went through the Options before even making my character and made sure Ponygirl Training is enabled. I've gotten it to work in every previous build, which is why I posted about it.

    Like I said, I only get Nun events. Perhaps that's somehow related? I have no idea, but might be relevant.

    Also, if I'm the only one who has this problem, feel free to write it off as PEBKAC. I'll just reroll and start with PonyTrainer.

  33. Cmac, I have a suggestion for you. It seems like the question about "How do I find my saves" comes up quite often. How about in your next upload you add a text file called "Save Game Locations" or "How to find your Save Games" to help people more easily find their saves. I think it's a good idea anyway.

    At any rate I have the first uploads ready. These are the exact same files Cmac posted here so feel free to mix and match. I am working on a big file download and will let you know when that's done.

  34. I downloadeed the full installation, when I tried to unrar them, only part one was sucessfull, everything else was exactly 86% complete before failing. Is there anyway to tell if I everything?

  35. Orin, You should have 5 zip files. Make sure the first 4 are 512 megs in size. The fifth and last one should be 99 megs. If any of those are less than that try redownloading that file. I am not sure what you use to unzip these files but if you have winrar you can run a test on the files.

    I am pretty sure most other archive programs have it as well but I can only vouch for winrar. If there is an error in any of the files it will tell you which means you have to redownload that file.

    I hope this helps.

    The Windsong Bard

  36. Where can I find my save files so I can back them up in preparation for a move to a new rig?

  37. so i downloaded the first 3 parts and th4 is on the way but all the files are RaR file shouldn't it be zipped files or i should install winrar and unzipp them tho i downloaded zipped files and was fine
    please help

  38. cmac
    Nope I just checked and everything is fine for now. Lovin' the upgrade.

  39. Windsongbard
    thanks for the mirrors.

    I did add to the Load/Save screen a help button giving a link for help locations, but I should add a separate document as well as this is asked quite often.

    see the help button, it links you to
    for locations

    use any program you have that supports rar files, most do. If you get errors extracting try WinRar or 7zip both work perfectly for rar files

    1. mine wont work right and i used winrar

  40. For some reason Hild's name is invisible when selecting an assistant and so is for Sora (Asuka's clone - which if you ask me, you should consider removing her...unless there IS a Asuka look-a-like named Sora that I don't know about). Also how in the world is Felicia considered a furry? And not Melisandra for that matter? The roles should be reversed. 0.o
    Lastly that file you posted for Orin, do all of us need that file as well?

  41. EroWL
    There is an Asuka clone called Sora, she is the Barmaid you can meet at the Sleazy Bar and can visit/lend your slaves to. She has always used Asuka's images in the game.

    Felicia is to my understanding a woman who dresses like a cat, not an anthropomorphic cat (ie a furry)
    Melisandra is a mithra (true catgirl) a race of feline beings. These are not furries as such, and definitely not in the mythology for furries in ths game.
    For hild, please check do you have a file

  42. EroWL
    please also check you have the file

    If you are missing either of these let me know I can post them for you, but it would be likely you used the core game only upgrade. It had minimal files for assistants, so you may of missed them there.

  43. About the tentacle raid series - where should I submit the bugs I've encountered? Because that's a fun string of events, but broken.

  44. the pony tails don't seem to work for most slaves...
    also, why can't we drug the slave and make them call us master/mistress? they are just a slave (I mean, why do we need their permission to turn them into a horse? Just because mistress epona said some nonsense about the slave having to want to be a horse; it doesn't matter what the slave wants, They're just a slave! =.=
    And have you considered adding dog training? Not just the puppy girl that you meet in the city; I mean full fledged, bitchsuit + muzzle and forcing the slave to behave like a real dog, including sleeping in a cage.
    I'm a little sick with how nice the slave maker character is; I'd prefer to actually be able to force slaves to do things

  45. hm. Why do u want to play as an asshole so badly? Also, i think it makes sense that u can't have ur slave do anything u want from the very beginning. After all they will most likely be rebellious at first and u have to make them more obedient as time passes.Why should they accept orders from some1 they don't consider an authority?

  46. cmacleod42 Ah.... Forgot about the barmaid NPC... -.-; But if she is already an NPC, why is she selectable as an assistant (since all the other NPCs are not hire-able)? Then what exactly do you consider a furry? Wiki's definition says this: "Furry fandom is a fandom for fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes." This pretty much fits the bill for True Catgirls imo. And if Felicia is not a furry, then how come she cannot be accessed when I have furry options turned off(it even says it, too)? And yes, I do have the xml files for Sora and Hild, but their names are still not showing. Would it help to say that I deleted other assistants that I would never use(i.e. Bridget, Genma, etc.)? Would that have affected them (however I kinda doubt it since those two are the only ones affected)?

  47. @heyIjustwant... it makes sense that you can't make them do everything, that they will resist. I'm asking why can't we drug them with ishinai and convince them to call you master/mistress and then convince them to be a pony. I'd enjoy training someone to be a pony, and having to make them accept that that is what they are now. yes, resistance would be expected (and wanted); I just don't like how you have to have their permission to make them into a pony. It implies that they still have that freedom of choice, which as a slave, they no longer have. =.= and Its not being an asshole, its called being a slaver.

  48. In the keawe story line at the end when fighting the monsters in mansion. the script becomes unresponsive after winning the fight any suggestions to avoid it?

    1. Add me to the list of people with the unresponsive-script-after-defeating-tentacles-in-your-house-in-the-keawe-story-line problem. Worst part (for me) is that I didn't realize it was coming up, so I don't have a save file from anywhere before that night. Gah.

  49. I also have the issue with the script freezing up at the end of the keawe storyline.

  50. Hi this is my first post and I just wanna say great game and thanks for all your hard work. I just experienced a bug with the new update. My assistant Cumslut Kasumi confessed to me, I refused and the slave I was training (Samus) would get no love at all and I would get the "wanted to say something but does not" message when kissing even though I just started training her.

  51. Elfa,

    When the Count says "..." that is normal when you visit with a naked slave. The count prefers his visiting slaves to be refined and elegant (i.e. Well-endowed... er I mean well behaved and dressed). He won't talk to 'naked sluts'.

    If you get this response from the count with a slave wearing clothes.... that's probably a bug.


    Great game as always! Thanks for the hard work!

  52. Just to clear something up, Is pregnancy supposed to apply to the actual slaves that got love/ bought back endings?
    It only seems to apply to slaves bought from auction, not other slaves or assisstants.

  53. Ok. This is getting to be a real big problem to me.
    It would seem that, for one, when scrolling through slaves, if I go to the third and fourth pages, I cannot return to the first and second pages. It will only cycle through the third and fourth list of slaves.
    Worse than that, the Lamia and PS slaves I added have yet to appear on said list.
    It's rather frustrating.

  54. I can't find my saves, I have windows 7 but the places you told windows 7 users to look in don't exist (on my computer)

  55. I have issues with sakura...
    Ninja / Public service works are with a red slash...
    If I work there, no image is displayed, and all stats have change to NaN...
    I upgraded from
    3.2.04 -> 3.2.05 -> 3.2.06/Non slaves.

    Anyone else with this issue?

  56. Thanks for all the hard work on this, very much enjoy it. I haven't updated since 3.03 and decided to do a full new download as I have been having issues with installing new slaves.

    Bug I am experiencing:
    When using the Unusual Cum dickgirl background, the obedience requirement for blowjob used to be zero. This is no longer happening, the slave will now refuse if the obedience requirement isn't met.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Chanco
    this is a bug with Sakura, she is incomplete

    The Box
    I'll check

    Magnum Corpus
    If a file is rpeorted as corrupt this means your download failed and was corrupt. Redownload and try again

  59. Redownloaded all parts. Now for some reason if I try and travel anywhere besides Town Center it loads a blank screen and I can't continue. Am I still screwing up the download?

  60. Anonymous,

    I had a longer post I can't see, anymore so the short answer is this:

    AppData folder is normally a Hidden Folder in windows7 which would be why you can't find it. Use your Windows Explorer --> Tools --> Folder Options --> View Tab and enable the ability to see that content.

  61. @Zharkhella

    It doesn't exist zhark

    I did what you told me and that path still doesn't exist

    X:\Users\[my profile]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\

    I can do this much

    X:\Users\[my profile]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\

    But then I have a folder named

    inside is a folder titled "bin"

    Another folder called "airappinstaller"

    in that I have the airapinstaller and digest.s

    There are no save files for this game there

    I can play the game, save and load but like I said, that path that you guys use doesn't exist in my windows 7

  62. I'd really like to get these as BitTorrent downloads.

  63. When I try to kiss Sakuya the game crashes.

  64. I'd also like to get the game via Bittorrent. So I can stop seeding v3.2.02.

  65. So can anyone point me at the save?

    The location everyone seems to use doesn't exist for me.

  66. I know that I don't have a right to ask, but can you create a folder for saves with the next release that way it makes keeping your progress easier?

    It might make it easier for other people, but it would make it possible for me.

  67. I keep getting a error saying...

    ! C:\Documents and Settings\myname\My Documents\Downloads\SlaveMaker3206.part1.rar: CRC failed in Engine\GenericActions.swf. The file is corrupt
    ! C:\Documents and Settings\myname\My Documents\Downloads\SlaveMaker3206.part1 (1).rar: Unexpected end of archive

    can anyone help?

  68. Anonymous (1):
    I have Win 7 Pro on one system and Ultimate on another, this address still works:
    [Drive]:\Users\[Profile]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[Some Letters and Numbers]\localhost
    In the localhost folder, there should be a folder made for Slave Maker. If you're in the habit of deleting the folder with the game inside it, don't. Just delete the the game files when a new release comes out. That way, Flash won't create a new folder for each new release. But, sometimes Flash will ask permission to write to the cache file (by prompting you with a Flash Player permission window).
    You could also run a search through yur system for "*.sol". But when you have the option to refine the search, hit the "Computer" button. That should find every little flash sol on your system.

    Anonymous (2):
    I suggested that myself quite some time ago. It's rather a lot of work, though. Flash (at it's core) auto-writes to a seperate folder for each new program/movie/site. To override that is not only very very involved, but kind of unnecessary, if you know where to look for the .sol files.

  69. Tim:
    Unexpected EOA (End of Archive) and incorrect corrupted file reports are common and symptomatic of one of two things:

    1: The download borked. Try again.

    2: You don't have all five parts to the download. As Windsong said, the first four are 512MB, and the fifth 99MB or thereabouts.

  70. Ugh, having a computer fry it's fan is no good, especially not when looking for bugs.

    Latest versions only. Upgraded from 04 to 06.

  71. Am i doing something wrong or is the only option to download this via megaupload link and i cannot get this update? Any other links, help?

  72. Just wondering is it bug or what but in earler versions "kiss" activity in night Increased Joy,Lust,Obiedence +1 but after this update it doesn't increase obiedience anymore...Just wonderin how to increase it without doing anything "sexual" with my slave

  73. HI! I love this game to pieces but I seem to be having a problem with this update and I hope someone can help. When I go for a walk somewhere I usually only get a background and no character or text. I think something is just not showing up because I have to click next twice as if there was some text. Maybe it's just an issue with Matsumoto?

  74. hi! i have encounter a bug with the tentacles qust (keawe'quest), when i met the faery in the sleazy bar, after the sex i ask to be man again, but no mather what i select i transform onto a hermafrodite. if a choose man=hermafrodite, woman=hermafrodite.
    please fix that, now i have to play all again b/c that error, i would have to evade the quest for the time being.
    taking aside this nice game and updates. greeting from argentina

  75. Thanks for a great free game.But as many previous comments,I can't continue keawe's tentacle hunt part.I want you to fix that so bad.Hope you can fix it soon,if not I'll send some tentacle to attack you.

  76. Problem with installation :(

    Whenever I try to install using the first group of links, I get this message: This file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has been removed due to infringement of copyright.

    When I try to install using the second group of links, I am told I must first register an account, which involves paying the site, which I am trying to avoid …

    I use Mac OSX. Is the game available for Mac users yet? Am I missing something?

    Thanks :)

  77. having problems with the slave in the game. some of them wont show up. those are Tohsaka & Morrigan. any tips to fix this problem?

  78. I would just like to say to the maker of this game... You are a fuckin' genius and I look forward to all future version!

  79. why is there no text in the entire game? how do i fix this?

  80. ummm, this really sucks but i can't seem to get the links for the full version to work. is there any other way/ place to get it?

  81. how to download I cant download it please help

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. The download for the update doesn't work. I keep getting the message "This is not available for your region" with the multiuploads links. Any way you could put the update on 4shared? That seems to work, but I don't want to have to download all those parts when all I need is the update from .03 to .06


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