Saturday, December 10, 2011

small delay + fun game

I should be releasing 3.2.06 this weekend. I was a little unwell this week and found a couple of interesting last minute bugs. Doing some final testing and tweaking.

Recently I played and really enjoyed the game 'Pretty Warrior May Cry' a quite good H battle/rpg, somewhat related to Dragon Quest. You are the Demon Lord and warriors attack your lair. Your monsters can kill them or capture (ie rape into submission). Later you can corrupt them to become your servants. A wide range of monsters are available but only 3 types of heroes.

The game is in english (slightly fractured but perfectly understandable). For sale via DLSite, creators website (Singapore based)
Free demo on the website. Please do not discuss illegal warez versions here in this blog (of course they are out there)

Note: trivial to cheat in the game using flash save game editor

EDIT: note visit the developers website they have posted several updates for the game


  1. Okay gotta ask, where are the save files and what editor were you using?

  2. use .minerva

  3. can you please tell where the saves are?

  4. already found
    C:\Users\*your user*\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\8L4GCC6V\localhostand then the path to the folder you've put it

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  6. Anyone else having trouble getting on FP today?

  7. Xenotype
    The site is being upgraded, will be down a day or two

  8. Hey,
    Been trying to get 5.2.05 to work (also tried to upgrade) and I've been getting no visuals, and that tiger-man/image keeps reappearing. Taking a walk will often cause the game to become unplayable.

  9. Asid
    most likely you have upgraded wrong in some way. I suggest either
    a) delete the game and just play 3.2.03 DO NOT upgrade. I said 3.2.05 is unstable
    b) wait for 3.2.06 to be released (later today). It will have an upgrade for 3.2.03

  10. I'm curious: anyone know why this would be unable to save? It seems to create a temp file somewhere while running, but once closed, save data is gone. The standard save location for this game remains empty.

  11. Daedra
    The normal cause for this is you have blocked cookies from being saved in your browser. Or have your browser set to delete all cookies on exit.

    Save games are Local Shared Objects and are essentially cookies and Flash uses the browser settings for cookies.

  12. Also note all, Futanari Palace is back up and running.

  13. I can't find the save files in the Macromedia folder. Help!

  14. Nuuuu! Flipping browser error just killed my (regrettably long) comment. Gotta redo.
    And speaking of browser errors, I don't think that's the issue, seeing as how the game runs on its own executable, and I made sure none of my browsers pull stunts like that.
    Also, it's very cool that you'd offer help to someone on a topic unrelated to your project like that - You've earned a fan for both your game and yourself: high-five!
    On second thought, scratch the five, I think I'm getting sick, don't want you to catch that.

    Asid - I had a huge issue with SM3 at first, but I thought 3.2.05 was a full download for some reason. Had Tigerbro as my only available profile image in character creation, and menus froze all the time. Fixed it by deleting the entire folder, installing 3.2.03, then the .04, .05, and .05 (and a half?) upgrades one by one. Works beauftifully now, and I haven't had an issue, even though I had installed stuff cmac said wasn't stable yet.

  15. fondestgreetings
    They are in you application data folder, macromedia, in the localhost subfolder and then through some more.
    Best way is install .minerva above and use the open button and navigate the subfolders it lists

    Actually the stand-alone exe is still a Flash executable, and uses your browser settings to decide to keep or delete save games. Slave Maker has the exact same issue.

  16. Interesting to learn that it still uses browser settings, but that just reinforces how I feel it's some mysterious Vista problem, because I don't have the issue with Slave Maker. I feel this likely means Slave Maker is less flawed than the above game.
    I can actually find the save location for SM, create a new save, and watch the new files appear in the directory.
    Pretty Warrior seems to be unable to save, or perhaps at least unable to create files. Oh well. They said they're working on a patch to change the way it saves - maybe that will solve my issue.

  17. that game should be freeware seeing as how they ripped several sprites from these games.,_My_Lord%3F

  18. @cmacleod42
    I've looked there, nothing is in it.

  19. fondestgreetings
    do the save games save? Are they visible in the game?
    If not then it is your cookies settings.
    If so you are looking in the wrong place. See here

  20. @fondestgreetings when playing the game, right-click and go into settings, then increase the amount of data flash player can store on your computer to something reasonable. Fixed the problem for me

  21. any one know how to use the save files of Pretty Warrior May Cry?


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