Saturday, February 20, 2010

More on the bounty hunter and court trials

a) bounty hunting (slave retrieved/runaways) now costs you money to hire hunters

b) Irina the bounty hunter (Iria Zeiram character) can now be induced to give her services for free, both bounty hunting and sexual. It is expensive though. She also has a few more graphics, but there are not a lot for her

c) technically you can sell a slave to any of the npc's but only one implemented so far

d) trials for illegal sales are a bit more complex, with a Bad End if you do not listen to a warning

I have run out of inspiration for more library stories so that is it for this release. More will follow, depending on feedback, if it is worth while.

Hentai High School as mentioned last time is incredibly difficult, and the only way to win seems to be to exploit a bug, clicking ok buttons repeatedly. If anyone has a guide for beating it without this cheat please let me know. Especially the accursed reputation. Or should I not try for everything on the first school?



    Near the bottom, there's a post by 'Lost Giant;' I found his tips to be very useful

  2. You're not meant to unlock everything in one go, in Hent High.

  3. Why use Rapidshare ;.;? You should use Mediafire, you can download a lot more from it, and none of that waiting. I spend like 3 hours waiting for a slot to open...

  4. The key problem with the old HHS is that you can't see everything without very specific control of your stats, and it's impossible to really control your stats. Mostly just get the 5-year extension, and don't go nuts with the nasty policies and classes and clubs until right before the end, because they will kill your reputation regardless of anything else you do.

    Or you can just decrypt and hack your save file. The format is very simple, and DES encrypted with a key of HENTHIGH.

  5. In order to win at Hentai High School, it's vital that you have a proper mix of colors and know which rules to use, and what the stat effects are for the rules you use.

    First off, however, simply do not use innuendo. The sexual machines you can buy with blue points from lectures and the red points you get for school actions are more than enough. Innuendo lowers teacher loyalty if it's too high, and that's bad. Do not use sexual classes (except for one or two). Ironically, it's a game where you do best by having as few sexual options used as possible. Too many of any type of sexual act will cause your rep to plummet. It sucks, of course, because it is Hentai High School, not normal High School. But generally, don't go overboard with the sexual options and you can complete the game.

    The proper color mix is: Blue:Green; Yellow:White, and Red. Blue is academic, green is fun, yellow is discipline, and white is moral. Red is sex. Not all teachers respond well to all the colors; "fun" classes respond better to green and red. Academic classes respond well to Blue and Yellow. White is good for morals classes, and sometimes for fun classes.

    For rules, put down the following:
    No Uniform (the others decrease happyness and sometimes rep; this is bad)
    School Maintainence (Increases stats)
    Exit the School: Forbidden (though it's no real big deal either way)
    Sex at school: Detention
    Inscriptions: Must have No Bad Records (By far the most vital rule; increases teacher loyalty)

    Have no more than two sex classes and one sexual student club OR two sex clubs and one sex class at any given time.

    Do that, and it's easy enough to win the game, especially once you've unlocked the extras.

    Shame the developer of that game isn't around anymore. There are a lot of improvements that could be made, even if it is pretty good already.


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