Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Progress

- Parties updated for new system with new events for prostitute party.
- More debugging, especially combat, and some dress changes.
- existing girls updated for compatibility, a few onsen images to add for a couple of girls left

- lend still remains
- lesbian epiphany
- still more beach bits

I had a bad migrane today and yesterday so only a little work. At this time I am fairly confident to start beta testing in a week, at the latest next weekend.


  1. your doing a great job,
    im looking forward to the release
    how much beta testing do you think will be needed

  2. Good Luck and Good Health to you!

    Ps. I get migraines bout once a month. I'd suggest using Excedrin "Xtra Strength" rather than their migraine formula, works twice as well for me.

  3. Don't work yourself too hard, Cmac. It always helped if I fell asleep after getting a migraine... but, then again, I've only gotten a few in my life.

  4. I love the phrase "Lesbian Epiphany."

  5. My inner-slave maker is salivating.

  6. ephiphany - a life changing realisation or decision.

    In the current version a slave decides they are a kesbian when they confess love to the female slave maker. In the new version male and dickgirl slave makers can learn the training, so new triggers are needed

  7. Forgive me if I go on a bit, I've been finding copies of Slave Maker at random locations for quite some time starting with the first version. It's nice to locate the source.

    I did look over the SDK however my programming skills are limited to a few HTML assignments for classes a few years back so if my questions seem a touch naive and uneducated...... well,they are.

    If I understand it correctly the current version supports adding customized slaves in a modular fashion. Stroke of genius there.

    Is there a forum somewhere for people posting their customized slave profiles?


  9. While you've mentioned that it's going to be a private beta, are you going to announce when the beta has started? While we wouldn't get to take part, it'd be something that I suspect a lot of us would celebrate as another mile marker...


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