Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fix for Slave Maker 3 alpha 6

Here is a fix (75Mb) for most of the bugs reported so far. Not all yet, but most of the worst ones, like the Astrid home issue, events not working properly, some participant selection, Aeris hanging. Almost all other issues are fixed.

This is a upgrade so just unzip this archive into your installation folder. Note it does not include the other alpha 6 file, just fixes for it.

I'll upload full versions of alpha 6 once I have the other issues sorted out

The slow performance issue is not resolved but some code changes to maybe help. Some other issues probably fixed but not quite reproduced.

Some additional notes
- books - you can buy as many Science and Poetry books as you like, not only 1 of each
- some new events are time specific now. I do not see how to do spoliers here. See the forums for hints
Walk at the lake on the night of the full moon, two independent events[/SPOILER]
- I have removed the restrictions for minor slaves on what acts they will do. They have similar obedience restrictions to normal slaves. Their descriptions will be changed
- 2 new monsters in the secure slave pens


  1. hmm I'm getting a crc error for aeris.
    I downloaded the hotfile link.

    I try again with zshare.
    The other files looked ok.

  2. Zshare looks fine.
    Either the hotfile link has a problem or I did during my download, not sure.

  3. When going at the lake on day time, the young girl with whit dress and autumn background, there is no text.

  4. About lust indicator:
    the grey line showing the amount that cant recede doesnt appear anymore with normal slaves.
    Its still works with slavemaker though.

  5. cmacleod,

    Just a slight update on my end.
    After updating my SM3 to alpha 6 and applying the 75 MB fix for it, I've not been able to reproduce the Gang-Bang or Orgy error, so I assume the fix has solved that particular problem.

    One thing to mention-

    When selecting slaves for participation in sex acts at night(using the 'Select Participants' option), clicking on their portrait icon increases their images size with each click, then reverts it back again after it's clicked enough times. Is this an error of some sort, or just part of the game?

    Regardless, congrats on getting yet another (mostly) bug free release out to the masses, and thanks again for all your hard work in providing us with an excellent game.


  6. I might need a quick tutorial on how to upload a savegame since I haven't uploaded files of this kind before, but I will do my best to explain what I'm running and noticing.

    I made a brand new folder for the Slave Maker files and extracted the full release you linked us the other day and the fix, then played it on the Slavemaker3.exe

    Made a new male, female, and dickgirl slave maker, selected Shampoo as a slave, and Shena as an assistant.

    Skipped through the first day to get to night actions, then noticed this bugs/glitches:

    Cum Bath was capable of being selected via mouse and keyboard and would queue in the planning log despite the message that there were not enough male / hermaphrodite slaves.

    Orgy was a bit different. first selecting with mouse or keyboard prompted for either Pick Specific People or Forget it. If you chose to Pick Specific People, it then displayed the slave maker and assistant, and the number at the bottom showed I had 2/3+. The options were then to make it default or clear the selection, the only way to exit the screen was to select an option on the side bar, such as Your Stats, Text, Slave Stats 1 etc. If you select the 'default' option *BEFORE* leaving the screen, then exit and go back into the planning section and select Orgy, it will add it to the queue without prompting.

    Gang Bang worked normally, it could not be added to the queue and gave me the message of not having enough slaves.

    This was only during the first night, so I haven't experimented with purchasing minor slaves / servants yet. If someone can instruct me in how to upload a save file I will certainly add it. I'll keep working on minor slave / servant numbers in the meantime.

    - Valentine

  7. cmacleod42

    I actually just made a quick minute and a half video of running through one of my previously mentioned experiments. If you'd like me to upload it or send it to you let me know.

  8. 10201
    No need, I just tested following your guide and found the problems with Orgy and Cum Bath, and fixed them.

    The tabs are a problem and need to be hidden for that screen. Will do that now

  9. Still lagging. Why is it using 30% of processor just after running, on the intro screen? What is it doing then?
    CPU usage seems to jump to 50-60% after I do something related to "other slaves", like interact in the morning or select participants and then stay high forever.

  10. Baturinsky
    Flash is quite processor and memory hungry. I often see it using 60-70% when you are doing nothing. It is mostly graphics rendering and I try to optimise every so often. There is little though on the intro screen to optimise.

    I this worse for you than previous versions? Is the fix any better than the first version of alpha 6

  11. cmacleod42
    Glad to know that helped! You ever have any other issues you need tested let me know =P

  12. Thanks - & it runs much better now opposed to the last alpha (Everything seemed slow with that and it menu lag and so on, now it's smooth again).

  13. loll you are greath cmac the majority of bugs seems solved many thanks for your quiqness now for make my hapiness full it just make launch kristall fox as a slave, the question is i like hentai to much and furis are one of the biguest simbols of the hentai please tel someting about the issue and thanks one more time^^.

  14. ah and the game in portuguese language its very incomplete if you want more one colaborator for this language i ofered my sevices even my writing english is very poor i can understand very well the english and i'm consideer able to translate a english text for my home language.
    best of health and lucky.

  15. i've noticed why the game slows down, is because the memory usage the game uses. continually increases, and it increases more with each change to the screen. start off at the main title screen at about 135,000k and after it goes over 700,000 i start noticing lag. i hope this helps

  16. i've found another bug with Sakura, if i change her clothes, all the states the clothes gave as a bonus are increasing every time i change the clothes again
    and the result of this is:

  17. I had the same effect with Kallen, even with slave trainer (max stat 100), changing her clothes constantly made it up to 300 in almost all stat

  18. At the Red Lilly Bar, if I select 'Bar' then after that I have no choices. Buttons are all missing, can't save can't exit.

  19. Hi i will skip reporting about the bugs i found yesterday because its an old version of the game now ^^.
    I hope it is ok if i write down some ideas i had in mind to enlarge the game. But i fear that some people won't like some of the ideas ^^.

    Ideas i had in mind though i only played male so far (some people may not like these ideas ^^ but thay are things i would like to see (most of the ideas i got from Hentais i had seen))
    - it should be possible to get fucked by the slave (strap-on or her own dick) (when you are male just ass when woman normal lesbian you know what i mean ^^)
    - when encounter a tentacle monster and the slave gets fucked by it the master schould also be fucked (doesn't matter if male or female)
    - the femal slave maker should have the possiblity of bekomming pregnant from tentacle (ownly possible if the previous point gets done)
    - maybe add the possiblity of keeping the born tentacle monster for don't know training (using it for the possible sex acts or extend the sex acts possible from there on ^^ (for example every slave and master gets a gang-bang with the tentacle monster ^^))
    - i would wish for some events on which the slave gets fucked by for example the snake woman or the spider woman in the secure slave pens (though i don't know if that already exists, if it does please tell me how to get that event triggert on)
    - would be nice to have a second potion for dick growth where the slave and maybe also the slave master can grow a second dick (this would also give some new possible sex acts)
    - maybe add some text when the slave for example gets fucked by a tentacle that her bowels (don't know the right word so some others: abdominal, stomach, belly, tummy) gets bigger if the tentacle got much tentacles into her pussy/ass or when much cum gets into there (other possiblitys for that to accure demon with giant dick and/or much cum or other creatures with giant dicks or much cum)
    - maybe a new area where you can also encounter such creatures like the spider woman, snake woman and other odd creatures (and maybe some of them got a dick ^^)
    - how about a tentacle creature that hides in the ass of the slave and somtimes comes out to fuck the partner the slave is about to fuck or when the slave gets fucked in ass or so (that one is definitly form an hentai i have seen ^^)

    One last question
    Why don't you make a slave that is out of a hentai for example space pirate sarah. The Hentai got if i remember right tentacle scense, giant dick scenes with much cum, also it is an animal that fucks the woman and i think it had lesbian sex as well. I think from that for example you could get much pics or short video clips to include in the game, also i don't know if you have the right to do so.

  20. Futa minor slaves all count as females.

  21. Why is Ayanami Rei only in full instalation pack?
    I have no so many Internet-traffic...

  22. well, got severl bugs
    first, when entering the forest i get sometimes the message that i got robbed, cause it's the slums, the more slaves i own the laggier the game gets, nearly unplayable, it's not a ram problem, rather it's using too much cpu power
    my assistant slaves, which i bought r all females, even the dickgirls
    that's for now, sry for my bad english, i am not a native speaker^^

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Hey Cmac, I started a new game, herm freelancer. I chose Mai as my first slave and rhio as my assistant and as soon as I got into the game it told me I had 56 days, checking the calendar confirmed this.

  25. the game uses up to 600 mb of ram and 31% of a quad core 3.2 ghz processor ,hope that can be resolved.
    also when u click the button to milk aeris the action is not selected and nothing happens,
    other than that thx & nice job

  26. Hey When you freelance and go to the slave center it has the choices, but won't give any text after you click on them. Only a picture so you can't do anything.

  27. Processor seems to be a little less than previous version, but still bad.

    I'm a flash programmer myself, and I know that Flash can be very processor-consuming, but at the same time, when it is doing nothing, it should use nearly no processor, unless there is something happening in background.

    Her is one of my games, for example -
    It eats some processor on intro screen, because of map scrolling in background, but once inside station, it's 1-2%. So, 30% on opening screen is clearly a bug. Unless you are actually doing something in the background, like preloading images.

    May be you have lots of MovieClips/DisplayObjects added to screen too early? They eat processor even if they are not visible. May be you have too many event listeners active?

  28. another issue:

    After finishing training of Kasumi as cumslut, her assistant text become the same as little sister Rhea, instead of having cumslut background and bonuses.

  29. Also, load is much bigger in full screen (twice as much), so it's really likely graphics-related thing.

  30. I'm having an odd glitch with the minor slaves. Occasionally they'll say I purchased them, and disappear from the market, but won't show up in my 'inventory'. (This doesn't happen often).

    Of greater concern to me, however, is that they'll ALWAYS be female (assistant included), even when they shouldn't be. I don't mind training lesbians, but this really shouldn't be happening. I checked the language file, and there doesn't seem to be a problem there.

    I uploaded a save with this issue.

  31. I noticed that when a blowjob is automatically added because of the master perk, it is worded as though she has giving her self a blowjob.

  32. there's at least one bug remaining that hasn't been mentioned here after the release of the fix:
    when you make your slave take an energy drink the correct amount of tiredness is substracted but it is readded as soon as you switch screens again. for slavemakers the drink works fine

  33. I got a bug, that hasn't been mentioned before:
    When I save Lady Farun after promising to save the slave in the main slave pens, I can't ask her for permission to enter the ruins.
    There are also loations I can visit, when taking a walk, which should be locked, such as the ruins, which only an old god follower should be able to enter, with my new god follower slaver and both of the slave pens from day one.
    I also got the same problems with the assistants as someone mentioned above:
    The describtion of Urd and Eri as assitants has been replaced by Mugi's.

  34. Cmac,
    Faerie encounter for the ring appears to be fixed in the forest.

    New issue is that when you walk to the farm and encounter the count, that is the only encounter that will occur at the farm for the rest of the game. Doesn't matter what time of day it is or how many times you walk there, whether the walk is assistant supervised or personally supervised, he always shows up and says the same thing, he ignores your slave, even when refinement is maxed.

  35. I have a something similar as above to report too.
    At some point, a walk to the lake started to give the same event, every hour and every day after.

    In my case it was the meeting with angel.

  36. I downloaded the fix and extracted it but I cant seem to go to astrid's with peach I keep getting the tentacles.

    I also cant do anything at the farm it just keeps saying something about how high the security is.

  37. i took shampoo as a slave to the docks and no text showed up forcing me to quit the game because i couldn't do anything

  38. The milk action on Aeris refuses to work. I've got the milking machine, and the button is there, but when I click it, it won't add to the plan list.

    In general, Aeris is acting strangely. Previously it was a slow build with small breast > larger breast in the text over time, with 3 different penis growth sequences as well, before finally being offered the lust fairy end. Now the "large breast" text is happening right away with her, and I've gotten the lust fairy option as early as the 4th or 5th day.

  39. The last robe of Peach dont work, doesnt have tested all, also, many text are missing, and not only in farm, and not only with peach, you clik in exemple on the beach, see image, but no text. (sorry for my poor english)

  40. It would be a simple matter to change the name of an existing slave, right? I gotta fix this "Kallen" crap, it gives me a headache every time I see it.

  41. not to nitpick but when i installed the update i lost the events is there anyplace to get em

  42. The multi upload link in the article doesn't work any more. :-(

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Link doesn't work. Do I really need this patch or can I just apply the other ones and be fine?

  45. @David no you need the patch otherwise it wont work my events are messed up royaly


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