Monday, May 9, 2011


A few 3rd party updates

Darsel has released an update for Ino, beta1.1
Forum thread

Jaren released  version 1.4 of Yoruichi
Forum Thread

Alpha Release Slaves
These are very early releases of new slaves all with issues (image placement) and quite vanilla

Jessie/Musashi from Pokemon
Forum thread

Kallen Stadtfeld from Code Geass
Forum Thread

Note: I have edited better slave market images for both these slaves and they should be updated in the next release. You can use the above images, but you need to edit the SlaveGirlxxx.txt file for Kallen as the filename has changed

For issues with these slaves DO NOT REPORT BUGS HERE. Each have threads in the forums, please post there

Slave Builder
A requested repost of this tool for generating slaves

Guild to using Slave Builder

To install download the first link, extract to a folder of your choice. Then download the second link and copy the jar file into the folder you extracted the first download into.

To run then just double click on the jar file SlaveBuilder V1.14.jar


  1. Thanks for the updates, although I seem to be having a problem. I never had Ino before, and there's no picture for her in the package, so I don't seem to be able to select her at the Slave selection screen.

  2. i think u need to re-post the links for the original downloads along with the updates

  3. If you remember the suggestion I made in the
    post before this one, those changes would be
    better suited to change on the existing
    option lesbian loves dickgirls probably.

    I usually make them girls and dickgirl slaves
    lesbians(tho not always) but i'm not into the
    lesbian thing, just dont like seeing males
    getting it on.(whatever they gettin it on with)
    Would be cool if that lesbian loves dg option
    would center the attention more on futas.

    And as always thanks for great game.

  4. Wasn't sure if you saw my post about trying out for image searching. Just thought I'd repost in here if you didn't.

  5. Only single question: When???
    We all wait for new release...

  6. @Shikage
    there is only one question for that question: when it's done...^^

    the best thing you can do is to wait patiently ^^

  7. Ino's link does not work; please ask the maker to post another.

  8. For Ino,
    try this instead

  9. I will probably sound like an idiot for saying this but..
    how do you open slave builder? X(

  10. SlaveBuilder is a java application, just double click on the jar file

  11. can you give the folder location? I cant seem to find it. Sry, im horrible with computers...

  12. paula2z
    I just updated the SLave Builder links to the latest version and gave a simple install and run instruction.

    Note some people have had problems running the latest version 1.4. If you have issues, try instead using the older version 1.3 I posted originally

  13. Just making sure I havent missed out on anything. Has there been an Alpha release since 3.2.5?

    Thank you Cmac for a wonderful game

  14. Thank you for posting the images.

  15. Could the slavegirl#.txt files be changed to slave-slavename.txt someday? Would make adding custom slaves simpler as there would be no need to manage the numbers. Maybe even turn them into XML documents or something?

  16. 79of97
    Thanks, yes I remember your suggestions.

    Thanks, yes I saw your post

    No that was the last alpha release

    Not without a major rewrite to support Actionscript 3, and with me having to pay a lot of money to get a new version of Abode Flash.

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  18. how do i put these characters into my game? im a bit of a newbie but i love the game and have done every girl in many different ways and am looking to put more in. i downloaded mai already but i dont know how to put her in my game.

    i also downloaded the slave maker advanced options in version 7 but is there a way i can use it in my version 10 or do i have to download version 7 to use it?

  19. jjrm1

    unzip(unrar)to "Slaves" folder.
    (is in same folder as SlaveMaker3.exe)

    Do not overwrite the slavegirlxx.txt, instead
    change to a number higher than those you have in there.

  20. Oh! and if its an assistant it should be in
    "Assistants" folder.

  21. either i'm doing something wrong or there is something wrong with the file. do i need to download some other program to run slave builder? all the folders contain only .class or .program files. someone help me, i am totally lost (sob)

  22. okay, i extracted the file mai with winzip into my slaves folder but it doesnt appear in the game and the files aren't the same as the ones in the folder. help.

  23. ok, maybe i wasnt being clear. I dont have any problem with downloading the file or anything. its finding the file that activates slave builder thats killing me. or did i just make that sound more confusing?

  24. ok, i just did a search for SlaveBuilder V1.14.jar in the slave builder folder and came up with nothing. does ANYONE have any advice for me? Please?

    P.S. sorry for posting so many times

  25. nevermind i think i found the problem

  26. jjrm1

    Sorry was assuming would work same way as
    those slaves in this post where we are posting now.
    I dont know how to install mai.

  27. jjrm1
    The above slaves, as 79of97 said
    a) exract into the subfolder Slaves. Do not extract them into a subfolder themselves, just extract their content
    b) They rely on the file
    SlaveGirlxxx.txt for the game to find the slave. You have to rename the file to a free number. You will see similarly named files, just pick an unused number

    I do not know what you mean my Mai. Mai Shiranui is only available in the alpha release and is not available for separate download.

    "i also downloaded the slave maker advanced options in version 7 but is there a way i can use it in my version 10 or do i have to download version 7 to use it?"
    I am unclear what you mean here. Are you saying you are running version 3.1.07. If so you should upgrade to 3.1.10b and then install the alpha version over top

  28. scratch that i still cant friggin' open the damn file. dont even know what the name of the file im looking for is. can u help me cmac?

  29. @paula,

    I'm a little confused as to what your problem is. If you've successfully extracted the file you should see a picture of the Java symbol inside the file folder. You click that to open the program. Mine is called Slavebuilder V1.14 If the file isn't there, maybe it extracted incorrectly? Did you try redownloading/extracting it?

    Also I usually manually designate everything to extract to a specific folder on my desktop so everything goes to one place. Hope that helps.

  30. Paula, ensure you have the java runtime environment downloaded on your computer, then ensure that you open the .jar archive with java (right-click, open with, select java) this "should" solve your problem.

    Cmac i haven't really noticed yet but have you got a donation system on your blog? i wouldn't mind giving you money as thanks for your continued effort that you have put into the game and i doubt i'm the only one who thinks this way.

  31. Dean
    I do not take donations. Partially, it is that I do not own copyright over much of the game content (images notably) so I cannot morally or lgeally ask for money for the game.

    Mostly, I just develop the game for fun, and not for reward.

    Thanks for the offern

  32. OMFG I FEEL SO STUPID. i didnt have java the entire time. i want to kick my own ass. thank you tk and dean it works perfectly now :D

  33. No problem cmac I understand where you are coming from and thanks for all that you have done so far and are planning to do.

    Paula im glad i helped, i ran into the same situation yesterday, took me about 3 hours of trial and error to find out what i was missing.

  34. Can you add an option to disable the stats watermark for various slave types? It really slows the game down to a crawl for me.

  35. dej
    what stats watermarks do you mean?

  36. paula2z (and Dean)
    Sorry I did not think that you did not have Java installed. It is very common and I assumed everyone had it.

  37. I mean this:

    The backgrounds for ponygirl, catgirl and whatever else.

  38. dej
    Are you sure they slow things down for you? I've never seen any performance issues with those images. I'll review

  39. As for dej's problem - I came across something that might be related to his/hers problem.
    Sometimes,rather randomly, when I click "next button in between activities I get quite long, up to 10 sec, lags. I cannot put a finger on the cause though.

  40. Pity ActionScript version is a limiting factor :(

  41. Cmac,
    I adjusted the Kallen picture a bit so that the white background was no longer there when selecting her from the slave menu. Is there some way I could get the photo to you or the developer so that they and the other players can update their image files?

    I think it is pretty funny you can use Ino as your assistant to train herself.

  42. Cmac,
    If you don't mind, could you post the download links for other girls you know of that can be added to your game?


  43. Yes, I'm sure. If I switch to a different tab without a background image (or remove the bitgag/whatever), the responsiveness goes back to normal.

  44. Jon,
    Those links are readily available and easily found in the Futanari Palace sub-forum, to which there is a link up in the top-right.

  45. Kris,
    I do not have a futanari account nor do I intend to make one.

  46. Jon
    Also in this link
    No account is needed

  47. hey does anybody know a good website to get pictures for slave builder? if so, can you post a link?

  48. paula2z

  49. Cmac,
    I know that page, I have used it ofter for the stable release downloads. :}

    Unfortunately you do not have any download links for third party characters, or other characters you have made that are not in current releases. :{

    Guess I might just have to bite the bullet.

  50. i tried them, but they dont have what i'm looking for. does anyone know where i can get pics of shion ayase?

  51. paula2z
    You mean the character from
    "Komorebi no Namikimichi"?
    The game is available

    If not please give a reference to the character you are interested in

  52. Figured that mabie I should post couple
    imageboardchan links also.

  53. Jon
    I repost all third party slaves here, so there is not much additional content elsewhere.

  54. Cmac,
    Good to know. Well if you run across any more updates by others, just let us know.

  55. does anybody know where to get good pics of dita liebely from vandread?

  56. i have extract yourichi in the slaves folder but it apears version 1.3 and not 1.4 something wrong?

  57. Im getting the "Could not find the main class. Program will exit" error when starting Slave builder. What could be wrong?


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