Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I hope everyone had a pleasant Easter break (where appropriate).

Devlopment was a bir slower this weekend that I hoped, mainly health issues. I hoped to do another alpha release but it is not quite ready. Mostly ready but more testing needed before I will be happy to release even the alpha version.

  • I have the participant system fully working, and a related slave review system in the morning/evening.
  • anyone, slave, slavemaker, owned slaves can now take potions
  • everyone has a tiredness stat and gain it. Most slaves regain a fair bit every night, except your current slave (as currently)
Some new events, are Centaurs furries and should be disabled by the furry option?

Note: above event was wholly done using the new xml event system. No real coding involved.

Otherwise fine tuning and testing some low level changes in the event system and statistics changes for other slaves and the such.

Hopefully a release in a day or so.


  1. While I would be inclined to say that Centaurs are not, in the proper sense of the word, furries, they probably should be lumped in for the purposes of being disabled in the options.

  2. I vote for a separation of furry and monster girl.

    They can be pretty distinct fetishes.

  3. cmacleod42: "Some new events, are Centaurs furries and should be disabled by the furry option?"

    Technically furry, but I'd put those in the same category as demons, vampires, angels ect. Magical creatures or monsters.

    So, no for "furry" centaurs. (^^)

    However... for the mere practical side of the game itself... I guess I am more in flavour of disabling centaurs with the furry option. Bu is this because I don't really (personally) want centaurs in the game while I'm playing it? Not sure.

  4. My question: WHERE TO GET DOWNLOADS of these "updates"?

    Currently, using the links on the right we can get only "v3.1.10c" while the old ALPHA version is v3.2.0 or at least v3.2

    I do not want to down-grade my files, so where's the update?

  5. I'd suggest making centaurs a separate category and option to disable. I like the idea of them as part of "Monster Girls". They should also have an affinity for Pony Trainees/Trainers, and Trainers able to purchase male and female as minor slaves and adding to Extreme Sex acts. I can see Mistress Epona 'breeding' a loaned slave with one.

    Speaking of Extreme Sex, might there not be room to create a new 'Screen' for Fetishes? Give yourself a bit more real estate on the Extreme.

    Did I mention Bunnygirl training? Seems to be slightly less popular than catgirls, and gives us a new analplug to use.

  6. Lookin good! Can't wait to give this new ver a go! :)

  7. happybro
    These updates are not available yet, as I noetd I will release in a day or so

    Love Robin
    It's a paint to add an option for all possibilities, so I'll include in furry or not depending on the consensus (furry seems the most popular so far)

    Bunnygirls conflict a little with the bunny suit and sleazy bar, but what would such training involve?
    (aside from breeding like rabbits...)

  8. Loll this are good news, about the centaurs i agree too considerate then like furrys and for playable reasons it make sense they are in that category in the game aniway i like the idea, eheh its interssing see then pound the furry kristal fox or another human slave and why not even the slave maker if thei are a whoman or futa.
    wishes of better health and keep the god work ^^

  9. woohoo! thanks for all your hard work and dedication to this game, I love it. Hope you are feeling better, and keep up the good work!

  10. May I refer you to the chart?


  11. Personally i'd say centaurs are not furries. if anything they should be lumped into the pony-girl stuff which can also be disabled.

  12. Negative. Centaur are not furries. They are mythical creatures in the same way that dragons, wyverns, hydras, lamias, and fairies are. If you ever intend to come up with some sort of encounters that involve other mythical creatures, then I would say that creating an additional option to turn those off would be the way to go. If not, for the sake of simplicity, just lump them in with the furries for now, but that's hardly optimal.

    Is there a way that I can access the text for various events, slaves, etc., outside of the game? I wanted to look some of it over a bit.

  13. I'm pretty excited to see everything in store, and maybe get creative with the xml event system. Not to harp, but will there be the new BE ideas?

    On the topic of furries, I feel like the idea of a "mystical creature" or "monstergirl" category are both preferable to listing as "furries", but as a convenience they are close enough. I like monstergirls, not furries, so I feel like there's a significant difference.

  14. Centaurs are sometimes furry (usually ones with top halves based on furries), but not all furries like them, so could the fur/cent events options be Off, Furry On, Centaur On and Both On?

    Possible idea for a gold sink (for those complaining they have too much money): expensive/luxury potions (expansion/reduction, lactation, etc) and gifts, possibly added to the shop after some event.

    Get well soon ^_^

  15. Thanks alot cmacleod42 for this teaser for the future Slave Maker line...
    My vote in the centaur category issue: I agree that it does not seem to be a "furry" based upon its magical history... The mystical creature or monster girl options would be nifty, although I would say that even those might be limiting... I know that even if I did not want the centaurs, selecting "No mystical" (which would seem to include angels, devils and the like) would not be what I would want... Possibly just a centaur category for now and it can be changed to something else when and if other "creatures" become available (like say aliens (which might be an interesting addition, btw), ghost-girls and anything else one's perverted mind can come up with)...
    Finally, but most importantly cmacleod42, take care of yourself and if you have to delay the release date due to health issues please do so...

    Take care,

  16. Furry are those covered by fur. If the Centaur human half is not then technically it is not a furry. However, I must say Kezhael nailed it already, nothing else to add.

    Eagerly awaiting for the new version, a full pack (even alpha) would be terrific.

    Regards and be well.

  17. ekkkk cant wait cant wait lol jk

    my easter consisted of me sleeping all day lol

  18. I don't mind if the centaur stays as a furry. U can always turn her down if your not into that thing anyway. I say wait till everyone trys it in the new update, see how ppl feel about it, then take it from there.

  19. One other thing. It'd be cool if u could add some Sengoku Rance pics to the game. A Rance pic for your slave maker would also be awesome too! Toooooooh!!! :)

  20. i have wrothe in a anterior post about the furries may considerate like furries in fact for me in terms of hentai thei are furries, but realy they are not, well to short the message i must tell they are realy mitological creatures,like the minotaur and other zoomorfic creatures,but for a hentai game and just for game porposes it may be considerate a furry woo must be disabled at the furry options.^^

  21. i have wrothe "must" in mi anterior post but reali i whont writhe "can be" in the anterior post sory bi mi poor english^^

  22. Excellent stuff, Cmac. Whenever I lose the motivation to code I draw from you, as you have so much with so little ^^

    On another note, have you yet finished out the Demon Girl Transformation Event line?

    O/T: I wouldn't consider Centaurs as furries per se, perhaps an on/off switch could be implemented as you did for pony slaves... Though I guess Centaurs could be in there too.

  23. Sorry to doublepost, but I just want to say I laughed when I read the text you've ah... inserted into the event.

    Don't feel that you have to hurry, though. Your health is much more important than any hentai in development

  24. в виду изъятия серверов порнолаба, прощу сообщить мне об открытиях крупных раздач русских версий игры. оф. переводчик.

  25. Lessee... Bunnygirls... Actually, they would not be in conflict with the Tailor Costumes as much as needing them. Or perhaps a B-girl gets better versions.

    At any rate, B-girls seem to be highly popular for the Sleazy bar(s? I mean, can't there be more than one of these places in town?) and probably some Upscale Gentleman's Clubs and Restaurants (also good for additional encounters, places to visit, spend money, show off your slaves for Freelancers, been seen by Visiting Buyers/Delegation members, etc. Treating your slave(s) to a luncheon or evening out would make for an excellent reward while also performing any Resting actions, maybe also Discuss. It could be like a Lend Her event, supersedes the Day or Night activities)

    So, like a Catslave, a Bunnyslave gets high quality ears and tail, and the tailor costume is incidental to the actual training while still essential to working certain jobs. Perhaps her tips are better still. Her training is a little more along the lines of Maid Training but heavier on restaurant/food/bar servicing and EmCee Hosting. With sly-wink prostitution/call-girl on the side.

    A Gentleman's Club would be midway between a Bar/Restaurant and a Brothel; Upscale and Classy but with Backroom/parties for Members (with dues!) and those 'in the know'. Ooo, and perhaps gambling facilities, like card-games, dice-games and other Vegas-type chances (maybe even losing more than your total gold puts a slave (current, minor or assistant) at risk with all due potential legal problems)

    As for the bunnyslaves themselves, they could fill a niche between catslaves and sexualized Maids.

    BTW, I would like to see a bit more flexibility when it comes to anal plugs, instead of waiting out the day. The same way a cat-dress can swap with cat-tail and ears, I'd like to see the basic Plug swap out if I chose to use an animal-tail plug. After all, a plug is a plug is a plug, yes?

    I would *also* love a way to combine the various trainings. For example, catgirl-ponygirls. Think of it this way, if I have a catgirl(or furry) slave, I'd imagine I can put her through Ponygirl training (and if we ever get centaur slaves, train them as catslaves, as wild as that sounds! lol). I would like at least ONE WAY, difficult if need be, but one way to train my slave as both cat and pony girl. (as it is now, my ponygirls wear catears... I consider that my SM's 'signature')

    Speaking of ears and tails, I know nothing about coding, but could not these items be white as a base, and as each slave-developer works on their slaves, layer a color over them to match the girls' hair? Okay, *sometimes* you might want them to contrast natural hair, but so many of the encountered catgirls have matching appendages... so at time of purchase, an option of basic or matching colors.

    Like I said, I know nothing of the difficulty of adding and implementing these things, I know they are *impossible* for me to do... I opened the SDK and my eyes immediately glossed over..

  26. Double post... additional thought... the "professional" bunnygirls *already* at the Sleazy Bar has to have come from *somewhere*, right??

    An think, a new House can be thunk up for such training. Or perhaps the, wait for it... Mansion, is best suited for them.

    Among the gear a Bunny would need would definitely be high heeled F'me pumps; walking all day in those things are not something that's comfortable or comes naturally, so balance, constitution, and some figuring of endurance need be considered. Hosiery(fishnets!) would be secondary, as well as have wear and tear, requiring repeat visits to the tailors for new pairs (and more spending!). Of course, Bunnys should be able to be trained Naked, while still able to wear the pumps if I deem it so.

    Did I mention we should have Naked (love or bought back) Assistant pics? I *trained* the sluts naked, they should damn well *be* naked... lol

  27. @LoveRobin,

    The whole point of training your slave as either a ponygirl or catgirl is to get them to accept the lifestyle. They are supposed to BECOME a pony or a cat. It seems like it would be counterproductive to combine the trainings... A cat isn't going to pull a carriage.

    But maybe there could be some other skill entirely where your slave becomes able to do the basic traings for the catslave and ponyslave? Maybe they could work in the Cosplay Cafe and be able to use the trainings to cosplay/roleplay for customers without accepting the lifestyle.

  28. So i am a nub to the Slave maker game i found the flash version on funny games a few months ago and it ultimately led me here. I don't know if this has been disused before but i think it would be awesome if you added Ren from the anime DearS as a slave(note this is only a suggestion from some person you have never herd of, so feel free to totally diss regard this. But i would be really happy if you could do it)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. (had to correct some grievous errors)


    What I've been doing is training my slaves as Ponies first, then once maxed out switch them over to cats, except for the matching pair of Urd and Belldandy as only ponies, and at the end both are acknowledged and listed as their trainings, along with courtesan (I've not yet tried to produce a Maid). It's interesting that a Perfect Pony can be taken off her lifestyle, but an Accepted Cat will refuse to give up her ears and tail. Also that a pony *can* wear cat-ears. I actually like the way a girl looks wearing the combination of cat-ears with ponytail, but I happen to like fuller fluffier tails on cats.

    Mind you, as a fan of sci-fi author Jack L Chalker, my imagination was captured with ponytailed women, which have been featured in the sequels of the Well of Souls series, an inadvertent creation after not quite returning a centaured woman back to normal.

    BTW, Cmac, did you know there are additional things a Pony can have? Such as are snout-masks and ears. Usually the snouts are a part of the bit-gag, so perhaps like harnesses there can be a Superior Snouted Bit-Gag.

    Which now begs the question, how about basic ball-gags? Sure, it may be inferred they are part of the Bondage Gear, but by making them separate you need not have access to the Stables or have to encounter Ponygirl1 to get a gag you can select which also turns off the Talk Rule and inhibits Dating.

    Also, for non-tailed anal-plugs, there are bejeweled (on the 'tail end') plugs available in Real Life. That could up her 'refinement' some. Especially useful for Courtesans, perhaps only available through Lady O at end of training for an additional cost. Maybe up that 15/100 cap on Seduction to a least 20 or 25. For that matter jeweled add-ons to nipple and clit piercings… ooo! 'fairy bells' for dancers! Available from the school for a cost once the Dancing Stat gets higher(or unlocked at the Store or Tailors), along with castanets and tambourines, veils, hoops and ribbon-tools, providing advantages to the Dance Competition.

    PS – if you do implement Bunnygirls, perhaps the Tailor's stock costumes becomes "Serving Girl" (http://caps.kpfanworld.com/caps/Image941.jpg), and the bunny suit, ears, and tail (basic powder-puff or superior cottontail(the pointed type)) becomes reserved for Bunny Slaves.

  31. I agree with the PS above, it seems like most existing sleazy bar outfits look like bunnygirl costumes. So, yeah, make those bunny slave only, and do new sleazy bar outfits.

  32. How about implementing a skill learning system? i´d like to try to get new skills while training, not only having the starting ones, it would be also funny that when tentacles rape you when looking for slave the sex change is permanent instead of the game over...

  33. could u create a mode where u get extra points to more freely choose ur perks something like a "god mode"

    Great work by the way

  34. Robin, I am not sure about having a "god mode" in the game, although the easiest way to make it I think would be to just multiply the points after each slave. Such as in the options have normal and god mode option. Normal mode would have a x1 multiplier and god mode would have a x2 or x3 multiplier on that. At any rate that might be the best way to do it.

  35. Nah, Centaurs does not go under furry. A furry is more or less an animal covered with fur in human shape.

    And since a Centaur is half human half horse they don´t fit into that category.

  36. Well centaurs are mistical creatures, similar to true cat girls, thus they shoulden't be categorised as furrys.

  37. Hi,
    for the centaur qusetion, based on discussions here and in the firum, I have added yet another setting in options
    if on then sexual encounters with creatures like centaurs, mermaid etc will happen. This does not include bestiality (ie animals)
    If off then you still meet the beings but nothing sexual happens.

    Last time I looked there are no where near enough images for the characters from DearS, you need 150-200 images for a slave.

    Love Robin
    That for the idea about Bunny Girls, that is clear. I am not sure 100% about adding the training, but it is a reasonable idea.

    The additional things like the gag, plugs etc are good ideas, I am working to add more items into the game, so will look into them.

    There is skill learning in the game already, it is how you learn ponygirl training, catgirl training. You get skill points after slave training to improve existing skills

  38. I think, perhaps, my question got lost in the shuffle. So I'll ask it again. Is there a way I can see the text for the various encounters in the game? I've nosed through some of the files, but I either lack the appropriate programs to open the correct files, have missed them entirely, or there is no easy way to do it. Or perhaps something else entirely?

  39. I'd like to simply say; It's CM who is working on this, I think that CM should chose what CM wants to put in it and not!

    But no, although I agree that Centaurs should just be considered furry (I myself would be a heretic with how much of a fur I am saying this BD) unless he begins doing mythical creatures or something.

    One thing I'd like to ask though is what the possibilities of seeing more options for the slaver are. Also a question; is there any point to the corruption stat? I have even tried maxing it out and it does nothing.

  40. You said that you get points for improving training, but I finished Aeris as a slave, and got no points...at what point would you get them? I was at well over 40 days into it, and got the lust faerie ending...

  41. Aww that's to bad, well thanks for letting me know cmacleod42 and good job by the way. I enjoy the Slave Maker game very much, and I appreciate the fact that you spend you're own time to make it for us. :)

  42. Kezhael
    not currently, the text is mostly embedded in the swf files. There is some in the files like
    but little for events. A lot more is in the next release, but still not all as it is a lot of effort to convert.

    For example what sort of options would you suggest?

    Corruption main applies for the backgrounds Demonic Cock and Inhuman Ancestry, and then you get special endings.

    You get the point for non-bad endings, ones where you actually deliver your slave to their owner. The Lust Fairy ending is currently a BAD ending and thus you get no reward

  43. johndoe123
    Also do not complete early. You get no reward if you complete before 80% of the alotted time.

  44. hi! Cmac, when new alpha will be available to download?

  45. cmacleod42

    I mean not upgrading the skills you already have, i mean learn new ones, for example, i choose lesbian training lvl 1 and cat slave training lvl 1, and i want get leadership skill, but i cant get it coz i didnt choose it when i created the slavetrainer, so it would be nice that you can spend your skill points on learning new skills (instead upgrading the ones you already have for example)

  46. @ Dani: Just get a slave to fall in love with you and accept thier confession to get Leadership 1, it's that simple.

  47. Hi, played the game alot and liked it. Thanks! But a little confused on how to download these releases, all I can find are the 3.10b and 3.10b->c on the download page, so I was just wondering where the releases are and how to download them, or if they'll be available on said download page when ready?
    please send to manga.forum.address@gmail.com with a reply either answering this, or telling me to shut up and wait / figure it myself. either would be appreciated.

    Thanks! Be Well, and excellent work.

  48. oh, right, sorry.
    I forgot to answer the question...

    it depends on how you utilize the centaurs. If their events are closer to the angel, demon, etc. in nature, than lump them in with them, if closer to furry, include them there, if neither, then but them in with pony girl or in none at all.

  49. well like maybe how the slaves get rings and gags and such, maybe you can get gender specific (herms and females are the same wear) like clothes with minor stat boost, cod pieces, vibrators for yourself, stuff like that. just items that give bonuses like the slave's do.

    I only just thought of this one based on the original slave maker, but what about maybe, if you worship the old ways, and go to the temple enough times, a nun gives you an 'item from [insert god name]' that rids you of corruption [unless your inhuman/demonic] and has an effect on your slave too.

  50. Nanashi Namae
    3.10b is latest stable full release.
    3.10c is latest stable update.

    There is alphas on links in posts here.
    (press "home" down there and scroll down
    if not on that page press "older post")
    Alphas is like test versions(many bugs)
    b4 the stable release and will show up on that
    download page you mensioned b4 when ready
    as full release or update.

  51. hi i have some suggestions for slaves in the game.
    I'm not so good at programming that is why I ask.
    This is the slaves:
    hitagi senjougahara from (Bakemonogatari)
    some pictures at (http://ge-hentai.org/g/315158/99c683ec6d/) and (http://ge-hentai.org/g/220911/099cff143f/)

    Tamaki Kosak from (to heart 2)

  52. Cmac,

    Like what you are doing in these alphas. I have played much in the alphas since a couple back. Prefer the stable releases myself.

    Did you ever figure out what was up with the secondary slaves, i.e. the nurse and maid servant, and them not affecting the training or the health of slaves?

    What characters might we see added into the next stable release from the alpha download pages?


  53. Good morning, dear Cmac.
    I have to you two stupid question.
    1. WTF...sorry.
    Why does the perk "wealthy" have the price 6 points?
    M.b. rebalance it to 5 points?
    All perks takes 5, 10, 15 and 20 points as the price.
    And 6 points is the same as 10 points.
    2. Will we can to test "building upgrades" in sixth alpha-release?
    Sorry fo my bad english.

  54. Centaurs should fall under a category of 'human with significant animal parts', along with mermaids, harpies, and satyrs.

  55. 79of97
    I wanted to take a look at the Alpha, using a different copy/directory of SM3 than the standard 3.10c.

  56. Nanashi Namae
    I do not communicate by email, and someone has answered your post
    I do not think there are enough images for hitagi senjougahara, but there are plenty of Tamaki (and I like her). Note she is already in the game (see the Beach)
    But there is a lot of effort adding a slave, collecting, editing images and then programming.
    If you are enthused, why dont you hunt for the images needed and collect them and post a collection. Download the SDK and there is a document in it detailing the mandatory and optional images

    I am doing quite a lot of changes to do with how minor slaves work, I will review once things are stable.

    I have added Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo and most likely Krystal the Star Fox will be in it as well

    The cost of 6 was a typo and was fixed a while ago

    Soon for a new alpha

  57. Hi cmac, could you make it be possible for male slaves to be trained and bought?

  58. Just a quick question. Where can I download the alpha of this verion?

  59. AGentlemansHat
    It is possible, it is just no one haa developerd a male slave yet. There is a slave in development, Kyon, at the FutanariPalace.

    Here is this blog. Look at previous posts and you will find the last alpha release

  60. Huh. Thought the customer said something about getting the slave, and even the wife getting a piece of her (albeit him letting her go later on). But thanks for the information on that one. Also, good to know on the 80% rule. Now, all I gotta do is a new game with the slave to remember how long each goes for...

  61. Well, you do get a marker in your calender saying when the planned end of training is, if that helps.

    One thing I wanted to note, since I haven't noticed anyone else mention this, but while training Yoruichi I earned enough to pay her debt, but when I was given the choice, picking yes left me unable to continue as the 'next' button did not appear. Not paying her fine, or not getting enough money always gave me the 'Forever Slave' ending, no matter what other training I'd done.

    Finally I'd just like to say thanks for including Mihoshi in the new release. She's one of my favourite characters from my favourite franchise, and I can't wait to make her a bunny girl. One idea I had in that regard was having the training linked to Asuka, perhaps in the same way Catgirl training is linked to the singer.

  62. While I'd love to see an Asuka -and Rei Ayanami!- as a Slave (although, there are actually 2 Asukas, redhead and brunette, with different surnames depending on the version of NGE which I plan to address in a fanfic as cousins…), the idea of a series of Visits unlocking Bunnygirl Trainer would be fabu… as would, for that matter, Maid Sumi for Maid Training. (would love an Advanced Combat Maid Training)

  63. Me again. Since other people were making suggestions, I wanted to throw one out before the update comes out: A Default Naked option.

    The way I imagine it working would be that once you get your Slaves naked score to 5 and she's bouncing her breasts happily, you get a little yes/no choice asking if you want her to be permanantly naked all the time. The Naked button in the Morning Actions screen would become Dress. You wouldn't lose any morality, but you would gain Joy each day. And obviously you wouldn't be able to Work at the Temple like this.

    I think this would be good especially if you were training Pony and - to a lesser degree - Cat slaves.

  64. Or just like Naru, a "Naked Dress" (birthday suit!) option, so you just select Naked or any other of their Dresses. I like the idea of Naked Level 5 to unlock it, also someone suggested after Naru to Unlock the Option. Please, not just using Naru to Assist. Unless it is also allowable by SM training. A Slutmaker should be able to pull off unlocking Naked Dress regardless of assistants.

    It does get annoying to make her undress each day. Same thing should be with Anal Plug, a level where it remains in until told to be taken out.

  65. if you use anal plug and/or strip to get some of her stats up (obedience for example) it would be annoing to tell her to stop staying naked/wearing the anal plug and then put i back in/off though. so either it stays like it is or we get the option to choose if she stays like this for only one night or for as long as she's not told something else

  66. Once this is finished, might I suggest a house improvement upgrade?

    One problem with the game i that there's way too much money, and few things to spend it. The most expensive thing to acquire are minor slaves and servants, but once you train 3 or so slaves, you are perfectly capable of buying them all.

    So I suggest that, for now, house size works as a limit in how much slaves you can have with you. You could also implement some other house upgrades, apart from increasing size and the limit of how much slaves you can have living with you.

  67. CMac, following up on Kezahel's earlier question, might I help you move the text in the swf to an xml file? I have no interest in stealing the code and I already decompiled it to look for the SM stat variables (bust size, clit/cock size, etc.). If you want to tell me how to organize it in xml format, I can do that in my spare time. Then you can change the swf to point to the xml text at your leisure. :-)

  68. Nanashi Namae

    I think the smwiki has some links to older
    Might not work if usin older versions tho,
    is not made for that usually.

    I dont care personally about option about
    furrys and centaurs, I would like a option
    to block males very much tho. =p

    I dont know behave rules on blog thingys,
    this is only 1 I have posted in ever.
    (blog that is have writen a little on 3
    different forums in my lifetime b4)
    Hope I din do something wrong when answered
    a question there....

    Thanks for great game and cant w8 for next
    alpha to play around and test new thinys.

  69. What happened to Rewrite Project? It did produce great texts and promised much more, but it was really long time already.

  70. Hi here, I love the Pill event, to get my S-Maker milk but why not offer new choice like after S-maker trap :

    - Forget and continue to work for milk (*)
    - Await for help (like now)

    * - when go to farm it's the S-maker go milk
    - New job for S-maker in day (milky bar, farm..)
    - At night milk with our slave

    Just an idea but I'm very happy to see that in a futur update.

    Bye !

    (Sorry for bad English, I'm french :D)

  71. As I see it, the question was phrased a bit awkwardly and produced several confused answers.

    What I believe the original question meant was: "Would people who do not want to have furries in the game prefer to block also centaurs, or would they generally prefer to have centaurs even if that would mean they would remain unblockable?"

    I prefer furries and am waiting to be able to train Krystal, but I would assume that people who do not like furries object the animal-like bits, and so also object all half-beasts.

  72. Just want to throw this out, the question about furries and centaurs is moot. On the futapalace forums Cmac already said he was adding a new category for monster-people separate from furries, including at least mermaids and centaurs.

    I am seriously obsessing over this blog waiting for the new version though, it's not healthy. ;D

  73. 7e00d966-74b3-11e0-8d56-000bcdcb5194
    The Yoruichi issue has been reported and though fixed in the latest revision of her

    Love Robin
    Auska (Soryu) is already an assistant and simple to extend into a slave.
    Rei is in development and a vanilla will will be released soon

    scythe, the person coordinating had major personal problems and has dropped out. I did not help as much as I could especially as some of the supplied text for Akane I have been rather slow to implement.
    I thank those involved but all I was delivered in the end was Akane

    In what way do you want to block males?

    There are several new ideas for milking under development, I'll consider your idea

  74. I'd like to help you. I offer to refactor your code, for easier extensibility. Would you give it a try and show me some part of it?

  75. Thanks for the game - just started playing and it's strangely addictive and fun.

  76. cmac:In what way do you want to block males?

    Meant "human males" to be more specific.
    I never was a fan of males in pr0n,
    prefer to replace em with hot dickgirls,
    or furrys might work also.

    In some jobs like sleezy bar and bathhouse
    for example would be nice if block option took
    away so they dont meet males there.

    When going docks you might get event meeting
    sailor who wants your slave and text says she
    wants him back.
    With block on would still meet him but she dont
    want him.

    Again thx for awesum game and cant w8 for
    next alpha. xD

  77. How about adding some actions like Gokkun or Public humiliation?

    Please, can you make option to enable ability to train all girls like a cumsluts in sandbox mode?

    Maybe some idea about adding new place - public toilet, where girls can make a service.

  78. rostropovich
    So you are initerested in the various text from the assorted sex acts? I can post some code extracts for you.
    Pleae note I have a rather detailed xml system for a lot of text now, and all new events will use it. Sex acts, schools and the such can also use it, BUT I have not released a new version with the system and documentation.

    Have you registered in one of the forums? If so PM me and we can discuss there further


    Ah, so no men at all? Not even the NPC's like the Lord, Knight, Count, Merchant etc

    no real interest in toliet sex, I find it a bit distasteful. But the cum slut stuff has been requested and will be done some time.

  79. cmacleod42

    No, my offer is not about Rewrite Project.

    I mean game code as a whole. I am interested in speeding your work up by improving structure of game code.

  80. cmacleod42

    And will be replaced or corrected some of the images and texts during training lesbians, such as training these atoms and lesbians in the images of men)) and the text is written that they suck on the male reproductive organs and so on))) apologize for my google))

  81. I like 79of97's suggestion :D

  82. I want to keep up develop of cumslut subject in game. I am find gogi_shaurma's idea about adding gokkun action is very desired.

    Cam offer new one-Act of charity:
    blowing homeless mans and hobos :D

    Thank you for your work!

  83. Actually, what I was talking about was more along the lines of the rewrite project. I'm curious about seeing the volume of text in the game as there are numerous places that it could be cleaned up, at the very least, if not expanded upon.

  84. Mayflower
    Yay! =D

    cmac:"Ah, so no men at all? Not even the NPC's like the Lord, Knight, Count, Merchant etc"

    Was thinking something like this:
    That males exist and you meet em in game = a-ok
    That males sex my slaves(or sm) = no-thank-you

    and 2 more thoughts(examples):
    Sees cumslut topic there and I liked that
    a lot when dickgirls was used,
    but ending had lots of men that she gave blowjob. Y_Y
    Would be awesum if an block male option turned
    those men into dickgirls instead. =3

    Oh! and when you want the noble skill would be
    nice if you could sell to Lady farun instead
    or mabie if block male option availible
    you sell slave to lords daughter instead.

    As allways thanks for great game,
    so great that if Chuck Norris was a game your
    game would fuck him up....literally. =p

  85. I think major portion of players not against men in game. And 79of97's offer can be only optional feature.

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. xiaoxiao

    To clarify, a button to disable the sex act with
    men is what I was suggesting.
    (I should have said block males "IN" options)

  88. 79of97, that -would- be a nice optional feature, don't get me wrong, but it seems a bit superfluous when compared to working on stuff -everyone- would get to see and enjoy like getting the new advantages content included and such. That being said, I'm not sure how much effort that would require, so I can't really say yea or nay.

    I would like to hear about how the development for the Peach slave is coming along, in particular the 'deep throat' sex act (will it be available to all the slaves in the next release?).

    Thank you.
    -Jesus 2.0

  89. In extension to 79of97's suggestion, I'd actually like the option to be more like, enforce same sex (gay/lez) interactions, so if there's ever male slaves, I could have them do male/male stuff and females female/female stuff, with futas as the gray middle ground allowed for both.

  90. Pretty sure many would appreciate that being two options actually instead of one.

  91. cmacleod42 said...
    Rei is in development and a vanilla will be released soon.

    Great to read that,i was hoping that someone was working on her.

    Also, was wondering if you still have the extra endings on planning (i mean for slutmaker, tentacle hybrid and co.
    People request so many options or new stuff, its becoming hard to guess what you are doing next.

    Well, i guess it will be a few weeks of rest after all the coding nightmarre you just§( got :p

  92. Hey can you repost all the slave builder files? I cant seem to download them.

  93. hay cmacleod42 i found this web sight that has a bunch of pictures that look good and you might be able to be used in the game. They are divided in to categorizes like cat girl, Futanari, and tentacle for convenience have a look.

  94. @freamen

    No offense, but... that site has been around forever. They do have a lot of stuff, but as far as I can tell, cmac's got pretty much all of the 'general' images he needs already, and the character-specific pictures there can get pretty bad...

  95. I'd like to start with thanking you for your work creating such a great game.
    I'd like to ask, whether you could provide a estimate time, when this alpha will be released?
    I am aware, that you are probably improving/ fine tuning/ bug fixing/ optimizing/ testing/ making requested changes/ having your own life, but seeing, how "a day or so" has changed into "a one and a half week or so" is kind of unsettling.

    As for aerisdies gallery, I'm surprised it's up again. I thought it's been abandoned more than a year ago. But honestly - they are nowhere near being a match for gelbooru.com or g.e-hentai.org.

    With best regards,

  96. Vermin
    Yes, a special maid path, even a fetish maid. A strong catgirl path, a miking path involving farm rescues, and a possible return to Earth.

    I'll locate the latest build (note I am not the developer of it)

    Thanks, actually I raided that site quite a while agio, it provided the based images for Reisz and Minako. The site has the bad habit of watermarking all the images, when they have no rights over them, so I do not really visit there any more.

    I mostly use
    and the kindness of people here and in the forums, notably Munkuh in the FutanariPalace Forums

    I have had a lot of bugs to sort out, so the release is still not ready. I hope in a day or do (yes I know again..)

  97. rostropovich
    I have never been a person for cooperative development, it can just slow things down with the extra coordination involved.

    The only major restructuing the is needed in the game is for ActionScript 3 compatibility. I have changed most of the incompatible code but there is one last hurdle, moving virtually everything into classes. The means changing ALL slave girls and all modules to alter the way slaves stats are used. I have been doing a lot of lowlever changes for this. But it is a major update that can potentially introduce many bugs, so I am reluctant to do it yet.

    Otherwise do you have any particular suggestions or thoughts on the sort of changes you imagine?

  98. thanks a lot camc. megaupload just doesnt work out, they keep removing everything.

  99. cmacleod42

    It's not some cooperative development I'm talking about.

    I just want to make code more manageable. Usual principles of refactoring: don't do one thing twice and all that. This should make debug easier too.

    How I see the process is much like you do with texts: I send you result, you think what to make of it. It's not teamwork, you remain sole developer and decision maker.

  100. interesting little glitch just happened to me

    genma is registering as a female assistant

  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. cmacleod42
    Thanks for the work!

    Have you tried i-forge.net? It's one of the best image finding sites I've seen.

  103. Any more word on the next update? I'm a big fan of Aeris (love the BE/PE stuff), and I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements you've made to her.

  104. A true centaur, by most furs, is not considered a 'furry' in the purest sense of the word, now a tauric anthro fox IS [that is a furry fox with a centaur like lower body, i say 'like' because instead of the horse thing its usualy an oversized variation of the creatures natural non-anthro form] and in fact they can be quite popular.

  105. I'd vote putting the Centaur in with monster girls. Also, I'd like to suggest Freya Crescent become the next furry slave.


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