Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Slave Melisandra

Melisandra, The True Catgirl (Final Fantasy XI)

Release V1.0:

To my delight, SamK has released a new XML based slave, Melisandra, a Mithra from Final Fantasy XI. In the game this means she is one of the True Catgirls you encounter when training Minako.

She is an original character, not any specific Mithra you will have seen in the game, but a composite of images and edits.

She is currently a vanilla release but SamK has stories plotted and events in development.

To install just extract the archive into your game folder.

There is a slight chance mac and Linux users may have issues with her. If you do, try renaming the file

Mirror for Gardevoir Update
Some people had issues with the 7zip archive for Gardevoir, here is a rar mirror file

Early Alpha for Motoko Aoyama
An early development version of Motoko from Love hina has been posted by Jaren, developer of Yoruichi. I am just notifying people here as he has basically only posted her for beta testing so far.
If you really want to check her out, visit the FutanariPalace forum

PS. that makes 43 slaves released for the game. 2 others in significant development, and several others in various stages of development


  1. 43? can you give us a List Cmac..I seem to be short a few girls.

  2. also the Gardevoir file is still linking to a 7zip, and not working

  3. First of all: thanks a lot!
    But musst i realy download and install all updates, or exist here a version of the game which includes all updates?
    Thanks for help:)

  4. Destron
    The Gardevoir file does work correctly, if you use 7zip to extract it.

    Current list
    Shampoo Ranma 1/2 cmacleod/Pooloka 2 1
    Belldandy Ah My Goddess cmacleod/Pooloka 2 2
    Ranma Ranma 1/2 cmacleod/Pooloka 2.1 3
    Akane Ranma 1/2 cmacleod/Pooloka 2 4
    Yurika Nadesico cmacleod/Pooloka 2 5
    Tifa Final Fantasy 7 cmacleod 2 6
    Naru Love Hina cmacleod/Pooloka 2 7
    Urd Ah My Goddess cmacleod 2 8
    Kasumi DOA cmacleod 2 9
    Ayane DOA cmacleod 2 10
    Reisz Legend of Mana cmacleod 2 11
    Minako Sailor Moon cmacleod 2 12
    Rei Sailor Moon cmacleod 2 13
    Orihime Bleach Daisy_strike 2 14
    Menace Queen's Blade Daisy_strike 2 15
    Princess Peach Mario Bros MailMailx3 2 16
    Aeris Final Fantasy 7 Fenoxo 2 17
    Yorichi Shihouin Bleach Jaren 1.4 18
    Sawachika Eri School Rumble otacu 1 19
    Bulma Dragonball Rowadon/abisal 1 20
    Ino Yamanaka Naruto Darsel 1.1 21
    Sakura Haruno Naruto NarutoXD 1.1 22
    Jessie Pokemon abisal 1 23
    Kallen Code Geass vechno 1 24
    Heather Silent Hill 3 TheNightWalker 1 25
    Kirino Kousaka Oreimo NarutoXD 1 26
    Rei Ayanami Evangelion cmacleod 1 27
    reserved for Krystal the Star Fox 28
    Mihoshi Tenchi Muyo cmacleod 1 29
    Mai Shiranui Fatal Fury 2 cmacleod 1 30
    Chun Li Street Fighter venom2056 1 31
    Princess Daisy Mario Bros gadansk 1 32
    Felicia Dark Stalkers MailMailX3 1 33
    Sheena Fujibayashi Tales of Symphonia EScion/Lyanel Feles 1 34
    Reimu Touho Somone1001 1 35
    Nina Windia Breath of Fire Kaiser Ryu 1.1 36
    Gardevoir Pokemon Thf772 1 37
    Rogue X-Men Evolution KintChick & abisal 1 38
    Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Kiyoka 0.1 39
    Sakuya Touhou CM Tyssen 0,1 40
    Ran Detective Conan vash99 1 41
    Misako Gibo demercel 1 42
    Motoko Aoyama Love Hina Jaren 0.1 43
    Melisandra Original SamK 1 44

    wait fir the 3.2.03 release, otherwise no there is not a version with all updates applied.

  5. sorry I mistook your original post as saying you were providing a link to a rar file, not the 7zip file again.

  6. Gardevooir mirror changed to a rar archive

  7. @Destron

    Could you please elaborate on what sort of issues you are having with 7zip?

    As far as I know moving from rar to 7z is actually a big improvement. And that is not even counting the licensing issues of 7zip being GNU/LGPL while winrar is under a proprietary trial one.

  8. I have to agree, as far as I know there's absolutely no issue with 7zip. And I've never HEARD of problems using winrar to extract 7zip archives. I know some projects I follow, like pcsx2, use 7zip only and they never have complaints in the forum, and those files are downloaded by millions of people...

  9. I have found that using Winrar (I purchased a license as while ago) that it hangs when trying to extract the 7z archive. I have extracted others in the past fine, so it may just be an odd issue with these particular archives, and a bug in the current release of winrar.

  10. @cma

    um not that im complaining, or trying to push this in any way at all, but it kinda feels like theres more unfinished girls than there are finished girls, i mean, i do like all the girls, but mabey we i say we as you and all the people that is working with you and helping you with this game, should focus more on trying to tie up lose ends instead of just adding more girls, just wanted to put that out there. v.v

  11. Hope this helps with pic finding

  12. I have a question its a minor tech support thing but its a major bug but I can't seem to save on my version of the game I downloaded it yesterday on a windows 7 computer. Would there be a reason it worked on vista and not windows 7?

  13. @Valentine

    Most likely you have a program that clears *.sol files from your computer.

  14. Valentine
    Check any settings you have in your browser to do with clearing or deleteing cookies. The save games are basically a form of cookie.
    Similarly there are 3rd pary programs that delete them.

  15. Is there another source of getting the latest updates than this blog? It's too many updates to keep track of as it is now, and it's way too messy on a blog.
    I'm trying to install the thing on my new computer... *sigh*

  16. Yes, see the forums linked.

    But there has not been a full release since 3.2.02. The various slave updated and new slaves are not included in that release, for that you will have to wait for me to finish 3.2.03.

  17. No see the thing is I press the button in game and it won't save at all like its a dead button I've played the game before so nothing has really been changed cookies for it are enabled because CC finds my cookies from what is there. I can't load anything because I can't save anything for some reason. Maybe my cookies won't let me save but it shouldn't just break the button so where it doesn't even press.

  18. Valentine
    Which button fails for you, the Save button in the system tab, the save icon bottom right?
    Note S key does not save, you must use Shift + S for a shortcut

  19. When I go to the thing that has a bunch of save icons that say save and delete save neither one works........Also that one little button at the bottom with load and save hot marked those press but they don't save even though they say they do. I cannot load I cannot save its..........unfortunate. I haven't tried shift S but I don't think it will work either. Its the only thing that doesn't seem to be working

  20. The most likely thing is the available storage for flash cookies. Run the game
    right click on the window, select settings. Click on the folder icon to show the Local Storage tab. Make sure flash is allowed at least 10Mb of local storage, preferably unlimited.

  21. I still use W-XP on purpose, on an old notebook and a new netbook, i hate bloatware so i look for programs with small footprints.
    Looked over WinRar long time ago, didn't like it.

    For rar i use the tiny but very dependable Free Rar Extract Frog:;pop

    And when i encountered 7z i found the portable as well as the regular version of 7-Zip.

    (the portable is stand-alone and will run from a usb flash drive or sd card, just browse to 7z file from app)



    Each page has description of program.
    7-Zip also works on Linux/Unix
    Hope this helps :)

    1. Hi using this frog thing that i got im having diffculty actually downloading the game as it just takes me to a site like ilivid and tells me to patse alink

  22. Can we stop getting new slaves for awhile and get explorable/upgradable houses? I'd kind of like to do something about that attic.

  23. Hm, there are no new posts so long...
    May be soon new update?
    2 derperchan
    What you prefer:
    -quickly and stupid implementation of HE\HU?
    -slow and best implementation of HE\HU?

  24. Forget me for begin somewhat rude, but ... You DO realize don't you that tehse slaves are NOT made by cmacleod, but by other people?

    As such your request to "stop making slaves and do something else" is absolutely pointless...

  25. hello it is me again I just want to apologize if i sounded whiny in my precious post it is just when i origionally posted this i was frustrated with the game and the reason i ranted on this forum is because this is the only slave maker 3 forum that i could find believe me i tried hunting down MailMailx3 but i cant find this elusive creator if anyone can link me to the place that actually lists all of the bugs associated with their specific character perferably peach and i do hope that i wont have to hunt in a super long comment section that addresses the problem after 2 pages worth of pure nonrelated crud

    again though i do apologize for my earlier comment


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