Sunday, December 12, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10b

Here is a new release for my game. It has mainly a lot of bug fixes and some new events and graphics



  • Devil Wings, with a simple quest to obtain them. Note Hild helps with this and getting the tail
  • Additional events for Tentacle Hybrid (only a couple)
  • Azana (from training Rei) will follow you for following slave girls (in campaign mode only)
  • Hild has more events, she can influence demonic items and potions
  • Peorth has more events, she will improve angelic items
  • furry assistant Shenandoah
  • Asuka the assistant
  • all slave girls will have permanent BE
  • most girls will have fairy and catgirl graphics
  • most girls have dress improvements (transparent backgrounds) and BE variants and dickgirl variants. Some have had replaced dresses
  • new graphics for most girls (some a few some a lot more)
  • a couple of small events 
  • updated translations for Russian, French, Polish, German
  • House introduction screen shown for your first slave. No actual story elements yet, in development. Existing stat and mechanics still apply.

For developers
  • Some new override functions, for instance to show custom graphics in the Advanced Housework contest, methods for intervening in shop purchasing
  • An assistant can refuse to assist in trainings, eg Hild (a demon) can refuse to help your slave work as a Acolyte
Slave Girls
  • Thanks to all, I have included the improved decensors 
  • This release includes the beta slaves Princess Peach and Aeris. Both have the Permanent Breast expansion, but no catgirl graphics/fairy transformation. A number of bug fixes for Aeris (notably when used as an assistant) and some improved and additional graphics
  • Orihime has some small bug fixes and a few graphic tweaks
  • Menace has a minor bug fix
  • Minako is now compatible with the recent catgirl training. She also gets some new story elements, a job and chore. 
  • Ayane has many graphic tweaks and some additions, notably for dresses and milking
  • Belldandy has multiple tweaks and quite a few new images, notably more demon images, and breast expansion versions of dresses and new naked image
  • Tifa has many new or improved images, including new naked image, and catgirl images. She has a new sleazy bar story (when she is a dickgirl go for a walk in the slums)
  • Urd has a new dress and catgirl images and better uncensored images
  • Yurika has only a few graphic changes
the girls
Naru, Reisz, Orihime, Menace, Peach and Aeris
do not get the Fairy/Demon wings and catgirl ears/tail (well Orihime does for her custom quest, just not in general). An update will follow updating them.

Tifa's sleazy bar event will also be upgraded more. Also the Wing Quest will get more details.

More dress improvements will be added to add larger breast variants, aiming for a 0%, 10%, 25% variants at least for all dress and naked images. Maybe a 50% but a more difficult edit. Also adding dickgirl variants where reasonable.

Full install of the game. Due to changes there is no upgrade from 3.1.10a (all girls changed and most other parts of the game too)



All links are interchangable.

a bug was reported where Tifa is not visible in campaign mode. Copy this file into your Slaves folder
or just edit SlaveGirl6.txt and remove

A quick fix for some image issues for Urd, copy into your Slaves folder

Some image and next button issues for Tifa
and Kasumi

and image issues for Ayane


  1. Now rest, cmacleod42, your rabid fans will stop spamming your website with "IS IT READY YET".

    At least for a couple days.

  2. Lol, incorrect...
    When will be done building upgrades?!?!?
    Just a joke... When it will be finish, of course XD
    Domo arigato for hard work.
    I will wait for a new realese...

  3. Can these 3 files be unzipped in the same folder as the previous version thus overwriting all files OR must they be unzipped in a new empty folder and then delete the files of the previous version.

  4. lol im incline to say that no matter how much he added the fans will never rest lol

    but i do want to say thank you for all your hard work and effort you put in to this game
    make sure to rest up and keep well your no good to the fans sick lol

  5. Definitely looking forward to the new stuff. And I'm glad you're feeling better. Drink lots of fluids...that's the most generic advice I can give.

  6. There's a typo in Princess Peach's intro. On the second page, you misspelled excited as "exited".

  7. blevins29
    It does not matter, overwrite the files if you like

    there are many typos for Peach, but I did not write her. She is developed by MailMailX3 and there are threads in the forums for posting fixes or ideas for her

  8. @cmacleod42
    you were right concerning my problems with spacing and fontsizing for the german translation. in this version they don't seem to be existing any more. that's nice. makes work much easier. i'll check, if this may be because i changed to my laptop or if it's now working on my desktop (different screen-resolution) as well, later.

    @everyone else
    the existing german translation isn't finished, yet. it still needs a lot of fontsizing and spacing to be done. also there probably still are some typos. i'll probably change some sentences as well, to make them sound nicer (usually because i didn't think of a good word while i was translating)

  9. Thanks for the update Cmac! Have a Happy Holiday!

  10. There is a problem with Tifa in campaign mode, she does not appear. This is caused by some development code I did not remove.

    Just copy this file into the Slaves folder of your installation (it is only a few kb)

  11. Dumb question, but how do put my saves into the new update since its a full download? Thanks in advance.

  12. i just wanted to say i love those new assistant you added and that mugi event tells you what you need to achive a ending that was a great help to me saves me from having to alt tab and check walkthrough lol

  13. Andrew
    Just install into the exact same folder as your previous game, eithe overwrite the files or delete the old and extract into the same folder.

  14. looking forward to playing it.
    It looks like you changed a lot.
    Since this is a freeware game, i'm thinking you have a dayjob. That makes me wonder: Aren't your days about five hours to short everytime?
    After download is complete i will let you know what i think of the new version. Keep it up, and take a day off before you go on vacation. You deserve it.

  15. Question. I'm getting this error message when I unzip.
    Data error in 'Slaves\Slave-Peach.swf. File is broken.

    What does that mean?

  16. You need Re-download file...

  17. Hi,
    a few image bugs have been reported for Urd, with some images postioned wrong and a dickgirl naked image appearing. These are fixed.

    I have a report of some off lesbian issues and I am waiting for a save game to investigate

  18. A quick fix for some image issues for Urd

  19. How do we go about getting the demonic conversion? I've found the demonic pendant and bra, but what else do I need?

  20. Tifa has a bug in the new sleazy bar job.
    suddenly i am missing the "next" button.
    I am in sandbox mode btw.

  21. Ronnie84
    what was happening?

    1) take the uninhibitory potion 3 times and agree to the variant
    There is a chance to get a devil tail
    2) have her walk naked in the town center at miday

    This is all simpler if you use Hild as your assistant, Hild tells you of 2. Otherwise there is a hint elsewhere

  22. So how do you get the breast expansion?

    That's what I'm mostly interested in for this update~

  23. Kei-chan
    it is no different than the last release, it is just persistant now. Check to wiki for more details.

    There are multiple events that can do it
    - the major one is that it is one possible result from the variant uninhibitory potion (3rd use of the potion, 4th too if bad ends are not on)
    - one possible reward for rescuing the faeries
    - a result of Meigura's wish
    - during catgirl training you meet a large breasted catgirl at the beach who offers a potion

  24. The wiki never seems to update... :/
    Also do the wings not work for every slave yet? I've done everything that seems to be required with Shampoo, and... nothin.

  25. @sdibolcrif
    the wings work for most of the slaves. they do since 3.1.10a for shampoo.

    you need to rescue the fairies at the farm 3 times and choose to be transformed into a fairie. and you need her to wear the fairie-ring. the transformation will slowly progress then. to accelerate it (and you need to do so in order to be ready before training is over) you can take a walk at the forest (this increases the value by several points each time).

  26. @cmacleod42
    i just checked if my problems with fontsizing and spacing do still exist on my desktop-pc and they do. even after updating flashplayer. i have no idea why. showing xxxxxxxx sure isn't due to differing resolutions.
    on my laptop it's working fine, so i'll keep working there to at least be able to get it done

  27. @cmacleod42
    I had Tifa to train, with hild as assistant.
    I had her do sleazy bar quite a bit, en all of a sudden the button to go the next training is missing.
    I could load, go to options, close the game, but could not save or go to the next training.
    I will trie a few times more to see if was just a wierd glitch or truly a progamming bug. I'll let you know as soon as i find out

  28. Awesome! Thanks for the update. BTW, how do you get the tentacle hybrid events to occur?

  29. I meant demon wings, sorry. But I worked it out anyway - one of the "seduction" events took a few days to show up, apparently.

  30. Hmm. guess I might need to reinstall, extracting in same spot overwrote my saves, or would I have to completely remove my previous version even if it is in a different folder?

  31. Sweet, one thing though, it kind of sucks that we lose our girls as assistants if we take up a lot of the training paths. There should be alternate versions of assistants for different ending outcomes, for example a Tentacle Queen could increase Tentacle encounters, a Wolf Girl could increase friendly supernatural encounters, and I'd like to keep the priest girl and as a Pagan train her and convert her. Just a thought, whatever you want to do m8, I'm just happy to play.

  32. Looking forward to those upgradable houses, great job on the game so far. I wonder how long I can play without spazzing.

  33. Once again an awesome release, thanks cmac !

    Got an issue with Kasumi though, when doing cumbath i only get backgrounds, no pictures of cumbath or Kasumi.

    Looking forward to next next year for slut trainer,succubus, Ayanami and houses upgrades ^^

  34. another one: Kasumi also lost her picture in the assistants list.

  35. @Cmac

    Did you ever fix the 6th dress for Shampoo so that Cat tails and Cat ears were considered to be worn?

    For some reason, in the latest release 3.1.10b, Shampoo isn't getting an increase for meeting the catgirl in the forest while wearing Dress 6. I have her at 11 of 100 skill for catgirl training, but I haven't been able to get it to increase yet.

  36. I had the same issue as Ronnie84 training Shampoo with Hild as assistant when I went to the Onsen.

  37. Enjou
    visit a nun (pray or acolyte job)

    save games are stored based on the folder you run the game in. There is a different set for the .exe and .swf. Other than the path there is not difference, delete the files, install over top, it is all the same. It is just the path to the .exe/.swf file you are using.

    As far as I knew this was working just fine. Did Shampoo start catgirl training? ie did you get the text about the start?

    Which issue? The last one I saw Ronnie84 note was about Tifa and her new event, nothing about Shampoo and Onsens. Please let me know what went wrong for you

  38. I had Shampoo go to the Onsen, and after saying yes to her doing extra cleaning, the button to go the next training went missing. I could load, go to options, close the game, but could not save or go to the next training.

  39. Vermin
    This will fix your Kasumi image issues

    Copy the file into your Slaves folder

  40. Kenki
    I just did some testing with Shampoo and I get no issues with the dress. Can you upload somewhere a save game with the problem

  41. For the Tifa issues
    copy this into your Slaves folder

  42. @Cmac

    After having Shampoo wear the 6th Outfit, nothing happened. Is there something else required to get her to start the Catgirl training? I don't remember seeing any text about that after finishing the visits with Mina and obtaining rank 1 in Catslave Training.

  43. Kenki
    When she puts on the dress it should say that she is now starting catgirl training, and talk about meeting catgirls. It did for me in a test game I just did.

    Shampoo just needs Cat Slave Trainer level 1.

    Odd issue, can you please upload your save game for me to investigate

  44. @Cmac
    Included are two saves, 5 & 6. Save 5 is from 2 visits before I finished Mina's lessons and obtained the Catslave training skill rank 1. Save 6 is after obtaining at least rank 1 and having purchased the Dress 6. I've taken the dress off and re-equipped it, but Shampoo doesn't say anything. I even delayed purchasing the dress till after I completed Mina's lessons, I even tried waiting till the next day to equip the dress. Shampoo just doesn't give me the option to start training.

  45. Are we able to get Shampoo to 100/100 for catslave training starting a new game with her? Catslave girl encounters are so rare for me that it seems impossible. I won't make it to 50/100 by the time the training period is up. Currently started a new game specifically to make shampoo a catgirl first, and she is up to 43/100 and it's day 66.

    Also for breast expansion, you said that the unhibitory drug variant and rescuing faeries work, but for me they only increased my slave's cocksize. Is that suppose to happen? or is that a bug?

  46. strikevt
    The uninhibitory drug variant has a random effect, 3 choices, so it has been bad luck for you. Use Hild as your assistant for a choice.

    There is again a random factor for catslave training. It sounds you have had some bad luck, but you should normally be able to exceed 50. I am not sure if the game balance at the moment allows cat training to reach 100, except by pure luck. I will review.

    Something odd is happening for you. I used the save 6, removed her dress and wore it and immediately got the start of cat slave training. I saw you did not have the cat girl image behind her stats so catgirl training had not started.

    Can you try the same, remove the dress and put it back on again, If she does not start training I will assume you have a corrupt/old version of a file (catgirls.swf) and I will upload it for you

  47. kenki
    to confirm, you are using version 3.1.10b? Previously the dress had issues

  48. Thanks for the release!

    I have come across a problem. I won a naginata challenge, and won 20 gold, but lost 60 naginata skill points.

  49. __k
    what was your skill before? The event should properly limit your skill to 100

  50. I was at 160. Through 3.1.10a, each win increased the skill by +1. I finished most of the slaves in that version.

  51. Hmm so how do you get the fairy effects? I saved 3 fairies, have the ring, and met with the fairy and used the pill. What am I missing. Currently using Urd

  52. I Founded a few bugs in the Russian version - If you slave Ayane without a photo, when switching from Russian into English of the buttons remain in Russian to restart or boot. Also in this as in previous versions sometimes disappear slaves when switching screens when selecting slaves, most often on the third 1-2 and less on the second - sometimes 1 ...

  53. __k
    the maxium of a weapon skill is supposed to be 100. The fact you exceeded 100 is a bug. I'll check

    One of the reward options is to transform into a fairy, do not take the pill take the option. If you did not get the option then it implies to me you are not running version 3.1.10b as Urd was not upgraded before that version. Are you using version 3.1.10b?

    Which buttons do not change to english? They should definately change if you exit the game and re-run. There are a few that are no translated yet, notably the stat tabs and the planning sets

  54. Is "half-demon" the best we can get? I did the demonic conversion up to getting the wings with Tifa (had Hild as an assistant) but all I got was "half-demon" under extra training.

    If that's it then I'm happy, just curious if there is an actual "demon" ending.

  55. I found a bug with Ayane. After I accepted her loyality and went to the tailor to buy some clothes all her pics (except the basic and the first two wich transformed from the bondages) were with dick, though she is not a dickgirl yet.

  56. I did discover an apparnt issue with the Cat Dress for Shappoo, it appears that if you aquire the dress prior to abtaining Cat Trainer Lvl 1, that you can not then complete the training, she ends up in a loop, and Shappoo won't except wearing the dress.

  57. Also with Hildi, you can choose what effect the use of the "aternate" Uninhibitory potion does, is the demon tail tied specifically to one of the options, or is it still a random chance with her, as an alternate to one of the options.

  58. ke'la
    If you take the dress off and put it back on again, it will probably work fine.

    Yes, one of the choices is the tail (if she does not already have it)

    half-demon is all there is, until I implement succubus training

  59. ke'la
    can you explain a little more. Until you get Cat Training level 1 Shampoo will not put the dress on so this should not be a proble.

    Unless you mean this happened in a save game made prior to version 3.1.10b?

  60. Tibi
    This should fix Ayane
    Copy into your Slaves folder

  61. It worked, thanks.
    And thanks for the whole game :) Keep up the good work ;)

  62. if possible can we get a background of something that would start a person at level 1 cat trainer

  63. Jason
    that has been requested. I plan to rearrange they way you build your slave maker and it will be an option then

  64. @Cmac

    Thanks for you help with this. Unfortunately, I am still not triggering the start of training with Shampoo. I do have 3.1.10b. Took the dress off, re-equiped, and nothing. Took dress off, advanced night, tried next morning and still no immediate dialogue.

  65. Says I'm running version v3.10b
    Is it because I had Urd before the update?

  66. Also just curious I was wondering if there is a way to continue to take the variant of the uninhibitory drug, because I turned it down once and haven't gotten another attempt to take the variant.

  67. Has ponygirl training changed? I used to be able to stop for a while, then go back to ponygirl training at a later date. But now, the pony training level doesn't go up any more. It's stuck at 89.

  68. kenki
    Please copy this into your Engine folder
    and see if it fixes it. Try remove the dress and put it back on again

    If you mean you started training her before 3.1.10b, then yes that is the problem. a variable is set when you start training in the new version.

    No nothing has changed. Do you have Pony Trainer level 3? The max for pony training depends on this skill, unless you have level 3 you cannot get 100 in the skill

  69. @Cmac

    Switching the catgirls.swf had no effect. But while I was switching the outfits, I did stumble onto the issue.

    I play mostly by keyboard shortcuts. When using those shortcuts, (6) to equip the dress, the event does not trigger. However, if I use the mouse to physically select the Dress 6, then the event triggers everytime.

  70. Where are all the catgirls? I found the one at the Palace that meets up at the Town Square at 10PM, and I found the Tiger in the field. Where all all the rest?

  71. The Dick
    There are cat girls in most jobs, schools and in many of the locations you walk to, notably Beach Walk, Beach Private, Beach Swim, Forest, Lake etc

    In all cases there is a percent chance of the meeting, so there is some luck involved

    I will check, thans

  72. I found a bug during Belladany's training. If she is a dickgirl and you order her to be naked her pic will keep changing. The same thing occured afterwards many times.
    I made a savegame when i first encoutered this, and uploaded it.

  73. @cmac
    Oh, okay.
    Sorry for the repost. The previous disappeared.

  74. Mirrors thanks to Windsongbard and squark

    with patches

    patches separate

  75. Tibi
    This is a fix for the Belldandy issue
    Copy into your Slaves folder

  76. I do have pony trainer level 3. In 3.1.10a, I can finish maxing out the ponygirl training. But in 3.1.10b, it's stuck. I uploaded the save game to:
    (It also has the 160 naginata skill.)

  77. __k
    There is a bug when you get near to 100, the text should change to 'Ideal Ponygirl' but the bug means it does not change. Also icons did not appear and changes were not too clear.

    All fixed. Actually her skill was 100 just the game did not display it right.

    Also again to note all weapon skills should be limited to 100

  78. quick question what is needed for cat girl training

  79. Cat Slave Trainer skill level 1+. Do Singing lessons for a while.

  80. 1. Bug with Dance Contest - it seems impossible to win. She was ranked 2nd having all stats 100 except Fitness.

    2. Proposal: I'd like to know if it's first time she meets this person, so may be it's possible to show some mark or add a few words saying that.

    3. Forthcoming mode (of game), when she learns to avoid unnecessary encounters. It can be her intuition, or guardian angel, or experience, or sharp perception - result is that she doesn't spend the time on people who won't pay attention to her. Well, this "forthcoming mode" is deeper concept, I will advert to it later.

  81. Thanks for all the fixes cmac, you're quick ^^

    Seems once we buy a weapon we no longer have the choice to go unarmed again (only switch to another weapon), is it working as intended?

    Hard to keep training unarmed or stay in touch with tentacles when you have high skilled weapons in this case.

  82. so whenever I try to unzip any part it always says that there is a crc mismatch with one of the files....whats wrong?

  83. Sean
    Most linkely our downloads have failed and are incomplete

    But you do not unzip individual parts, just the first one and you unzipping program will extract all parts. If you have a poor program it may not handle unzipping laters parts properly and thus you get the crc error.

    I will check the issue

  84. I just got in the game saw that the denudation of Urd hermaphrodite (permanent) it was gone - the screen was just a leash.

  85. Doing the courtesan training now adds a "Seduction" skill; completing the training boosts the skill to 15. Going for a demonic conversion (getting the tail and wings) boosts it to a full 100, but is there any other method of raising this skill?

  86. Dark King
    No, those are the only ways to train the skill

  87. Note:
    trying to upload 3.1.10c but my interney connection is being erratic. Uploads are breaking at random points. Worst case I'll leave them running overnight and the update will be posted tomorrow

  88. You need your own forum or external site for people to post :) Look how many hits you got sooo quickly :_P

  89. Super fans of your game, especially the futanari transformation part. JUst hopping there slave maker 4 gonna be out. I can help with illustrate the event scene or story palnning. keep up the good work~

  90. Was wondering if I could get the peach files, only got her image when I downloded and they werent in the update.

  91. Looking forward to trying the new version, but having some problems. Most of the text and pictures are not showing, just backgrounds and empty buttons. I'm using the Eltima SWF&FLV player for mac, can't seem to find any other way of running them. The old version works fine. Plis help :-/

  92. It seem all the edit links no longer have any data conected to them

  93. when i download the links they are not zip files, but adobe reader files and they have no data. help!


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