Friday, August 6, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09b

there were a few bugs introduced in the 3.1.09 release. I have made an updated version that fixes the bugs. Treat this as the real 3.1.09

For note it fixes
- Ranma Lesbian Lovers ending (full install only)
- Sword martial arts training capped at 5
- Rei refusing all sex trainings
- Rei trained by Old Faith worshipper hits infinite loop in introduction screens
- Shampoo interefered in some party events when training Ranma
- undefined in a starting message
- K missing from Kasumi in slave selection screen (also Hsien-Ko)


Upgrade (for 3.1.08 or 3.1.09)


Full Install



  1. Does the upgrade work fine over the original 3.1.09, or should I just download the full install again?

  2. Wunder
    Yes, it is just the same files, with bug fixes. Just install and overwrite the existing files

  3. Cool, cool... saves me a bit of time on my slower connection, thanks.

  4. i wonder
    why you always use multiupload?
    i agree if you use rapidshare (as primary link) because it will help you

    but for some ppl with slow connection its like a pain to download from rapidshare,megaupload,hotfile,etc

    so it really nice to put mediafire or 4shared as mirror

    thank you for your great game anyway :)

  5. anyway,why you dont use this again

  6. eDO
    Do you have a problem with MultiUpload?

    Multiupload include 6 different file shares (including Rapidshare) so I can release with one upload. The Rapidshare upload goes to my premuim account so it is easy for me to then publish those links.

    It is just a matter of it takes me time to upload to other shares. WindsongBard mirrors most of my uploads to 4shared as well.

  7. Thanks for it) Your game is great.

    I wannt to know, will there any male slaves to play with? I mean main slave.

  8. Unrelated to the new version, but are there plans on adding something akin to what you see the futa in the forest doing for your own slaves?

    And are there any plans for more anal play? What about breast/cock milking?

    Or are these left for the community to add?

  9. The Joy stat is stuck at NaN. Could this be specific to the character I'm currently on? (Yuriko)

  10. Лисэ Шайя
    No one has developed a male slave yet, sorry

    How do you mean for the futa in the forest (Astrid?) Do you mean milking

    What type of anal play are you suggesting?

    There is already the milking at the farm but you are asking for more I guess

    Do you know under what situation you got a Joy of Nan. There is nothing specific to Yurika

  11. I had just picked Yurika and on the first day saved. Then updated from 1.08 to 1.09. I'm not sure if that's what did it since I never checked the stat before the update. The helper is Urd (with the Joy+1 per day effect)

  12. qut
    Thanks, I found the issue, it is a bug with Urd. Just do not use her as an assistant for now. I'll post an update of her later

  13. Now my own renown and gold are NaN. This is after completing with Urd once. =(

  14. qut
    Urd as an assistant caused Joy to become Nan, Joy is used to calculate your score and hence your increase in renown and gold.
    As I said do not use Urd as an assistant until I release a fix.

  15. cmacleod42
    I know that there is a disscussion about them on forum. So you are doing that system. Am I right?

  16. I can't download Slave Builder 1.3. May you upload another websaite?please

  17. Also why i can't load the slaves I made by Slave builder 1.3? Can you teach me how to use it?

  18. Лисэ Шайя
    The game fully supports male slaves, well except for text for sex acts, but the slave developer can do those.

    It is just no one has developed one yet

    I gather you were able to download 1.3 of Slave Builder?

    Are you using 3.1.09 version of the game. The slaves will not load using 3.1.08 or earlier.

    Did you compile your project using FlashDevelop or Flash to create the swf file?

    Did you copy into your Slaves folder in the game the
    swf file
    the slave market image you selected

    Check the .txt file that it correctly links to the image and swf file.

    Otherwise can I please suggest you register with the MasterBloodfer forum and post your problems there for moose

  19. any plans after youve got a stable release of this game to make a sequel using original art and what you have learnt in creating this,
    as a kind of X-rated indie game?

    i would buy it!

  20. cmacleod42 I can't download Slave Builder 1.3 since i can't enter megaupload.May you post another website of slave builder, please?

  21. Where/when does the furry bondage event take place?

  22. cmacleod42 since I don't understand languageused in MasterBloodfer forum, so I can post my problem here. After I had created my slave by Slave builder, I saved and exported the information in Slave folder. But why it will ecome this( Can you teach me how to solve the problem?

  23. (sorry, changed visible nick; Enmoku here)
    "How do you mean for the futa in the forest (Astrid?) Do you mean milking"
    The one you encounter walking around in the forest occasionally, masturbating herself almost constantly because her master (Astrid, I presume) wants her erect at all times or something.

    "There is already the milking at the farm but you are asking for more I guess"
    Yes. Yurika and Tifa have some, as does Menace, but that's character specific. And there's the slavemaker background specific milking too (would think you'd get access to former cowgirl activities if you don't report the farm).

    As for anal... fingering, rimming, toys (besides plugs/tails), encounters with it, etc. Some of this can be for vaginal, too, like gaping. Maybe making anal only slave even somehow?

  24. ricky
    Did you copy the slave market image you selected into the Slaves folder for your game?
    IF so try opening it in your graphics editor and re-save it. Flash has problems with some types of jpg images

  25. ricky
    a mirror for Slave Builder

  26. addition mirror

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  28. How about allowing Slave Makers to purchase new slave maker skills for so many points in the endgame? Skills like Expert Trader and Alchemy would be really good buys for players who didn't start with the appropriate background.

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  30. cmacleod42
    maybe you misunderstand my picture( problem in this picture which is after i click the slavr which is made by me, it become what you see in the picture.So how can i solve the problem.Can you help me, please?

  31. ricky
    I have asked you several questions about how you installed your slave and built it. Can you please answer them. It is hard to work out the problem when you give no feedback.

    Can you please post your created slave (swf, slave market image, txt file) and preferably also the source code, the project and as files. I can investigate them to work out your problem.

    Again it would preferable to continue this in one of the forums. IF you cannot work out the Masterbloodfer forum (it's not that complex especially using the various page translators) then join the FutanariPlace forum and post your problems there. You can PM me your files or links.

    In general people, I prefer support questions in the forums, it is much easier to track than here.

  32. ricky
    Also remember you must be using version 3.1.09 of the game

  33. yes i am using version 3.1.09 of the game and this is the information of my slave ( and also why i can't find seduction in the game when i am try training belldandy into demon, where can i find it?

  34. ricky
    The project file you sent me is corrupt. I cannot open it using the current version of FlashDevelop. Can you open it?

    Was the project created by Slave Builder 1.3, using a hex editor I could not see any references to your images

    You did not include the generated swf file. I see a smf file but that is an intermediate file. You need to copy the generated swf file into your Slaves folder in your game installation.

    So, can you send me the project again. Also can you make sure you are using the latest (non beta) version of FlashDevelop (3.2.2) and confirm you can open the project. Then please send it to me and the swf file you generate.

  35. I can't change it into swf file.i have tried many times it always is smf file. Also, you ask me can i open the file ,I can.How generate the file into swf file?

  36. ricky
    you cannot, as I said the smf is an imtermediate file. The swf file is saved into a specified location in your project settings. See Project menu, Properties, it specifies where and the name of the output swf file. If your project exports/builds with no errors the swf is saved into that location.

    Actually I am not quite sure how you are generating smf files. Double check the above setting that it does not incorrectly say .smf not .swf

  37. ricky
    When I asked about opening the file I meant the file Joey.as2proj

  38. cmacleod42
    I can't open Joey.as2proj. After I click the file, this box appear: Could not open the requested project: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. Why and how to solve it?

  39. cmacleod42, just an idea but for the next release have you thought about having music for the title screen? and maybe you have it play "mo money mo problems"?

  40. @ricky
    Thnks for uploading the .smf file. I may have found the problem.
    There is an exception thrown the I load your smf file. Its an odd error and only your smf file is throwing it unfortunately. So i am not sure if it is a bug in the program or something random.

    R u using the saves from previous version on SlaveBuilder. If so, the two r not compatible. You will have to re-enter all that information unfortunately. There is a workaround but it might cause more problems that it will fix.
    If you are well on your way in it, I would suggest finishing the slave using the old builder and exporting. Then creating an export using the new version without exporting the library. This will give you a complete project that should load into FlashDevelop. The two exported version are compatible with each other.
    NOTE: export in different folders. Then copythe and from export from V1.2 and replace the ImageLoad.and as from export from V1.3. Then run the project. They u will have to play around with it a little.

    The reason you are unable to load the FlashDevelop project is because there are a few problems in it.
    It contains special pointers that are specific to slave builder, such as ¬MoviePath¬ and others. These pointers are usually replaced by the information that is to go there.

    This problem is most likely caused by improper export. Did the program give an error when exporting.
    It can also be caused by copying of the as2proj file from the lib folder and using that to run FlashDevelop.
    If it still gives an error, can we please continue this in the forums. This way I can keep track of all the errors easily. and fix them.

    I now also have an account in futanaripalace . You can post any errors there too.

  41. OOps forgot to mention, The MasterBlooder's regististration is in spanish (I think but not sure) but the SlaveMaker forums are all in english. So as long as u can muddle through the registration process, it will be fine. I can read spanish either so I used google translate

  42. The biggest problem I had with MasterBloodfer's Registration was that spanish Ñ. That captcha in the registration really tripped me up, although if you either know Ascii code or how to copy & Paste it's pretty easy. I just did a search for a spanish Ñ and just copy & pasted it. Go ahead and just copy & paste the


    from this post and use it for the captcha if you sign up there. Everything else is easy to translate.

    The Windsong Bard

  43. Moose
    I have tried your suggestion while it still not works. Also i can't find your account in futanaripalace and i don't know where should I post errors.

  44. I don't know exactly what is happening on MasterBloodfer's site but it sounds like you are now signed on to futanaripalace so I can easily help you there. Scroll up to the top of this page and look in that green column to the right. You should see a listing for forums. click the futanaripalace link. You should see a bug thread near the top. of the list.

    If you are taken to a disclaimer page then just log in to futanaripalace and try again. Also if you just log in and are taken to the main forum page than go to the third main topic heading (The blue highlighted names)down you should see a games room topic. It's about a 1/4 down the page. There is a Slave Maker thread under that topic. Just click on it and it will take you to where you want to go. Just look towards the top of the thread list and you should see it.

    Also if you left click on Cmacleod's name while in any topic you get the option to send him a private message. You can also just scroll to the bottom of that Slave Maker page and click his name under the moderator's section. Then Just look in the left column and the send a private message option should be the second one underneath Ranma (his picture) and you can't miss it.

    Hope this helps,

    The Windsong Bard

  45. I can't get the newest download to save after I exit. Is there some way I should be exiting that I'm missing? I currently have version 3.106 working when it comes to saves but this newest one is having problems.

  46. Gypsy Curse, You probably should post this on one of the forums. Either Master Bloodfer of Futanari Palace. I don't really use the autosave but it seems to save for me on each new (morning) day.

    Are you using the exe or the swf file? Do you have the same problem in both? Did you use the upgrade or the full install? If you used the upgrade try downloading the full install and install it over your current version and test it.

    Even if it does work for you it should still be reported in the forums but the more specifics you can provide to Cmacleod the easier it will be for him to track down the problem.

    Hope this helps,

    The Windsong Bard

  47. gypsy_curse
    The commonest cause of saves being lost is
    a) you change the folder the game is installed in. In this case you lost the old save games but new saves are retained
    b) You are running a cookie cleaner or other similar program that is deleting Local Shared Objects.
    c) similarly when playing the swf some high security settings, particularly private mode for FireFox, can delete all save games when the browser exits.
    d) You do not have sufficent storage set for Flash and it is limted. Right click on a running game and select 'settings; and then the folder icon. Make sure local storage is at least 1Mb, preferable 10Mb

    You say 3.1.06 saves properly by 3.1.09 does not. Did you have them in the same folder?

    I added a new save file in 3.1.09 but it is an independent file and should not result in saves disappearing.

    I have not had any reports of this from anyone else, at least not that are explained by a, b, c, d above.

    It is very odd, if possible check one of the forums, they give details on how to locate your save games. Are the .sol files there when you save but do not exit the game, are they gone/deleted when you exit the game?

  48. Will at any point the restrictions on how many times the girl can visit folk be released. I'm tired of only getting to talk to the bar girl twice for her three options. Also now that it takes time, as opposed to a free action in earlier versions, the benefits of visiting are just not comparable to doing other activities unless working on a quest.

  49. ok so I downloaded the full installation and it comes in three parts. I open part three using WinRAR and it gives me two choices .exe and .swf.
    The .swf doesn't have any pictures for your slaver apperance so I use the .exe. Which works perfectly opening a new screen using adobe flash player. Everything works great then I manually save, pick retire, then hit escape to minimize the screen and hit the close button. then reopen it the same way and my save file (I have used different ones) has been deleted. I have save files in 3.106 and use a different folder for it. thank you for all the help so far.

  50. Found the problem the file wasn't extracting for some reason. just allowing me to play it then getting rid of everything again thanks for the help!

  51. Just to clarify for the issue gypsy_curse had here

    a) for a multipart file always extract part 1 using your archive program. Extracting part 1 will automatically extract all the other parts.

    If you extract one of the other parts some program will just extract the files in that part only. The game will not play properly unless all parts are extracted

    b) always extract preserving the folder structure if given the choice

  52. I remembered a thought I've got some time ago about the game:

    Allow multi-endings. That is show all endings whose conditions are met by slave. This way we'll see f.e. Wedding AND Maid AND Sex Maniac.

  53. Love the game. One question though, what stats go into the Housework contests? For the life of me I can't figure it out.

  54. I don't think that multiple endings is a good idea as some endings are somewhat contradictory. Perhaps instead a screen showing which endings you qualify for and being able to select which one happens.

  55. rostropovich
    How paddedroomdude suggests may be a bit better in some ways, as commented some are contradictory. I'll look at this for version 3.2

    cooking and cleaning
    All contests also get some bonus to score based on her reputation

  56. How do you become a succubus?

    I must be missing something.

  57. Ashe
    Play demonic cock background, Maximise (or near to) Corruption and minimise Dominance. After training completes a special slave maker ending will happen

  58. I'm having a problem with keeping certain slaves like Urd permanent futa. In the older version I didn't but in this newer one I am. They would transform but the next day they will go right back to normal, no matter how many times they go to the cottage, and yes I have the permanent option on.

  59. For any run of the mill problems (how to get certain endings, what talents are good for, how high obedience needs to be for each task, etc), I suggest people go here:

    @Vampiro: Sounds like your version is just broken... Urd can definitely become a permanent futa after 3 uses of the priapus draft. The only way a girl should even be able to *not* be a permanent futa after 3 times is if you choose to have her cured (except maybe for Ranma... I know in an earlier version she could switch back and forth, but I haven't tried to train her in a recent version.)

  60. hello ;)
    ad. multi-ending:
    maybe when we end training of slave, the representative of SM guild can "judge" our work and predict future (job) of slave - we can in this moment suggest which possible ending should happen.

    and one more thing:
    please, add option to disable auto-fullscreen, it rely slow my PC ;/

  61. Jan
    the full-screen has already been implemented. :)
    Its in one of the tabs in settings i believe.

  62. oh thx, there is one :D
    i play to much in old versions so i didn't pay attention to this tab ...

  63. Will there ever be a male slave pack?
    How do you even develop a slave pack?


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