Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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Aside from a persistant cold thing are reasonable here. It takes me a while to get over illnesses (I am a diabetic and if not well controlled it can slow down healing and make you more susceptible to illnesses)

Version 3.4 is getting close, the last beta did not turn up too many issues and few were major. I will probably post one more complete beta and fix any bugs from that, and then do a release. I know I had said I was trying to do a release before the end of last month, but I failed.

Before any one asks yet again, the full release will include all content for the game released as of when it is released. A few 3rd party bits are not deemed by their developers ready for release, but these are few.

Once feature in the new version is there are a lot more options in the 'Talk to Slaves' menu for Intimacy, like explicitly asking for a Blowjob, Tit Fuck and more. In some spare time I have been updating a number of minor slaves. So

- Lian and Dian has a lot more images and can train you a little as a lesbian trainer. A little more complex talk text too.
- Arak has quite a few more images
- Cora, Haro, Laan, Ryah, Ryoga got additonal images
- Sana got a cute little animated discuss image
Several got new introduction screens and small bonuses to slave's training. Lian and Dian were the most significant though.

Chaos-X updated Mao for the new acts as well.

I am just now working on updating Narry, using images from SimounRules and some other images from the web. Narry also get an introduction screen.

Otherwise things are looking close.


  1. Excellent, sir. Excellent indeed.

  2. Patiently waiting for a quality release and the news of your good health... Hope both comes together soon enough as a bumper package...!
    I would just like to say 'Get Well Soon' and don't overstress too much, okay?

  3. where can we get the beta?

    1. Futanari palace in the 3.4 beta thread along with any fixes that come out for it

  4. Great, thank you for the update! I've been checking every day recently waiting for the release.

  5. Good to hear, by the way, is it possible to selectively trim away slaves you likely will not want to play? Like say the game provides Slaves 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, but you only want Slaves 1, 2 and 5 and maybe there's something in 3 and 4 that turns you off?

    With assistants and minor slaves it's easy enough to work out the details but with slaves it's been very much more confusing.

  6. I'm just hoping it will be possible to get the game at new release over something like dropbox

    1. The last update he said it will be like MEGA or Dropbox

    2. I hope it will be on MEGA its the only download site my sky shield will allow

    3. MEGA is also good since it's free and nice and fast on my Virgin Media broadband so I won't mind either way but with Dropbox you could almost use it as an SVN where any changes to the files could be updated as soon as they are made so you could be always up to date

  7. cmacleod42, what's you last A1c, if I may ask?

  8. Can you upload the file to something different.

    For some reason everytime I try to download it. IT stops at 85% and won't continue.
    IF i try to restart it, it basically fucks it up so I can't dl it anymore.

    Please and thanks.

  9. CMac,

    Yay Narry! :-) My second favorite canid girl. ;-) Can you send along her intro screen so I can look it over?


    Captain Arik Ilsen,
    VSS Vestfyord, commanding.
    Vestmark Export Company,
    1 Dockside West,
    East Mardukane, Mioya

  10. Can anyone tell me why some slaves are locked and cant be picked? They become unlocked once I put the game into "sandbox" mode, but that's no fun, how do I unlock them without sandbox?

    1. I think one or two have special circumstances to become unlocked but normally
      raising your renown will (slowly) unlock all slave.
      I think the last slaves unlock with renown 80..
      But the wikia site has more info about that ^_^

    2. Much thanks :)

  11. Sweet! Minor Slaves have custom stuff, I can't wait to check out what it is!


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