Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas and a New Slave - Hitagi Senjougahara

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays as you prefer.

As I have mentioned I am going to visit my family soon and I will have limited internet access while away. So do not expect many replies from me before the new years day.

Still I hope everyone has a good break, and it is not too hot or cold depending where you are (hot for me)

New Slave

WeirdBeard has releaed a new vanilla slave Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari.



  1. Having problems downloading from there. Changes to a .zip compression, and uncompressing it adds ._ to the beginning of all files. Can you save it as an actual .zip file and/or .rar file?

    1. Worked fine for me when I downloaded. I will re-post this for the developer, but I have no time before leaving on holidays


      There you go friend.

    3. When i compress the file it comes as a .zip file i am not actually sure what is the problem you are having. With the link above i hope you wont have any problems. Be advised tough i didn't change anything at all.


  2. Tanks for the last anual effort =D
    Merry Xmas! and more lolis and inumimis for all
    jo jo jo

  3. Thanks for this, always appreciated! I hope you, the developers and all the fans have Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Have a safe trip.

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Reaper

  5. Have the issues with reputation been fixed? It seems like visiting Miss N and everyone stops giving reputation boosts by the second or third slave. I installed the newest upgrade to 3.4.01 from Futanari Palace and patched the latest fix to 3.4.02 from here over it.

  6. Looks like there was a Bug in Bulma's update. So to fix it, just in case:!U5VnkK4K!jVmIcnG0UiPLkU0jO2cjjwkle2Zy7Dlnrv-GJhzAI9Y

    And a description:

    Dragon Balls:

    1star: Found in a dress.
    2star: Found in the sea when swimming.
    3star: Given to you by Roshi when walking in the Beach.
    4star: Beating a random encounter that shows up in the Forest and Lake. She becomes a specialparticipant afterwards and you can have rematches if still training Bulma. I'll also add an event to rename her as you wish in the future.
    5star: Given to you by Manya after you win the Dance Contest and have finished her dance classes (10 classes). But you have to meet them at Karin's in the first place (And the Karin Tower is now unlocked through Oolong, if you are lucky, or reading any Poetry Book).
    6star: Found in your home, either cleaning or through an event during the first night.
    7star: Defeating the Giant in the Ruins. The ruins are unlocked by meeting Gada enough times after working and then meeting enough times with her in the BunnySchoolBuildingSite. Gada becomes a Special Participant afterwards.
    Learn what dragon balls are through working in the Library

    Other items:

    Obmib lotion: Made by Bulma after reading a science book.

    Custom House, Jobs, Chores and School:

    Bunnygirl building site unlocked by talking enough times with Gada after work. It has 33% chance of being empty at any given time. Although visiting it when empty still raises joy and rests the slave because of the cute bunnies there.
    Cheerleader job unlocked after getting a good review from Bulma's master.
    Chores same as before. 1 unlocked after performing Expose with high enough special stat. 2 unlocked after performing Chore 1 with a high enough special stat.
    School unlocked either through: Unlockin Karin's or having Manya / Minea as assistants and gathering 2 dragon balls.

    Other things:

    Special stat affects performance in contests and sleazy bar.
    Special stat affects a custom Beach Walk event.
    Some other stuff I'll post later.

  7. please add some more male slaves

  8. CMac,

    I hope that you are well, and enjoying the break.

    Emailed you the link to Holo v1.6.


    Tabitha Britaigne (Tabrit) and Birgit Ilsen,
    Ilsen Badehus,
    5 King's Road,
    Mardukane, Mioya


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