Friday, August 5, 2011

Beta 3.2.03

Beta Release
Here is a beta version of 3.2.03, mainly just to fix a few issues in the last release. This is not the final version just a preliminary version.

It fixes

  • XML slaves like Nina, Mihoshi did not work correctly as assistants (Shampoo appeared instead)
  • Lady Farun not appearing at times
  • a bug with external event loading

Changes (mostly for developers)

  • XML adds for/while loop
  • #participant1 etc macros for sex act participants, 0 based index
  • totalparticipants xml variable
  • loop variable (current iteration of a loop)
Not much else, I have been unwell this week.

Extract the archive into your game folder

NOTE: this is only compatible with save games made using 3.2.02
If you load save games from an earlier version it will work mostly, but some events may not work and some other things will be erratic.
To use such a save game, before upgrading just load and resave the save game

To address some recent comments in this blog

I was wondering, is there a simple way to just edit in a love confession for characters like assitants and Lady N? I'm doing Akane's story and I thought, if I copy pasted her love confession code and whatever the code is that transfers slaves to each slave story, I could get her to stay/ a cofenssion. I just don't know what code is what.I get Lady N to a large red heart, max joy, but no confession. If the heart exists, is there a way to copy paste code?

Also, I asked a long time ago, will we be able to save, perhaps keep some of the slaves in the story such as the girl whose tortured over her breasts and who you promise to save in the Slave Pen's? Or perhaps be able to save the mother whose daughter got sold into slavery, selling herself?

And finally, is there any plans to make a large degree of NPC's able to have relationships with you, even marriage or 'joining the part?'

My main question, I guess, is how can I add a love statistic, a confession event and keep the character in my group of slaves even when training a new one? I can use XML, I'm not sure of which code to use.

These are possible but are not currently possible using the XML system, or even the custom event system in the game. A lot of the interaction here I do not expose for developers at the time. I certainly could but it just has not been a request.

I do want to add more NPC interaction and possible love affairs (Lady Farun, Ambassador Tachiba both definitely)
Still this is planned and on the list of things to do. If you or others want to write the interaction and supply to me it would considerably help the development process, but you cannot modify the game to add it yourself at this time.

User Customisation or modding of the game
I will post some more details on what is possible now in a few days and more when I finally release an updated SDK


out of curiousity is there ganna be anything with lady of the rocks anytime soon or has that just been scraped?
 Yes, it is still planned, and I have done a little work on it recently.

For those having problems with Sakura, here is a temporary fix for her. I have just quickly edited her while waiting on a new release of NarutoXD
link removed as requested by NarutoXD
To nstall, just copy this file into your Slaves folder


  1. Thank you for responding. I'm downloading the beta now, but I want to ask.

    May I try and write some custom love events? I want to know how you set up a confession code wise and the same code that puts a character in your party/group of slaves permenantly.

    Thank you for adressing my issues.

    By these are possible, do you mean all the events I outlined?

    Also, a suggestion: in Yurika's story, if you get Astrid to submit, is there a way to add her to your slave party, maybe able to visit the cave she was in from then on in all stories?

  2. Thx for quick fix, you are best, as usually...

  3. Install
    Extract the archive into your save game folder

    If you don't have a save game folder because you use the swf instead of the exe?
    Then extract to the Slavemaker folder itself?

    I avoided the exe because my Adobe Flash is 10.**, not 9.** as the exe is labeled, no idea
    if it uses current or overwrites it

  4. No fix for sakura yet?
    Can't sell her >.<

  5. Uwaah~~
    Sakura~~ >"<

    But seriously, it really is a game killing bug. I've tried about anything to get rid of her, but nothing seems to work. :(

  6. rowancat
    "Extract the archive into your save game folder"
    That was a typo, I meant into your game folder.

    You can use the .exe it will not affect the playback of any other flash files, as it is a standalone player

  7. have you planned anything for the dark lady of the rocks event?
    PS: I hope you feel better soon

  8. You're ill cmac? Hope you get better soon.

    I noticed after installing your fixes that the ambassadors are now invisible when i go to talk with them in the court.

    Did my fix fail or is there a problem? Do i need to fully reinstall now? I hope not.

  9. paula2z
    Yes, I do as I noted in my post. I am working on the event.

    I have had that reported elsewhere, so it must be some sort of bug, not sure why, I did not change that code.

    For anyone with issues with Sakura, here is a temporary fix

    Thanks all, still some recurrent migranes, but they are clearing.

  10. I think there might be a problem with freelancers? There doesn't seem to be a slaver gold, only slaver debt so I can't make any money and buy stuff.

  11. yn
    Not at all. For freelancers there is only their money, so the Gold shown on the main screen is your personal gold.
    You will often start with a debt, due to hiring your assistant and purchasing your slave, most of the income of you and your slave goes to paying it off. After that all the money you and you slave earns goes to your money

  12. Hi,

    Is there any plans to make more anal based actions ?

    I want to ask, are 'puppy girls' planned ? It would be great.

    Thanks for the post, especially the fix of Sakura =')

  13. thanks cmac, and could you tell when they might be done?

  14. cmac, thank you soo much for the Sakura fix

  15. THANK YOU for the sakura fix.

  16. Great news! I'm really looking forward to the updated SDK and Lady of the Rocks :)

  17. Would it be possible to allow Catslave Trainer to be upgraded using skill points, like Ponygirl Trainer? Currently I can't get it beyond level 1.

  18. Hey Cmac, great work so far! I just have one bit if dispair, and I was hoping you could point something out for me. Due to the custom slave maker I made, I unwittingly have from the beginning, 3 work options, 3 training options (faith, martial, court), and 3 relax options. I just agreed to work with Red Lily, and you noted that her option will show up in the Slave Maker Training area. It didn't appear, however. Did it not appear because it is not implemented yet, or did it not appear because I already have 3 slave maker training options? If it's the latter, is there a hotkey I can use to do the Red Lily encounters anyway?

    Thanks a lot! Keep up the great work!

    Always a fan,


  19. acac: I believe the Red Lily portion is still under development by their owner (Only limited options when you Take a Walk there, and palace events for it after the first few display an incomplete message).

    How do you get Count Gossem to give your slave additional potions? First is from the first visit of course, and once in a while (usually on my first slave) I've gotten the second visit, and lost in the forest/waterfall event that reminds my slave of said second visit. Can never seem to get a third potion no matter what. Do you have to wait a certain amount of days between visits/lends? Sometimes when I visit or lend, I also get a blank text box, which is even more confusing. xD

  20. hi, can somebody ulpoad the sakura fix again??

  21. @Allison
    catslave trainer is upgradable using skill points. there's no other way to do it. if you are not able to raise it by using a skill point that's most likely a bug. it used to work though

    the red lily events are not completed yet. you will have to wait for a new release to further explore this path

    i'm even having trouble getting the potion on the second visit for trying again. i did get it before, but now (training an other slave) after the first visit he keeps telling me stories, even some weeks later.
    the blank screens keep appearing for me, too. the are much rarer than they used to be, but i still get a blanc screen sometimes

  22. @martinR
    i don't think someone will/should do that. it was removed because her developer asked for it to be deleted.

    is there still no hint to the problem with the sound reactivating? it seems to be a rare issue, which probably makes it harder to solve. i would be glad to permanently get rid of the sound again though. tell me if i can help you with some information. maybe it's only for one specific OS (i'm using winVista home 32bit and i'm not running the game in browser mode)

  23. Allison
    Catslave Trainer can be upgraded using skill points, are you saying it is not listed or fails to upgrade?

    Unfortunately you have hit a current limit of the game. You will have to restart with less choices for slave maker jobs for now. I have to restructure things a fair bit to work as you want there

    there are only 2 potions, no more. The rest comes from the lost in the forest event when you refuse to pay

    The developer of Sakura asked me to remove the link, He will post his onw fix soon

    I cannot reproduce the issue, it always works correctly for me. I cannot work out a way to make the sounds re-enable.

    Worst case just rename the folder Sounds to something else. That will completely disable sound effects in your game.

  24. OK, so the breast expansion event in the forest after the count, what is it? What choices do I have to take to get it?

    All I've found is the waterfall event and it didn't seem to say anything about breast expansion, it just reminded her about the count event is all.

  25. I have a few scene ideas that I'd like to share with you. Do you have an email I can contact you at?

    I think you will like them, but if not; no worries.

  26. Are the events for the count and slave breast expansion possibly bugged past the first slave in a similar manner to Lady Farun disappearing? I tested getting the breast expansion events on a brand new slavemaker, first potion on first visit to Gossem of course, offer for second potion 4-5 visits later (visited him every night, he didn't tell me to see anyone else). Didn't have enough obedience for Lend, so I stopped there, but I tried to repeat the same results on my latest save file (same slave, Eri), and the second offer wouldn't come up, he would just tell me to go away after about a week of consecutive nightly visits.

  27. About the Keep, since the joy penalty is related to the feeling of being unable to escape, why doesn't it get removed once the slave is enjoying being your slave? Actually, if the mistress flag is turned and/or the slave is enjoying bondage, then it should be a joy BONUS instead.

    It could also be that I missed the point completely.

    By the way, how does the Old Gods follower "dislikes bondage" trait works?

  28. Sooo... yeah. Downloaded and applied 3.2.03 patch but Lady F's ruins chain quest still seems to be broken on the point when you need to meet her in the court. She seems to look for eternity for that info. I've seen it was mentioned earlier but couldn't find any solutions (but maybe I'm blind from watching too much porn xD). So, yeah... just a reminder :)

  29. Is it a known bug that you can't increase 'lesbian trainer' from 2 to 3? You spend the 2 points on the screen, it goes to 3, but it's back to 2 in the game.

  30. bookreader231490
    after lending your slave to the count, go for a walk in the forest

    You are welcome to share ideas. I do not use email for this stuff, please just register in one of the forums and post in one of their suggestion threads, of if it is large, the creat ea thread

    The Count events only happen once, they never repeat for later slaves, so there are no issues with them

    As of this release to my understanding the Lady Farun issues where fixes. One person here reported an issue with it, but no-one else has, so I assume they upgraded incorrectly.

    agreed, that is an inconsistent problem with the Keep, thay should be fixed

    I m not aware of any issues with the Lady Farun events as of this update. I'll re-test the event.

    I am not aware of problems with the skill. I'll check

  31. f309b63c-c26b-11e0-8c5e-000bcdca4d7a
    Did you choose the 'Lesbian Trainer' package when creating your slave maker?

  32. Indeed I did. Lesbian trainer. I've tried more than once to spend the 2 points to raise it from 2 to 3, but once you get past the point spending screen with 'New Slave' it goes back to 2 and it's still 2 after you complete the slave and get back to the point spending screen again.

  33. cmac. The issue I have been having with the sound seems to be fixed with this update. I now have updated version of flash so I can allocate SM the 10MB it asking for.

  34. Tentacle Hybrid Background for males properly adds the feature of seeing tentacles on the map, however, Converted by Tentacles Background for dickgirls, which according to description is supposed to have that same feature, doesn't work properly. For example, on the Tentacle Hybrid male, I'll see a tentacle icon on the forest, seer will give warning about forest, tentacle event happens at forest. But on Converted by Tentacle dickgirl, seer will still give warning, and event happens, just no icon is shown on the map.

    What exactly are the benefits of being a Guild Member over a Freelancer anyways? The "Personal Gold" system is a tad confusing for GMs. I always end up with way more gold as a Freelancer despite having to spend my own or start in debt.

  35. i would like to make some slaves i have the pics im just not sure what all i need to do in order to get them to work with the game i would be happy to post any i finish for others to have

  36. Bug
    Uninhibitor Drug not showing up in "Drink Potions" list

    I noticed this while training Urd

  37. Severe load lag when I hit 10 (including 3 male slaves bought to contribute to certain trainings)

    Corresponding shut down lag of the same amount of time.

  38. The plus/minus buttons that appear on the skill screen for everything else... just aren't there for Catslave Trainer in my game. Very weird considering this only seems to be happening for me. I'm playing as a female with the Lady in Waiting background, if it helps.

  39. Cmac...i'm using this version, the first beta, i have 4 girls trained using Hild, 4 slots saved as
    "the name, after". i start a new girl by saving the last slot to the next, then choosng a girl and assistant.
    For slot 5 i chose Tifa w/Nina as the assistant, saved the game at critical points and played on.

    Tonite i loaded slot 5 but i got Shampoo! as my assistant even tho i was using Nina.
    Tifa has maxed out skills, is almost a catgirl and is one day away from love confession, which Shampoo will totally trash by deducting points.

    I looked over the sol save files for save and slavemaker but can't find any place where it names or gives a nummber for the assistant so i'm stuck.

    I have slots 1-4 filled by Nina, Bulma, Riezs, Orihime, all after training...
    I do not want to trash slot 5 with Tifa cause i have her following paths i need for her.

    How do i get rid of Shampoo? She was not supposed to show, i didn't pick her, i was using
    Nina (i had love/buy back endings for all 4 girls) like Orihime who has bi-futa catgirl courtesan demoness love/buy back...

    I made too much progress in slot 5 to have it ruined by sudden appearance of Shampoo.

  40. Hmm, the delete button has vanished since you have to select a profile now, i can't delete the above comment which i reposted in modified form in a more up to date post about the game.

  41. how do I get this game to work I have gone to all down load sites and once all file have been received nothing works


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