Thursday, August 25, 2011

Status pt 2

Please excuse, the worst has happened with my home issues, and I will be returning home to my family again, Please do not expect much for the next week or so.

I am still at home for the weekend so I will review posts/forum activity and try to get up to date there.

Otherwise I am doing some significant changes to Lady Farun and her events, basically expanding on her events. Her rape event in the docks is much expanded and your Slave Maker can get involved now. I need to edit/create so more images for the events involved, some intermediate images during for the differing options (ogre, tentacles, lizard man)

I have done quite a few changes to XML processing to try and optimise it and make things more generic. I am writing the updated SDK and as I do revising some functions to better consistency.

Otherwise a little work on
  • Krystal the Star Fox
  • Male Ranma transformation (optional)


  1. Good Luck with the Home Problems..

    On the game, the Shampoo issue? I reinstalled the entire game (saved the sols) with the one fix and two beta updates and i still have Shampoo replacing Nina as assistant 3 weeks game time in.

    Still don't know if it is the game or sol files.
    Slot 5 is picking Tifa to train, Nina to assist,
    running nonstop in one night, saving and next nite reloading to the very unwelcome sight of Shampoo as assistant.

    Can finish even with her interference but it means she supplants any future xml love ending girls as assistants and i have 4 girls.

    I can look with sol editor but with 4-5 sol files per slot, not sure where to look or what to change.

    Have not played since this happened :(

  2. The issue with Shampoo was fixed in the first beta, but if you have a save game with the problem then that is it, Shampoo is the assistant until you start a new slave.

    I am not aware of any situation any more where she will appear instead of Nina or some other slave.

    Do you have a save game where Shampoo/Nina are not your assistant and that you can get this issue to happen? If so please post your save game (zip the sol files and upload to a file sharing service like Rapidshare/mediafire/multiupload) and let me know how to reproduce.

    Please note this issue only happened for xml based slaves like Nina, Mihoshi etc. It never happened for swf based slaves or assistants.

  3. first 4 slots i had Hild as the assistant, only in slot 5 did i pick a live-in
    xml girl as an assistant, she stayed the assistant for 30 days (tho i personally supervised everything)

    I did a final save in slot 5 30 game days in, then shut down the game. When i restarted the next day and chose slot 5, Nina was gone and Shampoo was there.. i have no one sol file in slot 5, under "servant" it says Nina.

    Guess i'll play Tifa thru, i have her on 2, maybe 3 paths with very high stats.

    Thanks anyway :)

  4. Oh, just remembered... on Aug 17th part of a post i made, clarified a bit, heh.
    It was under your "More Updates" post, i had installed the 2nd beta and then...

    "Using swf game, i loaded slot 4
    (Orihime, after), saved it into an empty slot 10, loaded slot 10 (Orihime After, pick a new slave) chose Tifa w/Nina assisting, did one day and nite of random "take a walk" etc, saved game to slot 10, exited Firefox, rebooted swf, loaded slot 10...
    Nina gone, Shampoo back..argh!"

    (i deleted the sols right away but i did repro the Shampoo problem) from slot 4 where you pick a new slave or retire, i save all my slots at that point..after endings of game.) Shrug

  5. Hey i were wondering if i could donate to the project somewhere?

  6. rowancat
    I'll test a bit more

    I do not accept donations. This game uses images and other content I do not have copyright over so I cannot legally or morally charge for it.
    Basically the game is a fan work (or doujin) and if requested I will remove content copyright holders object to. So far I have only been asked to credit work, not remove anything.

  7. Speaking of home issues, are they still working on explorable/upgradable houses or was that idea scrapped?

  8. In my case, I'd like to figure out how to increase the assistants love. The ones hired that is. Sometimes it increases to 25 during the course of one slave being trained. Other times, that same slave, the love doesn't increase at all.

  9. Would it be possible to make the autosave adjustable? I have to ask because Flash for OSX Lion has a bug where every time the game needs to save, it crashes flash. The game is still playable, but I have to reload the swf after each day which gets old. I know it's totally adobe's fault for not updating flash, but I don't see them getting around to it anytime soon.

    Maybe options to disable autosave, or just have it happen every 5 or 10 days (I'd probably choose one of the latter options personally).


  10. hazama
    Yes, still planned and worked on a litttle

    There are no particular events set for this, but any training that increases love for your slave will slightly increase it for the assistant, if they participate in the act.
    BUT there will not be any love confession events

    Pen Name PKETH
    Your issue is most likely the available storage allocated for Flash.
    Can you check, you need to access the flash player options.
    Try increasing the local storage limit to 10Mb or higher.

    There is also a beta version of Flash Player 121 available
    this may fix your issue too

  11. Good to know that I don't need to work on the assistants love at least.

    Though part of the reason I asked is that Alena's increases every time she walks with the slave through the woods.

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  13. So I updated my flash to the latest version , made sure that I had sites allowed to save data locally.. but it still happened. I don't think the problem is fixed on adobe's end yet sadly.


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