Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Some real life issues have come up this week, so please do not expect many replies here or in the forums for the next week.

I will not have internet access on the weekend so no activity then, otherwise I will reply when I can

For note I have had people announcing work on the following slaves
  • Horo from, Spice and Wolf
  • Ran from Detective Conan
  • A Mithra/True Catgirl, an amalgam of images, so an original character
  • Marisa Karisame from Touhou
  • Motoko Aoyana from Love Hina. by Jaren who developed Yoruichi

TrekkieGal, the excellent 3D artist has started work on a 3D story/novel set in the world of SlaveMaker, and I look forward to it.

Still quite a few bugs to sort out in the game before a stable release of 3.2.03


  1. lol, in first ^_-
    Anyway, thanks for letting us know why you'll be incommunicado for a while. Take as much time as you want, we don't mind.

  2. so will that mean like 3d models? don't really know what that entails but i'm super syked.

  3. Lol, developer of game, who say us sorry for his real life.
    The best joke, what i hear.
    We will be wait for you.
    Just work and reply, as you can.
    You and your game really best.
    I am just hoping about soon HE and HU.

  4. not to worry we can wait
    hope every thing goes well with your issues

  5. Marisa Kirisame... Fucking sweet. I've been wanting more Touhou in my games lately. Hope your problems solve themselves okay though.

  6. Hi, just curious if anybody else have this problem:

    When I take peach out for a walk, both the forest and farm is bugged. Bugged as in no text appears, and I have to reload my previous save.

    I've just recently updated from 2.0 to the newest beta release (downloading everything in between) and I'm just curious if this is happening to everyone or if did something wrong while updating. Thanks!

    Great game btw:)

  7. just as a general question. is there something i can download to my tablet so that i can run this game? i transfered the files from my laptop to my tablet but it doesnt open on my tablet. is there anything out there on the android market or an android version of the game anywhere? if not, then could an android version be made?

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  9. Who knew same type game as Slavemaker?
    Big game.
    I knew 2 game: "Otherworld" by Darsel; "WhoreMaster" by Dagoth from
    If anyone new more, please post name of game and link to download.

  10. @ Ninetailedsage:

    I can't answer for the developers, but realistically I can't see this coming to android.
    Why? Apply some common sense.


    Pretty rude asking that here.

  11. 2 Olivia
    I do not think so.
    Cmacleod42 out of challenge, because Slavemaker is the best game.
    I just want to play in some same type games.

  12. ninetaledsage:
    I know diddly about tablets and iPads and other similar modern technology. However, if your device has a flash player and/or internet browser, and you have all the necessary files stored, there (theoretically) is no reason it shouldn't work. Unless I'm missing something (which I probably am). Come to think of it, I'd LOVE to have a mobile version to play on my DSi whenever I want. But I definitely don't see that happening.

    Regarding what Shikage said,
    I'd like to think that the developers of these H-games have more of a "tip your hat" attitude to one another. In fact, I believe Darsel has contributed to this game alot as well, so I don't see him as being in competition with this game, or any other for that matter. I'd like to think we're all part of one big, semi-united community.

  13. Hi, I've made a little bit more pleasant images for some of Lady Farun's court events. Would you mind use them?

  14. Hey, when are you going to update the SDK documentation? I absolutely love this game and would love to make some of my own stuff to it.

    Anyways, I hope you have a good conclusion with your real life issues.

  15. Could you please tell me where you start learning Programing Flash? Because im a beginner and Itotally like this game, full of possibilities :)

  16. Can someone tell me how the hell I reach nobility 3? I just can't seem to get it. I started with 2, sold akane, and remained at 2... I can't put points in it, or anything? Halp xD

  17. Hi,
    I am just back, will post more here later, and review the forums tomorrow.

    No, she is writing an independent story (3d images type) set in the SlaveMaker world

    No, are you still getting the issue?
    You may try downgrading to the previous beta or event back to the full 3.2.02

    As you say Daisy_strike's game Outworld is a biggy in the field (she developed Menace, Orihime, Mugi for this game)

    a) try fenoxo's Unnamed Text Game/Champions of Corruption, and Xadera's spinoff Nimin Fantasy
    b) Try Sim Brothel/Si Brothel 2
    c) Hentai Highschool

    b)c) were developed by Pooloka who developed the original version of SlaveMaker

    Check out the game
    'Custom Slave Fantasy'
    a japanese H-Game, about slave training elfs, human women as slaves by a vampire lord (I think). It has a limited english translation for menus and such. Looks great, but too much japanese for my limited skills in the language

    I have reports of people running the game successfully on an Andriod phone, but only after some tweaking. Memory seems the main limiting fact. Try deleting
    a) Engine/Backgrounds.swf
    b) Sounds folder
    c) all assistants except one, say Deedlit or Genma
    d) maybe also Engine/GenericActions.swf

    As long as you device supports Flash 9 or later it should work.

    Thank you very much, I will incorporate them into the game. I am working on significant changes for Lady Farun at the moment.

    I am working on a new version now. I released a early' 'beta' a week or so ago, quite incomplete

    I self taught myself using tutorials online (I am a professional programmer). Search in google, there are many tutorials out there

    You cannot at this time

  18. i was wondering if there will ever be a possibility of making your own drugs to use on your slaves? or is that already planned with the alchemy skill?

    anyway nice job with the game. sometimes i wish i had the time to actually play with flash and do crazy things

  19. Hi! Thanks for the reply!

    I should have said so earlier, but it seems I've put all the updates in a previous version and not the current one, so it was all my fault!

    The game works perfectly now :)

  20. 2 crouler
    If you wanna to reach f. "Nobility 3" skill level, you must to complete quest (training Lord's daughter).
    But this quest is under construction.
    2 cmacleod42
    I find sometimes strange thing, i cannot buy for points "Nobility 2" skill level if i began with "Nobility 1"

  21. Hello:

    Sorry I am so late with this but I have had problems with blogger of late.


    No I don't intend to add 3D Characters to the game, although I have done so personally. I've planned this novel for some time, just finally got around to it.

    For more information heres some links.

    Slave Maker The First Slave Vol 1 No#1 :

    Slave Maker the Novel Thread:

    The Old Fait - Slave Maker Novel:


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