Saturday, August 13, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.03 beta 2

Another beta release of the game. I have not had an opportunity to test this a lot and I have done quite a bit of tweaking

  • some changes to hopefully speed loading
  • some lowlevel changes for sounds
  • a number of bug fixes, notably one for external events
Some new features for developers

Added the following functions for assistants/events

  • ShowAttackChoicesAsAssistant(runmsg) : Boolean
  • ShowStatHintAsAssistant(stat: Boolean
  • HideItemsAsAssistant()
  • EquipItemAsAssistant(item): Boolean
  • WearItemAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • UnEquipItemAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • RemoveItemAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • ShowItemDescriptionAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • HideItemAsAssistant(tem:Number, align:Number)
  • ShowItemAsAssistant(item:Number, main:Boolean, align:Number, gframe:Number) : Boolean
  • function FadeSounds(time:Number) - fades all playing mp3 sounds, 10% per time in milliseconds. Does not effect internal sounds. Automatically called by core game when an event ends or HideImages() is called
  • some other requested changes also done, see development requests thread
  • new file Langauges/English/Acts.xml has nodes for all trainings both slave and slave maker. A few migrated to xml, the rest pending. ALL can be used in XML events/slaves

As noted I have not tested this as much as I hoped, so take care with the upgrade. You may wish to preserve your SlaveMaker3.exe and SlaveMaker3.swf temporarily in case of issues.

Just extract the file into your game folder


  1. everytime i download this game or any other version i end up stoping at the choose your girl moment, i may just be retarded, but can some go through and tell me step by step the requirements to make the game work

  2. I think if you just download the version 3.2.02, and after that you download the first beta version
    3.2.03 folowed by this new version of the beta 3.2.03 beta 2
    And instal in your computer by this order you do not have problems.

    (note) since this last beta issue is a instable version perserve the execs of the game for a possible later use.

    if the measures propsed not work.
    well maibee a update of your flashplayer must be required ( I dont know more things to help)good luck.

  3. well I have make this today and is shure that works.

  4. can u in the nest update make going to the stalls as a female a repeatable eventat least while u think of something to fill in the spot?

  5. steamtrain
    as noted, first download the full version of 3.2.02, posted earlier. Then in you want apply this fix

    Sorry I am unclear what event you are talking about.
    What do you mean by
    "make going to the stalls as a female"

  6. Hey Cmac,

    I think he is talking about SMEncounter, by Rowadon, which is an AWESOME mod for your game. It mainly focuses on adding events for the Slaver Maker him/herself, rather than the Slave.

    Curiously, how do you feel about some people focusing events around the slave maker him/herself, rather than the slave? Maybe it adds a bit of immersion, since you are the slave maker him/herself. On the other hand, maybe it detracts from the slave, which was kind of the focus on the game. :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. 2 acac
    Ha-ha-ha, events for slavemaker is good. It was very funny when you go to Palace's toilet (for woman).
    More events for slavemaker and his\her slave will do game more interesting and deeper.

  9. Can somebody please post complete guides for how to get Aeris's various endings? I can't trigger the fairy events to save myself.

    I've had the nymph magic event - went to the seer - found the sign in town pointing to dance lessons - had the dance lesson where I was told to meet in the forest - met the fairy in the forest and was told to go to the docks and beach...

    Now, nothing. I can meet a fairy salesperson at the Lake. I can witness or participate in a fairy orgy at the beach. Nothing at the docks at all.

    What is next?!


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