Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Slave Hatsune Miku

Kiyoka (formerly know as Malarkay) has released an early alpha of Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid.
Links and notes in their blog

NarutoXD has released the official update for Sakura


  1. Yeah, fix for Sakura and new slave)))

  2. where are we extracting sakura to?

  3. what got fixed? the "sakura"-jobs are still buggy for me, and working as public relief doesn't show any pictures for example..

  4. I think the fix is for the yes/no buttons that were not working with sakura.

  5. ninetailedsage
    Extract into the Slaves folder for your game

    The Yes/No issue was fixed, otherwise NarutoXD did not note any other fixes

  6. and what is buggy at the jobs ^^?

  7. Hello, I created a short spanking .wav to alternate with the current one, if this is supported and you are interested I would be happy to send it to wherever such things should be sent.

  8. Dave
    you are welcome to upload the soud. Just upload to a file service like Rapidshare/Mediafire/MultiUpload and post the link here, or in one of the forums

  9. NarutoXD
    I dont notice any difference in my sakura. and neither public relief or working as a ninja work at all. some of the yes/no options dont work either. for example: the yes option doesnt work for the onsen or the advanced housekeeping contest where it asks if i want her to wear just the apron. also i still dont think ive accepted her love. thats all i can think of right now, and all that matters to me right now, but i bet there is more

  10. What program should I use to open these file.

  11. DragonDred
    Use any archiver program you like to extract.

    Otherwise you need to full SlaveMaker game to play, they are not a standalone game.

  12. ninetailedsage
    are you sure u updated the to the new version of sakura?
    i just checked the version i uploaded and the yes&no events are working(just checked seer, lesbian training and onsen)

    the public relief is working it just dosen't have images and text( and the text is not a bug just that i put it in a comment and forgot to put it in again xD)

    but the ninja thing really isnt working oO

  13. NarutoXD -
    My version of slavemaker is up to date and so are my Sakura files. You are correct that the Public Relief works but with no images. BUT - the Ninja event is not working (no images, no point upgrades,just a wierd line of text under where the images should be).

  14. i'm working at the ninja job just wait a little...^^

    i need to re work the whole thing ^^

  15. I can't seem to get Hatsune Miku to work. I guess i'm doing it wrong. :(

  16. Can you reupload sakura?, because the file deleted


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