Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two new slaves

Two new slaves have been released, both early, vanilla releases


Released by CM Tyssen, Sakuya is from Touhou. She is vanalla at the moment. Also there are some image issues with her, some in the naming for her files, and some a bug in the core game.


vash99 has released Ran from Detective Conan, also a vanilla release.

For Sakuya
a) rename the included file
to the next free number (SlaveGirl40.txt for Sakuya, SlaveGirl41.txt for Ran)

b) copy the SlaveGirlxx.txt, Slave-xxxx.xml and the Slave-xxxx.png into the folder Slaves in your game installation

c) copy the folder (Sakuya or Slave-ran) into the folder Images

For Ran, just extract the new link above into your game installation folder

That should be it, they will work.

Note a new game release is needed for the image issues for Sakuya but I will not be able to release one for a while (a week a best)


  1. I couldn't find a file named slave-ran .png. Therefore, I couldn't rename it. Also - Are we to delete the ranImagelist.xml file? If not, where does it go? It seems unnecessary do to the images being in the Slave-ran folder.

  2. blevins29
    The file
    Slave-ran .png
    is in the root of the archive, I do not see how you could not have it. It is only in the Ran archive, not the one for Sakuya.
    The ranimagelist.xml is not needed and can be deleted

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  4. Thanks CMac. I didn't realize the file labeled as a Microsoft Picture It file actually had a png extension. After renaming it (taking out the space)and saving it in the Slaves folder, I still can't get her picture to show up as a possible slave. No problem getting Sakuya to appear.

  5. On a weird note. Walter, the assistant that increases cooking and cleaning by 10 percent. Who is a male in the Hellsing series. Has the selection to assist with a strap-on.

  6. blevins29
    I suspect you still renamed something wrong there, but there is a new link posted with all fixes applied, plus a couple of simple edits of images

  7. lonewolf
    I'll check, not too sure why that is happening.

  8. I downloaded the fix you supplied but Ran still doesn't appear as a choice using the Adobe Flash version of your game (the one I use all the time). However, if I use the Shockwave Flash version she is there. Must be an error since all other slaves show up in both versions of flash.

  9. blevins29
    Do you mean there is a difference between if you use the .exe version and the .swf version of the game? Both work correctly for me, she appears in both versions.
    Which one does it fail for you in? In the swf version, what browser are you using.
    What operating system do you use?
    Lastly what version of the game are you using?

  10. blevins29
    I have reproduced you issue with another slave just then released. She only works for me in my browser, not running the .exe

  11. It is very strange Cmac. If I start a new game from scratch she appears in both versions. But if I load a saved game in the larger of your two game versions (the application my computer uses Adobe flash to play) she doesn't appear as a new choice while other later slaves, like Sakuya, do. I have no saved games using your smaller swf version which my computer uses Shockwave flash to run. Therefore, I'm not sure if that would be a problem there too. It seems Ran does not get added as a choice to saved files that are loaded.
    My Slavemaker is your most recent version and I use Windows 98 and IE8.

  12. Just ran into an odd moment. Selected for Shampoo to have a female slave screw her... and shampoo screwed shampoo with a strap-on

  13. wow shampoo very talented wouldnt you agree lonewolf lmao that had me laughing

  14. I think I might have found the issue causing the problem of the slaves not appearing in the slave market- Ran was not showing up for me on one of my saves, but did show up once i switched it to sandbox mode. Upon loading the save again and selecting another slave, I noticed after I completed that slave, she AND another slave (Rei was the one who dissapeared, I forget who I trained, I think it might have been Nina)disappeared from the market. I prefer not to speculate on things, so I can't say for certain what caused it, but the game apparently decided Ran and Rei were the same as slaves I had already trained.

  15. blevins29
    One issue I found is the file SlaveGirlxx.txt that is included with the slave has issues if you have trailing spaces or line feeds, and that accounted for my issues.

    Check the matching txt file for the slaves you are using, but I suspect your issue is a bug like Arimius has mentioned, probably the game detecting incorrectly that the slave has been already trained.

  16. "I will not be able to release one for a while."

    Just to take the chance then, what have you planned by now concerning that issue from the joy penalty at the Keep we came up with some time ago?

    Will it be a simple change to bonuses/penalties or are you planning on more profound changes? If you don't mind, my suggestion would be doing an overhaul properly turning it into a dungeon (with some refitting, maybe a quest line).

    Example: Leaving it a -1 joy until the slave doesn't have an issue any longer with not being able to escape and with some proper background (dominatrix/submissive) then triggering a new quest line, probably related to political prosecution ("interrogation" rooms come to mind). Good quest end would mean a fully functional true dungeon with properly fitted cells, while the bad one would be the maker being "interrogated" there. The background would be necessary in order to properly understand what are the devices there, then the implications as of what could have happened and then following with the quest.

    The best would be the possibility of keeping restraints constantly as would be expected from some bondage loving "enthusiast" living in such a place.

  17. im just glad Ran was well recieved as i dont plan to do another slave i just dont fully know the software

  18. Sakuya seems to have been removed from multiupload.

  19. Why?? Sakuya has ben removed TToTT

  20. Hey does anyone know where I can download Sakuya? If not, and if you do have her, then could you upload it, please.


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