Sunday, August 14, 2011


Thf772 has released an updated version of Gardevior, adding futanari content, removing duplicate images and adding a spanish translation.

Extract the file into your game folder

Other Notes:
An update of the SMEncounter event by Rowadon was announced for release in the near future. This is the events associated with the 'Red Liliy' bar.

There are a couple of other 3rd party events in development
  • Succubus Training
  • Converted By Tentacles background
Both of these have an alpha release and rely on the 3.2.03 beta at this time. Once a stable release is available I will integrate them into the game.

Others in development but no release yet

  • More for the BE forest and cowgirl training
  • a Slave Maker dream world
  • a SM Bar Event


  1. good work i got a idea can wee own a farm for are self?

  2. As I went to download this my Norton aborted it before it started saying an unauthorized AV download was stopped (shut the whole page down). I went back the second time and the download was permited without Norton stopping it but I was also given a diversion to some kind of facebook adult chat room link. I'm assuming this file itself is OK but some advertizer on that page is giving you the unwanted chat room linkup.

  3. 69lord - That is under consideration as part of future Home Expansions and would be possible for the Farm House, but at the moment Home Exploring and Expansion is still under consideration

  4. cowgirl training! Yay!

    thank you for implementing this in the future, cmac.

    i've enjoyed all there is to it with the cowgirls currently featured, but actual training will be amazing!

  5. It doesn't seem to be available. :(

  6. Here is a new spanking .wav, I hope it makes a suitable addition to the game.


  7. v.v seems like i cannot enjoy the Gardevio goodness for i cannot dl the update v.v its ok ill come back at a later date

  8. some options are broken catgirl and furry make my adobe player freak out when i click on it also when i get to the house section i cant see the houses or the pupil's

  9. @silvermist-
    Better then me. Every time I try to extract this, it locks up and stops responding, so I can't even upgrade...

  10. @nekoryuuha

    I have the exact same problem

    A repack and repost of the file, please?


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