Monday, August 15, 2011

More Updates

More slave updates


Update, from abisal's post

Fixed that issue and a few others I found like some messy dialogue here and there. EvilMine event should be turned off until either, you get the 7-Star DragonBall or you finish Bulma's training. Made a few things easier for playing. Videl now only appears in the beach and the slums if you are a female SM instead of everywhere.

From now on and for a few months, any updates I do for her will be even slower because I'll have less time.

Brain Slug assistant (also by abisal)
Also made a tiny update for the BrainSlug so it now also eats 1 Temperament to make things easier (but now obedience raises at a rate of 3).

from Darsel's post

BETA 2 Release

Haven't really got much to say that isn't noted in the Important!.txt file. I believe there is an issue with Genma interfering with Ino's obedience system though.. Haven't decided on a workaround yet.

Anyways, Enjoy! Beta2.1 will be in about 2~ weeks.

Note: Genma issue resolved.


  1. Something I've been curious about for a while, there's an incest button in the options menu... how is that implemented?

  2. It disables/enabled a few events in the docks mainly.
    It was implemented for some events for Akane and Ranma that are still in development, and for any usage by 3rd party developers.

  3. Hey I get the whole lack of time thing I am very willing to help , what can I do?

  4. hm...
    how's the chance for ino's role reversals?
    doesn't get any till now

  5. Cmac...i'm using the the first beta (3.2.03 beta 1)

    I have 4 girls trained/living with me using Hild
    and 4 slots saved as "the name, after" (to be able pick new slaves after each training.)

    I start a new girl by saving the last slot to the next, then choosng a girl and assistant.
    For slot 5 i chose Tifa w/Nina as the assistant, saved the game at critical points and played about 20 days of training, then saved and turned off Firefox.

    Last nite i loaded slot 5 but i got Shampoo! as my assistant, midgame
    even tho i was using Nina and the xml girl issues were fixed
    (had no problem getting and keeping Nina till i reloaded)

    Tifa has maxed out skills, is almost a catgirl and is one day away from love confession.

    I looked over 2 of the slot 5 .sol files, gamesave and slavemaker with sol editor but can't find any place where it names or gives a nummber for the assistant so i'm stuck.

    I have slots 1-4 filled by Nina, Bulma, Riezs, Orihime, all after training...
    I do not want to trash slot 5 with Tifa cause i have her following paths i need for her.

    How do i get rid of Shampoo? She was not supposed to show, i didn't pick her, i was using
    Nina...i had to redo Orihime once earlier already before the beta, cause Shampoo showed up and i hit save instead of load in panic in Orihime's save, wiping out the ability to start a new assistant or slave. And she then forced a buy back with the girl i was running..Ranma, i wiped out her slot and sol files and redid Orihimi for my 2nd Demoness ending.

    I made too much progress with Tifa in slot 5 to have it ruined by sudden appearance of Shampoo and a sudden inability to use xml girls as assistants midway thru their training.

  6. Thanks for the quick response Cmacleod

  7. Hi, cmacleod42!
    I have 2 stupid question, i think:
    - What does "Slut trainer" skill do?
    - What about "Succubus trainer" and "OrgasmDenial trainer"? Is this just a "words" or m.b. some ideas\projects? And you just have not time for implemented this? If this just a "words" i have some idea about realization "OrgasmDenial trainer"...
    If you interesting, i may posted this.

  8. jan.graskamp1988
    see the enclosed Important.txt in the upgrade for Ino, it basically mentions the chance of these things happening. Otherwise Darsel has not explained much more of the process and we need to play Ino to find out more.

    in the post some of the time issues mentioned were for abisal, not me by the way.

    Still you are welcome to contribute, what sort of thing would you be interested in?
    - writing events
    - editing images
    - creating assistants or slaves

    some of the issues you mention there are fixed in the second beta, so please install it and see if the issues persist.

    they are mostly for future use and do nothing at the moment, but there is a project at the futanari palace where people are developing the succubus trainer process.

  9. 2 cmacleod42
    That means there is no one, who developed orgasm denial process?

  10. Shikage
    Not yet, I had planned to do it, but had problems working out a good way to do it, so I left it to do at a later time.

  11. @cmac, installed beta #2, loaded slot 5 (Tifa with Nina as assistant, about 25 days game time)
    got Shampoo again.

    Booted up exe, copied all sol files from swf folder into the new slavemaker.exe subfolder, again loaded slot 5, same, got Shampoo.

    Using swf game, loaded slot4 (Orihime, after), saved into slot 10, loaded slot10 (new slave) again chose Tifa w/Nina assisting, did day and nite of random take a walk etc, saved to slot 10, exited Firefox, rebooted swf, loaded slot 10...
    Nina gone, Shampoo back..argh!

    Still have all rars, going to remove slavemaker.swf sol subfolder (play in exe instead) delete slavemaker, reinstall slavemaker 02 and 03 betas...see what happens.

  12. I've always wanted to ask but is there a chance we could get Liru from Renkin or Holo from Spice and Wolf?

  13. needs new update and needs to be uploaded again


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