Monday, October 31, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.04

A sort of new release, version 3.2.04. This is just a bug fix release for version 3.2.03. It does a few low level changes and alters some options but otherwise no real content changes. Otherwise a rollup of the previously posted fixes (posted in the forums as a beta)

Ideally this should of just been 3.2.03a release, but I release some betas in the forums as 3.2.04beta so I am staying with that version numbering.

  • Zoom and Colours options are removed from Options.
  • There is now a configuration.xml file that allows this and some other settings to be changed. The idea is these settings will almost never be altered by anyone, so they are removed from Options but you can alter them. You can also customise the background colour if you really want.
  • Low level class changes, but should be mostly transparent
  • New slave Samus Aran from Metriod games by Mad_Jackal 

  • Love confessions from minor slaves for slave makers with Lesbian Trainer skill
  • male servant using a strap-on for anal sex
  • change participants button appearing incorrectly
  • issues with Urd and the uninhibitory potion
  • answering no to take the uninhibitory potion variant was the same as answering yes
  • some small text issues with sex act descriptions and Cora's introduction
  • Miku had a large image appear when used as an assistant
  • Issues with Peach as an assistant and her Bought Back image cycling/flickering
  • corrects a few text problems with tentacle pregnancies
  • fixes a bug in xml with conversation incorrectly using charisma
  • incorrectly showing assistantpronoun/slavepronoun for some text

just extract the archive into your existing game folder

To fully install a new installation
a) download 3.2.03 and extract to a folder
b) extract this update into the same folder

No immediate plan for a full installtion for this release. I may make and update one later.


  1. when starting a new game you get 80 points to spend not 100, was that intended?

    Also like every 4 or 5 days my saved game is getting deleted, i don't know what is causing it. it's not a third party program i already got rid of it when i found out about it, it not my CCleaner i made it so it wont touch the files the game is in. the only thing i can think of is that windows itself is deleting the saved games, know of any explanations for this problem and how to stop it?

  2. Otaku
    "when starting a new game you get 80 points to spend not 100, was that intended?"
    Intended, happens when you plany of higher difficulty levels.

    Not really sure what is deleteing your save games on that period
    a) check storage allocated to flash. Right click on the game when it is running. Check the Local Storage tag and ensure it is set to 10Mb or more
    b) is it possible you occasionally run a different browser like IE and it may be deleting the saves.

  3. Quick question about Minor Slaves - Is the update of love confessions for all or just female minor slaves?

    I've maxed out Lance's heart but no love confession. I might just be speeding ahead, haha.
    Also, any news on the 'Give Orders' command available in the Talk To Slaves? I've been giddy since it was first introduced :D

    So far my game's been running smoothly :)

  4. @ Arcana:
    What gender of Slave Maker are you playing?
    AFAIK, Lance is straight.

    Also, perhaps some of your SM's traits are conflicting with getting a Minor Slave to love you.

  5. Arcana/Soul Breaker
    At this time all minor slaves and assistants. Same sex confessions are quite a bit slower.

    Did you apply the fix from this post? Previously a lot of confessions were blocked depending on your slave makers skills. (a bug)

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  7. Re-downloaded the update (I'd originally downloaded it before the update with Samus) and all is good :3 Thanks!

  8. Hi Cmac, great work on the update. If I can ask though, is it possible to alter my save so that naru's naked dress doesn't happen? It's just now I can't get my slaves Naked skill to 5 anymore. It's only a little thing, but it bugs me to have that 3 there.

  9. kamiki
    Not easily, the flag could be reset, but why can't you raise it? Each day counts as a day of naked use and the skill should progress, but you still need to do more Expose actions to progress (3 per level)

  10. Hmm...I'll give it another go. I might have forgotten the 3 Expose requirements. I didn't think it would count since the button vanished.

  11. Yep, that worked just fine, thanks. :)

  12. Does anyone else have a problem with Aries' "Tentacle Queen Fairy" ending, or is it just me?

  13. @Otaku
    You may want to check that any internet browsers you are using are not set to delete your cookies every x days. You can check this in firefox by going to Edit->Preferences and click the Privacy Tab.

    Should be a section in the middle about "Third-party cookies" and how long they should be kept.

    Because of an update to firefox and/or flash your flash save files are now deleted as well whenever your cookies are deleted.

  14. Hey cmacleod42 is there a way I can ask you game questions more privately?

  15. o nooes.. my save's gone... ah well

  16. paula2z
    as we discussed in the previous post, if you can locate your save game and post it for me I'll check what the state of your game is and let you know what is wrong/needed.

    When you say you have problems what is going wrong? What ending do you get instead?

    PM me in one of the forums

  17. When the tentacle birth event occurs, after I finished the Dark Queen Fairy ending, Aeris doesn't ask if I want her to use her Nymph Magic on the tentacle spawn.
    As for Shampoo, her name doesn't appear at all, for example, this is what it should show on he stats page:

    Shampoo's Stats

    Instead it says this:

    's Stats

    The same goes for wherever her name is supposed to be.

  18. Otaku,

    A slave's maximum skill levels depend on your Slave Trainer skill. This skill has four levels, and you start at level 1 or level 2 depending on what you chose when you create your character.

    Level 1: Slave skills max out at 80
    Level 2: Slave skills max out at 100
    Level 3: Slave skills max out at 150
    Level 4: Slave skills max out at 200

  19. @CXC
    i'm sorry, i probably should check this more often. i know about the skills, that wasn't the problem it was that i was on hard difficulty when making a new game, and the points you spend for advantages and that are lower, i didn't realize i was on hard when i started a new game i always started on normal.

    thanks the saved game problem was a different browser.

    how do you get to "edit" i use chrome mostly but sometime i use IE

  20. How do you win the dance contest? i have the skill at 4 (which i assume is the max) yet i still come in last place. is the something i'm missing?
    Yurika with Naru as assistant.

  21. Otaku
    High stats
    Constitution + Refinement + (dance skill * 30) _ (Reputation / 10)
    must be greater that 340 (or 345/350 for higher difficulties)
    So can only be won for slaves will stats > 100

  22. typo Constitution + Refinement + (dance skill * 30) + (Reputation / 10)

  23. I have those skills maxed out at 200 and i still lose. says i get 540 points, if my math is right
    Constitution 200 + refinment 200 + dance skill 4* 30 (=120) + reputation 200/10 (=20) =540. so it's a guaranteed lose seeing as how everybody else get over 600 points and even 780 points.

    i am on hard difficulty be even then with highest possible skill level i should be able to win unless there is something else.

  24. hey,
    I got a bug with the fortune teller event, namely the background stayed even after the event was over. It occurred when I changed settings from the chat. I fixed it with with visiting FT and exiting the conversation normally.

    btw, what value is current training date in .sol? can't find the one with the same value as save time...

  25. The slave Kallen is real buggy. Anytime you do bondage with her that image remains blocking out any future actions with her. The only way to get rid of it is to save the game and then reload it.
    But don't do bondage again or it returns.

  26. it's not just the dance contest Yurika is losing to the maid as well and i suspect all other contests she will lose to which is strange because i was able to win them just fine with all the other slaves on the same difficulty.

  27. Dance, house work, Beauty, and general knowledge.
    all of these yurika gets in last place even on easy difficulty with skills maxed at 200 and 300. the XXX and lady of the court works but that's all

    also i can't get the milk event at the farm, just wanted to confirm that either it's a bug or intentional to have that event.

  28. Otaku
    Yutika does not get the milk event at the farm IF you have dickgirls enabled. She has a different set of events then.

  29. Otaku
    for Dance there was a typo in Yurika, so that may explain her getting last. I cannot see any issues for her other contests though.

  30. Otaku
    type this fix for Yurika, does it fix the dance contest issue for you

  31. First of all thx for great job you have done.
    Awesome customization, really really great.
    But hope you will change the discrimination:
    dickgirls have 4 special events, males and females have only 2 each, females' special event (ex-milk slave) has no really advantages, besides 1 special event (inhuman ancestry) is common to all. It seems that females have no special events with real profit. It would be also great to let the females become succubi as well, I may be mistaken but I don't think succubus "must" have a cock...

  32. @Cmac
    thanks, that did fix the problem and for all contests too.

    i do agree that there can be more options, but everybody thinks differently so he might not have simply not thought of any other special events. it took me a min of thinking but i'll give some suggestions. a maid special event/advantage, give bonus to cook and clean, maybe blowjob too. and that's all i can think of, see what i mean? succubi was here long before futa's so i do agree with Zacknafein on that.

  33. for Tifa i said no to lesbian training but it still changed the skills, i can still use males for the night training and the boyfriend event changed to girlfriend.

  34. another bug found, for Rei whenever i hover my mouse over 'purification ritual' it chooses it without me clicking on it.

  35. a few spelling mistakes for the event to turn rei into an assistant, and while buying the last soothing draft from the merchant a sentance is repeated.

    i cannot buy the second dress, 'school uniform' but i did get it through the adventage start out with it, just there was no check mark for it, there was to option to buy it.

    also, if you own too more than 6 potions it overlapps the 7th 8th 9th and 10th potion options, it then moves the 11th over to the side but you are unable to use the overlapped potions.

  36. not sure if its me or not but I can't see how much Gold I have, it says I have 1 gold even though my slave works and get 7 Gold

  37. The link is down, thought I would mention it

  38. Could you please post an other ink to download it please? And an other one for Hinata?
    I'd really thank it!

    1. could they be .rar file please?


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