Monday, October 24, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.03 Release

New Release
Slave Maker 3.2.03
Here is the full release for Slave Maker 3.2.03

It has some additional fixes above the last version of the beta that was released, notably for Minako, and also an upgraded version of Unohana Retsu.



Download all parts and extract into a folder of your choice. To preserve save sames from a previous release, extract into the exact same folder. Only extract the first part, your archiving program will automatically extract the other parts.

Upgrade (for Beta version only)

This is only for people who used the beta version of the game, it is not an upgrade for version 3.2.02. To install just extract into your game installation folder.
I will not support any bug reports from this upgrade. I will require a reinstall from the full version first.

For those who did not try the beta release this version includes quite a number of feature changes. Nothing major, mostly incremental improvements. There are quite a few new slaves, developed using the xml system

  • minor slaves have some more personality, having special events and extra graphics
  • Lady Farun meetings and encouters have been expanded
  • additional new events in the game
  • upgrades for multiple slaves (including bug fixes for Menace, Urd, Minako)
  • latest upgrade of the SM Enounter event (ie Red Lily Bar events)
  • new house, the Galleon
  • illness events work a bit differently
  • minor slaves and assistants can confess love to your slave maker
  • some minor slaves and assistants can become pregant. Actually almost all have graphics and the capability, but it is disabled by default
  • Naru's Naked dress is now learnable by your Slave Maker for use by your slaves
  • Cumslut training can be learned by Slave Makers with 'Slut Trainer' skill, but Kasumi is still needed as the initial cumslut
Otherwisea lot of other changes, explore the changes!


  1. Thanks for your hard work and continued devolpment.

    Any chance of a torrent though?

  2. Woot on more updates!
    Has there been any progress with the Submissive stat? :3
    I love playing about with that side of it but all I know about is the Red Lilly bar :(

  3. more function need, not more slaves.

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  5. Downloading now, really looking forward to this version of the game. Thanks alot for all the work that has been put into this :)

    On a sidenote, any chance of a torrent? Ill gladly seed :)

  6. I've been enjoying the game for years now. Thank you for all the work you've been putting into it.

    Having an issue, though: None of my potions show up in the list after I buy them. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game to try and fix the problem. Anyone else experiencing this?

  7. found a bug with hinata when you do chakra training her blowjob skill increases not her chakra control

  8. Mostly Unknown
    I just tried this
    - started a new game, Wealthy, female slave maker, Ranma slave, Arcueid assistant
    - use gold cheat to get 2000GP
    - went to shop bought 5 eneergy drinks, 5 lust drafts
    - went to event screen, Take Potions all potions present and visible

    What slave/assistant are you using?

    I'll pass this onto Hinata's developer

  9. benn waitin for full release cmac ure awsome keep up the good work
    btw could anyone make a torrent having some problems with net and seems that only trrents are working and i rly wanna play this dont have any older version since i recently put new windows on my laptop

  10. Thx for the update.
    Any chance for a torrent link for this one?

  11. cmacleod42:

    Thanks for the comment, made me realize that I was loading a game from beta, not just using the newest version of it. I started a new character and used the gold cheat (like you had done) and everything is working the way it should.

    Sorry 'bout the stupidity on my part.

  12. There's a torrent in the Futanari Palace forum.

  13. first: great game!!
    second: i was trying to get to red lily right now, got the invitation and all, but there is no new point on the map => cannot go there...
    is there something wrong with my version (reload?) or is the red lily "out of order" right now?

  14. I'm having trouble unlocking the ruins

    currently I'm playing with a self made male char with tentacle hybrid background. new gods.

    about 30 days into training shampoo i start going to the docks.

    Promised to help the slave.
    Gave the teddy.
    Saw the taken away event, no ruins yet
    tried both attack and distract when saving farun.
    visited her after, asked a favor but no ruins there either.
    so i wait a few days visit again and still nothing.

    have i missed something?

  15. forgot to mention if it could be because I'm freelancing?

  16. FE ty for posting a torrent im already donloading it will seed later on :)

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  18. problem: can't buy any Energy Drink in the shop - it sais: "assistantpronoun can make this potion, so there is no need to purchas it."
    But I can't make Urd make any ... - no such an option...

    BTW, I'm playing with an old saved character + Urd as an assistant - mayB this is the reason...

    can You change pics for assistants, who are in love with the main character (should be naked, imho)

    Thanx for Your great work !

  19. at the give the main character drinks counter is not working (after all are displayed, right)
    the list of slaves that can be added to give potions Rei - but I play a witch (with the old gods, so when choosing her to me refused to coaching)

  20. When you give a teddy bear slave women - an issue over the button text. Also there is no transition at our first meeting with the demon-Futanari (not cums).

  21. I have this info posted at futanari palace but I figured I would post it here as well. I started to try to use the slave creator to make Miu Furinji but I am only good at the art portion and soon realized I was over my head so here are some of the images I made for her Dresses.

    There is an unaltered version
    A Breat Expansion Version
    A Futa Version
    And a Version that is a combo of the two

    if there is anyone who is decent at programming I would be happy to work with them with the art.

  22. I'm trying to get my female slaves/assistants to confess their love while being a female slavemaker but they are not doing so.
    Also are the slave/assistant pregnant events only possible by tentacle beasts? Or can the slavemakers also get them pregnant?

  23. Aww. I re-downloaded the game, and my favourite way of slave training has been fixed. xD Ah well. Guess I have to actually spend a lot of the time making sure I actually train my slaves, rather than glitching her stats in a few nights.

  24. Are all slaves included or must i download some extra?

  25. would like to point out once again that when training urd it is impossible to make her a peminant dickgirl. ive gone to astrids many times. she says she'll work on an antidote. the very next day she is no longer a dickgirl. is killing me that i cant make all the girls into dickgirls. is something i greatly greatly want

  26. I have a question, why does this get uploaded to every upload site in the known internet, EXCEPT my favorite one, Mediafire?

    Not trying to be a dick or anything, I honestly want to know why this is the case...

  27. salking
    Do not give the teddy bear

    go to the morning/evening screen, select Take Potions, select Urd as the drinker, and she will have 'Make' buttons to make the potions.

    It is slow but they should. The main thing that increases love is the Talk option, but a lot does to a much lesser extent

    Yes, all slaves are included

    because I would have to spend about 4 hours more uploading. MultiUpload handles all those by default and I have RapidShare premium account so there is a tiny benefit in it for me (in extending the account)

    Otherwise will check the other bugs and issues reported

  28. thanks for ur hard work

    i just have a question about requirements to play the game
    i tryed to play this new version on an old pc whit only 512 of ram and it takes years to load old games or to load new ones lol
    them i tryed playing on a not to old pc whit 2gb of ram and still gets lots of time loading

    which are the minimun ram and cpu speed and which would be the recomended one? i know this may change depending on ur os
    i was wondering if one of those cheap handbooks whit one gb of ram could be a good option to play the game in a semi portable way lol

  29. Just for the record, I know Cmac has answered this before, but he doesn't make the slaves, so asking him to focus on features and not slaves is barking up the wrong tree. Cmac's work is almost purely on the functionality side of the game, adding features and improving the game for us. Some interested personalities, such as myself, have taken it upon ourselves to create slaves of our favorite characters. Cmac has given us a great deal of help, but his work on this game is focused primarily on improving it.

  30. cmacleod42
    I see. And for what you replied to salking, we're not supposed to give the teddy bear to the slave anymore? o_o crap.....
    Also, when I picked Akane, chose Shena for assistant, the tentacle hybrid as background and had them raped by the tentacles right as I started the game, Shena mentioned that I was trying to achieve a tentacle slave training (or something like that) and gave me some sort of rating. Is that training possible right now?

  31. al41103
    THe game requires a fair bit of memory, but it has been made to play in a handheld device (Android) with a bit of tweaking to disable parts of the game.

    Are you playing through a browser? I have seen quite slow load times via the browser, and vastly quicker times using the exe.

    thanks for the answer

    I have identified a bug where the love confessions do not happen isf your slave maker has lesbian trainer 1+ skill. I will fix and post an update in a few days.

  32. EroWL
    previously the teddy bear had nothing to do with the mine event, it depended on answering comfort or help to the previous slave. I have removed this arbitrary choice.
    Basically she gets the mine if you refuse her comfort and thus she goes to the mine.

    There is a tentacle harem ending, I thing is what Shena meant. This happens when you have her tentacle raped a certain number of times. It is independent of the slave maker Tentacle Hybrid etc

  33. What about Red Lily bar?
    Its not shown on the map after all...

  34. thanks cmacleod42

    I was following the wiki and was kinda stumped.

    suggests someone with writing skills updates the thing.

  35. And what give slavemaker's sex skill?
    Why this skill is hide?

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. The more you work on it the better it gets many thanks.
    Is there a way to turn off the fatigue for the slaver?

  38. 2 bbcb
    There is no problem with money in game.
    Just use tonic potion.

  39. A few things I noticed.

    Retsu doesn't seem to work right, all lines with her ended with a 2/ and the first even with her got stuck(wide area and pin point).

    I lost to the zombies in the ruins like 4 or 5 times until I eventually beat them with bad ends enabled.

    Also, the Red-Lily(which is now found in the slave makers activities), there is a lot of stuff said, but doesn't actually work. For instance, when you got to meet the girl in the slums, she says you have around 2 days to go there are there could be consequences. However, this doesn't happen. When you actually go there there's another event where the bracelet is put on you, and consequences are stated if you don't go there at least every other day for the next two weeks, and that you will feel drawn to it if you avoid it. This also does not happen, nor does the event end in two weeks. Lastly when you go to the club and choose to look around Eas will pop up and you are given the choice of talking to her or avoiding her. Nothing happens as a result of either choice and looking around will not trigger any new events, always replying that you are getting cold stares.

    The only real new thing about the Red-Lily is the 2nd drink now triggers a event after 4 or 5 times.

    There a lot more of the stall action, but after around 20 points accumulated it just loops the same event over and over. I'm a little disappointed that there's no bad end or at least a place holder of things to come.

    So my question is this, is the Red-Lily bugged, or is what I have said the progress that has been made at this point?

  40. cmacleod42
    Then what's exactly the tentacle hybrid for, other than being able to spot their spawn point and the slave maker having a few delusions of nuns? So far I haven't seen anything special with it.
    Also can you make it so that the refined and alchemy skills can be acquired throughout the game (the etiquette lessons or high class prostitute gives refined and alchemy obtained through Urd's training or talking to the shop owner)? That way we can have more freedom to choose other options during slavemaker creation since more new skills are being added, but the minimum allocation points (and the max if taken from slavemaker stats) are still the same.

  41. what exactly is the latest upgrade of the SM Enounter event (ie Red Lily Bar events) ?
    it's looks like the same old thing,you can only walk to the bar,and drink.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. there is a bug that whenever i choose "no" for yes or no option it still choses "yes" (yes is yes and no is yes)

    what i would like to see is more about the houses. i would like to see a limit on slaves own because of limited living space (doesn't make since for 20 or so slaves living in an apartment but then again i don't choose the apartment so i don't know) i would like to option to expand the living space. hire carpenters to add more living space for the onsen, farm, forest home, etc. and for the keep yo have to hire mercenary's to help you clear out whatever is making those sounds in the dungeons to make living space. for apartment you buy other rooms. get my point?

    i am frustrated with the inability to "give orders" to my minor slaves, are you having trouble thinking of what to do for it? if so i can give you some suggestions. have a clean - dirty meter. cleaning can be a chore for a minor slave(s) as well as your training slave.

    more slaves the dirtier it gets and more living space requires more slaves to clean. also the bigger the house the more max points are added to the clean - dirty meter.

    other things for "give orders" can be to make food, shop for food, and others things like work at a job for a little extra money if you need the money. more slaves = more food needed and more slaves to help cook. assign slaves to make food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (make it so the slaves will keep doing the orders or have a check box to make them repeat the order the next day).

    this is a management game not a boost the stats up game, because that all you really need to do unless you want to go for a specific ending which is not much more harder it just require the right random event. in 30 days i can have a fully trained slave. money is too easy to get. on my first slave i can get all the minor slaves by the time i end the training or, if i as a guild member, by the time the training expires. make food cost money more slaves you have the more costly it is to feed them, it much more of a management game that way.

    to add more on the fact the money is too easy to get, if you think about it what is more profitable? to have a slave that can bring in 10k in 10 days or train them for a month and get 1-3k gold +the added gold he give you every time he test her? if i was a slave maker would just keep the slave.

    to be honest this game does not have much of a progression through out the entire game. it is progression for the individual slave but i want it to give a feeling that you start out as novice slave maker not one of the best that is restricted by your slave maker stat. i know that is why you have that stat. one thing that does not make sense is that the minor slaves have crappy stats and sells for 1k to 2.5k and your best, fully 200, 300 stat slave sells for 3k tops. make selling slaves more valuable like 10k+ and have jobs give 30% to 50% less money, if i were you i would compleatly change the economics of the game to fit more slave selling profit which is the biggest thing you need to change

    i hope you add these suggestions in but it is your choice to. At least keep an open mind to them.

    despite of what i said about how i can fully train a slave in 30 days it still take me 100 days+ to end the training on easy because i like to screw around. i compleatly forgot that there is difficulty setting, maybe change the default to a higher setting? i will try a harder setting and see how that is. keep the suggestions in mind and the economics really do need to be changed i am sorry if this sound more like criticism, i am just trying to give advice.

  44. Otaku
    "there is a bug that whenever i choose "no" for yes or no option it still choses "yes" (yes is yes and no is yes)"
    Please give an example of where you see this. I do not in the cases I have tested.

  45. bug? my other slaves save my assistant and the one being trained disappeared after i loaded my save...

  46. Aradinn
    I am unsure what you mean? Can you explain in more detail?

  47. in the shop when drinking the demonic potions. and there was another place but i forgot where. and another bug is that i can't win any fights, it automatically looses and it's on normal fight difficulty, the only way i can win is if it it on no fights or auto win. it's for all fights not just a few maybe it's the slaves? Reisz had both the fights and potions bug, Naru also had the fight bug

  48. Nikto
    For your issue with Urd, I have just tested and she is working fine. I
    - started a new game training Urdm enabled dickgirls
    - walk to forest and visited Astrid 3 times
    - Urd converted fine to a dickgirl and stayed a dickgirl

    Can you post a save game showing the issue (post to somewhere like MediaFire/MultiUpload etc)

  49. Otaku
    when fighting, is your slave maker's lust very high? If so you are probably losing via lust.

  50. Otaku
    so you only see it for the uninhibitory draft? What assistant were you using?

  51. Confirmed, there is a bug where if you are asked if you want the variant uninhibitory potion then no is treated as yes. I suppose no one has noticed this a virtually everyone says yes. I do not see any other cases like this.

  52. Is there any way to properly end the training as freelancer? I exhibited my slave and sold it to a woman, got told the training will finish in 8 days. Well, now it's already 25+ days over and I still get the message that I'd end the training early and get penalized...furthermore the ending doesn't go along with to whom I sold my slave, as it told me a man would be her owner...

    Is there something I miss regarding freelancer mode? I always thought I'd simply train a slave, exhibit and sell it and then the training would finish automatically according to the contract with the buyer (in my case, in 8 days...but that never happened).

    I would be very thankful for an answer! Cheers.

  53. Thank you for your great game and for keeping working on it.
    Also can someone say which else scenes gives Tentacle Hybrid except 'memories' with nun?

  54. CyCaDeLiC
    That is more or less a bug.

    there is nothing so far

  55. Well... expose didn't do it. None of them are going beyond limited skill in naked.

  56. Hello,
    I think i find a bug with belldandy( but i have already it with an other slave in the beta).

    My first task is taking a walk in slum( personnal supervision). I meet the dealer, and i buy gaman drug.My second task is working in restaurant.So the restaurant owner offers to work as a chef, but the cooking stat of my slave is 29 and there aren't no button "yes" or "no".
    I must load a previous save.
    Thanks for all your job, i like that you have done for this game you and the others encoders.

  57. Hello,
    I started few minutes ago the new version for the first time. I have Shampoo and Genma and i wanted to assfuck Shampoo as dickgirl. But if i have to choose who should assfuck shampoo there is written: "Genma will fuck her with a strap-on".
    Why is Genma needing a strp-on to fuck? :D

  58. maybe he had an accident whit his cock lmao xD

  59. idk if anyone else is having this but im using 7zip and every time i test 2-4 they come up as 2 broken files also what archiving program do u use? cause mine isn't doing what ur installing instructions say they should

  60. A bug - no Faroon, also there is nothing in the caves (the old faith, Elf, Slave Trainer 2, Futanari, Ex Cowgirl, master of weapons, masochistic, submissive, competitive, witch, glasses secondary skills transferred to the constitution 70 and attack with defense - 45).

    By the way, why do you, Cmac, have site wide, because it became uncomfortable.

  61. hi,

    Just wanna know if there's any actual event in Red Lily.

    Because after meeting the girl at the Slum (fast forward to Red Lily and everything), the only event is
    1) when socialize option is selected Eras where you can either choose to talk to her or not and
    2) if bar option is selected, choosing 2nd drink for 4 time another event will trigger.

    So where's the SM encounter event???

    By the way, thank for the game.

  62. styx007
    just tried the process you describe and I did not get the chef offer or missing yes/no. I tried with a cooking skill high enough too and got the yes/no fine.

    "By the way, why do you, Cmac, have site wide, because it became uncomfortable. "
    I preferred this look, it gives more room for text and comments

    SM enounter event is the Red Lily and stalls events

  63. scratch that, i think its resolved now, i loaded the saves again and they're fine.

  64. Hi, just for know : that's possible/planned to have more .xml files, for make traductions ? Because for the moments I have a french/english game and lots of things aren't translated^^ (sorry for my bad english :-p)

  65. Is slavebuilder 1.4 still supported? And if yes, is there a template charr, and how in the bloody name of all that is holy do you make the slave a virgin <,<

  66. Having the same issue with Naru. Her charisma starts lowering each day when the naked dress becomes available. No matter if she puts it on or not. Also, the "naked" button disappeared as soon as the dress was available. Even if it didn't decrease, the button allowed me to increase charisma until i could have enough to use the salon more.

    Basically I can't play a game with Naru right now. not if I don't want to start over with a fresh game every time I get to her. Who knows if it carries over to the rest or not.

  67. Azerty7338
    Anything in the english xml files can be translated into the French version of the files. The french was done a little while ago and there are strings and events that are not translated yet in the french version.
    You cannot add bnew strings not in the english version, the game has to be coded to use them

    Yes it is, there is no template as such as it creates a slave from scratch, you input the details and specify the images etc. Please note there is a limitation of about 16Mb of images in total that can be used. This is a limit of the FlashDevelop compiler, not of slavebuilder

    ok, will check, I cannot think of why it is happening though

  68. Thx for your answer ;)
    There is any chance that the game whether coded to used more xml files in the future ? (Like skills descriptions or other things who haven't xml for the moment)

  69. are the events in the stalls at the palace connected with the dominance? cause i get the same event every time since dominance has gone to 0
    The event with the leash and so...

    bug or connected to dominance?

  70. jan.graskamp1988
    it is dependent, but this is developed by Rowadon as part of the 3rd part 'SM Encounter' event. I am not too familiar with the details of the event.

    I thought the skill descriptions were mostly translated now, but yes I am working to move more and more text into the xml files.

  71. Ok, thank you very much for answers and for your work ! :-)

  72. the "Naked" skill doesnt rise anymore(it worked in early version), its always on 0, no matter how many i try and what my slave maker skill is,I made new game and already trained 15 slaves, all had 0 Naked.

    Also often Spank "freeze at 3 or 4, and doesnt wanna grow up.

    I cant finish old ruin quest, when i ask Lady Farun for help she says that I already own her a favour (I missed something?)

    When playing on freelancer, when i sell my slave, there is no time set to "finalize" it, I still can play endless, or even sell to some1 else whenever I want.

  73. I've been following this project for ages now it seems, and the old versions always saved locally in the SM folder it seemed. Now flash has taken to saving everything in some local cache folder that is tied to my browser cache.

    So every time I clear my cache/cookies it kills ALL of my saves. This is incredibly annoying and makes the game practically un-playable.
    I'm having problems finding out how to reroute flash to save in a more "permanent" location.

    Does anyone know how to do this, or have an alternative fix?

  74. I think that there is a flaw with the point system. I just finished Eri and I didn't get any points to add to my skills. Also, Shampoo's name doesn't appear in text, for example it just says " 's Statistics".

  75. @ aertrius
    How do you clean them?
    If you use CCleaner, just uncheck Adobe Flash Player under Multimedia on the Applications tab.

  76. aertrius
    What you describe there is the standard way flash saves information, using Local Shared Objects. This is how the game has always saved games. If you say it saving in your local game folder you must of been running a flawed or patched version of flash. I have never seen this happen.

    In Windows it save in the the Application Data folder. The LSO objects are treated as cookies by browsers so anything that deleted cookies also deletes them.

    The solution is do not delete cookies or as paula2z noted exclude them from being deleted

    The skill point is given based on this ccriteria
    GuildMember - must train them for 80% of the allocated time and get a score 50+
    Freelancer - must train for 40+ days and get a score 50+

  77. I tried getting Aries' "Tentacle Queen Fairy" ending. I completed all of the criteria, and I still didn't get it. Is this ending still in development, or am I not doing something right?

  78. I'm sorry I meant up to the point of the tentacle birth event

  79. 1st off I want to say thanks...this is one hell of a game...2nd i am having serious trouble downloading the new verison. Part 3 & 4 are downloading just fine but part 1 & 2 when I try to open the winzip files say insert disk into C drive and thats it tried downloading it from all 3 sources and all 3 are the same....i'm not sure what is up but i am dying to play this version so if there is anything you can suggest would be greatly apprecaited.

  80. Mike
    download all 4 parts, put them into the same folder and then extract the first part only. Your unzip program will automatically extract all parts.

    Not sure of your issue, can you post a save game for the place you are at so I can investigate.

  81. cmac
    Alright, just give me some time and I'll have it

  82. Um... How do I post a save game?

  83. I've been having problems lately when trying to train Aeris. In the past, I was always able to interact with the various fairies without any problems. I've tried several training Aeris with several different backgrounds and assistants that yielded the same results.

    Talk to her:
    "Err, hi. Nice fuck you got going there..."
    The fairy smiles and continues, moaning happily. Maybe you're not attractive enough to warrant their attention? Or maybe talking to them during sex makes you too uncomfortable...

    Watch her:
    Fairy: "Maybe I'll play with you next time."
    The fairy winks and then flies off. Maybe they didn't find you attractive enough to hang around? Or maybe talking to them during sex makes you too uncomfortable...

    I honestly don't remember how I did everything right before and now can't seem to get it right at all. Is this a bug maybe or am I missing something simple and likely very obvious?

  84. FYI the text I posted before was from the fairy encounter at the Beach.

  85. what rar system should I use for this?

  86. the wiki bandwidth for the game is exceeded any ideas when it will be back up??

  87. JB
    when interacting with the fairy at the beach,let ur assistant supervise,not urself.

  88. paula2z
    Just zip the save game filea and upload to a file sharing service like MultiUpload/Rapidshare/mediafire etc

    I use WinRar

  89. What about a fix?
    I do not believe that this realese doesnot have any errors.

  90. Is it planned to make the "Ex-Milk Slave" Background working in the near future?
    At least it doesn´t seem to work for me ~

  91. And where can I find the save files?

  92. there is something wrong with the peach assistant picture... its blank and its making other assistant pictures mess up

  93. Not sure if this is considered a bug, but with Aeris each time she drinks a cum potion her cock grows. out of curiosity I saved her before ending her training and as of today she has a 1792cm (705.5in) cock! Is there no limit as with the slave trainer?

  94. paula2z
    The location heavily depends on what operating system you use

  95. Thank You sir!! Each update brings with it more and more content, and more ways for me to waste my time. I really appreciate the hard work.

  96. You say that you can learn Naru's naked costume for use with future slaves - how?

    At the moment I can't get the "Naked" skill to increase at all.


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