Sunday, October 23, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.03 Uploading

Hi All,
uploading the full version 3.2.03 now (ie the non beta version). It has some fixes over the last patch and some slave updates and the new slave Hinata from Naruto

The update should take 4 more hours, so it maybe tomorrow before I can post the release.

On the question of a slaves only release, please note the non-slaves part of the game is about 200Mb, the slave part is 1.4Gb so it seems a bit pointless to split on those lines.

Please note there are some known issues in the release, bugs I have not found yet and other sall issues. One notable is there are some issues training Minako and an update for her will follow.

I will not be posting an update for those who used the beta, sorry. It causes too much confusion on my part, are you running the full version, a partial upgrade, the beta etc.

For those who want, here is the latest release of Hinata, who is a new slave released after the beta started. She is developed by raiga, she will be in the new release

For note raiga prefers the older Hinata from Naruto Shippuden. This version has some custom events and such and raiga is working on more.

 Release 3.2.03
Also note in the new release (over the beta, with the posted fixes applied)
  • updated version of Gardevoir
  • updated version of Bulma
  • additional bug fixes, notably for Urd and her potion making
  • Galley house renamed to Galleon house
  • Updated Unohana Retsu


  1. In this new versions game saves are still in that system folder? Couse its not comfortable at all. Saves in gamefolder like it was before is much better solution. In that macromedia flash application foler is a lot of folders named like njh213n and jkdf1233kk. How i should know what folder i need to copy?

  2. The idea of separating out the Slaves as a separate download should make things a lot easier for you. As the core game is so small in proportion to the slave section mostly due to all the image files for the slaves. There seems to be little reason to constantly repost all the slaves even if there is no updates to them every time you do a non-beta release. So if you made the core game come with three or four slaves just to be playable. Then break up the slaves into three or four downloads with a single Slave Update download every major patch. That should decrease the amount of bandwith you have to use every update.

  3. Hey Cmac,

    Thank you for all your hard work in putting out, updating and maintaining this game!!! It is really very much appreciated... I am looking forward to the new release tomorrow...

    On another note, I hope that this means that your family issues have been resolved and in a favourable fashion... If not, then you have my sympathies... Many of us have gone through this and it is trying (speaking from personal experience myself)...


  4. Vitarcheg
    I have done no change that alters the location of the save games. If they have moved for you it must be an internal Flash player change, or a local setting on your system. For me they still appear in the appropriate sub-folders

    Any non-beta release has to have a complete installation, with all slaves, so new players have a valid installer to use.
    I have often done an upgrade installer as well, an update that has only the changed files. In the case hfor 3.2.03 there are a lot of files changed with multiple new slaves over the previous full version 3.2.02

    Things are somewhat better with my family, or at least I am coping better.

  5. Hello,
    I think i find a bug with belldandy( but i have already it with an other slave in the beta).

    My first task is taking a walk in slum( personnal supervision). I meet the dealer, and i buy gaman drug.My second task is working in restaurant.So the restaurant owner offers to work as a chef, but the cooking stat of my slave is 29 and there aren't no button "yes" or "no".
    I must load a previous save.
    Thanks for all your job, i like that you have done for this game you and the others encoders.


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