Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Slave Updates and New Slave

New Slave: Panty and Stocking
A new slave has been released by Dokenphalin, Panty and Stocking. These are the first slave that is a set of twins. Developed using the xml system

There are some minor image naming issues and other small reported bugs. A new version for them is being developed.

Extract to your game folder, and rename

Update for Yurika
A bug was reported for Yurika and contests. This is a small fix correcting the issue

Installation: just copy the file into the Slaves folder for your installation

Update for Bulma
abisal released a new version of Bulma
Sound files modified to the new method.

Combat with the Giant fixed so he doesn't deal lust damage anymore (Since he won't be sharing monster classes with Videl).

New way to get the 4-star DragonBall. Goku can be met at the lake even without Chichi regardless of Gender of the SlaveMaker ( Though, in the future, you'll be able to "befriend" him if you are a female SlaveMaker. For occasional free bodyguarding and gifts). If you choose to offer him food, you'll get your 4 star DB.

Raising exhibitionism and doing the Expose HErself chore, will get you the masturbate in Public Chore. And Masturbate in Public can eventually become sex in public. There will be a third stage to this training, but I haven't decided what it'll be yet.

Oolong's appearance will change from human/anthro depending on furry options. Working in the Sleazy Bar can trigger his invitation to his "Bunny School" (text will appear ocassionally to show it has been triggered), but he'll show up as a pre-event in the early morning to make the invitation. You can accept or decline. He'll get mad if you decline.

Oolong's Bunny School is more or less a normal school with 5 stages of training (training that gets more effective at each stage), but it'll probably go through major overhauls in the future. I just haven't decided how bunnygirls will work exactly. Some images, like Anal, that were apparently messed up have been fixed.


Installation: unzip and copy the files into the Slaves folder for your game installation


  1. yay new update!

    i post some bugs before you post this update you might have missed them, i will post here also just in case.

    for Tifa i said no to lesbian training but it still changed the skills, i can still use males for the night training and the boyfriend event changed to girlfriend.

    another bug found, for Rei whenever i hover my mouse over 'purification ritual' it chooses it without me clicking on it.

    a few spelling mistakes for the event to turn rei into an assistant, and while buying the last soothing draft from the merchant a sentance is repeated.

    i cannot buy the second dress, 'school uniform' but i did get it through the adventage start out with it, just there was no check mark for it, there was to option to buy it.

    also if you own more than 6 potions at a time it starts to become buggy, like the potions being overlapped not moving to the side or having a scroll bar.

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  3. while training Aeris and you fail at the faeries event at the docks, you can't get that event again, even if you reload the game, I've been trying for 20 straight days now... and i can't get the faerie event at the lake since i reloaded, the only faerie event i can get is the one at the beach and i can't even get her as a minor slave or ask her about aeris's magic.

  4. When choosing the seer to help with the ruins quest, the yes/no buttons are swapped.

    The red liv doesn't progress after the closet message (meet at socializing once, then closet and closet and ad infinitum, always with the same message). Got the sex skill up to 40 before giving up.

    Changing sex from male at the farm milking event doesn't seem to properly propagate, it is as if the new one was the default from creation. Even tried a mock build with chauvinism and it is as if the effect remains the same as when male.

    By the way, after going through these these:
    http://fetish.iiichan.net/res/3505.html (lots of references besides the pictures)
    I got the distinct feeling that the game is lacking one, could even be for the maker.
    On a related topic:

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  6. 길가다스매시
    Rename the file

  7. trying to get minor slaves and assistance to love you is a pain, i dont mind if it slow but i hate having to move my mouse up and down clicking discuss or intimacy then click next which makes it like 5x more slower and time consuming, how about having something like intimacy for # hours (for example 1.5 hours) or just make it so you don't have to click 'next' everytime.

  8. Zacknafein said...

    First of all thx for great job you have done.
    Awesome customization, really really great.
    But hope you will change the discrimination:
    dickgirls have 4 special events, males and females have only 2 each, females' special event (ex-milk slave) has no really advantages, besides 1 special event (inhuman ancestry) is common to all. It seems that females have no special events with real profit. It would be also great to let the females become succubi as well, I may be mistaken but I don't think succubus "must" have a cock...
    November 8, 2011 1:11 AM

    Otaku said...

    thanks, that did fix the problem and for all contests too.

    i do agree that there can be more options, but everybody thinks differently so he might not have simply not thought of any other special events. it took me a min of thinking but i'll give some suggestions. a maid special event/advantage, give bonus to cook and clean, maybe blowjob too. and that's all i can think of, see what i mean? succubi was here long before futa's so i do agree with Zacknafein on that.
    November 8, 2011 9:35 AM

    P.S. It's from preview post in case you hadn't notice

  9. is there a reson the system will sometimes allow you to spend the earnings of the trainee, and other times it will only spend yours?

  10. I cannot find any of the slaves other than the ones for the latest update (Samus, Lamia, Kallen, Ryo, and two others I cannot remember). Where exactly do I need to place the slave files?


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