Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.05 Release

This is the new release, the final version of version 3.2.05, anything new will be done to the next version. This is primarily a bug fix release trying to address significant issues in the 3.2.04 release. There are limited new features in this release.

This fixes since 3.2.04
  • load/save/initialisation issues for events like the SMEncounter, Tentacle Raid etc. The saves were being mixed up.
  • Change participants option got the wrong at at times
  • a lot of text tweaks for male and twins slaves
  • Fixes for Yurika and her always losing some contests (dance)
  • Fixes for Shampoo endings. Dickgirl Mother ending has been increased in priority and will always happen if possible. Dickgirl mother ending will also have the started effect for the bargain you enter into.
  • Also adds a renaming feature and some tweaks to game loading and starting. The load/start are associated with some issues with Panty & Stocking, but they do simplify some code and make it more generic. 
  • Fixes a hotkey issue in the armoury.
  • a shortcut key issue for Cora.
  • Aeris tentacle pregnancy issues
  • Leaving the seer issues
  • Peorth not being intimate anymore
  • small text issues for twins/males
  • tweaks to refused sex act messages, all now in xml
  • fixed usage of #slavepronoun
Not much new, but it does add
  • 2 sets of items images for dresses, to allow twins slaves to have separate halo etc images. Included is an edit of Panty & Stocking's xml to position halo and leash images for the plain dress
  • sex acts for male slaves altered. Fuck is now 'Fuck another woman/dickgirl' and Lesbian is now 'Fuck another man'/Gay sex
  • you can now change assistants during training, once per day in the morning. Due to some game design issues if you change from a hired assistant (say Hild) you are assumed to fire them, and you cannot swap back to them. If the assistant has declared their love and are a member of your household then you can swap back. You cannot hire new assistants when swapping here. Minor slaves cannot be assistants. Lastly an assistant you swap to does not give any start of training bonuses, just their on-going bonus effects
  • Also so xml tweaks were requested and will be in the full release, notably
  • all recent slave upgrades, Gardevoir, Bulma, Kallen Stadtfeld, Ran, Lamia, Unohana Retsu, Samus Aran, Shampoo, Urd, Yurika, Sakuya
  • removes a furry avatar by request
  • I was seeing many people using .jpeg extension files for xml based slaves. I had added this to the list of extensions the game tries to use (last extension tried, so preferably rename to .jpg)
  • xml images can interchangeably use Futanari and Dickgirl (ie Sex Act - Fuck (As Futanari 1).jpeg)
  • catboy can be used instead of catgirl for xml image names, eg Job - Bar (Catboy 1).jpg
  • more variables can be used for minor slaves in xml, notably sex act levels, eg like levelfuck-maran for Maran's fuck skill level. Note in expressions use levelfuck_maran, due to a limitation of my expression parser.
  • added additional variables for xml use minlust, minnymphomania, slavename, slavepronoun, donetentacleharem, dating, oldlover, noblelove, noblelover
Note sex acts and some other trainings still need quite a lot of work for male slaves and twins. This version should me much better then previous versions for both, and especially male, but be aware the actions for Masturbation, Dildo, Touch will still be essentially female for any males slaves, and singular for twins.
Most other acts should be close to working, but still some plurality issues for twins.

The slave fixes have all been posted in their development threads in the forums previously.

New Slaves
This release also adds 2 new slaves,

Ryo Akizuki

developed by abisal, from 'The Idolm@ster'. He is a 'trap' that the slave maker is not initiallly aware is a male. Mostly vanilla in this release, development is continuing for him.

Dark Magician Girl
developed by Regigias, from 'Yugi Oh'. Currently vanilla with no special events.

two forms initially, if there are no siginificant issues I'll upload a full version of the game

Upgrade including all new and upgrade slaves

Upgrade, only the core game, excluding the slave upgrades. Fully included in the above link, no need for this and the above.

For either, just download and extract into your game installation folder.

I just accidentally deleted the 3.2.04 upgrade, so I will definitely make a full game version assuming no siginificant bugs.


  1. Many thanks for the new update!
    Hope you're feeling better though.

  2. hi and thx a lot for the new update, very cool.
    I just testet it (the 550MB version).. but I think something doesnt work for me anymore... when planning a day, only the screen for the slave appears, but not for the slavemaker. so the slavemaker is doing nothing all day.

    do you have an idea, what I have done wrong..?

  3. also... my assisstant i chose at the beginning of the game isnt available anymore. her picture is gone and everywhere where her name was before is now just nothing. it was one of the girls from the first page. I think she had blue hair and her name started with an A

  4. oh.. it seems I have to start a new game.. then everything is fine

  5. BlackDShadow
    What version of the game did you have before upgrading?

  6. downloaded full .03, patched to .04, and now to .05.

    That "planning a day" problem, sorry, my own silliness. Pressed that assistant button I never used before. Though I can't see her picture/name anymore.
    Anyway, I started a new game and i'm good with it. Made some other choices in the beginning now that I wanted to do anyway.

  7. Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but it does not seem possible to pay off the fine in Yoruichi's ending if you are a freelancer.

    Is that something that can be addressed? Or more an issue for that character's creator?

  8. BlackDShadow
    Thanksm sound like a bug of some sort, I'll check

    Yoruichi was developed by Jaren. He is aware of this issue, and he has not been inclined to fix or otherwise change it. Possibly he should restrict Yoruichi to Guild Slave Makers only as a simple fix.

  9. Aw man. I'm a Freelancer and was looking foreward to training Yoruichi. I hope Jaren will fix it some day so both types of slavers can train her.

  10. the link to 04 isn't up anymore, where can I get it?

  11. A trap slave? YesyesyesyesyesyesYES! Whoever this "abisal" person is, he/she is awesome.

  12. uh cmacleod,mind uploading to wupload or hotfile?
    mu,fileserve and depo barred in ma country,sry.

  13. Zacknafein said...

    First of all thx for great job you have done.
    Awesome customization, really really great.
    But hope you will change the discrimination:
    dickgirls have 4 special events, males and females have only 2 each, females' special event (ex-milk slave) has no really advantages, besides 1 special event (inhuman ancestry) is common to all. It seems that females have no special events with real profit. It would be also great to let the females become succubi as well, I may be mistaken but I don't think succubus "must" have a cock...
    November 8, 2011 1:11 AM
    Otaku said...

    thanks, that did fix the problem and for all contests too.

    i do agree that there can be more options, but everybody thinks differently so he might not have simply not thought of any other special events. it took me a min of thinking but i'll give some suggestions. a maid special event/advantage, give bonus to cook and clean, maybe blowjob too. and that's all i can think of, see what i mean? succubi was here long before futa's so i do agree with Zacknafein on that.
    November 8, 2011 9:35 AM

    Sorry for copypasting this in second time

  14. CMac - I installed your update and started a new game with Shampoo as my first slave. I had her call me Master, I accepted her love, I trained her to about 70/100 catgirl, I trained her 100/100 fairy, I made her a permanent hermorphodite with her asking me to get her pregnant, and I refused to sell her to the Count. Yet when training finished there was no "buy her" option and she was not available to assist me in training a new slave and she was not in my list of owned slaves. I used guild trainer with my sister assisting me on Shampoo. Is this an error or did I do something that prevented her from becoming my slave as she always seems to do?

  15. is it just me but the girls don't seem yo gain skill levels in sex skills i had shampo do masturbate 30 times and she did not gain any lvl's in masturbate

  16. I've been an extremely long time player, and I am super excited to see an all male slave! The update cannot download fast enough I'm so anxious waiting. Thank you abisal, and thank you CM for all your continuing efforts to make this fantastic!

  17. Say is there any way to hack the game to get more character creation points? Would I have to hex edit the exe for that or something?

  18. Also agrees with Zacknafein about succubus not needing to have a cock :p

  19. I've also notice the absence of sex act leveling. Happened with Shampoo at max obedience and in love.
    In medieval European mythology, a succubus is a female sex demon, or at least the female form of a sex demon. The male form is called an incubus.

  20. From that point of view we need to figure a new type demon....emmm....sucinbus...>_<

  21. I took ryo, the new male slave to astrid and had him drink priapus draft 3 times.
    He is now a hermaphrodite and is referred to as "she" There should be a different event for male priapus,

    maybe he becomes a woman permanently (dick falls off) or change the text to "he grew a vagina" or some bullshit like that. Also sex levels don't increase.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Hi, this concerns the version 3.2.04 but I just realised, that the fairy transformation doesn't work for me anymore. So if you fix the issues with 3.2.05 please also look into that.

  24. does it includes all current slavereleases

  25. I didn't know there were any Male slave available for training. :/


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