Friday, November 11, 2011

More Slave Updates

Kallen Stadfeld
This is an update for vechno's release of Kallen.

There were multiple issues with images not hiding and many events/acts/chores that had no images for them. I have updated her so

  • dresses have transparent backgrounds
  • all acts/chores/schools/contests have at least 1 image
  • image hiding issues should be fixed
  • new image for the Slave Market
  • some images were detexted
  • some images had better alternates selected
Her images were recompressed to fit within the limitations of FashDevelop. She is based on SlaveBuilder and unfortunately the FlashDevelop tool has a limitiation of about 16Mb of total resources, images in this case. I do not see any visible effect of this recompression and it was essential to add the missing images.

No other changes, she is still a vanilla slave.

Installation: just extract to the Slaves folder in your game


Here is an update for Shampoo, it includes many new images and alters image sleection to better pick some images..

Majorly it includes CM Tyssen's BE, and piercings edits for the Naked images. Depending on piercing level you will see different piercings. There are now multiple BE versions of the images.

So multiple image changes but no other real change. While doing this I had a few ideas for additional plots for her training. But I have plenty to do for now with other slaves and parts of the game.

Installation: just extract to the Slaves folder in your game


The slave has been updated

a) any images converted the jpg, now about 35Mb is size
b) introduction expanded and aspect ratio fixed
c) dresses rearranged
d) small image edits
e) she is only available for high renown 60+ slave makers

1) if you had installed her previously delete the folder
2) extract the archive into the game installation


  1. Gotta love that response time. Thanks for the fixes Cmac ^_^

  2. Hello again .
    I am playing this game for 5 hours now and I just can`t get enough of it but I would like to give you some tips about how could you make the game even better...You could put some more exotic slaves in the slave market (slaves who can increase different statistics of your slave such as blowjob,joy or who can develop other skills than dancing,singing or swimming) ..and if i don`t ask too much i would love to see some new sex acts (i tried them all-with males,females,hermaphrodites ,as a lesbian,hetero, cum baths ,striptease,blowjobs ,fucks ,orgy etc. ) annnd you could put some new items/actions in the shop or in the salon ( i have lots of money and i bought everything from the shop/tailors/salon and now i don`t have what to do with the money LOL )
    These would be my wishes,and if you can not grant them I would understand it because I guess you have a lot of work since you do such a lovely job with this game .
    Anyway,the Christmas is close so this could be the special gift from "Santa" for me . I would love it .

  3. Julay
    What sort of new sex acts, I thought just about everything was covered.

    Note I will not add bestiality (no interest and illegal to depict in my country) and I find watersports/scat really uninteresting

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Analingus, breast feeding (the count loves this apparently), anal masturbation, public masturbation, public sex (passers by or your own retinue?), fisting, orgasm control/denial, footjob, handjob, snowballing, objectification, and so forth...

    Just to name a few that are missing from SM :) There could be several made out of some fetishes out there too.

    Bondage is also limited currently in that there's just the bondage act. Otherwise any and all bondage gear is ignored (the bondage act even mentions some possibilities you could do, but it's impossible to do them). And in relation to bondage, piercings and similar body mods are currently pretty much ignored.
    Besides all that, I'd personally like to somehow be able to build preferences for the slaves. Cumslut is obviously one of them, but besides that there's nothing. I'd like to somehow train some slaves to prefer certain types of acts, e.g. anal (alternatively: plain sex, exhibitionism, oral [cumslut], or some others). No idea how that'd work, but either reduced effectiveness of other acts, the slave clearly asking for more of it, or some such would work.

    (deleted old to clarify a part)

  6. can anyone help me? for some reason all my slavemaker saves keep deleting themselves everytime i turn off my computer. This started after i udated my firefox. thanks in advance.

  7. okay; the gardevoir file seems to be broken; it crashes every time i try to train gardevoir

  8. I love this game, even thought when I started playing it, I wasn't the biggest fan of bondage or even the idea of having a slave. It's great 'fun' and I like playing it in my free time alone.

    I know you're a busy person making this game, but there are some things that I would like to see. Just throwing things out, by no means are these demands or anything ^_^; just things I'd like to see in the future.

    More furry slaves would be nice. Transformations (Like your slave becoming a werewolf or something), and/or body inflation, maybe some macro/micro events, or hyper proportions (Not permanant but maybe temporary through events, and the size of their parts are only slightly bigger afterwards, kind of like Aeris' events or peach's except for other slaves as well. Foot interactions? And I'd really love to see more events for the slaver him/herself, especially in the ways I mentioned here. I'd like a way to start as a human male slaver and somehow end up as a herm furry slaver with well endowed female and male features. I guess I just like extremes, and extremes are easier to be gratifying, well, to me anyway.

    Anyway, again, thanks for this game, I just made a blogger account to give you my thoughts and show my gratitude for this game, keep doing what you're doing :).

  9. Oh, and I really like the Palace event where you go into the stall and pleasure yourself or someone else and end up working for the red lily under contract. Things like this are very appealing to me because it happens to 'me' and not my slave. Can't wait to see the rest of that event :) and more like those in the future.

  10. CMac - If you would post the most recent updates for my missing slaves (numbers 43, 45, 47, and 48) it would be greatly appreciated.
    I don't know how I missed them.

  11. MTY
    Check your browser settings. The games saves are Local Shared Objects, and are treated as cookies by browsers. So if your browser is set to delete cookies on exit, it will delete the save games as well.

    where does the game crash? At that point in starting the game?

    thanks for the compliments. For furries
    Krystal the Star Fox is close to release.

    I'll upload in a little while

  12. I was browsing my slave files and I found something interesting.

    The Lamia, P & S, Samus and Unohana are missing their SWF files in them, which perhaps is causing them to be inexplicably missing. This might just be some idiocy on my part, but could someone verify this for me?

  13. blevins
    here are the slaves in question

    Lamia and Unohana are xml based slaves and do not have swf files. Samus does have one
    If you do not have it you must of missed an update.
    If you do not see the Lamia slave or Unohana, please make sure you are running the current version of the game, or at least 3.2.03

    For Samus, this is the last release

  14. tentacleTherapist
    Panty & Stocking are also xml based and do not have an swf file

  15. Was the Shampoo update just meant to be a SWF file only? Because that's all that was available at that link

  16. Dark King
    that is all that was updated for her.

    She has a few other small files but they are trivial ones that have not changed for a while.

    Well, technically her xml file has altered as it has the version number but I did not bother to release it.

  17. Thanks for the missing slave updates CMac! Your responses to the fans of your game goes beyond any normal expectations. Great work.

  18. If you are willing to use different pictures for even piercing level, why not add a maker equipment menu alike? I mean, now that even piercings and nipple rings can be bought for the maker it seems awfully odd that all that can be equipped are weapons and armors (not to mention for the inept warrior). Could even interact with the Red Liv events.

    By the way, what about the chain mail variant for women as described? Is it automatic? I was thinking it would be a nice one for the dominatrix instead of plain leather (well, unless you design a similar variant for leather).

    About my last post, it occurred to me that the orgasm denial training can be both, a trainable one like catgirl and ponygirl and lesbian or a (dis)advantage (depending on how you see it) for the maker. Lets say, a dominatrix maker with such (dis)advantage would be addicted to chastity belts (or maybe has to wear one most of the time for some plot reason), it would boost her dominatrix attributes (like spanking/bondage) but block sex acts (unless at the times when the belt can be removed, say at some moon or for a night after some event) when she would be able to perform the acts and then they will have boosted effects all around. Likewise, a submissive one could have one forced on her at the Red Liv, but with the opposite effect regarding dominatrix attributes (becoming even more submissive. Or a sex addicted longing for sex doing all she can that the belt wont block.

  19. This game is amazing. Honestly. The community, the developer(s), all great! You've got a top-rate fetish game going on here! The number of updates that you come out with over the course of time is astounding! This game has most of my favorite anime characters ever! Long story short, it's tits! I haven't been able to locate any trainable furry girls yet though? Are they just random events or any plans for them in the future? Did I pose this question in the wrong part of the blog? :D

  20. Whoa, thanks for the info about my browser settings. I just downloaded the better privacy add-on so i don't have to worry about my saves getting deleted again. BTW awesome game keep up the good work!!

  21. I'm no programmer, but is there a way to edit some of the text? Some of the grammar and spelling is off and I could fix it. The new Panty and Stocking bit can get pretty bad as there are lots of instances where it refers to them as one person.

  22. @ Cmac it crashes before the assisstant intro scene; I use hild so it crashes before/during her screen pops up saying how she won't take a slave to church and everything.

  23. Can we get a little more flexibility with the Assistant? In particular, I'm looking to be able to change assistants mid-training if the current one isn't working out as intended, or to have multiple Assistants: by "multiple Assistants", I mean that if my harem includes at least one slave who I already trained and so could _be_ an Assistant, but who isn't the Assistant that I chose, I want the option to have her (or him, or them) supervise my current trainee in place of the official Assistant. In particular, there are times when I want to talk to my official Assistant while my trainee is out doing other things; but this isn't possible so long as one or the other of us is supervising. It would also be nice to have the flexibility of choosing between several potential assistants' benefits on an action-by-action basis.

    Also, it would be nice if an assistant's picture could vary according to gender. Right now, it's not a big deal; the only time that gender changes is if a slave becomes a hermaphrodite. And for that, the usual female picture is usually adequate (as long as the naughty bits aren't exposed). But if you're going to be implementing the possibility of Ranma becoming male or a male/female pair, you'll want to use different pictures for each of the four possibilities.

  24. roberts
    usings the latest version of the game (to be released soon) I do not get any issues with Fardevoir and Hild. So please wait for the new version

    I have partially addresses you requests. I have added the ability to switch assistants, once per day. You cannot recruit a new Slave Maker assistant, say Hild, and if you swap from Hild she is assumed fired and cannot be re-swapped to.
    An assistant who loves you and becomes part of your household can be swapped to.

  25. Let me see if I've got this right: you hire one assistant when you first pick up your trainee; as long as you keep him/her in the role of assistant, you keep her. You also potentially have one or more assistants who have become part of your household, either because they were hired and fell in love with you or because you trained them and achieved either the Bought Back or the Love ending. You can swap _to_ one of these (but not to any of your minor slaves) once a day, and swapping _away_ from one of these leaves her in your household: that is, it's only the assistant who you hired who is lost to you if you swap away. Right?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Let me say that this is an absolutely fantastic game and its remarkable how far its gotten over the years. Many thanks to the people who continue developing and expanding the game ^_^

    One problem I seem to have though is that my game freezes/crashes whenever I try to choose Ayanami Rei. Everyone else works fine.

    Second is just my personal opinion. I hope there will be even more tentacle events integrated into the game, even though there's a decent amount already in there. Events like Riesz where you recruit girls for tentacles (whoever made that special ending is a genius). I have a tentacle fetish so sue me XD

    Other than that, I hope the Slave Maker community continues with its awesome work :)

  28. 2 cmacleod42
    What about house exploration\upgrade status?

  29. any potential updates as far as:

    -male slaves (not just buying at the market but full training)

    -more than one trainee (more than one trainable) - I noticed that there are 3 set for planning, but it erases when I switch so I figured this idea would be neat

    -slave maker(you) has ability to walk by yourself (no need for a slave)

    i'll post more ideas as I think of some

  30. Great game,guys !I`m addicted to it.

    But i wanna know,what about new items at the shop/salon/tailors ? The price does not matter,I mean, i often buy all the things that are in the shop/salon/tailors and i remain with the money.I also bought all the slaves,from the slave market.

    By the way
    What about new slaves in the SLAVE MARKET (furries ,hermaphrodites ,males,females,elves,vampires,mermaids,witches, fairies and all kinds of MYTHICAL CREATURES)?

    And it would be nice that they could have special abilities such as LATALA,because,after i bought her,she helped my slave to become a better dance.

    I would love that and i trust you guys,that you will do an awesome job in the future,such as you did in the past,and such as you do right now .
    I am waitin all the updates

  31. Check the download files...

    I'm not sure if my issues came from them or something else. I'm just doing a wide-open check of everything.

    Got hit with a heavy virus that completely overwrote my anti-virus, and deleted all the other protections I have on my computer. To the point that when i put one back in, it got deleted again.

    So, I restored to a restore point from 5 months ago and deleted anything that's not related to computer operations, word processing. Reinstalling fresh Oblivion, fallout 3, warcraft 3.. and a few others. Leaving slavemaker off the computer entirely. Just in case.

  32. Can you make it possible to edit a girl's information, I tried editing the xml files but the changes don't occur.

  33. if we have suggestions for new girls how do we send them to you?

  34. lovewolf
    I just downloaded the latest fix and there are no virus in the files in it. I do not see how it could of infected your system, your issue must of been a separate infection.

    Thanks for the compliments, Most likely your download was faulty and rei's swf file is corrupt

    Yes, if you swap from a hired assistant, I am assuming you fire them. Otherwise you can swap to any slave you own or back as you like, once per day.
    The firing is a limitation of the game design at this time, so it is a temporary issue.

    It is in my to do list. I am working on just basic bug fixes and the moment, and Krystal the Star Fox.

    What sort of changes did not appear when you edited the XML? Please note the xml for many variables are only checked when you first start training a slave or purchase them. After that they are recorded elsewhere and are increased by training.

    More minor slaves can always be added, they are very simple to do so. Actually with little effort anyone can add them by editing the xml and adding images.
    Effects like Latala are a bit more complex and need some coding changes, but others do not. Cora's health reports need no coding changes for instance.

    I do plan to add more items for purchase. But this will have to wait until after I finish the current bug fix version (should be out this weekend)

  35. PrivateEyes
    this is Rei's swf, copy into the folder
    for you game

  36. striker2521
    There are threads in the forums for suggestions like new slaves. Post there if you like

  37. Naked skill still seems to be broken. I assume it has something to do with the comment that the Slave Trainer can "learn" Naru's naked dress.

    How do we actually do that?

  38. Dark King
    In what way is Naked skill broken?

  39. Can't raise it beyond the lowest of skill ratings. It is currently impossible to get it to "Master" level - at least, my run through with Shampoo got her to something like 40+ "naked" events and she was still at the beginner level.

  40. Dark King
    You have to do 3x Expose Herself trainings to raise Naked skill level each level

  41. Hi, does the cowgirl training exist? And if not, will it come out soon?

  42. Have you ever thought of putting Cheetah from the Gold Digger series by Fred Perry.

  43. cmacleod42
    About the minor slaves..

    Yes,I do have lots of images with anime girls in my computer that i would like to be in the game,there is no problem here.

    BUT the part with editing the xml ,well that is a little complicated for me since I do not know what is that,or where I can find it and how I could edit it.

    What I am tryin to say is that I am a girl so I am good at playing this game,but the technical aspects are kinda .. beyond me .
    Anyway,thank you for the response

  44. Ah I see. So would I have to do a fresh download or is there an swf file for her I can replace the corrupt one with?

    Also,I can't seem to download the new Gardevoir files. By that I mean to say is that I can download it, but the extraction process freezes whenever I try to do it.

  45. @cmacleod4

    Thank you. I seem to have missed your link the first time around lol

  46. PrivateEyes
    some program have issues with 7z archives. WinRar sometimes freezes extracting. Try a different program, try 7zip

  47. Julay
    I'll post a guide some time of how to add a minor slave. It is rather simple, little skill is needed. But if you prefer you could
    a) assemble a few images, a fullish figure image for the slave market, a image of them chatting, and a few sex images
    b) their name and a general idea of what bonuse they give if any.

  48. Yes,of course i can do that!
    I`ll let you know when it is ready

  49. The "Minor Slaves" folder is ready.

    What next ?

  50. Julay
    upload to a filsharing service like MultiUpload/MediaFire/RapidShare and I will include into the core game.

    Or if you what I'll give insttructions for how you could add them in yourself.

  51. The SMWiki lists an alternative end for Peach - Shapeshifter. Has this been implemented? I've followed the instructions and still can't get the ending.

  52. Download links for 1st minor slave-Coco

    Coco3.jpg (130.89 KB)

    Coco4.jpg (152.05 KB)

    Discuss2.jpg (111.05 KB)

    Intimacy 2.jpg (294.73 KB)

    Intimacy 7.jpg (150.34 KB)

    Intimacy.jpg (27.22 KB)

    Intimacy4.jpg (69.46 KB)

    Intimacy5.jpg (77.95 KB)

    Intimacy6.jpeg (798.42 KB)

    Coco.txt (142 Bytes)

    Second minor slave- Jazzlyne

    Discuss.jpg (701.56 KB)

    Discuss2.jpg (488.69 KB)

    Intimacy 5.jpg (72.9 KB)

    Intimacy 3.jpg (250.32 KB)

    Intimacy 6.jpg (314.9 KB)

    Intimacy 8.png (357.44 KB)

    Intimacy 7.png (356.16 KB)

    Intimacy9.jpg (113.89 KB)

    Jazzlyne5.jpg (162.2 KB)

    Jazzlyne.txt (117 Bytes)

    Third minor slave-Lorena

    Discuss 2.jpg (58.58 KB)

    Discuss 3.jpg (104.93 KB)

    Discuss.jpg (171.46 KB)

    Intimacy 5.jpg (687.71 KB)

    Intimacy 6.png (807.18 KB)

    Intimacy 7.jpg (141.13 KB)

    Intimacy.jpg (241.45 KB)

    Intimacy2.jpg (88.22 KB)

    Intimacy3.jpg (118.93 KB)

    Intimacy4.jpg (119.05 KB)

    Lorena 4.jpg (290.53 KB)

    Lorena.txt (218 Bytes)

    Lorena2.jpg (178.07 KB)

    Lorena3242.jpg (216.92 KB)

    Last minor slave - Tanedra

    Discuss 3.jpg (347.51 KB)

    Discuss.jpg (132.52 KB)

    Discuss2.jpg (69.8 KB)

    Intimacy 4.jpg (146.93 KB)

    Intimacy 5.jpg (176.13 KB)

    Intimacy2.jpg (147.15 KB)

    Intimacy3.jpg (285.38 KB)

    Tanedra 3.jpg (179.36 KB)

    Tanedra.jpg (376.48 KB)

    Tanedra2.jpg (142.91 KB)

  53. @Dark King
    It is in the game, I've gotten it by accident before. Try following the instructions to get the ending, but keep giving her mushrooms long after you feel you've acquired the ending.

    The way I got it was I just did what is required for the ending and then I just tried to make her breasts as big as possible by using the mushroom that does that. I also made her eat all the red mushrooms I found, and that got me the ending.

  54. @Julay

    Why didn't you put them all in a zip folder v_v

  55. :D
    Because I was so excited and enthusiastic to put them here,and I did it as fast as i could,i had them in a folder on my desktop and i uploaded them all on Multiupload in about one minute.

  56. I know I'm a bit far behind on this topic, but can you please make an easier way to program pregnancy (preferably for all slaves, even already owned ones) I tried doing the things mentioned in older posts, but I am incredibly bad at coding and couldn't figure out how to edit the .XMLs let alone exactly what I was doing. So, I'd really appreciate an uptade to help. Thanks for your time.

  57. Julay
    I have the images, I'll upload in the next few days.

    For new slaves/assistants the next version makes it a bit easier. You just have to edit a simple line in an xml file.

  58. Thanks, just one thing...
    how do I edit it?
    I tried to edit .xmls earlier and couldn't make any changes.
    Also, only new ones? no trained ones?

  59. Orin
    xml is just a text file, edit using any text editor you like.
    Change this line
    0 means never become pregnant. Change to say
    for 20% chance. Only happens during Intimacy actions, in 'Talk to Slaves'
    This setting only affects newly trained/purchased slaves.

    The game does not apply this to existing trained slaves, just the previously mentioned tag I described before

  60. I know it's no big bug, and I do not know if someone has noticed and/or reported it but...every time I hit the hotkey to purchase chain mail it directs to the scale mail. It just bugs me (no pun intended) lol.

  61. TremendousJohnson
    will fix rthe bug.
    PS bragging a bit with your handle there?

  62. Anyway to make it effect trained ones?
    Are you going to make a way if not?

  63. How do I get the Red Lily Bar event?
    Thanks in advance

  64. The letter keys don't direct me to the minor slaves as they indicate they would. They *do* direct me to minor slaves, however, the numbers are the same as counting letters up to 10 (or is it 9, I forget at the moment), then the minor slave marked for hotkey "a" will work if you press "k" or something like that. It's a little confusing. lol. That and Urd occasionally still gives me -craploads of gold, making me crazy rich, so I don't mind TOO much, but, yeah, lol. Are these known issues or is something messed up with my install? Also, I might have missed some info, in which case I apologize, but is there a way to make a custom major slave? Does that entail considerable knowledge in anything (Flash programming or other languages)? Just curious. Still an excellent game. Great job.

  65. I've lost track of how many mushrooms I've had Peach eat by now, and I've even gone and edited the save file to give me more training time.

    Is there anything that blocks the Shapeshifter end for Peach?

  66. Orin
    it will be easier in the next release, a simple edit of a file.

    First run through the stalls events when you walk to the palace. Beyond that I am not particularly clear. The event was developed by Rowadon, another developer.

    Anyone else care to give some tips?

    There was a bug in the auction for Cora, but the others were ok. Is that the place you saw issues, or is it somewhere else?

    Dark King
    I am not sure. Peach was developed by MailMailX3, I do not know the specific details of that ending. I'll decompile her sometime and check the ending.
    What ending do you get instead?

  67. RunsWithScissirs
    to make a major slave, see the SDK linked for making one use Actionscript or using the Slave Builder SDK. In the forums there is also NarutoXD's XMLSlaveCreator to simolify making xml based slaves. This will be included in the next sdk release.

  68. @ paula2z
    walk to the slums during day AND night until you find a girl in red clothes . She will ask you something (about Red Lily Bar) and if you`ll answer Yes,you (as a SLAVE MARKER) will have to go in the bar almost every day.
    Just keep walkin to slums and you`ll find the girl,and get the event .

  69. Great game, but I am having trouble with
    two things. I have Astrid's cottage unlocked,
    but I have never had her offer the Draft drink.
    Could that have anything to do with my options?
    My slaves have been there many times.

    Also after a few uses, the option for Naked
    goes away. Thanks, Bill

  70. wayneout
    1) Astrid - do you have dickgirls enabled in options? Are you slaves already dickgirls?. If the option is not enabled or they are a dickgirl the offer is not made.

    2) Naked - have you trained Naru before, and learned of the Naked Dress. Do you have now in the equipment screen a Naked Dress?

  71. Yes, the Red Liv event doesn't seem to progress from the closet message (you never meet the girl from the socialize again, despite what she says at the message). That and the one week bracelet event never happens. I got up to 40 at the sex skill before giving up.

    About Astrid. If you know where she lives and choose to go to the forest then her event should not trigger. I mean, knowing where she lives you either go there or not.

    As for the naked dress, it seems that mastering the naked skill is a prerequisite. But once mastering it I haven't had any issues getting it. By the way, we need an exhibitionist trait (advantage) for the maker in order not to need Naru, like how slut trainer can be used not to need Kasumi for cum-slut. With other effects such as higher minimum lust (for obvious reasons), blocking the refined trait (like blunt does) and some possible events (text at least) implications,.

  72. cmacleod42 - I currently get Courtesan, as I managed to get Peach trained in that.

  73. Dark King
    she has to try 1 of each of the 6 types of mushrooms, found via
    a) the mushroom picking job
    b) exploring the cave, note the evil mushroom has several possibilties
    Otherwise I see nothing that would prevent the ending

  74. Why can't you go with Natsu if your slave maker is from the true catgirl tribe?
    " it is best if we cats prowl the night"
    Wouldn't you be more cat than them?

  75. how does one get in contact with the developer? I need to talk to them about a couple of images they're using <_<

  76. Dragonien
    I am the developer. Post here or PM me in one of the forums. If I am using an image you are the artist of and want removed I'll do so immediately. If you just want the original, I can forward the image to you. Please note I do not use email for the game purposes, I only email friends.

  77. Well first off. i tried one of the forums and i couldnt even register. The god damn registry page is in SPANISH, despite most of the forum seeming to be in english. i even had a friend fluent in spanish try to sign up for me, and he said he couldnt figure it out, it wouldnt let him finish registration.

    The red dragon image you use for the Male furry trainer character is artwork by Max-Dragon of furaffinity, and was commissioned by me. I dont mind you using it, as long as you A: give credit to the commissioner and the original artist, and B: contact max-dragon to make sure that he's ok with it.

  78. Dragonien
    My apologies, I have removed the image from the game.

  79. @ cmacleod42
    I can give some pictures to help you with the developing of the game ,if you want .
    And this time i will put them all in a zip folder
    Just let me know .

  80. I am having an issue with saving the game

  81. Smevil
    sorry I forget your particular issue.

    The most common reasons people cannot save or saves disappear are
    a) you do not allow cookies to be saved. Check the settings in your browser. Actually check ALL the browsers you use and ensure cookies can be saves and are not deleted on exit

    b) you have a 3rd party program that deletes them like CCleaner

    c) as noted in a) make sure your browser is not set to delete all history or cookies on exit.

    Depending on exact settings, some Restricted user accounts under Windows cannot save properly, but this is generally cookie restructions.

    Are you running any plug-in/add-ons for your browser that controls cookies.

    Lastly Flash has a storage limit of how much daya it can store. To check
    1) run the game
    2) right click on the window and select settings
    3) go to the local storate tag
    4) make sure that Flash can use 10Mb or more of storage, preferably unlimited.

  82. I'm just going to wait and hope that for some reason these slaves will show up eventually.

  83. tentacleTherapist
    Did you install the Samus update I gave earlier and do the noted edits. Did you install the Lamia update above.
    Also as noted are you running the latest version of the game 3.2.04?

    Remember when installing a lot of 3rd party slave it will include a file
    this must be renamed to the next sequential available slave number (see existing files and pick the next)

    Earlier versions of the game before 3.2.03 were limited to 50 slaves. We have recently exceeded this and those earlier versions will not show slaves 51+

  84. @ cmacleod42

  85. Julay, thanks, sorry I forgot to reply to you offer before.

    Sorry been a little unwell so I have not finalised the minor slaves yet. You one Jazzylyne, if it is ok I'll settle on the catgirl with glasses images, there are many images of her (from some sort of card game I believe), and I will add her to the core game. There are quite a few dickgirl images for her too, so I'll add an optional transformation

  86. @cmacleod42

    That is AWESOME !
    I have patience,do not worry because I know that everything you1ll do with this game it will be brilliant ,it does not matter how long it takes(anyway i check this page everyday).

    I hope you`re fine now,and i also hope that the images will help you somehow.

  87. Rofl, I'm not bragging. It's a reference to Madden 11. Google image search it lol.

  88. hello, thanks for your work.
    i think the kallen link no longer works, could you re-upload it?

  89. Um... The link doesn't work anymore... Could you re-upload?


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