Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slave Maker version 3.2

This is the new version for the game, it adds a lot of new features over the previous 3.1.10c version and there are a number of new slaves (mostly work in progress/alpha versions)

The major new feature is the ability to customise your Slave Maker, using a points system to buy race, background, advantages and statistics

One other significant change is the addition of Freelancer Slave Makers. These buy a slave personally, train them and then sell to a buyer. A different training mode but similar.

Before anyone asks, there are still a lot of story and events not yet in the game for a number of the backgrounds and advantages, but all basic game mechanics are in place. More will be added in later releases.

The last major feature for the release is XML based slaves. There are 3 such slaves (all new for this release)
  • Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo
  • Mai Shiranui (adapted from the last release)
  • Princess Daisy (developed by Gadansk)
There is no Flash based coding for these slaves, just editing images and creating an xml file. The are fairly vanilla but Mihoshi has some special events.

There is also a related XML based event system to allow quick and easy addition of new events into the game. There are many new events added with the system (including some new from the alpha releases)

There are some additional slaves, most publicly released previously
  •  Kallen Stadtfeldt from Code Geass - note there is a known issue with her dresses
  • Musashi/Jessie from Pokemon
  • Heather from Silent Hill
  • Felicia from Darkstalkers
  • Princess Daisy
  • Mihoshi
  • Ayanami Rei
  • Sakura from Naruto
  • Reimu from Touhou - note an old release, quite basic
Updated versions of
  • Ino from Naruto
  • Yoruichi from Bleach
  • Bulma from Dragonball
  • Aeris from Final Fantasy - extensive new events and story paths
 Other Changes
  • Ability to pick participants for sex acts, and set default people
  • Talk to Slaves, where you can review your slaves, talk to them and be intimate
  • Additional Minor slaves Nodoka, Fairy Butterfly
  • Ability to add your own Minor Slaves
  • Slaves can have special people to assist with training. See Kiyone for Mihoshi, Miss N for Akane
  • Any owned slave may take potions and buy items from the Salon (more areas to follow)
  • Multiple more events, some time of day and time of month dependent
  • some changes to the Take A Walk map
  • Exhbit and Auction when walking to the Slave Market
  • Note: buying minor slaves is done when your slave maker visits the Slave Market (via walk or Slave Maker actions)
  • More Slave Maker jobs available
  • Multiple low level changes to event system in the game
  • Any shortcut with Ctrl+ is now Shift+, eg Ctrl+U is now Shift+U
  • The S and L shortcuts for loading and saving save slot 1 are now Shift+S and Shift+L

Download Links
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 1Gb total



zythen has provided a torrent for this version as well. Only limited seeding initially

This is a FULL install of the game, at this time I will not be providing an upgrade from the previous 3.1.10c or the alpha releases. This way I ensure everyone is running a correctly installed version of the game with everything in the correct place.

If this install is too much I could provide an upgrade, BUT I will not support such installations and would not answer any bug reports for them. I would prefer not to do this, which is why I would prefer to only go with the full install.

This version is compatible with save games from previous versions of the game. Download the links and to install

a) delete the content on your current game installation
b) extract the first part ONLY of the above links into the same folder. DO NOT extract into a sub folder of the game folder. Make sure the folder contains files like
and folders like Slaves, Assistants etc
c) this will preserve your existing save games. To preserve you must keep the folder exactly the same

New Installation
a) extract the first part ONLY of the links into a folder of your choice

Other Notes:
1) there have been problems is development of this version with upgrading save games. If you have a save you have spent a lot of time an effort in creating I suggest
a) before upgrading , load it and save to a new slot. Do not load/save it with the new version
b) use the original save with the new version but if there are problems you still have the original backed up, and can use it once any issues are fixed

2)  An update for the SDK, detailing the new XML system and other features will follow soon.

3) From the alpha version there have also been changes to the events system. In the alpha the game tried to show all events once randomly then all events randomly. This caused some issues for people 'save scumming' and other confusions so I have removed this change


  1. Cant wait to try it. Thanks for the hard work and continued support

  2. yay!

    thanks so much cmac!

  3. Oh I cannot wait for my internet speed to pick up again with the new month.

    Following the 3.1+ versions, I do hope the plans for the next future elements include adding story elements to the rapidly growing list of SM traits that should have such. Converted by tentacles, vampires, cat girls, cow girls and so on.

    Still, a more stable base to build on comes first, I suppose.

  4. were the updated versions of the slaves, like ino and aeris in the alpha too oder are they brand new?

  5. Hey! I just want to make sure I follow what you're saying correctly. You're releasing a full installation of the game in three parts (like the older full installations). Yes?

    So, I don't need to overwrite the previous version since this will be a fully-functioning one, capable of running on its own. Yes?

    If so, sweet. I look forward to the remaining downloads

  6. jan.graskamp1988
    They were in the alpha 6 full install a while ago.
    Ino would be the same as was in the alpha, but Aeris is updated, and is still being developed.

    Blue Mage
    It is a full installer only, you can overwrite the previous or just create a new folder. To retain save games you must use the same folder as before and overwrite.

  7. jan.graskamp1988
    Also, Princess Daisy has some improved graphics

  8. At least on Windows XP, the save games are in a directory under %APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\(random letters)\localhost. You can get there by entering %APPDATA% in the folder location bar, or going into Documents and Settings, open your user profile directory, and open Application Data.

    If you install the new version in a different location, you can probably copy the save games to the appropriate other subdirectory. It's worked for previous versions of Slave Maker.

  9. Cmacleod, If I didn't know better I would think you time your releases to coincide with my sleep time. :P It's 3 a.m PST right now. Actually I had a nice long nap earlier so my sleep schedule is off big time but anyway since I am up I uploaded the first part to my 4shared site. The link is:

  10. Alright, part 2 is up.

    Just 1 to go.

  11. Windsongbard
    thanks for the mirrors

  12. No problem, and I am happy to do it. I just got part 3 up so without further adieu:

    I will try to get a 1 file install up.

  13. Thanks for update ^^
    Bug report: move "Rest" for 2 hours cant be used. For 1 hour, whole day etc works normal.

  14. I have had this reset issue reported elsewhere too. I am sure I tested all that properly, but I must of not quite.

    I'll do a fix sometime depending on other bug reports etc. Until then just use the 1hr version or rest of day version

  15. Thanks for the hard work! Can't wait to try it!

  16. Awsome work man thanks, been waiting for this to come :)

  17. Note there are a couple of issues where your assistant does sex acts and you can get undefined for names. I have fixed these issues.

    Similarly you can get a true cat girl image for submissives. Also fixed

  18. cmac, thanks for the update and for working so hard. Could you please explain what you mean when you say "extract the first part ONLY of the links into a folder of your choice" for a new installation, do you mean only the file called SlaveMaker3.2.Part1?

  19. AGentlemansHat
    Yes exactly, the first link I list. The archive is a spanned archive and your archive extracting program should automatically extract all the other parts anyway. Trying to extract the others can get errors like crc errors and broken files, depending on the program you use.

    If in doubt use the trial for WinRar from

  20. Thanks for all the work. Looks awesome. It was worth waiting for.

  21. I have some issues with the two hours "Rest" option, it kinda does nothing (except activating/deactivating the System tab on the right).

  22. Cmac,
    Is it safe to assume then that all patches and alphas will then flow from this new iteration of the game?

  23. Emm... sometimes I get this:

    In theory: Assistant Bridget sucks Felicia's cock... oh my...

    This is second slave with this bug...

  24. Awesome job once again, thanks a bunch !
    You deserve some vacations after all that work

    From what i've read,the next major update will be on story/endings for old left-out jobs and housing options ?

  25. So, quick question, how do I save? Rather, control-s used to activate the quicksave. It no longer seems to be there. Is this by design?

  26. Only found 1 bug so far, but that one is a killer:
    2hours rest wont activate.
    1hour and full day work, but then slavemaker is stuck doing nothing while slave rest.

    There is still a bug from previous update:
    when selecting submissive on creation screen, you end up with a true-catgirl with dick as background, even if you arent herma ^^

    Beside that everything look clean.

  27. i am sorry to bother you with this again, but do you have anyone, currently working on a male slave, and if yes, do you any expected date for is launch?

  28. Vermin, me already post about it. Btw, "full day rest" works like "2 hours" sometimes. But it takes bit more time, like 3 hours or something like this.

    Another bug (?): when you play as Freelancer and sell your slave to someone (your assistant, bounty hunter, lesbian girl...) you can get "Lord disappointed in you" scene and you must pay pinalty. And lost ~5 of renown.

    I think its bug because the real owner of slave is freelancer, no other masters... its offensively to pay with renown just because you wanna sell your slave not in market.

  29. I have the full install in 1 file up now. You can find it at:

    Full Install in a single 1 gig file

    You need to have be a 4shared member of any level, even the free membership, in order to download it though.

  30. nights00 said...

    Vermin, me already post about it. Btw, "full day rest" works like "2 hours" sometimes. But it takes bit more time, like 3 hours or something like this.

    Time to stack these Energy drinks till its fixed then ^^

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Lesbian skill reverted to 2. No matter how many times i change it to 3 it still remains 2.

  33. what are the names of anime that Mai, Kasumi, Naru, Riesz came from?

  34. When visiting the slave market as a freelancer, get message that selling your currently trained slave would be a bad thing as she already has an owner. However since you are in fact her owner... Obviously your selling her wouldn't in fact be a bad thing.

  35. One question:

    are all slaves on that point of development as they are in the forums?
    or should i look there, too?

  36. ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part1.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Aeris.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part1.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Akane.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part1.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-AyanamiRei.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part1.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Ayane.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part1.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Bulma.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part1.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Eri.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Felicia.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Heather.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Ino.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    !\SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-KallenStadtfeld.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Kasumi.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Mai.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Menace.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Minako.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Musashi.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Naru.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Orihime.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Peach.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Ranma.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Rei.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Reimu.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Riesz.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Sakura.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.
    ! \SlaveMaker3.2.part2.rar: CRC-Fehler in Slaves\Slave-Shampoo.swf. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.

    I got this as I extract the files with winrar

  37. @waterphoenix11.

    You tried extracting the other parts. If you start with part1 winrar will recognised that it is part of spanned archive and extract the other parts correctly.

    If you did try that it could be you got a corrupted download

  38. a note on the rest bug: if you use the all day rest after doing an action, you only rest till 5pm, you can put another 1 hour action after it

  39. Yeah I started with part 1 I try to dl it now per torrent after that I say you if it´s the same there too

  40. I am uploading an 11 part download for those with limited monthly bandwidth. If you don't have a bandwidth limit I suggest using a different link. At any rate here is the link:

    An 11 part download for those with Limited monthly bandwidth:

    I have 10 parts up right now and the last one just finished uploading now.

    The Windsong Bard

  41. Ok with the torrentversion it works fine =)

  42. I have a bug where I use sakura as a freelancer, sometimes a stat glitches to 0 and can't be raised, cooking won't raise cooking to "1" it will give a plus but no rise. Obedience is worse because it stops ALL actions

  43. Why is it that, at character creation, blunt conflicts with masochist? Shouldn't it be convincing? As I understand being blunt and convincing is not really possible, while masochism has nothing to do with either.

    May I ask which slaves cant be lesbians and/or love you, like Naru and Rei?

  44. Molenir
    use Shift+S or Shift+L or use the system menu to save

    I have fixed the resting problem

    can you please post a save game showing your problem,

    all released slaves are in this, except a release of Kirino Kousaksa, but this release had only dress graphics, so I have left it out pending a new release.

  45. Thanks yet again Cmacleod42 for all your work for a game that many of us have been obsessing about!!! As others have said, if you feel you need a rest, please do as you have deserved!!!

    Take care,

  46. TRK
    The blunt/masichist thing is a bug (now fixed)

    No slave is barred from love and all can confess their love to you. The only elsbian case is Naru and Angel Belldandy (I think, I'll check later)

    If you are a lesbian trainer the the game does delay any love confessions until after her first lesbian act.

    Otherwise love will not happen for Cruel Masters/Mistresses

  47. I cant seem to trigger the event with the pill that looks like candy at the farm. Ive tried 4 different slaves and still cant seem to have the pill offered. Its neccesary for a few endings. Is this a bug, or does your slave need certain statistics or levels?

  48. I had a couple of nasty crashes (100% CPU usage) with this version that seem to be related to an Apple program called 'Bonjour' (can be installed with iTunes and other software). I uninstalled Bonjour as it doesn't appear to be essential.

    Just to clarify, Bonjour wasn't part of Slave Maker itself, but may not work well with it. If you have crashes check for 'Bonjour Service Errors' in the event viewer.

  49. Are the prices for the Auctioned slaves correct? Most are in the 100k range

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. In response to MiniMen,
    Mai Siranui is from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters, both videogames. Kasumi is from Dead or Alive, another videogame. Naru is from an anime called Love Hina. Finally, Reisz (or Lise) is from Seiken Densetsu 3, a game in the Mana series (sometimes called Secret of Mana 2) that was never officially released anywhere except in Japan. Personally, I always liked Angela the most (a Mage that can't use magic?). Anyways, hope that helped.

    Out of curiosity, who besides yourself is helping with the game? I'd like to offer them a manly pat on the shoulder along with a hearty (but not awkward) handshake.

  52. Whoknew
    your slave needs a constutition of 30+ and be milkable (virtually all slaves, but some of the alpha ones may not have it enabled. I thing Reimu has it disabled)

    Bonjour is used by a few applications, I believe Abobe Flash too. It is not at all important, I believe it is a sort of tracker application (not nefarious or anything) so can be disabled, even in the registry to prevent it starting at all

    There is a bug where the quantity you select when purchasing from the shop (ie buy 10 potions) can be applied to the prices of slaves. Make sure the quantity is 1 and try again

    Blue Mage
    Not really enough images for Angela for the game (I checked once) but lots for Riesz, especially tentacle ones as you may see

    I develop the core game on my own, but the third party slaves have been developed by quite a few people, they generally credit themselves, also see the system tabs, some slave will have credits there.
    People who have contributed ideas and edits I have put into the Credit screens (I am a little out of date there)

    CMTyssen recently for a lot of editing of images
    mouseGURU for Aeris change and suggestions to improve the XML system
    Darsel for Ino and a lot of suggestions
    Munkuh for a lot of image collecting and Ayanami Rei's images in poarticular
    MailMailX3 for Peach and Daisy
    Daisy Strike for the first 3rd party slave Orihima and a lot of ideas (and then Mugi and Menace)
    Love Robin recently for a lot of story ideas, and map suggestions
    NarutoXD for an XML slave creator in development
    moose for Slave Builder
    Windsongbard for mirroring almost all files I release
    Rowandon for the SMAlpha event (the Red Lily bar)
    hasori for the BE forest events
    and lots more

  53. I found a glitch where after canceling an action, all times after the 8 am action have a - insigna and the time becomes -47000 IIRC and I can essentially do as many actions I want, but as it is a negative time, nothing with time restrictions. It fixes itself the next day but if I cancel an action again it does it again. And when you say fixed, where is a fixed download?

  54. cmac what does intro.bmp file do as I cant open it as it has no size?

    Below is description what Bonjour does.

    Bonjour, formerly Rendezvous, is Apple Inc.'s trade name for its implementation of Zeroconf, a service discovery protocol. Bonjour locates devices such as printers, other computers, and the services that those devices offer on a local network using multicast Domain Name System service records.

  55. I was not sure if this was intended, but after turning shampoo into a catgirl and looking at chores I found blowjob as one of the available. Not sure if it was their before or with other slaves but still.

  56. I can not seem to be able to choose the partners for threesome, it automatically does that for me, and I never set a defualt

  57. Found another glitch. I was training shampoo to be a fairy, when I notice her charisma max had gone up, it was normally 100 but now it is 100 plus fairy level. Sort of helpful, but does not seem intentional

  58. DarkMeph
    the intro.bmp was accidentally included, it serves no purpose

    blowjob - if you are a dominatrix dickgirl then this is intentional

    charisma for fairy - completely intentional. Nymphomania is also similarly limited. Faeries are unearthly beautiful and craetures of passion.

    what happens when you choose the act?

  59. Thanks Cmac, I thought it must have been charisma or sensibility. Never thought of constitution thanks again.

  60. Cmac,
    If you choose to be a furry, when you get into the game and review your stats it shows a herm furry no matter your sex selection. To be more precise it looks like a herm true cat girl.

    Also, you cannot be a vampire and a furry at the same time. Nothing says you can't but the game won't allow it. If there is no restriction it should be allowed, otherwise you should but reasons in the selection that say why or lock it out.

    Also, when playing as an elf it says that background allows for pagan/witch but then when you try to select that as an advantage it won't let you, saying you need the other back story. That needs to be fixed as well.

  61. Also,
    Rhia, your sister, was left out of the slaves folder for 3.2 release. I just copied over the slaves from the alpha but you may want to add her back in the patch.

  62. While fucking Bulma, Bulma had dick, she's not hermaphrodite.

  63. also on any event with Bulma and Gemna this happens: Bulma seems to enjoy Bulma fucking her.

  64. Bulma on XXX contest get this bug: Bulma obtained : undefinedpts, came often, and in 1st place. also no picture.

  65. WarFox
    The Bulma fucking Bulma had already been fixed, and the undefined issue is a bug for Bulma, I have reported the issue to the developer.
    Similarly for the dickgirl case

  66. A very quick beta test for fixing the reported issues, if no problems reported I'll release formally tomorrow

  67. Training Sakura as a Ponygirl. in Jobs sakura gets Ninja job blocked. somehow I managed to do it and all her stats gone NaN. also cmacleod42 can i get skype or something so its easier to contact you?

  68. Hello!
    First of all, I'd like to thank you for your awesome work and constant game updates.

    I have a question. In the previous version there was an option to switch between having separate money pools for your slave and yourself or having only one pool. I can't find it in this version, was it removed? If it was, why is that? I admit I prefer to have a single pool of money - it makes the gameplay more straightforward.

  69. @tig

    That would be the freelancer vs. guild choice at the end of character creation.

  70. Hi !
    I have a problem with the Freelancer :
    Each time I play, I start with some debt (I guess this is normal), then I work to earn money.

    This diminishes my debt, but when the debt reaches 0, instead of having no debt anymore and going at like "Money:10", I still get "Debt:0".

    So I suppose there is no way for the freelancer to really maker money by working ... Is it intentional or is it a bug ? Am I the only one with this issue ? :s

    Thanks for the game anyway it's great ;)

  71. @Anonymoususer92

    As I understand it, it isn't that the freelancer 'has no money' it is that _all_ of the money the slave earns _is_ his/her money.

    That is in contrast to the Guild Slaver where the money the slave earns goes to the person who owns the slave.

  72. Yeah but I need the money to buy, for example, weapons for my slaver ...
    Because I get the message 'Not enough money' when I want to (didn't check slave gold though).

    And I am working with my slaver too, so I don't want the money I earned working hard in a brothel to disappear or go to my slave :p

  73. You can use the money still, it is a shared fund between you to. She is your slave after all... and to C, when I Select acts after the time I can stack as many as I want and it works normally, except anything time dependant will not occur. Additionally, after using that fairy for alot of sex acts and using her as a defualt for one, she somehow became inbeded in the character changing screen even if not slected, so she was like part of the background.

    And I see, well atleast I finally won the beauty competition, and it is letting me talk indeffinitly to my slaves and keeps time going normal once I leave, although it shows my main slave gaining stats the slave I talk to does (works fine) but if forces me to elave and reslect the slave, but still. Is their any point atm to get your minor slaves skills up. And totally can not wait until we can assign jobs! BTW what did it mean, you can make your own minor slaves?

  74. Argh, forgot to mention this. It seems that if we use a cat/horse tail it should add to the anal plug skill, as they are exactly that. It is annyoing to have to stop my cat slave training to max that out. And out of curiosity, does having high assistant skills affect anything? And additionally, why am I still drinikng the piapus draft after my slave is a hermaphordite. Is this overlooked or merely part of the story not yet implemented/fixed?

  75. The 'Rhia' slave (per Jon's comment) sounds interesting, but I don't have her. I also deleted the previous alpha version and I don't remember seeing her there anyway. :-(

    Could some kind person upload just the slave files for Rhia somewhere and make the download available to us?

  76. Lots of loss obedience and happiness if
    tossing together dickgirl and lesbian slave
    during night action, even if option
    "lesbians love dickgirls" is enabled.
    (allways complains aboute feeling reluctant
    aboute partner bein herm)

    When slave fall in love wont complain aboute
    a dickgirl slavemaker, will still complain
    if tossing her together with others tho.

  77. thanks alot cmac.

    I have noticed that the assistant that was your sister does not appear in the assitant list anymore was she removed?

  78. Anon21
    Her swf file is in the Fix I posted last night. To enable her add
    to the end of the file Assistant.txt

    Note she is not a slave, just an assistant

  79. I've redowloaded all three parts twice and I'm still getting errors from my complier (7-zip) it's ok until i get to 'slaves/slave-heather.swf' and says "CRC failed in 'slaves/slave-heather.swf' "
    I get the same for kasumi, menace, musashi, peach, rei, reimu, riez, sakura, and shampoo.

    this is based on my last download, tried it after I re-downloaded each piece (this one has the least), which has had the least errors.
    any advice?

  80. firesflair
    Try using WinRar to extract, ( if you still get errors then your downloads are faulty. Try using the torrent. You can used your existing downloads to resume the torrent and it will dowbload the faulty bits

  81. You keep suggesting winrar, I find that bloats to much, just use bitzipper trial, and make sure to decline optional stuff. Works fine, and I keep getting the infinite actions glitch cmacleod42, It is not even the temptation, it is that affects time slots, like me trying to figure out whats up with the beach.

  82. @firesflair
    you tried the torrent?

  83. I'm having problems with save games. I haven't been able to get thru 2 trainings as I loose the saved games. Windows 7. Is there a saved games folder?

  84. how do you use the torrent? when I click on it it comes up as a text document, and I've never used a torrent before.

  85. TehFrederick
    WinRar works perfectly, I have never had a problem. It is not bloated in anyway , just installing the archiver only with no optional parts

    Have you tried the bug fix I posted yesterday for the actions issue? If so please post me your save game showing it.

    The save games are local shared objects, a form of cookie. So if you are running a program that deletes cookies, or have your browser set to delete all cookies on exit then that would be your issue.

    You need to install a BitTorrent client first, like Azureus, or many other. Install one then you will be able to open the torrent and download again

  86. I'm having a problem keeping my saves. I accidentaly installed the game in a different folder that what it originally was in. Any ideas how to get my saves back working? I still have the older alpha, so will deleting my old game and installing new solve the problem?

  87. for some reason, in the slave selection menu, when I choose certain girls, it just doesn't seem to register. the screen goes dark, but goes nowhere beyond that, and if you hit enter twice, you're able to cycle back to the selection screens. I haven't tried all of them for this yet, so there's probably more girls this affects, but the ones i've confirmed at the moment to be doing this are Shampoo, Ranma, Naru, Riesz and Daisy. is this a programming error, or did I just download something wrong?

  88. BillySama
    Save games are directly tied to the folder you play the game it. To restore saves then you need to change the folder to being the same.

    You can locate your saves (sm1.sol etc) in your Application data folder and more to your new folder if you want

    It sounds very much like your download was faulty and you are missing files or they are corrupt. for instance check the file (as Naru is broken for you)
    must be exactly 13,861,489 bytes long, and of course must be present.

  89. yeah, now that I look at the actual folder, a good chunk of the engines for the slaves are missing. quick question, though. for one of the slaves that wasn't working, daisy (as well as other slaves that weren't working, but i'm using her as an example), the engine is still there, but is listed as 7.01 KB. based on your statement and my own logic, i'm assuming that's not nearly enough, but can I get confirmation that it's a bad number?

  90. Youwintheprize
    Why? Your download is clearly broken!

    But Daisy is a special case using a small swf
    Slave-GenericSlave.swf (15k)
    Slave-Daisy.xml (7kb)
    and a lot in images in the the Images/Daisy folder.

  91. Love the new release! Cmacleod is awesome.

  92. C.M.Tyssen

    And thanks to anyone else who offered thanks that I did not reply to

  93. Thanks for the new release cmac! I didn't play much, waiting for the small fixes you said you'll post soon, but I looked around and I really like it, especially the new freelancer option.

    To the person above: you clearly have a faulty download by the way, I use 7-zip too, and the game decompress perfectly, no errors whatsoever.

  94. THX cmac again
    great done.

    Bug with the rest for 2 hours too
    but it's the only thing i found till now

    i found a picture of a latex mermaid in the images folder.
    Is she at "walking at the beach" or at the private parts?

    and will there be more mermaids in the future?
    perhaps a slave, or the possibility of mermaid training ^^

  95. jan.graskamp1988
    The latex mermaid is seen when walking at the beach, 5% chance.

    Yes more mermaid, but no training.

  96. If you use winrar and I think you can do with 7zip you can get them to test the archive to see if their are any problems.

    I am enjoying this release of SM and thank you again for all the time you are dedicating to this cmac.

  97. I can't seem to find Astrid's Cottage anymore... Even if I load back old saves, it's just gone now. How do I get to it? I know it's unlocked.

  98. This comment has been removed by the author.

  99. i dont get the nyph magic option with aeris. any help? also are there any guides for the new slaves which are not in the wiki or dont they have special endings?

  100. What do you mean by

    a) delete the content on your current game installation

    Can you define exactly what the content is? Do I delete everything? Just the folders "Assistants", "images", "slaves", "engine"? Or do I delete the slavemaker exe and the slavemaker shockwave flash object? (btw I currently have slavemaker 3v0, figured I should update by now)

  101. Hey everyone! I am a huge fan of the game, but I just deleted my old version to get the new one and it doesn't work! There are no pictures of the house, slaves, or myself. So I can get to the page where it says "Choose your slave" but there are no slaves to pick from... any ideas?

  102. Hello, is it possible to download this on mac?


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