Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Final tests for release 3.2

Hi, I am trialing a last change for the alpha release of version 3.2. Unless there is a significant issue found this is the last on the alpha releases for version 3.2. I will do a proper 3.2 release if no significant issues

This does some notable changes
a) restores (sort of) Shift+L Shift+S shortcuts to load/save slot 1
b) alters end game for freelancers, to

  • allow you to keep your slave if you have not sold them
  • sell at auction if you have not already sold them, a significant price reduction though
  • text updated to remove any guild references
  • if you had found a buyer then works similar to a guildmember
c) for both the slave market is altered a bit.
  • both types of Slave Maker can walk there or visit as a slave maker action. No difference, unless you personally supervise your slave when walking.
  • when personally supervising a walk you can exhibit your slave to attract buyers. Mainly this is for freelancers but guildmembers can do it too. Beware exhibiting a poorly trained slave can hurt your reputation and your slaves confidence in you.
  • You can attend an auction to buy a slave (replaces the Purchase Slave button)
  • see exhibits is still not implemented
d) Freelancers can now end training any time they want. There is no artificaial thing that they need a buyer. This means you can start a slave, finish immediately and keep the slave, thus getting all slaves quickly. This is odd but seems reasonable. You will make a big loss on slaves this way, but I could not think of a reason to prevent it.
e) End Training button in morning/evening screen, same a Complete in System menu

Otherwise assorted bug fixes, including the issue for Eri, book reading, Lust issues, minor slave purchasing etc.

Note: the criteria for skill points is changed for Freelancers, it is now based on the quality of your slave and time trained.

This link/update is by no means a full install and should only be used by someone who has installed all previous fixes for version 3.2
If you have any doubt then do not install this and wait for the full install


  1. thanks Cmac I will download it a but later and let you know if I come across any problems.

  2. just a point of note. for me at least the update wouldn't work properly when i extracted the files directly into the slavemaker folder. but it did work after i extracted them into another folder and manually moved them into the slavemaker folder. i haven't seen any actualy problems or glitches so far

  3. @Avoral
    That should happen only if you decline overwriting files when extracting directly to the game folder (or your extractor is set to skip such files automatically). Nothing to do with SM itself.

  4. Because of my inability to enter the forums, I'm posting it here.

    Ik found a bug with the latest patch. I have Shampoo (Dickgirl) as my assistant, but during sexacts the game tells me Mai is assfucking my slave (with a strap-on).

    Epic patch btw, love the extended freelancerstuff

  5. Oh, and a question:

    Is the removal of the 's'-key as a quicksave button intended?

  6. I have noticed a couple of things. I had loaded an old save with shampoo as a freelancer. I have noticed that my Assistant Genma when select sex act is using a strap on.

    The other thing I have noticed is that I am being told some things again like about Tentacles, Nympth Tear potion. I resumed the save on day 76. Other than that I have not noticed anything really major.

  7. @mayflower - i did tell it to overwrite the older files, and its set to ask each time

  8. Dark Meph
    sound like an issue I had before where genders are resetting. I'll check again.

    the keys are not removed, just changed to Shift+S and Shift+L, see point a) in my post.

    This is because people were accidentally using them when running through the slums and lake walks and doing lots of load, try again etc

    1. bro very nice game. i played with ran as slave but one thing is she never gets obidience >80. not a big problem but a little wierd. can you send your reply at

  9. I'll do further test, but I think my slave maker is not earning any gold when doing jobs.

  10. marawi
    Check if you have a debt? If so all does to paying it off

  11. my slave maker has extra gold and no debt, but when i do jobs, i don't earn them, and it seems to happen if my slave agreed to be a lesbian and also this is happening to menace as my slave so far, need to do further tests with a different slave.

  12. Is there some non-metagame way to tell when your slave has enough obedience to perform an act?

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  14. For some reason the first slaves do not appear so i can not start the game... any ideas or what am i doing wrong?

  15. will more content be implemented(like red lily bar) with this final release? or its just a bug free 3.2 alpha?

  16. marawi
    odd no problems for me in my testing. What type of slave maker (guild/freelancer) and what assistant

    no, but remember you can ask your slave to do the act, they will refuse, then do the Discuss/Scold action and the act drops a little in difficulty.

    Most likely you have upgraded incorrectly, and installed into a folder, or you are not upgrading and try to play the upgrade only. As noted only install this over an existing installation.

    some, mainly just bug and features like the freelancer stuff

  17. General:
    - I hate using the rodent for anything, but just started jotting down key bindings that don't work today, in response to this post. Would you mind if I started tossing you a note whenever I see a binding listed in the menu that doesn't work, or should this be reserved for test releases?
    - Also, poor Ranma. First made permanently female (with possible graduation to hermaphrodite), then banned from participating in Martial Arts contests as of this release. The binding advertised for participating in there never did work, but now there's no button, so you can't get there anyway :). Possibly related to the new event bits somehow?

    - Bindings:
    - - As a Freelancer, "E" does not end training in either Morning or Evening (I was wondering how the conflicting bindings would be resolved there, though, really, entering and leaving Planning _is_ another way to close the Evening menu.).
    - - "F" does not do Feed in Morning or Evening when Vampire, though clicking the button works.
    - - Aphrodesiac in Shop claims to have shortcut key "B", but it really does the science book, regardless of which page you are on.
    - Other:
    - - Selecting SM action "Work in a" will seem to work, but actually do nothing when only one hour is available. Possibly related to the reason "Sleazy Bar" fails to show up and it has no images (incomplete)?

    - Well... Just about everything else here. This is all just so fun. Not just this release, but the whole series. You took something good and really just ran exceptionally well with it, adding much more flavor and quality. Thank you so much for all the fun I've been having here.

  18. ERIIX Blaike
    Thanks for the compliments. Most of the shortcut issues you reported are now fixed

    "- - Selecting SM action "Work in a" will seem to work, but actually do nothing when only one hour is available. Possibly related to the reason "Sleazy Bar" fails to show up and it has no images (incomplete)?"

    I cannot do this. I schedule a rest for one hour and then none of the jobs work as it says there is not enough time. Are you using this version I posted? If so can you please give a step by step instruction on how to reproduce this. I can't see how it would happen as all jobs are 2hr duration

  19. Just to be sure we're on the same page, this is a walkthrough from the very beginning (after retiring) in the current version (with the work SM actions moved into the first column of the page now):

    From new game:
    1 Choose Male
    2 Choose Advanced
    3 Add Advantages/Sex Addict
    4 Choose Done
    5 Choose Freelancer
    6 Choose Abandoned Keep
    7 Choose Shampoo
    8 Choose Alena
    9 Press "P"
    10 Press "R"
    11 Press "1"
    12 Press "2" or click "Work in a"

    Expected behavior:
    - Message "There is not enough time (...)"
    - Menu does not change

    Actual behavior when using key binding:
    - Message "You will work in a Sleazy Bar (...)"
    - Menu returns to main Planning page
    - Despite seemingly accepting the plan, it is not added to the timeline, appearing instead as though you had selected "Nothing"
    - When executing the plan, no SM action occurs

    Actual behavior when using mouse is the same except that the message is immeditely overwritten by the Acolyte or Bar message, since the mouse is now hovering over one of those buttons.

    In other words, it's not exploitable, just strange and a touch inconsistent.

    I found that it gets stranger, though, while doing this walkthrough. If I choose Freelance, then Work in a Brothel acts as expected while Work in a acts as reported. If I choose Guild Member in step 5, then Work for the Guild works as expected, while both Work in a (which is now the Brothel option, bound to "2") and Work in a Sleazy Bar (bound to "3") behave as reported.

    I suppose it would be fair to say, then, that the bug is for the second and third items in the work list rather than for SM Sleazy Bar specifically. In fact, the rendering issue with the name seems to move to whichever one is in the second slot.

    If it doesn't happen as described for you, then I suppose I'll have to assume my copy somehow got corrupted over the course of all the incremental patches, but it would seem an awful strange way for such a thing to express itself.

    I'll play with it a bit more later, I suppose. I'll probably be going to sleep before long tonight.

    Thanks again for all the time you put into this.

  20. Oh, before I forget, I have a small feature request if you're accepting them -- A key binding for switching between personal and assistant supervision would be quite handy, I think.

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  22. At the present time, my SM directory is named "Slave Maker v3.2 alpha 6 fix 2a + fix for informal fix (loal) + final fix RC".

  23. ERIIX Blaike
    Thanks for the steps, I have reproduced the issue

    "Oh, before I forget, I have a small feature request if you're accepting them -- A key binding for switching between personal and assistant supervision would be quite handy, I think. "

    There is one already

  24. Female, trader, guild, minea&manya assistant, lesbian trainer 3, it seems only to happen to Menace.

  25. When using the "talk to slave" option with Rhia as my assistant I only have options for Mai. I'm fairly sure it didn't happen on the previous version of the 3.2.

  26. Forgot to mention: this Mai has 0 in all stats and the various options give the "increase" and "decrease" symbols but no stat changes. When set to use my slave the name of the assistant is "undefined" in the text.

  27. meece
    someone reported this before, but I have not been able to work out the cause. If possible can you locate your save game and upload it to a file sharing service like Rapidshare/MediaFire.

    Save games are .sol file stored in your Application Data folder for windows. Varies a but by exact os version. Find
    and seceral more and zip and upload them for me

  28. cmac
    I think i've found the cause for not earning gold with my slavemaker for Menace, the moment i went to the arena and watched a match several times until she can't increase the combat skill, the slave maker no longer earns the gold if i worked by opening a stall or working for the guild. And also after exploring the ruins the "next" button disappears and i've replicated this several times.

  29. i have a idea for a slave. How about Naruto. you could have him use sexy jutsu in his training and at some point find a way to make the change more permanent.

  30. i don't know if it's a bug but...

    when i sign the contract for the woman of the Red Lily, the Red Lily isn't showing up in the slave maker options where i can work for the guild.

    Will in the full release the stalls be completed at the palace? ^^

    and last: when training sakura, i can do the jobs that have a red line on it and normally shouldn't be able to be done


  31. I want to thanks you first cmacleod42, for all the works already done, and thank you to made the convincing skill for the women too.

    I just want to give you a suggestion, why not make a "have a rest" button instead of the nothing to recover from tiredness ?

    Also, when you choose "retire" and hit the back button you are froozen to a green screen.

    Thanks again, the game look pretty awesome now.

  32. Is it intended that when i'm looking at an exhibit, i only see a picture and NO text?

  33. oops, send too early, i just read what meece wrote.
    happened to me too
    assistant was powergirl
    talked to her, picture was mai, intimacy picture was powergirl again

  34. Hi! :)

    Do you think you could collect all the fixes into one package? That would make life so much easier for us new players, instead of having to troll trough all your previous posts!

    Of course, I could all ways wait for 3.2 as well:)

  35. ok, I'm finding that I can't make potions (with the right skill). and some of the traits aren't getting opened when you pick the right history (experienced trader). also the dominatrix skills are mashed together, and in my old save I own like +6 of the same slave (I believe I had bought most if not all the other slaves) and shampoo and the trainer. and in my old save the slave (naru) would be assigned to do __ on naru happens in my new game as well. I have shampoo on both the receiving and giving ends and she is servicing herself in both acts.
    also the make potions does work on the old save, and I believe I have all the previous updates.

  36. will do a fresh reinstall by tomorrow to make sure I have all updates

  37. Shift+S, huh? Awesome. Was that documented somewhere I missed? Also, is there a similar binding for "Use the same trainings tomorrow"?

  38. Cmac, I installed the new update, but I couldn't load up any of my saved games. So I tried making a new game and saved it quick, then tried to load it, but to no avail. I made sure I had all the other fixes beforehand too. I dunno what could be causing this. Sigh.

  39. I decided I didn't want to wait for the full release and started playing some. I created a slavemaker and everything was fine. But then I created another slavemaker and started anew and now everytime I beginn the training for the day, it stops at midday and at 16:00 and we return home without any message just to have me click "do the planning" again to finish the rest of it. This happens every day! I can't tell why this is happening. The only difference between the old and the new slavemaker is that the new one has the cowgirl background. I hope you find a solution to this problem.

  40. The link in the blog entry of Wednesday, May 18, 2011 "Fix for Slave Maker 3 alpha 6" appears to be broken. I think this means it isn't possible for me to install the latest Alpha as I can't install all the earlier fixes.

    I second Olivia's request for putting the patches required in one place. :-)

  41. ERIIX Blaike
    no not documented. No current shortcut for the use trainings checkbox

    The Red Lily things are under development by Rowadon, it is a 3rd party event. The event is incomplete at this time.

    I am a bit confused by the issues you are reporting 'Make Potions" for what slave/assistant? The game does not generally allow potions to be made

    In general
    1) no I will not post a compilation, as I will release version 3.2 soon. In general to play before then download the full version of alpha 6 and then install the patch in this post.

    2) For any problems you report PLEASE post me a save game, most issues you are reporting here I cannot reproduce, but with your save game I would be able to easily.

  42. i really would like to give you a save game, but my windows search doesn't find files with the names that you posted.

    one new bug:
    when i take a walk, at almost every location, there is a possibility to only see the background, no event, no text.

    and one question:
    include the red lily development all events that are in the stalls?


  43. jan.graskamp1988
    Windows search deliberately excludes certain files, .sol included. Instead open a command prompt
    cd \
    dir *.sol /s
    or see here

  44. found it with windows search xD must include hidden files ;-)

  45. the job I/the slave trainer gets when you have lv.1 alchemy, I have it in the last versions. but not this one.
    it contains all the files from the localhost pertaining to slavemaker (as I don't know what the save file would be called) if the save file isn't in there please let me know.
    also has two screen shots, one of the dominatrix issue and another of the multiple slave issue.

  46. Just to confirm - you don't need the 75MB 'Fix for Slave Maker 3 alpha 6' Only the 32MB file linked from the latest blog post?

  47. Found a bug when creating a new slavemaker and choosing blunt gives u 10 more points every time u press it

  48. taking masochist is the only step to recreate it so masochist and spamming blunt on and off gives u unlimited points

  49. firesflair
    Thanks found and fix one of the issues. Working on the others. How did you get multiple Nodoka slaves?

    If you have applied it previously then no, the one posted here comtains the latest fixes. If you have not, then this one is sufficient. But really version 3.2 will be days at most away,

    I know of that issue and have fixed it, thanks.

  50. could you find my and meeces issues too at my save-files?

  51. all I did was load the save. found out that there were multiple copies when I went to either choice a participant or interact with them.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. sorry for the double post, reposting link.

  54. is the house exploration going to be in the final release.

  55. jan.graskamp1988
    I am working on the problems

  56. opps, the advantage (experienced trader) wasn't unlocking because I didn't have the skill. read it on a older version and realized my mistake.

  57. jan.graskamp1988
    I check your save and it all works just fine for me, walking is generally working, no blank events, talk to slaves is fine too. I only see Shampoo and Mugi in the talk to slaves screen. I'll check the other posted saves, maybe they will give a clue to the issue, particularly firesflair

  58. So, I don't know if it is present in this version, but in 3.2 a6, I'm having a bug where the dancing servant doesn't help with dance school; she showed up for one day, and the slave got to level 4 dance, now no more progress is being made.

  59. powerofvoid
    Not a bug, it is the maximum level your slave can be taught to dance, any more requires other methods. For instance, win the dance contest

  60. on the right side of the screen i see only my slaves too, IF i see slaves, at the talk to slaves screen, sometimes the right side is blank

    i see mai on the left side sometimes when i choose a slave, and her name in the text of another slave.

    the blank walks are rare...
    but perhaps i updated wrong and the final release will fix all

  61. jan.graskamp1988
    I think I have fixed the issue, I definitely fixed meece and firesflair ones.

    The blank walks I understand are rare I have them reported elsewhere but so far no luck in sorting them out. Actually I have never seen the issue personally

  62. cmacleod42
    Do you have bounty hunter event in main port area?
    I try 200 times but never get it, only have white screen sometimes. As i can see, other standart event in all locations works fine for me

  63. When you successfully get a slave to do Ponygirl, it changes several options, including Fitness, when becomes Ride Her. While both Fitness and Ride Her are bound to "F", Ride Her shows "I" as the hint for its key binding. Furthermore, removing the tail or gag will restore Ride Her to Fitness, but will not change the hint back to "F".

  64. Using Shampoo (slave) and Asuka (Assistant) I get the following message

    "Shampoo kisses Shampoo but seems distracted and not that interested. She pulls free of the kiss as soon as she could."

    I think that should be 'Shampoo kisses Asuka'.

  65. Ah. I think that it should show servant dancer's picture when you have level 4 dancing and attempt to train dancing further; I would not have been confused if that had been the case.

  66. it seems like it may just be me but ever since i downloaded this it freezes when ever i go to the ruins(when i say it freezes it just shows a picture of the ruins day or night and nothing in the text box.)

  67. Found another bug:

    I was doing something with Ranma (wasn't sure exactly what triggered it) and we warped to the slave market with the text repeating over and over. It was like it was looping on the frame endlessly; even if you picked a slave market option it kept repeating itself with no way out.

  68. joker-mp
    be aware that the game is a little more resistant to save-scumming (ie try walk , load and try again) to get a particular event. What it does now is first it shows all possible events (random order) and then repeats.

    Still you should see the bounty hunter at least once. Not sure why you would not get one. But after the first save scumming will not show her again until the other events are shown.

    most likely you have not installed/upgraded correctly. I suggest waiting for the 3,2 release

    do you remember what the text was?

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. wolves5698
    No, most likely as I said you have not upgraded fully, you need the previous alpha 6 upgrade as well.
    For instance you are most likely missing

  71. Yeah just 2 glitches to report, whenever i bring up the save menu the saves are transparent in that they appear over every page, and the slave market is utterly glitched when you try to by servants, or "assistants", you've probably all ready gotten a complaint or 2 and i'm not trying to be a douche just thought I would submit something.

  72. Hello, and thanks for all your hard work! I've been having a recurring issue that I can't seem to fix, and that's Peach not working. At all. I can buy her from the Slave Market, but she has no intro text, picture, or starting stats. Her name isn't displayed, instead just a blank, and it's remained that way through every bug fix. It's really the only large problem I have. Every other slave works fine.

  73. dude21
    No I have not received any such complaints for this version.

    How do you mean the save a transparent. The screen is translucent (deliberately), but do you mean something else.
    The slave market is working just fine too.

    Most likely you have not properly upgraded the game and are missing some files.

    I do not get any issues at all with Peach. I suspect your copy of her file
    must of downloaded incorrectly.
    I'll quickly upload a copy

  74. queenofdalek
    copy thin in the the Slaves subfolder

  75. Hope to be still in time for some bug reports.

    Firstly, my saves:

    For some reason, once I start the second slave training, the assistant/personal switch vanishes and the assistant picture starts behaving weirdly (you will see). With an added catch, it affects ALL saves, deleting the second slave save solves this.

    Really enjoyed your new abilities/advantages, I like where this is going. Now if we could only get to choose what the maker is wearing (come on, armor all the time?), an exhibitionist (dis)advantage at creation and a toggle option for naked/but plug to keep your slave going so all days until disabled (besides really annoying to have to pick them each day, forgetting is a pain)...

    Purchasing for yourself is broken at the salon, the three chores do not seem to work, the Vanity case is broken and the nipple rings are vanishing.

    Would it not be possible to, if you have some sort of demon ending already, keep demon Beldandy. And, for that matter, Angel if holy (maybe not just holy, but with a similar ending already triggered).

    What have you decided about concerning the job at the onsen when the maker lives there? Is the option to work for yourself discarded? By the way, is the onsen sword quest work to be done or in progress?

  76. sniff sniff other day withaut playing the game. since y have try to mount the patches and the game dont work for me, and for my poor english i do not understand the order to mount the patches.

  77. Will there be any new events in version 3.2 or will the same as this last update ?

  78. TRK
    Which save shows the issue with assistant/personal switch and assistant picture, similarly purchasing.
    I have just tried with save game 1, 2, 3 and it all seems to be working correctly.

    Cantinho da liberdade
    I hope to have a full release in a day or rwo. I just have a few last reported bugs to sort out

  79. Mihai
    There are many more events over version 3.1.10 but not over the 3.2 alpha 6 version. I may add some more if time permits

  80. Now, what do we have here. I found it odd that you couldn't reproduce it so did some additional testing by copying the saves from my windows 7 64bits OS to windows XP (I triple boot XP, 7 64 and fedora 15 64bits).

    Indeed all saves were fine on XP, with a catch, deleting save 3 and recreating it by ending save 2 as is and selecting new slave Urd/Hild (not sure if this slave/assistant combo is the cause) recreated the issue, that is, until closing and reopening the game. That was different than on 7 64 as closing and reopening the game didn't fix it there. Also, those salon issues were not present on XP at all.

    Maybe that OS behavior difference is interfering on some other odd issues as well, like the blank walks. I experienced some totally random ones on 7 64, but not on XP yet, tough my testing on XP was not really extensive.

    By the way, those results were obtained using the .exe, want me to test the .swf on FC 15 64 with Seamonkey and flash player square? Had a seriously ill feeling about this combo so didn't even bother. And, yes, it was purposefully that I haven't installed any 32bit wrapper at my linux OS so can't test with standard flash nor with the .exe there.

  81. TRK
    I dount the swf/exe will differ so do not bother.
    It maybe an issue with the available spoace for local storage for flash. Check on your windows 7 system that it is set for say 10Mb. Right click on the game when running, select settings, local storage tab.

    I'll try the process of delete 3, complete 2 and try a new Urd/Hild

  82. TRK
    just tried
    a) delete 3
    b) load 2, compete
    c) train Urd with Hild as the assistant
    and no issues, assistant image fine, personal/assistant training button present.

    Since this post I have done various fixes for the game but none relevant but maybe I did fix something. But it maybe an OS or 64bit issue.

    Are you using a 64bit version of the flash player? I believe the 64bit players are still beta versions so may have a bug

  83. No, I have set it manually to 10M already. Actually, I don't even allow any data to be stored from any site so I had to manually set it in order to be able to use it at all.

    Yes, I am using the square version on Windows 7 as it is required for native 64bit firefox nightly ( Does it affect even the .exe? On XP I am using the official 10.3 releases.

    By the way, I have customized settings for flash like not allowing third party and comon storage as well, should any option impact the game? Even the .exe?

  84. @ cmac:

    will the "Give Orders"-Button be implemented in the final release in one or two days?

  85. I have had the blank walks happen fairly regularly on my system which is running 10.2 version of flash I just noticed. I am also using a Mac os X snow leopard. I think I will update my version of flash and see if things improve.

  86. some times when i go out for a walk the screen freezes and i have to relaod a savefile is this a bug i play on a win 7 x64

  87. I think the Cumslut feature has been broken. I started a whole fresh new character, trained Kasumi, got her to become a Cumslut, but when I got her as an assistant, her assistant picture did not show up as the Cumslut one, and when I tried training a new slave with Kasumi as assistant, it never triggered the Cumslut event for the new slave, even though I did Blowjob for every night action every night of the training. As well, the assistant pic still was not the right one during the new slave's training.

  88. God job cmacleod42, but i miss a god old male slave!

  89. TRK
    Well it sounds like it is not the storage issue. Most settings affect both the exe and swf version but I am not particularly clear on the fine details there.

    Some of the issues you report would happen because some variables are not saving correctly, notably one called IntimacyOK (for the missing personal/assistant button) in smxslaves.sol.

    I'll tweak the game loading so it copes a lttle better with faulty saves and see if this helps.

    I'll research more and see if I can get any more clues

    probably not, I have been very busy bug fixing, so I doubt I will have the time to add it in.

    I doubt upgrading will help, I think it is an obscure bug in the game that I have not found yet.

    probably you have incorrectly upgraded and missed a previous fix. Please wait for the full release

    can you please post your save game for me to test with

  90. Did some additional testing, it is only happening with Hild as an assistant, but if such is the case it happens with any slave I can select at this point.

    The oddest thing in my mind is still the spreading of the error to the other saves, seems like it is something that is happening when the game starts on windows 7 64, not upon loading a save. Again windows XP seems safe from those startup issues.

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. D2Dresden
    No, please wait for the full release of version 3.2

  93. dude, when v3.2 is coming up?

  94. Started a new game (freelance) with Mugi as assistant and Shampoo as slave. On the 'Talk to Slave' option if you click on 'Mugi' it shows 'Mai' instead. (Oddly this error did not occur on a previous occasion when I had Mugi as assistant).

  95. On second thoughts - I might just never have tried that option with Mugi before. ^ ^;

  96. Anon21
    I have found and fixed those problems with slaves and images in those screens

  97. Are there any vampiric mesmerism events yet and if so how do i access them?

  98. I want fucking House exploration and fucking House Upgrading.
    Will it really be in final 3.2 release?

  99. Malroth
    Not yet sorry

    The game support is fully there but, no it will not be present. A lot of things in this release were very complex, notably the participant system and xml systems. The participant system was mostly inspired by my ideas for the apartment house exploration story I have designed. So it can be added easily now, but I want to release soon, people are waiting on this release and it will sort out all the upgrade problems people have been having with the alpha releases.

    Please remember I work on parts of the game I find interesting, so at times things get put aside as I work on what I like, not what people want in the game, or even the game needs.

  100. @cmacleod42



    If you want a say in the direction of game development I suggest you try one where the author asks for donations and accepts commissions.

  101. To clarify from Shikage's query, I will add house exploration and upgrading soon

  102. Hello Cmac, i 've been editing a few pictures (mainly slave-maker appearance) for fun.

    I'll send you these by pm in case you are interested adding to release.

  103. Is anyone else having a problem when taking a walk multiple screens are blank, and you have to reload to your last save.

  104. first of all my compliments , nice game
    a few question..
    i started with a frelancerm , i received the skill points only at the end of the training of the first two slaves, then i didn't receive any point for the third and fourth slave (>100 point at ending)
    is it a bug? or there is something i didn't understood in the skill point assignment?

    then you should revise the rest action , doesn't work perfectly..

  105. i seem having a prob with the port area...

    as much as i'm informed i can get the bit-gag for pony training from a random encounter at the port area...
    problem is: i'm ONLY meeting the sailor and he talks with akane for the past 2 game weeks

  106. Ah ! So i guess you want the bit-gag to shut off the damn sailor? :p

  107. cb42450e-9cfc-11e0-aafa-000bcdca4d7a
    are you using this version from this post. To receive a skill point you need to train for 40+ days and get a score 50+
    What is wrong with the rest action?

    NewbieBlogger101 & jan.graskamp1988
    There are poblems with event selection, I have revised some of this process
    jan.graskamp1988 your issue should not happen though with this version

  108. i mean,if i want to rest for 6 h i must click three times on the "rest botton" every times re-opening the menu (especially night) couldn't create an option for rest 4,6 h or the whole day?
    and if i leave empty the morning \ night sometimes the character rests, sometimes not ,
    the same for the slaver , if he does nothing tiredness should decrease...

  109. do you mean this beta version?
    but it happens...

    hope the final release cums soon ^^

  110. Just a note of encouragement from a new player.
    Love what you've been doing and I can't wait for the update!

  111. hey cmac, i have a suggestion for a slave. can u make one of any of the girls from highschool of the dead?

    other than that one suggestion, u are doing a great job!

  112. Cmac: Thanks - & since there looked to be no interest in the images for teh Heather Mason mod/girl I was doing before I'd be willing to help out with any other graphical need you might have. Any mainipulation or smaller tweaks are easy while full group paintings aren't, but doable to a decent level.

  113. Cmac,
    Couple problems I have run into.

    1) When training shampoo and you make her a hermaphrodite, the dickgirl mother ending no longer occurs. Have tried several times.

    2) The Perfect slave ending, which replaced bought back, no longer occurs. Used to trigger with a score greater than 85 but nothing happens now if you beat that score. Got over a 100 with shampoo and still only got the regular bought back ending.

    3) In general I have not gotten any of the special endings for the slaves to trigger and I have been doing the same things I did before this latest update.

    4) Noticed a bunch of grammatical errors scattered throughout the text.


  114. Also,

    5) Can no longer purchase slaves between trainings

  115. Dan:
    If you are taking requests, I am still missing some images for Daisy, and will be missing images from the other slaves I am developing. I thought your Heather images were awesome, personally.

  116. Gadansk:
    Sounds good - I'll start going through the list you posted before - if you have images you want me to edit feel free to add them somewhere - like on mediafire - you can also post images to 2point[~at~]gmail[dot]com & if you want to contact me.

  117. Let's strart from begining:
    Minor Noble, Weapon Master, Catgirl, Convincing, Experienced Trared, Sex Addict, Holy;
    Slave Trainer x2, Alchemy, Slut Trainer, Expert Trainer;
    Farm House;
    Slave Eri (Mai, but I think you can select anyone);
    Assistant Rydia (Bridget, but I think you can select anyone);

    @time@ @Slave@ @SlaveMaker@
    8:00 anything Work in a Slezy Bar
    10:00 anything Work in a Slezy Bar
    ... ... ...

    Why after every "Work in a Slezy Bar" event I see start page? (page with slave statistic, buttons: Morning, Planning and Training Log...).
    Click Planning. Time starts from 10... "Do the planning" Slave - *click*. Me - *click*. "Start page"... WTF?

    Is it something with me? Please, test this.

    And "Work in a Slezy Bar" marked as 'fast number' 5, but it did not work. From 1 to 4 buttons works; 5 - not.

  118. Jon
    To purchase slaves you need to supervise your slave and take a walk to the Slave market.

  119. Okay. I began played and didn't select "Weapon Master" (And "work for militia" is unable).

    Task "Work in a sleazy Bar" now marked as number 4. Now I can select this task by click "4" and 'start page' didn't appear.

    Now it's works perfectly.

  120. And Furry stat "A lot of interest in you, mainly sexually" doesn't work in Slezy Bar. Even at max Charisma... I think it is inportant thing )

  121. Kote:
    The 1-4 actions in the planning is rather old - or at least sicne Cmac added in customization of your background - I often got way too many potential dayjobs and couldn't either see some or/and not pick them.

    It's still in Alpha on the otherside and there are plenty of thinhs that aren't implemented, or not implemented fully yet.

    Probably the same with the Furry part - Furry being a rather new thing to SM as well.

  122. things - there needs to be a edit post function on blogs as I'm such a horrible poster :/

  123. Kote
    Thanks there were a couple of bugs there, fixed.

    Thanks for the kind offer of editing. If I need something I'll post a request.

    There are quite a few editing requests in the FutanariPalace forum, mainly decensoring or editing combined images.

    I do not have anything in particular at the moment I need. I am working on the main game and Krystal the Star Fox mainly. I have a kind person editing Krystal images for me.

  124. Jon
    4) Noticed a bunch of grammatical errors scattered throughout the text.

    I have fixed quite a few over the last while, but what have you seen? Unless you tell me the errors you see how can I fix them?

    5) Can no longer purchase slaves between trainings
    correct and quite deliberate

    The Shampoo issues have been fixed. Were there any other special endings you did not see for another slave?

  125. Ok, i understand, THX for a great game.
    If i must wait for HE and HU then i will be wait.
    I hope thats take less then 1-2 years.

  126. Cmac,
    Great hope to see those fixes put in shortly.

    I am assuming the removal of the purchasing of slaves between trainings and replacement of that with a walk to the slave market was deliberate. I think doing both would be appropriate.

    Nothing yet on any other slaves, but I only trouble shot Shampoo after having the extra ending problem and then saw the general ending replacement was also a problem. I will check a few other slaves and if there is an issue I will let you know.

  127. This is a great game. Though it would be cool if you could choose more than one special event when making your character like inhuman ancestry and ex cowgirl. I would also like to see more slaves and things to do with them. Maybe some furry slaves. I would be more than willing to find all the images needed for some new slaves and I have more than a few ideas for some good ones.

  128. I'm having trouble with Rei for some reason her test dont happen when you are a freelancer. I got up to tana liberation and thats it.

  129. hunding
    That is a know issue for freelancers, already fixed, please wait for the full release

  130. I got the same issue with Rei,figured it 'd be fixed soon.
    But i kept training her though, what will happens if im way away from the initial schedule?

  131. Dan:
    I hope you notice this comment. I tried emailing to that email and I guess I didn't decipher it correctly. Are you on one of the 2 boards? Or you could email me at cityofgdansk at the same email provider.

  132. i would love to be (some time in far off future when you want to try this) a demon/tentacle hybrid :D


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