Saturday, June 25, 2011


I will spend today doing final testing and small changes, and I will release version 3.2 tomorrow.

MailMailX3, the developer of Princess Peach slave has released an alpha version of Felicia from Darkstalkers

Just extract the files into your Slaves folder.

Note: she will be in the 3.2 release


  1. seems like the above slave should be good.
    CMAC I seriously recommend you or at least someone making a slave out of one of the main girls in the anime "High School of the Dead". at the very least please check them out.

  2. paula2z
    I did not really like the anime, so I will pass. As this is a recent anime, I am doubtful there is yet the range of images needed to make a slave from them. While there are probably plenty of sex images, I doubt there are sufficient non-sex images (ie dresses, jobs etc)

  3. Wow, finally I can play again, I was desperate for not being able to play.
    Thank you CMAC.

  4. I have a NaN amount of gold in my personal stash. Short of restarting, is there any way to fix this?

  5. Project_Demise
    Try version 3.2 when released tomorrow, I have put in some fixes for common Nan issues and it should fix your issue

  6. Thanks a lot, Cmac. I'd hate to have to restart.

  7. Is these anything unique to the new slave or is it just another generic one? Be good if we could get at least a heads up on that stuff when they're released.

  8. FYI - Playing with all the recent patches, I found some duplication in the text in the event where you find Lady Farun in trouble at the docks. Also, piercings on the Slavemaker don't appear to have carried over between slaves.

  9. Thoon
    Felicia is an alpha release. There is a little story but so far she is mostly vanilla

  10. Thx Cmaclead42, I've always enjoyed the effort you put into this game... Like many people, I've gotten hours of enjoyment out of it... Looking forward to the new addition tomorrow...


  11. Cmac,
    Notice that while purchasing items that sometimes the item you click on doesn't remain the item being purchased. Says the merchant appears in the morning. You click to buy the candle. If you move your mouse over the tiara without even clicking it, the item description in the bottom and the buy button are tied to buying the tiara. Happens at other places as well.

    Also I have run into an error when getting piercings. If you do both piercings and buy the nipple rings, then go to equip them on your slave while at the beauty salon, sometimes they will not appear in the inventory. Then when you leave the inventory the salon shows you have not bought any piercings for your slave at all, forcing you to do it a second time. Error does not occur on the second round of purchases. Error seems random b/c I can't reproduce it every time using the exact same steps.

  12. cant wait keep up the good work looking forward to this game once it is fully completed

  13. I have found a bug.
    In my first slave(shampoo),and playing at freelancer, wen the seer apears and you say yes, the option next vanish and the game fronzen withaut possibility to continue playing.

  14. Oh God! Thanks! Thanks a lot! OVER 9000 thanks! This is fantastic! Unbelievable! Ow.. sorry. I forget... THANKS!

    Have I said "thank" ? Never mind! Thanks!!!

    Soo. About Felicia... A have some questions ^_^
    Sometimes she dissapears when click on "Naked" button (missed some pic?).

    When she meet another catgirl, her CatSlave Training changing from "Perfect CatGirl" to 30/100.

    If she is a truly Neko, why she can wear cat ears/tail - she had her own and real ^_^ And "She accepted to wear ears/tail. Go and teach her..." looks stupid. But if you wear it ant then try to remove she says "No! This showsthat I'm a catgirl, and I will not remove it! Meow!" Felicia... why you need this cosplay thing?! You have your own! (I hope she is a real catgirl, not girl in cosplay)

    Her game story says, that she likes to sing and singing somewhere. But her singing stat says, that she "Can't Sing".

    In Salon you need to (re)select Felicia first, after that her stats will changes.

    If she wear a nekomimi... Where is a fake tail? And fake ears 'fly in the sky'.

    At this moment that's all )

    How I can kill (decrease to 10 or 20) slave's stats Nymphomania and Lust.

    And I'm sorry for my bad English and tl;dr post...

  15. Took bulma as slave and found out that Exhibitionism is mispelled "Fxhibitionism"

  16. Question here, I got the Count breast enlargement event with shampoo, now for the life of me I can't seem to get it on any other slave, the first part comes up when it fails and he says to try again in a few days, but anytime I go back he just does the usual chatting, is this a one time only event or what am I not doing to make it happen?


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